QB64 Forum Users Who Would Like Ability to EDIT Posts Here...

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


Hoops (Steps)

1) Go to http://www.network54.com and create a free Network54 account.

2) log in to that account.

3) return here and post a reply to this thread.

I will open the post, and send the user name to the QBasic Forum database "R" Group. "R" standing for revision. You will then be able to edit new posts from that time forward, provided you are logged into your Network54 account. Network54 should still have the extended login time available, so please use that as a "cough, choke" convenience. Sorry, these forums are old as dirt, and sometimes while playing Indiana Jones, some of the dust goes into my throat.


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Posted on Jun 6, 2014, 3:56 AM

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Re: QB64 Forum Users Who Would Like Ability to EDIT Posts Here...SMcNeill on Jun 6
 Ha ha. Check it again Steve, it's perfect!Pete on Jun 6

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