I'm still not exactly sure what he is trying to do.

by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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Everything you mentioned would be client side, I think. I guess he could accomplish most of what he said with a client side script or application. The part where he wants to email the results is the part that I think would be best done server side. (Whom are the results going to be emailed to? To the user? Why not just tell the user? To a third party? They'd probably consider it unwanted spam...) I guess the results could be emailed from the client's computer, but that would probably depend on the user's email account and client. Also, he called it a lottery. I guess if there will be one winner, I guess that would need to be kept track of server side also.

As for server side execution, scripting seems to be a common choice. Some of the main choices seem to be Perl, PHP, and Python. However, CGI allows compiled C programs to be used (and QB/FreeBASIC programs also). I'd say the best option for server side execution would be a compiled C program using CGI or FastCGI.


Posted on Jul 21, 2011, 6:51 PM

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I agree that server side would be the best choice for thisPharoah on Jul 21

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