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I'll pay Steve $10 a month to quit QB64 and fix Notepad!Bill Gates on Jan 9
 QB64 now has two other IDE's. Use Dav's or Cyperium'sClippy on Jan 9
  Let me go get my sock puppet, and try this again.Pete on Jan 9
   LOL, I thought you already made at least one of them if not more *Clippy on Jan 9
    I think this one will be number 5.Pete on Jan 9
     A transfer file I imagine *Clippy on Jan 9
      And I don't need the amusing Steve to do it.Pete on Jan 9
       Where'd ya get .951? *Clippy on Jan 9
        Downloaded it some time ago, before all hell broke loose.Pete on Jan 9
         galleon wants update to be broken (he probably has a point)mn on Jan 11
          Sounds like he has a lot of ideas swirling around in his head.Pete on Jan 13
           *i cover that in my other post today, closer to the top of the pagemn on Jan 13
QB64-SDL Steve v0.954H now availableSMcNeill on Jan 9
 i'd rather get them directly from steve or rob, if that's possiblemn on Jan 9
  quickly, why i hate all things like dropboxmn on Jan 9
   * Much ado about nothing. Dropbox has NEVER had a delay!Clippy on Jan 9
    *your idea of what's "nothing" is worthless without a stupid political cartoonmn on Jan 9
  *incidentally steve, bitly is not better. like clippy, it actually compounds the problemmn on Jan 9
   * wonder WHO mentioned my name?Clippy on Jan 9
    *oh, gee... i don't know WHO...GAS? on Jan 9
 Steve get Bitly and create a short link to your Dropbox downloadsClippy on Jan 9
  *the only thing that makes me want to "cry" is how stupid you are. y can't you ever stfu?mn on Jan 9
 Linux versionLuke on Jan 9
  *7.5? this is getting downloaded today! thanks for the sha-1mn on Jan 9
  Luke beat me to the announcement.SMcNeill on Jan 9
   he's fast. he beat me too...mn on Jan 9
  Luke really butchered it!Pete on Jan 9
   * Good thing or your GOP would have to pay off their Deficit!Clippy on Jan 9
 QB64-vH for Linux builds is now available as well.SMcNeill on Jan 9
 * Consider making a git repo for this release. Best way to distribute.STx on Jan 9
Beta Testers wanted for new release of GLUT 10...Pete on Jan 8
qb64 syntax errorJim on Jan 8
 atan2Jim on Jan 8
  Reply...Clippy on Jan 8
   Is that where QB64 is heading?Jim on Jan 8
    No, it's not.Luke on Jan 8
    No its not headed that way, it has had that functionality for a long timeClippy on Jan 8
     * Should not ever need to use any DLLsJim on Jan 8
      qb64 uses libraries... underneath. the key is underneath. for development of qb64...mn on Jan 8
       Re: qb64 uses libraries... underneath. the key is underneath. for development of qb64...SMcNeill on Jan 8
        i'm excitedmn on Jan 8
       LOL - SCREEN 12 no worries in GLUT... BS.Pete on Jan 8
        ROFL - 40 minutes later BACK TO THE FUTURE...Pete on Jan 8
         .954 is SDLClippy on Jan 8
          SERIOUSLY?Pete on Jan 8
           Re: SERIOUSLY?SMcNeill on Jan 8
            SUBGLUTATION = Built-in stupidity that makes the free flow of intelligence fail.The Board of Chiropractic Examiners on Jan 9
             Re: SUBGLUTATION = Built-in stupidity that makes the free flow of intelligence fail.SMcNeill on Jan 9
              i'm pretty sure pete has a valid point here. this is what i think it is...mn on Jan 9
               *s/revision/reversion/gmn on Jan 9
              Sorry, I forgot. Farmers like to run things into the ground.Pete on Jan 9
               .954 opens with two command windows?mn on Jan 9
                Yeah, the project is turing into a real mess...Pete on Jan 9
                 That other window is the CONSOLEClippy on Jan 9
                  Well it shouldn't be opening and closing unless I tell it to.Pete on Jan 9
                 that thread went on for a long time. i'm surprised he didn't delete it.mn on Jan 9
                  Cast your bread upon the water, and you feed a fish for a day....Reverend Pete on Jan 9
                   minimized would be better, i'm suremn on Jan 9
                    Either way, you have to pop em to make em better...Pete on Jan 9
                     *hey, i gotta use somethin'. or just go back to posting python scripts at myselfmn on Jan 9
                      * Well use Steve SDL - All it's math functions are FREE RANGE.Pete on Jan 9
                       did he explain why it's 30mb?mn on Jan 9
                        *Weight has nothing to do with it!Doc Brown on Jan 9
                        Here is a preview of Steve FDSPete on Jan 9
                         DLL's are all SDL. GL doesn't use them externallyClippy on Jan 9
                          Patching the Titanic was a monumental task, too...Pete on Jan 9
                         oh, ok. so that includes the needed windows dlls, which probably won't compress very wellmn on Jan 9
