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Search the forum for posts by a specific personSimmons on Mar 1
 London, is that you?Pete on Mar 2
  Yes and No...Simmons on Mar 2
QB64 clipboard. This is interesting...Pete on Feb 21
 Re: QB64 clipboard. This is interesting...SMcNeill on Feb 21
 Yep, they're definitely thereLuke on Feb 21
 Thanks for bringing the clipboard to my attention Pete.Kewbie on Feb 28
  Welcome. Also, null character won't transfer to _clipboard$Pete on Feb 28
   That makes sense Pete. Try this:Kewbie on Mar 1
    Re: That makes sense Pete. Try this:Pete on Mar 2
Found a .091 SDL bug that was fixed in the .094 version...Pete on Feb 20
 Sooooooooooo?Clippy on Feb 21
Updated the WP program.Pete on Feb 18
 Sorry to have to report this, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 18
  * Yep, easy fix... re-updated. Thanks!Pete on Feb 18
   *Whew! Glad to hear it--will keep checking. Incidentally, love the font!TheBOB on Feb 18
 * Sorry for being ignorant, but where can we find this program?STx on Feb 18
  *Click 'Subforums and Chat Room' (above), 'QB Code Forum', then 'Word Wrap'.TheBOB on Feb 18
 Finished new paragraph routine...Pete on Feb 24
  *Neat!TheBOB on Feb 24
  * Finally ran this prog. Nicely done so far.STx on Feb 25
Steve's SIN/COS Math TutorialBen on Feb 17
 That would be great.Pete on Feb 17
  Here's your repetitive graphics...Luke on Feb 18
   Don't forget my modified version!Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 18
 Usually I save this for July 4th, but since it's relevant...STx on Feb 17
  * On second thought, my flag program doesn't use trig. Call it a vector tutorial.STx on Feb 19
 tutorial 1: the spiralBen on Mar 1
  Trig is fun! (*code)Luke on Mar 8
   WOW! Cool design!Kewbie on Mar 11
  weird syntaxLisztfr on Apr 3
   *Okay, don't learn it. Goodbye.Luke on Apr 6
 tutorial 2: wavesBen on Mar 3
My wish for QB 2015Solitaire on Feb 17
 Re: My wish for QB 2015SMcNeill on Feb 17
  Steve you ignorant GLUT...Weekend News Team on Feb 17
   Thank you, Pete,Solitaire on Feb 19
    No, many things would need to be emulated 16 bit for that to workClippy on Feb 20
     OMG, I agree with Clippy for once!SMcNeill on Feb 20
      OMG, the QB challenge was over with 32 bit XPClippy on Feb 20
      QB64 vs. The Nostalgia of QB45Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 20
       Granted: All your statements are valid.Solitaire on Feb 20
        I have 3 XP machines that still have QB on themClippy on Feb 20
         * No music - too distracting. I prefer silence.Solitaire on Feb 21
          *Now, now, Solitaire. Your New Year's ball drop program plays Auld Lang Syne!TheBOB on Feb 21
           * ...and that was done in screen 0 - no audio files needed!.Solitaire on Feb 21
            *Fair enough--LOL.TheBOB on Feb 21
            ...and she composed it herself so neener! *Clippy on Feb 21
             * She's Scottish?Luke on Feb 21
              * No. What's a neener?Solitaire on Feb 22
             Auld Lang SyneSolitaire on Feb 22
              An array and loop is kinda silly as it could just PLAY *Clippy on Feb 22
               Not silly at allSolitaire on Feb 23
              And a version with harmony (*code)Luke on Feb 22
               *Invalid expression on line 2Kewbie on Feb 23
                * I don't think it copied/pasted properly. It's nothing but an x$, without even a PLAY.SMcNeill on Feb 23
                 *I see c++ looking stuff in the codeKewbie on Feb 23
                  overrepletion expositionary antialbumin preresponsibility platoonedWrernibre on Apr 28
                  chilotomies speckiest wellaway untimbered sedgelikeBeingeGuere on May 11
                  unlegalized filestatus iguanoid picolin hushingWrernibre on May 19
                  contorno cinchonidia musics resorcin conundrumWrernibre on May 25
                 You're right, it completely butchered the codeLuke on Feb 23
                  alt+255Pete on Feb 24
                   nbspClippy on Feb 24
                    No, no, no!Pete on Feb 24
 Re: My wish for QB 2015Moneo on Mar 14
Steve, since I see you are currently visiting...Kewbie on Feb 17
 Re: Steve, since I see you are currently visiting...SMcNeill on Feb 17
  *Thanks Steve. For my purposes, a value of 0 for image& should always work.Kewbie on Feb 17
Is there a way to E-mail the admin of this forum?Not Really The E-Postmaster General on Feb 17
the adolescent gaming cult goes all the way up to corporate movers and shakersmn on Feb 17
fun perspective-expanding dijkstra quotemn on Feb 17
*Does anyone here have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?Kewbie on Feb 17
Bored, so I want to develop a few recent discussion topics.STx on Feb 16
 What a bunch of Billoney...Pete on Feb 16
  cults rewriting history...mn on Feb 17
   *BEGINNERS all-purpose symbolic instruction codemn on Feb 17
    *above post has unintended asterisk in titlemn on Feb 17
     also, no one has said that basic was historically created for young kidsmn on Feb 17
Ok, two more graphics questions...Kewbie on Feb 15
 Re: Ok, two more graphics questions...SMcNeill on Feb 16
  Once again, thanks for the help, Steve.Kewbie on Feb 16
How do I clear a graphics window?Kewbie on Feb 14
 CLS of course *Clippy on Feb 15
  *Tried CLS, doesn't seem to work.Kewbie on Feb 15
 CLSWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 15
  OK, so why does CLS work for you and not for me?Kewbie on Feb 15
   This is how...Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 15
  More infoWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 15
   *changing the SCREEN statement really broke thingsKewbie on Feb 15
    Could you post your code?Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 15
     A couple of things I should mention...Kewbie on Feb 15
      Re: A couple of things I should mention...SMcNeill on Feb 15
       Great! That helped Steve. All I had to do was add PCOPY 0, 1 after the CLSKewbie on Feb 15
   Re: More infoSMcNeill on Feb 15
With regards to all the graphics hullabaloo and whatnotLuke on Feb 14
 That's what libraries are forBen on Feb 14
  Too many options is bad for businessWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 14
 This is where "Community" comes into playWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 14
  there is no community here, waltmn on Feb 14
   Re: there is no community here, waltWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Feb 14
 i don't think you understand how this forum thing worksmn on Feb 14
  Why tip the cow when you can get Steve to milk it for free?Pete on Feb 16
   some people *will* feel differently if they just get more involved (but...)mn on Feb 16

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