* Down for everyone.

by Pete (no login)

Posted on May 30, 2014, 6:42 AM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Down forever! *Clippy on May 31
 Down, but I doubt foreverSMcNeill on May 31
  Er, you don't have his email address?Clippy on May 31
   Message sentLuke on Jun 1
   Global warming is why QB64.net is down?SMcNeill on Jun 1
    Silly Steve, it went down due to underpaid workers.Pete on Jun 1
     No wonder, you never Moderated anything!Clippy on Jun 1
      Don't worry, I'm moderating it now!gopus on Jun 2
       Do you know what happened?waltersmind on Jun 4
        Gopus is Supog spelled backwards...Pete on Jun 4
         *I think it's a word-play for "bogus" where p is a up and down bCyperium on Jun 5
         I know Galleongopus on Jun 6
 Google cannot find itAngros47 on Jun 1
  But why? What happened?Cyperium on Jun 2
  My hunch Rob doesn;t know it has been down.Pete on Jun 2
   Well Google was quick at pronouncing it deadCyperium on Jun 2
   Re: My hunch Rob doesn;t know it has been down.SMcNeill on Jun 2
    Does anybody have his cell phone number?Dark Star on Jun 3
     Well, the first two digits are 04.Luke on Jun 3
      Good luck with that.Pete on Jun 3
     I agree with you Dark Star!waltersmind on Jun 4
      *Welcome aboard Walter &Dark. Nice to see people coming together here while QB64 is down.SMcNeill on Jun 4
       Thank you Steve and hello to you!waltersmind on Jun 4
       It's an unusual setup.Dark Star on Jun 4
        Sorry, can't help.Pete on Jun 4

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