                        Re: did he explain why it's 30mb?SMcNeill on Jan 9
                         Ya oughta split em up so GL can be downloaded separatelyClippy on Jan 9
                          You guys don't like the packaging, go take it up with Galleon...SMcNeill on Jan 9
                           actually i think it would be good for us to repackage themmn on Jan 9
                           Make a program or batch file to do the workClippy on Jan 9
                            * He quit listening to you maybe. I quit listening to him 6 months ago.Pete on Jan 9
                             Much as I'd like to, he's the only one that can do the jobClippy on Jan 9
                         that makes sensemn on Jan 9
                     *it's not displaying extra consoles heremn on Jan 9
    * Hey, but give it credit, it's heading there without a paddle.Pete on Jan 8
     the paddle is on steve's to-do list. fortunately he doesn't have to write it from scratchmn on Jan 8
  This question made me wonder if PowerBasic could deal with both syntaxes.Kewbie on Jan 8
   * We have been waiting for Galleon to add AS type to functions for a long time tooClippy on Jan 8
 the simple reason is that qb64 doesn't fully support as (of yet)mn on Jan 8
STNONPete on Jan 8
 * link?Jim on Jan 8
  * URLPete on Jan 8
 are you sure? this is what i've heard and i'm inclined to believe...mn on Jan 8
  plus, why do i trust steve?mn on Jan 8
 Thank youSMcNeill on Jan 8
a basic-like notation for oop (i posted this on the qb64 forum)mn on Jan 7
 galleon asks: how [would you] manage an array of basepersons with [this]?mn on Jan 8
the surist formula for making the n54 peeple happygaleyons sekrit planz (do not enter!) on Jan 7
galleon's worst decisionsmn on Jan 7
 per clippy's suggestion, an additional itemmn on Jan 7
Merging QB64.Luke on Jan 7
 sounds like a great ideamn on Jan 7
  *please ignore the obvious semantic typo here. yes, i meant $usesdlmn on Jan 7
  Re: sounds like a great ideaLuke on Jan 7
   i don't understand how you would use both...mn on Jan 7
    *under that system, a command to switch back and forth gl/sdl would be reasonable, imomn on Jan 7
     *then again, if you can meld it all together without the current bugs... *shrug*mn on Jan 7
    I think the confusion stems from the name.Luke on Jan 7
     you'll still have to demonstrate it...mn on Jan 7
      Re: you'll still have to demonstrate it...Luke on Jan 7
       it wouldn't be your fault if it failedmn on Jan 7
        Yes it would. Completely your fault.Pete on Jan 7
 SDL II incorporates GL.Pete on Jan 7
  twice the workmn on Jan 7
 * I'm in support of this. Someone @ QB64 actually started doing it & stopped...STx on Jan 8
  *if you mean darthwho, we know. personally i'm glad he considered itmn on Jan 8
Graphics in QB64 GL. Are you freakin' kidding me?Pete on Jan 7
 hmm, i'm not familiar with this problemmn on Jan 7
 * Have you considered trying it with a recent version?Luke on Jan 7
  i can save him some trouble theremn on Jan 7
   Yes, let me know your results. What gripses me more is...Pete on Jan 7
    "release" vs. bugsmn on Jan 7
     *i'll test the gl from last month now. that should be recent enoughmn on Jan 7
      i get some interesting results, but they may disappointmn on Jan 7
       Re: i get some interesting results, but they may disappointSMcNeill on Jan 7
        Well that doesn't even work in the latest release.Pete on Jan 7
         i don't know anyone who wants to maintain gl without galleon's helpmn on Jan 7
         * a hobby that somebody pays somebody else not to do anymore...Clippy on Jan 7
          *that summary is a month or two out of date, and simply no longer truemn on Jan 7
     Steve would honestly make a better project manager than a developer...Pete on Jan 7
      most open source projects are personal projects... here's where qb64 would bemn on Jan 7
       It had all that mising stuff before he made it open sourcePete on Jan 7
        no, no, no, it didn'tmn on Jan 7
         microsoft needs a project manager (1978)mn on Jan 7
          LOL - That was a pioneering venture.Pete on Jan 7
           history is told by the victors, pioneering is defined by the most successful thievesmn on Jan 7
            Will Bill did was bring a geek hobby into the mainstream.Pete on Jan 7
             yep, and what galleon is trying to do is basically the oppositemn on Jan 7
              Well where in the hell do you think project goals come from?Pete on Jan 7
               project managers (tried to keep this shorter, failed)mn on Jan 7
                Re: project managers (tried to keep this shorter, failed)Luke on Jan 7
                 no one really knows what they're doingmn on Jan 7
                 Yep, that's pretty much where the project is alright...Pete on Jan 7
