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by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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Due to human nature, a certain amount of mutual toleration is necessary. I think that it is to be expected that anytime that you have a group of people, that not everyone will always agree. Occasional personality conflicts are to be expected also.

However, to the extent possible, I think that we should try to have mutual respect. What Jesus said at Matthew 7:12 applies as much on the Internet as it does face to face:

"“All things, therefore, that YOU want men to do to YOU, YOU also must likewise do to them; this, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean."

(In the New World Translation, a pronoun in all caps indicates that the pronoun is plural.)

This forum does have a few rules. There aren't very many, they tend to not be absolute, and they aren't consistently enforced. But there are rules. Excessive usage of vulgarity or excessive usage of all caps in the form of shouting are against the rules.

Clippy has been a member of this forum for almost as long as I have. (Considering my several periods of inactivity, he has been active longer). He has been a very active member, and has made countless valuable contributions. I appreciate the fact that his knowledge, experience, and skill are enriching this forum. Unless I am much mistaken, both he and you are far older than me, and therefore, I believe that you are both worthy of extra consideration. I do not want to discourage either of you from participating positively in this forum, or make either of you feel unwelcome. I would prefer that noone here makes anyone else here feel unwelcome.

There was a time a few years ago when I felt that Clippy was a very negative influence on this forum. I even felt that the forum would be better off without him, because I thought his abrasiveness was driving away regulars and newbies alike. I have since changed my mind. He is still abrasive, but that can be tolerated with patience. As I just indicated, he is a valuable member. As long as new members can adjust to him, I think everything will be okay.

I have gotten used to Clippy using all caps and exclamation points. I know it is against the rules, and I'm pretty sure that he does too. But I don't think he's going to stop anytime soon. Toleration is necessary.

What am I supposed to do? For example, in this thread, he is clearly abusing you, and breaking the rules in the process. Am I supposed to delete his posts? I really don't want to do that, but I probably should. I fear that doing so would anger him further and/or make him feel unwelcome. Deleting posts keeps the forum clean, but it doesn't solve the underlying problems. Perhaps I shouldn't even be publicly expressing these uncertainties, as it makes me appear weak as a moderator.

Everyone: Please refrain from any more abusive, vulgar, or insulting posts, anywhere on the forums, but especially in this thread. If you have personal problems with each other, please try to sort them out in private, if possible. Otherwise, just try to tolerate, or, if necessary, ignore each other, please. If there are any new abusive posts in this thread, I will probably delete them. As it is, I wouldn't be too surprised if Solitaire or Pete delete some of the existing posts.

We are here to assist and encourage each other as fellow programmers. We aren't here to fight, make enemies, or hurl insults.


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Posted on Oct 15, 2011, 1:12 PM

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