What about something like this?

by Zack (no login)


Could I maybe have a program running along side my host or even have it be part of the host. That checks my ip on a regular basis and the puts it on a website or something. Then the client program can download the variable and make necessary adjustments. How does QB64 download updates?

Posted on May 26, 2011, 4:26 PM

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ErrrUnseen on May 27
 Well...Zack on May 27
  Drop Box is a FREE service that allows you to SHARE your program downloadsClippy on May 27
   A questionZack on May 27
    No, you could just supply the Drop Box link to anybody or have the program go get it.Clippy on May 27
     Good luckUnseen on May 27
      * Hey, I thought you said that you would SHOW him?Clippy on May 27
       Oh ok, just for you Clippy...Unseen on May 27
        What am I doing wrong?Zack on May 27
         Where is the GET request by the client?Clippy on May 27
          OhZack on May 27
           There are two bits to my code...Unseen on May 28
            Im not sure what is wrongZack on May 28
             DELAY!Unseen on May 28
              * and make sure client is on port 80Unseen on May 28
               Almost... :)Zack on May 28
                I think...Unseen on May 28
                 Good ideaZack on May 28
                  *Dunno, try it then report back if it odnt work still....Unseen on May 28
                   NopeZack on May 29
                    *Ask Galleon, try QB64 forum, it will get more people on itUnseen on May 29
                     I think I might have itZack on May 29
                      *It says the file does not exist, check the dropboxlink again...Unseen on May 29
                       ButZack on May 29
            I ran it FIVE TIMES! Still nothingClippy on May 28
             I dunno,Unseen on May 28
If you have a PHP enabled website, here's an option..Dav on May 27
 OkZack on May 27
dynamic dnsMichael Calkins on May 27
 I need some help with thisZack on May 27
  Re: I need some help with thisMichael Calkins on May 27
  ZackMichael Calkins on May 29
   passive versionMichael Calkins on May 29
    Why is /calkins/ in there?Clippy on May 29
     becauseMichael Calkins on May 29
      What is the correct location?Clippy on May 29
       do you have wget?Michael Calkins on May 30
        * Yep, I needed it! Thank you! :-)Clippy on May 30

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