                  *and the truth shall set you freecptn. obvious on Jan 7
                  Yeah GL could use a paperclip to help users. Nice Dutch Clip BTW *Clippy on Jan 7
                   added it to the list of bad decisions to avoidmn on Jan 7
          * Forget about it and focus on that up and coming Xenix thing.Luke on Jan 7
           haha, xenix was not all worthless, but the company's handling of it wasmn on Jan 7
       furthermore, the only reason SDL exists at all, is a LOT of people collaborated on itmn on Jan 7
        He used to make good decisions, based on his time...Pete on Jan 7
         i'm told a separate basic to c translator would be as easy as commenting 2 lines of codemn on Jan 7
          Re: i'm told a separate basic to c translator would be as easy as commenting 2 lines of codeLuke on Jan 7
           * Thanks. I loved BCOM45.LIB, btw. I miss her sometimes. :(Pete on Jan 7
           i am not being obtuse when i say i don't know what pete wants...mn on Jan 7
            * A runtime that runs on Android, perhaps?Luke on Jan 7
             oh, rightmn on Jan 7
          The C code would provide all the include files in the headers.Pete on Jan 7
surprise... unhappy with the qb64 forum todaymn on Jan 7
HiMoneo on Jan 6
 * Hi Moneo. Great to have you drop by!Pete on Jan 6
 * Happy new year.Dav on Jan 6
 *Hey, great to hear from you. All the best in 2015!TheBOB on Jan 7
 * Howdy, Moneo. It's nice of you to drop by.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
I wonder why QB was never made to do this...Pete on Jan 6
 The word BASIC comes to mind... *Clippy on Jan 6
  Who's mind? It can't be yours, the thought train doesn't stop there...Pete on Jan 6
   it's more like asmmn on Jan 6
 i never understood why put required fixed length strings...mn on Jan 6
  RANDOM files required fixed lengths to define the record size.Clippy on Jan 6
   piling functions into another action isn't overkillmn on Jan 6
  Actually, fixed length strings are not required.Pete on Jan 6
   no, clippy's right, i think it's just like that for reading them.mn on Jan 6
    No, Clippy's wrong. CONST = Clippyswrong!Pete on Jan 6
     You have only a 9 byte record. 10 won't workClippy on Jan 6
      *QB64 is broken here.SMcNeill on Jan 6
       What's the asterisk for goofy? Use LEN = 13 for 11 byteClippy on Jan 6
        Re: What's the asterisk for goofy? Use LEN = 13 for 11 byteSMcNeill on Jan 6
         It works the first PUTClippy on Jan 6
         This is a discovery I made about 15+ years ago...Pete on Jan 6
          Re: This is a discovery I made about 15+ years ago...SMcNeill on Jan 6
           As long as they are using Windows, yes!Pete on Jan 6
            it says 1234567890 (and on the next line it says qwerty)mn on Jan 6
           * Analyze the file and see what's in the extra 2 bytesClippy on Jan 6
            Goodness. The 2-extra bytes are filled with goodness. Oh and about Linux...Pete on Jan 6
             A file is made with 2 bytes over the length of the PUT stringClippy on Jan 6
   I read an article on this once in the KB...Dav on Jan 6
    * Thanks Dav!Pete on Jan 6
 The way I've dealt with that restrictionKewbie on Jan 6
Why are MENNONITES posts coming up NOT FOUNDClippy on Jan 5
 it's your browser. if anyone actually WANTS to read my posts (secret message inside)mn on Jan 5
regrettably, i must abandon the gl version at this time, for stabilitymn on Jan 5
 thirty-one downloads! an additional 9.7 mb!mn on Jan 5
  oh... this is goooodmn on Jan 5
   for p in *.bas ; do ./qb64 -c $p ; donemn on Jan 5
    *Well guess what? SDL is planned to be totally scrapped so enjoy!Clippy on Jan 5
     duuuh!mn on Jan 5
     Stupid is as stupid does.Forrest Grump on Jan 5
      the community is pretty helpful and tolerant, even though i'm a general pita..mn on Jan 5
       The crew of the Titanic was said to be helpul and tolerant, too.Admiral PITA on Jan 5
        a partial plan to keep qb64 afloat for goodmn on Jan 6
         * Once again you fail to comprehend what OpenGL is.Luke on Jan 8
          once AGAIN? oh no, k-9 must have been humping the tardis parking brake again!doctor q on Jan 8
           * In that case I apologize.Luke on Jan 8
            *no problemmn on Jan 8
       partial chat logmn on Jan 5
        * Please make sure you have the other chat participants permission to post.Pete on Jan 5
         *good man. i removed everyone but luke and myself, and i asked luke.mn on Jan 5
 Does glxgears run?Luke on Jan 5
  running fine... also i don't hibernate evermn on Jan 5
   *still running, no sf's. turning it off now. (20 minutes later)mn on Jan 5
 Would you mind taking the time to generate a stack trace?Luke on Jan 5

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