I tried to get a Constant PI value for QB64

by Clippy (Login burger2227)


I wanted to have the ASCII character 227 reserved as the constant value for PI. π

About half of the users DIDN'T want it and Galleon never said anything. Some mentioned foreign keyboards, but it didn't matter if the character looked different. The IDE could substitute the real value like ? turns to PRINT or something. Inside of quotes it would just be another ASCII character.

Oh well...some people just want things their way or no way.


Posted on Jun 23, 2011, 9:24 PM

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Don't really see the point of CONSTDavid on Jun 24
 * Um... Avogardo's number is 6.022e23 not 6.626e23...qbguy on Jun 24
  So that's why I get the wrong answerDavid on Jun 24
   * THATS THE REASON! You CAN FORGET THEM silly!Clippy on Jun 24
 Re: Don't really see the point of CONSTMichael Calkins on Jun 24
  a quick disclaimerMichael Calkins on Jun 24
   Yes I think you're correctDavid on Jun 24
_pi, perhaps...Michael Calkins on Jun 24

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