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by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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>Much room for improvements

Yes there is.

>I have copied all QB64 program files to C:\Program Files\QB64 (Windows 7).

>Then I try to run it. "Out of memory". There are only a few "PRINT" statements and INPUT statements, so it is NOT related with the source itself.
>Instead, I suspect that it's the missing write rights in this above mentioned program directory. But the error message "Out of memory" is not very helpful.

I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I wouldn't have put it under Program Files. If you suspect file permissions are the problem, make sure you have full access to the folder in question. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but you might try running QB64 as administrator.

"Out of memory" is an error message QB64 borrowed from QBASIC.

>Also, after this happens, I tried to reload the saved "untitled.bas", but it was automatically deleted from QB64. This is ridiculous.
>A program should ask always for a deletion permission.
>But not QB64. It deletes without asking.

I'd tend to agree with you, except that if you know QB64 does it, you can work around it. QB64 should probably save the file somewhere in it's internal folder, instead of using untitled.bas in the main folder. You can compile from the command prompt with qb64 -c filename, if you want to avoid the IDE. If you don't feel safe putting your programs in the main folder, you can put them in a separate folder. If you're paranoid, you could even compile with a Batch program that copies the program from some other folder, and feeds QB64 the copy.

>QB64 should give better error message texts, should point to a missing write permission and should not delete automatically an old copy of untitled.bas.

I think you'll find there are plenty of programs that give confusing or misleading error messages under unexpected conditions. If the problem is what you say it is, you have the ability to remedy it. With regard to untitled.bas, that is a quirk, but as you now know about it, you can work around it. It doesn't sound like you lost any important code, so I don't understand the hostility.

The QB64 site has its own forums:

One of the subforums is specifically for reporting bugs or incompatibilities with QBASIC. Another is for asking Galleon a brief question. There is also a main discussion forum, where you could state your issues.

However, if you post there, it should probably be with the attitude of wanting assistance or trying to improve QB64, not just attacking it because you don't like it. Galleon has the final say on what gets changed and what doesn't.

>This was my first and last try, QB64 seems to be crap.

You seem quick to condemn. It's certainly your choice as to what software to use. I'd say don't be so quick to condemn a program that is under active development, and that has good potential. Galleon has said he intends to make QB64 more modular next year. I take that to mean it will behave more like a traditional compiler. So I'd be reluctant to rule out trying it again in the future. But if you don't like it, you don't have to use it. You're free to use FreeBASIC, MinGW, OpenWatcom, MS Visual Studio, even good old QBASIC 1.1, or whatever else suits your needs.


Posted on Nov 26, 2011, 10:33 AM

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