Locate illegal function call, help

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Hello guys

When I try a simple code like:

LOCATE 40, 1: print "hello"

It gives me a illegal function call error when I run it. I understand that the problem is on the number 40, but, what if I want to display a lot of information on multiple lines the exceed the number of 40? is it impossible on Qbasic? (Having a scroll bar would be awesome u.u for example)


Posted on Dec 2, 2011, 6:11 PM

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SCREEN 0 can have 43 or 50 rows with WIDTH on Dec 2
Multiple Screen DisplaysSolitaire on Dec 3
 Re: Multiple Screen Displays on Dec 4
  Thank you, Michael. Revised Multiple Screen Displays with more options:Solitaire on Dec 6
hey look at this u can use more lines n stuffgoerge on Dec 4
 Re: hey look at this u can use more lines n stuffgeogre on Dec 4
  QB64 runs that program fine! on Dec 5
   it doesn't run itgeorge on Dec 5
    Yeah, but perhaps that can be fixed on Dec 5
 also dosbox dont clear the screen on other pages so the stuff left over might stay i noticgeorge on Dec 5

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