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I need help with making my antialiasing program more efficient on Aug 22
Image with QB64.EXE on Aug 19
 Tell us more on Aug 19
  I think he has a mapAnonymous on Aug 19
   * Well I hope that map can tell him how to get back here...:-) on Aug 21
Today is my landmark birthday.Solitaire on Aug 15
 *Congratulations!!AlGoreIthm on Aug 15
 Hey, congratulations... on Aug 15
 Only 25 more years until Willard Scott and the Jelly Jar! on Aug 16
 Re: Today is my landmark birthday.Moneo on Aug 27
 ...gopus on Sep 10
calculator and graphsBen on Aug 12
 *Looks interesting Ben, but how do you use it -- and for what? on Aug 14
  It is a calculator programBill Gates on Aug 15
   * Hit ESC to get back from the graph to the calculatorx on Aug 15
    *Aha! Yeah, works great -- thanks! on Aug 15
 Erroneous graphsAnonymous of Hungary on Aug 15
  what would you recommend?Ben on Aug 23
Critical Error: Out of Memory on Aug 11
 Twice that size unless you specify data type... on Aug 11
  Re: Twice that size unless you specify data type... on Aug 11
   *There you go! on Aug 12
 also on Aug 11
Hey, Remember Me?Jonathan on Aug 10
 * Welcome back. on Aug 10
 *Yeah, hi again! on Aug 10
 HAHA YOURE CRAZY :-pgopus on Sep 10
Rewrit from scratch on Aug 10
 I would do one piece at a time....Solitaire on Aug 10
  Good advice, SolitaireMoneo on Sep 21
 consider this:AlGoreIthm on Aug 10
Hel with QBASIC errors on Aug 6
 Logically, add END SELECT, if it tells you so on Aug 6
  Thanks on Aug 8
 Some suggestionsSolitaire on Aug 6
  Thanks on Aug 8
QB64 and MySQL on Aug 4
legacy program on Aug 3
 Your program is saved in Binary Formatanon on Aug 3
  * great, change to text solved problem, thanksjoe on Aug 4
 *Please do NOT post in all capital letters. It's the same as shouting and considered rude.Solitaire on Aug 3
  * get a lifejoe on Aug 4
   *If you say "get a life" why are you here annoying others?angros47 on Aug 5
  Did you know that using ALL CAPITAL letters saved spaceAnon on Aug 4
   Forum conventionsSolitaire on Aug 4
    rules (URL) (edited) on Aug 5
    *Gopus will handle that, he's the best :-) on Aug 6
     youre the best. asterickz!gopus on Sep 10
Need help about sleep() keyword on Jul 31
 Delay SUB on Jul 31
tab moving to new lineLeon Schrecengost on Jul 27
 *Maybe it's the commas right after the semi-colonsAlGoreIthm on Jul 27
 * After 46 horizontal columns, it goes to the next row on Jul 27
  tab problemLeon Schrecengost on Jul 28
   tab problem -- check your string lengthsSolitaire on Jul 28
   Commas take up SPACES too! on Jul 28
Problem downloading QB64jane ransom on Jul 22
 Re: Problem downloading QB64jane ransom on Jul 22
  did you get the problem resolved? on Jul 22
Hey all...gopus on Jul 20
 Re: Hey all...shellreef on Sep 2
  * welcome back :-) on Sep 3
  your a nice boy... what are you up to?gopus on Sep 10
 me thinks this is just Gopus answering himself... on Sep 3
Problem with (grammatical) person changing program on Jul 19
 *Classic case of 'too many IF-THENs'AlGoreIthm on Jul 19
  *I concur. SELECT CASE is the way to go here. on Jul 19
   ... nope ...AlGoreIthm on Jul 19
    alternativeAlGoreIthm on Jul 19
     Re: alternative on Jul 20
      YesAlGoreIthm on Jul 20
       Re: Yes on Jul 20
       program not undestood. on Jul 21
    Please ... on Jul 21
     Re: Please ... on Jul 21
     Very wellAlGoreIthm on Jul 21
 Is this even possible?Anon on Jul 24
  The MID$ statement can only swap strings of same length on Jul 25
  it's more complicated than it looksAlGoreIthm on Jul 25
   You can figure out the words, here's a function on Jul 25
  This is just a basic version on Jul 25

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