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Message TitleAuthor and Date
3D Silliness...TheBOB on Dec 2
 Hey, I just strat using graphics, and TheBOB moves on to 3D?!Pete on Dec 2
  Strat? *Clippy on Dec 2
   ipss off! *Pete on Dec 2
  *Weird about the INPUT$() function--of course, you can always use SLEEP--I know I can.TheBOB on Dec 2
 so how would you use this in another language?mn on Dec 2
  As far as the RGB values are concerned...TheBOB on Dec 2
   *cool, thanksmn on Dec 2
   Technical ClarificationSMcNeill on Dec 2
    Re: Technical ClarificationSMcNeill on Dec 2
     *Once again, good point!TheBOB on Dec 3
 * Why not use the PALETTE command?Luke on Dec 2
  Two reasons for using OUT instead of PALETTE...TheBOB on Dec 5
   *good reasonsmn on Dec 5
i've been thinking of some ways steve could get around our agreementmn on Dec 1
 More of a test of integrityPete on Dec 1
  without initiating another flame/debate, i think any integrity lack is limited to debatesmn on Dec 1
   Integrity? Steve? LOLClippy on Dec 2
In case the main index is failing you, here is most of it on Nov 29
Building a theme park...Pete on Nov 29
 Finished the "theme" concept, moving on to mouse/touch screen.Pete on Nov 30
  *sounds like a really good designmn on Nov 30
  Math hellPete on Dec 2
   *Wow, nice going! Once again, I envy you're interest (even as a "librarian").TheBOB on Dec 2
    * Thanks. The sucker is over 1000 lines, already.Pete on Dec 2
34 year old basic/dos game on the qb64 forum (not qb64 compatible)mn on Nov 28
 translatingmn on Nov 28
  i got bored, here are the changes i made so farmn on Nov 28
   slightly updated version, perhaps uselessmn on Nov 28
  I tried running the programs in GWBASIC and in QB45Solitaire on Nov 28
   *yeah, there's spacing issues galore (i got bored with it too)mn on Nov 28
I've got the fix for SCREEN and SCREEN 12...SMcNeill on Nov 26
 LMAO on anybody paying you ANYTHING to not do anything on QB64Clippy on Nov 26
  Re: LMAO on anybody paying you ANYTHING to not do anything on QB64SMcNeill on Nov 26
 Have an idea for a program you don't want? Pay Steve not to code it!Pete on Nov 26
  alas it will probably be at least a couple days late for thanksgivingmn on Nov 26
   I thought Steve's farm, The Tinkerosa, extended clear down where you live.Pete on Nov 26
    Pete never was one to share...Clippy on Nov 26
     I'll share this with everyone..Pete on Nov 26
      how's the next verse go?mn on Nov 26
      like writing a basic language, it's harder to do it properlymn on Nov 26
   I got your cashSMcNeill on Dec 1
    thank you for the receiptmn on Dec 1
Write in Arabic in QB64 IDEShinobi on Nov 25
 _MAPUNICODE will display foreign charactersClippy on Nov 25
  Arabic might be a special case.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
 cp864 versionMichael Calkins on Nov 28
Helpy helpers helping coders on Nov 25
Making libraries. It's more about the journey than the _DEST.Pete on Nov 25
 i'm not against him coding, i wouldn't even pay lennart poettering to not codemn on Nov 25
  *You clearly intended to say "An 'odor' of magnitude"Spelling Police on Nov 25
 Working on layers.Pete on Nov 25
  Mixing graphics with text is a pain in the ASCII.Pete on Nov 25
   i would love to use a language with a text layer and graphics layermn on Nov 26
   Well, this is the solution I came up with. Any better ideas?Pete on Nov 26
    nope, i would have done pretty much exactly thatmn on Nov 26
     And I'm using FUNCTIONS instead of SUBS, because...Pete on Nov 26
      i don't know why they ever used subsmn on Nov 26
       Re: i don't know why they ever used subsQB Codeboy on Nov 26
        darn it pete, you told himmn on Nov 26
         * SUB is a FUNCTION WITHOUT returning a value, and FUNCTION is a SUB WITH a VALUE *Department of Redundancy Department on Nov 26
