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throughout the 80s, i never heard of comal. maybe because i never had a c64 of my ownmn on Jan 21
one of the things that makes it difficult to turn qb64 into another translatormn on Jan 21
 p.s. len is partialy implementedmn on Jan 21
  * hw$ = "hello world!" : for p = 1 to len(hw$): color p:print mid$(hw$,p,1);:next:color 7mn on Jan 21
The brochure is always better than the product...Pete on Jan 20
 That's not entirely true, Pete...TheBOB on Jan 20
  * LOL. How often do you need to take it in to get the paragraphs realigned?Pete on Jan 20
   *LOL - every 5,000 words or so..TheBOB on Jan 20
  the main problem is gl(ut) is unstable. the next iteration of qb64 will be "qb64 hfb"mn on Jan 20
   * Phil Hartman was never funny when he was alive!Clippy on Jan 20
    Well now he's dead serious, but at least I learned something today...Pete on Jan 20
     and when he was named, his parents knew he would become either...mn on Jan 20
 Thinking I could get over to QB64.net...STx on Jan 20
putting randomize timer in a loop will make it less randommn on Jan 20
 I never do that, but damn them anyway...Pete on Jan 20
  *it wasn't a complaint, it's just how randomize works (it probably should, too)mn on Jan 20
 It won't matter either way. Nobody is ever happy no matter how random it is*Clippy on Jan 20
hello, worldmn on Jan 20
 Hmph...gopus on Jan 20
  * typical for mn, even when he's trying to english.STx on Jan 20
   *if only your phd was in trolling, you'd have tenure by nowmn on Jan 20
  Apparently, you just did! Gopus Pokus...***Clippy on Jan 20
  *sure. and then when it actually matters, you can complain about that, toomn on Jan 20
 Love it!Solitaire on Jan 20
  *please note, some may not work as single-line statements. begin, end, the likemn on Jan 20
 *Hey, where are the forth and comal examples?Kewbie on Jan 20
  on the website...mn on Jan 20
   *Holey guacacado! I had no idea that so many "languages" existed!Kewbie on Jan 20
    *good use of quotes. some of those languages are deliberate attempts at humormn on Jan 20
     Really? Then why isn't QB64 GL on the list?Pete on Jan 20
      *because qb64 gl isnt as funny as it is sad :(mn on Jan 20
       * Well atleast it now comes with a new farm fresh Easter egg.Pete on Jan 20
    LanguagesSolitaire on Jan 20
dav points out a nice little feature of qb64 sdlmn on Jan 19
 Add that to the Stuff Steve Doesn't Know forum, and...Pete on Jan 19
  i've been reading all i can about alternativesmn on Jan 19
   basic is stuck, and thinning of the bindings is a disease that attacks itmn on Jan 20
al sweigart (author of "just let basic die") is not an elitist: details...mn on Jan 19
Hey, it no longer shows when I'm in the indexVistor on Jan 19
 I know! I went to N54 and had that fixed so now your name is Visitor...*Clippy on Jan 19
outside of n54, there is a site called reddit where people talk about programming, etc.mn on Jan 19
 meanwhile, "some 70% to 80% of UK plc business transactions are still based on Cobol"mn on Jan 19
  these two paragraphs are particularly relevantmn on Jan 19
   WHO are you talking to? *Clippy on Jan 19
    *the same people you're talking to when you post about robert e. lee's birthday in ARmn on Jan 19
     * LOLNoah Buddy on Jan 19
What's the difference between QB64 GL and a train wreck?Pete on Jan 19
 As a developer, cough, on Galleon's personal project,mn on Jan 19
A few truths:SMcNeill on Jan 19
 if changing your mind is "bipolar," then galleon's a homicidal maniacmn on Jan 19
"You can't make any progress by going backwards."Not Really Smart on Jan 19
 thick bindings vs. thin bindingsmn on Jan 19
Some good news and bad news about QB64...Not Really Galleon on Jan 19
 in the real version, he says...mn on Jan 19
qb64 is unreliable.mn on Jan 19
 alternatives, plural... let's hear itmn on Jan 19
i'm with richardmn on Jan 18
 for the record, i don't believe any of the code he added is neededmn on Jan 18

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