Re: i get it now-- another pass for the localized version

by SMcNeill (Login SMcNeill)


I don't even think reserved keywords would be a huge issue. If someone makes a "British QB64", and translates COLOR to COLOUR, all they'd have to know is that neither COLOR nor COLOUR would be available as a variable name. If they forget, then all that happens is QB64 would tell them, "invalid variable name COLOR on line XXX" when they go to compile -- which just results in them checking the translator documentation to see COLOUR = COLOR, and then they find/replace the invalid variable name/keyword.

All in all, I think a translator would be a simple program to make, as long as you understood both languages and knew what made "sense" for the localized version. After all, you already have one list of words to work with; all you'd need is their equivelant translation to replace them with.

Posted on Aug 27, 2017, 9:57 PM

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