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EXIT SUB is nice. on May 5
Page flipping in QB64Edvard on May 5
 Re: Page flipping in QB64 on May 5
  ThanksEdvard on May 5
   you're welcome. on May 5
No biggie, but just learned something about integer division... on May 3
 Yep, QB does that to coordinate and color values too on May 3
  I didn't forget... on May 3
 Yes, interestinglawgin on May 3
 You have no business doing business programs!Mr. Business on May 3
 Integer divisionSolitaire on May 4
  5.9 \ 6.2 = 1 That's just absurd, no matter how it's rationalized... on May 4
   Here's a common use for integer division and MODlawgin on May 4
    Sure... on May 4
     Re: Sure...lawgin on May 4
      *Of course -- the point is, my method also works with integers. Anyway, no biggie. on May 4
    How to insure no matter what method you use you have zero donuts leftover...Pete on May 4
     What do you get from eating too many jelly donuts?lawgin on May 4
     Lawgin, I didn't open your post, but I'm going to bet it's...Pete on May 4
      *Close, but it's a rhyme, not a punlawgin on May 4
  Tried same code in VB.NETSolitaire on May 4
   *Interesting - thanks. on May 4
   There is no integer division symbol in CSolitaire on May 4
   C++ allows some implicit type conversions. on May 5
  Re: Integer division (Edited. changed CINT to CLNG) on May 5
   CINT and CLNG, rounding mode on May 18
    Yes. on May 18
     Re: Yes. on May 19
  Integer Division, rounding mode on May 18
Sprites in QB45 on May 2
 It is possible to load BMP files in QB45Jim on May 2
  DEFINT A-ZJim on May 2
  didnt work in qb64 but might in qb45Brian on May 2
   * It works with DEFINT and W/O SYSTEM to see it on May 2
 What you need is BSAVE/BLOAD for maximum speed in QuickBASIC... on May 3
Screen 13 Color list? on May 1
 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/VGA_palette_with_black_borders.svg. on May 1
 Use SCREEN 13 and roll your own chart on May 2
  - on May 2
   For the numberslkt153 on Jun 2
    II'll send you a combo compiler / blowgun for x-mas.Pete on Jun 2
Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64TimV on May 1
 Re: Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64Pete on May 1
 you can use windows API with declare libraryGeorge on May 1
  What about an OS independent wayTimV on May 1
   At present, I don't believe so.Pete on May 1
   If you can, try asking at the other place on May 1
    I made a utility to read files from the screeen once, but...Pete on May 1
    I'll try, currently I'm still awaiting admin approval.TimV on May 1
     I'll post a message on QB64.net for you.Pete on May 1
 Re: Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64 on May 1
  * I posted before seeing the other responses. on May 1
 QB64.net on May 1
Forget the i-walker, I've invented the i-comb!Pete on Apr 28
 Re: Forget the i-walker, I've invented the i-comb!lawgin on Apr 28
  Geese! The next thing you'll ask for is a mouth wash dispenserPete on Apr 28
   *No,no--I don't want to clip it, I want to comb itlawgin on Apr 28
    * Nice to have another Italian on the board!Pete on Apr 28
     *Spooky, but you're rightlawgin on Apr 28
My newest Politically Incorrect game for QB64...Pete on Apr 26
 Don't you mean "GOP the Liberals"? on Apr 26
  Sur beets the DNC...Bill E. Bob on Apr 26
   * Please keep politics in the appropriate subforum. on Apr 26
    * You tell Billy Bob, Michael! on Apr 26
    * Lucky fur me, I got friends in low places. Check the forum heading.Bill E. Bob on Apr 26
    *This place been hijacked by idjitsAlfred E. Neuman on Apr 27
     ROFLPete on Apr 27
need help with a qb64 programdee on Apr 26
 * Please post your code, and a description of your problem. on Apr 26
  Oh dee, dee, dee. Come on Michael, re-read the post...Pete on Apr 26
Hey Bob, look, BMP support!Pete on Apr 25
 *Good news about QB64 -- but he's too late for the i-walker (evil laugh). on Apr 26
 *The Universe is full of good ideas!Super G on Apr 30
QB64 and utility programsPete on Apr 25
 Exclusively QB64 for me ... on Apr 25
  FuturePete on Apr 25
   I certainly think QB64 has a future... on Apr 25
    I think it's a hard sell...Pete on Apr 25
     *You may have a point, but we bass fishermen are a tenacious bunch. on Apr 26
      Maybe so, but you have to get off your bass, eventually.Pete on Apr 26
     I'm with QB64, but it never got finished on Apr 26
      And it isn't going to get finished any FNtime, soon.Pete on Apr 26
       Well at least we don't need to learn OOP on Apr 26
        What's wrong with learning?Jim on Apr 26
         Put an asterisk in you message title if the post is empty.Pete on Apr 26
          not rhetoricalJim on Apr 27
 * Exclusively QuickBASIC for me.Moneo on Apr 26
  *What are you running it with?Pete on Apr 26
   * XP of course. Wonder if Android can do that? on Apr 26
    Clippy, I meant Moneo.Pete on Apr 26
     Well at least we still have this old forum to use on Apr 26
      Like the saying goes, "This place is like an old shoe"Pete on Apr 28
     Running QuickBASICMoneo on Apr 30
      I do miss my XP at times.Pete on Apr 30
 I use QB64 often for utilities,Dav on Apr 27
Will QB64 work on the i-walker?Pete on Apr 25
 I already have an I -Leg so guess where my foot is... on Apr 25
  * Hmmm... Hey, you can wiggle your toes to pick your nose!Pete on Apr 25
 *I can't believe it - a billion dollar idea and your posting it on the internet?!? (lol). on Apr 25
Florets of a flowerlawgin on Apr 21
 * Nice effectPete on Apr 21
 *Really nice (I didn't know that God knew math). on Apr 22
  *Math is a reflection of nature, or maybe it's vice-versalawgin on Apr 22
   *You're right, of course - it's in literally everything - music, art, physics, everything. on Apr 22
   spiralsJim on Apr 22
    * Dammit Jim, I'm a botanist, not a miracle worker!Dr. McCoy on Apr 22
 * Try Fibonacci. on Apr 22
  * I tried that once, but I didn't inhale.Bill Clinton on Apr 22
 *QB64 is 73Mb, it will fill my hard drive on Apr 23
Black Annex QBASIC gamet on Apr 16
 This game really looks impressivelkt153 on Apr 17
  *Nice to hear from you -- hope life is treating you well :-) on Apr 17
   I thought we lost track of him.Pete on Apr 17
    Indeed, you can only guess at the major headache.lkt153 on Apr 18
     * Nice to have you back!Solitaire on Apr 18
     *Hey, Lucas! Nice to hear from you again. I'm enjoying retirement. on Apr 19
 I wish people would leave the formatted text option on on Apr 17
 Re: Black Annex QBASIC gamePete on Apr 17
  Actually it looks more like Mad Men with guns on Apr 22
need a short program help please?RickyRobby on Apr 16
 hey guys i think i finally got itRickyRobby on Apr 16
  ThanksRickyRobby on Apr 16
  How about help with one more?RickyRobby on Apr 16
   Link on Apr 16
    ok thanksRickyRobby on Apr 16
     Re: ok thankslawgin on Apr 16
      Cool, that helps too!RickyRobby on Apr 16

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