          Speaking of redundancy...TheBOB on Nov 26
           That was one of the reasons I almost never used functions.Pete on Nov 26
           (info for newbies, mostly)SMcNeill on Nov 26
            if at first you don't succeed, apply wall to forehead until your question's answeredmn on Nov 26
            *Good point, Steve!TheBOB on Nov 26
            But did you know 15 minutes could save you up to 15% on car insurance?Pete on Nov 26
             Everybody knows that, but did you know...Clippy on Nov 27
              ROFL - And I'll let it stay for the holiday!Pete on Nov 27
      The line numbers come up in the errors, that's whyClippy on Nov 26
*How come the author's name is no longer listed in some posts?Solitaire on Nov 23
 That's not a bug, it's a featureNot Bill Gates on Nov 23
working on a few new projects. in the meantime, why can't CHAIN do...mn on Nov 23
 bah, i do remember a couple thingsmn on Nov 23
Luke sure has some crazy ASCII ideas...Pete on Nov 23
 Re: Luke sure has some crazy ASCII ideas... on Nov 23
  and if it's not hard to do, why not just do it already? on Nov 23
   *their/they're. at least i realize it's a typo, i'm not pretending it's "by design." on Nov 23
   Re: and if it's not hard to do, why not just do it already? on Nov 23
    well, WGAS and GFYS are why i stopped using it in the first placemn on Nov 23
     Re: well, WGAS and GFYS are why i stopped using it in the first placeNot Luke! on Nov 23
      how anyone takes you seriously is a freaking miraclemn on Nov 23
       A reminderLuke on Nov 23
        don't play dumbmn on Nov 23
         Re: don't play dumb on Nov 23
          have it your way...mn on Nov 23
          Good luck stuffing the genie back in the bottle.Pete on Nov 23
           it's worth $100 a year to me, there are 3 problems that make it an unlikely transactionmn on Nov 23
            DealSMcNeill on Nov 23
             $10 per month is perfect. plus the "last 10" you can have freemn on Nov 23
              update: have the actual bill...mn on Nov 24
             What's the difference between a hooker and a QB60-whore?, D Central on Nov 23
              Re: What's the difference between a hooker and a QB60-whore?AlGoreIthm on Nov 23
 I'm honoured...Luke on Nov 23
  guess i owe you an apology of sortsmn on Nov 23
  Hey Luke and MetatronSam and Dean Winchester on Nov 23
   Hmmm GFSOL means what? LMAO!Clippy on Nov 23
QB64 and "Shiny object syndrome" on Nov 22
 * What's wrong with the POINT function?Luke on Nov 22
  Typo, SCREEN function. Or statement. Whichever returns character information. * on Nov 22
 Re: QB64 and "Shiny object syndrome" on Nov 22
  Backpedaling is great, being honest in the first place is better on Nov 22
How the SCREEN function really works (in QBasic) on Nov 22
 Re: How the SCREEN function really works (in QBasic)Peanut Gallery on Nov 22
  Features > Compatibility = ... on Nov 22
Screen 0 is more about text than colorNot Bill Gates on Nov 22
 ExceptMichael Calkins on Nov 28
  Great stuff! Thanks very much * on Nov 28
  I'd love to see a demo.Pete on Nov 28
   Re: I'd love to see a demo.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
    Looks interesting, but I can't run it. Maybe TheBOB or Solitaire?Pete on Nov 28
    This actually shows one more way that SCREEN 0 is different on Nov 28
     Re: This actually shows one more way that SCREEN 0 is differentMichael Calkins on Nov 28
    I tested the concept on MS-DOS 6.22.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
     you ever try stuff like that in dosbox?mn on Nov 29
      * I originally tested (and partially developed) it in DosBox.Michael Calkins on Nov 29
    sine wave font in qbasic 1.1 and qb4.5Michael Calkins on Dec 10

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