tab moving to new line

by Leon Schrecengost (no login)


I don't know why the pgm is ignoring the semi colon after the tab. It moves the following print strings to a new line.The following is the code. If I remove the tab it prints all strings on the same line but the first string is not indented.

PRINT #1, TAB(12);,Z$(0,1),TAB(26);,Z1$(0,2),TAB(40);,Z2$(0,1),Z2$(0,2)

Everything after the tab 12 prints on the same line only down one
Any ideas?

Posted on Jul 27, 2012, 6:16 AM

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*Maybe it's the commas right after the semi-colonsAlGoreIthm on Jul 27
* After 46 horizontal columns, it goes to the next rowClippy on Jul 27
 tab problemLeon Schrecengost on Jul 28
  tab problem -- check your string lengthsSolitaire on Jul 28
  Commas take up SPACES too!Clippy on Jul 28

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