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It is in QB64. I tried _SCREENPRINT and it works for some things but not others. I have a program that is running in my tray that is activated by pressing Alt + -/_ and Alt + =/+. I want to be able to activate it from a program but _SCREENPRINT (CHR$(0) + CHR$(130)) and _SCREENPRINT (CHR$(0) + CHR$(131)) doesn't register with it. It works fine when I actually type it or when i change it to something simpler like "a". Any ideas? As for the DECLARE LIBRARYs, do you know what library i would need or what function? And to find the local address of something you have highlighted in Windows Explorer, I am sure there is a way. What about when you drag something from a folder into a program and it recognizes it and does things, iTunes for example, it would need to know what and where you are dragging it from. Perhaps someone else knows. And as for the list of installed programs, that is not very important, I can think of another way of doing that. Thank you for the response :)

Posted on Mar 23, 2012, 8:45 AM

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