Be consequent, stay away from you **** OS

by lisztfr (no login)


Windows 7 is a full bunch of stinking crap so stay away from this, because XP is far better. Also stay away from 64 bit, because 64 bit is truly just useless **** : See all benchmarks related to processors, the 64 bit improves the performance just a little, less than buying a better CPU.

If you like to run crap, go on. And Windows 7 is the greatest **** ever release, after the precedent catastrophic OS that i forgot the name, from Bill Gates,... well it was such a bunch of crap that it's already a dying platform.

Windows 7 is 50 % slower than XP (if the application starts, Gimp doesn't, Firefox takes ages ) and waste your resources, it is an unbelievable monster of ****. I prefer to get sick than running that Ok ? And you can't resize partitions in order to install linux beside, because it will just crash everything.

Cancel my post if you want, i hate windows 7 and useless crap.

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Posted on Nov 27, 2011, 10:48 AM

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You are entitled to your opinion.Michael Calkins on Nov 27

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