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While QB 7.1 aka PDS is indeed newer than QB 4.5, QB64 is newer than QB 7.1. QB 4.5 and QB 7.1 were both BASIC compilers for DOS, written by Microsoft, and both are obsolete.

QB64 is a BASIC compiler for Windows/Linux/Mac, written by Galleon, and it remains under current development. The 64 is not a version number. It is a reference to the fact that QB64 programs will run on 64 bit Windows. I consider it the naming a poor choice though, since the programs themselves are 32 bit.

QB64 accepts BASIC source, and translates it into C++ source, which is compiled and linked with MinGW. The resulting programs are Win32 applications. QB64 relies on the SDL library. It uses a graphical surface to emulate a text console. This is because Windows Vista and later don't allow full screen console windows.

It has a wiki and a forum.

QB64 is not the only modern BASIC compiler. Another one is FreeBASIC, but QB64 maintains much closer language compatibility with QB.

Also, for the record, Clippy is Ted, not Pete. He was probably quoting Pete.

For information on QuickBASIC internals, see:

I've just started reading it. I don't know if it has info on QB 7.1.


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