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You really have to appreciate PCOPYPete on Nov 7
 *Neat! Is memory a problem with mobile BASIC?TheBOB on Nov 7
  I don't recall...Pete on Nov 8
screen 0, 12, and graphicsmn on Nov 6
 as for breaking new ground, pushing boundaries and doing new things...mn on Nov 6
One problem with using UltraBoard in the new Code Posting Forum...Pete on Nov 6
 it's time somoene converted kew's program to javascript anywaymn on Nov 6
  * Ultraboard has been around for several years.Pete on Nov 6
 Fixed it!Pete on Nov 6
  *"it's only linux, it isn't javascript" :)mn on Nov 6
freebasic, harold! freebasic is loose in the garden!menn is getting weird now on Nov 5
 That's a liberal supply of bait, or is it a supply of Liberal bait?The Bait Shop on Nov 5
  i remember...mn on Nov 6
   just wanna injectSTxAxTIC on Nov 7
    What compatibility issues? You're comparing apples to oranges!Clippy on Nov 7
     believe it or not, there are still reasons to use screen 0mn on Nov 7
      Oh pooh! SHOW ME that SCREEN 0 saves anything!Clippy on Nov 7
       it's like you think that if you're not using something, it doesn't existmn on Nov 7
        Copy and Paste? Console maybe...still not a problem in VGAClippy on Nov 7
         *not to mention: screen 12 has superceded 0 for 25+ years, & they didn't ditch 0 *then*mn on Nov 7
          Ditch it? Microsoft pretty much ABANDONED QB, so what would you expect?Clippy on Nov 7
           *funnily enough, they didn't "ditch qb" before porting gui controls back to screen 0:) on Nov 7
            FUNNILY? ***Clippy on Nov 7
             *amusingly/curiously/etc: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/funnilymn on Nov 7
     * Clippy, no speak unless spoken to. Good dog.STxAxTIC on Nov 7
  BAITER!...*Clippy on Nov 7
Writing a QBasic Save LibraryPete on Nov 4
 doesn't it have a shell command?mn on Nov 4
Switched the Codeforum to Ultraboard layout.Pete on Nov 4
 *ideal choice. should make clippy happy too. (it hides my comments, he should like *that*)mn on Nov 4
 is it possible to move an entire thread from one subforum to another?mn on Nov 4
  It's like that movie, The Jerk...Pete on Nov 4
   *no it's worse, because at least in the jerk, there's a funny stevemn on Nov 4
    i must've hit post too quickly. otherwise when you opened it up it could have said...mn on Nov 4
     Not a moderator's messageNot Pete on Nov 5
      That's great, But the Movie is called "The Jerk!" so, you know...Not Really Steve Martin on Nov 5
      sorry steve, what you're looking for is respect. respect is earned.mn on Nov 5
 about the new headingsmn on Nov 4
  ugh, sorry, the first time i said "headings," i meant "titles"/layout, which i lmn on Nov 4
   hmm, maybe i change my mindcrystal on Nov 5
if i do an experiment with fb, which subforum is the best to talk about the results on?mn on Nov 4
 *i chose the computer discussion forum. feel free to suggest another for future ref.mn on Nov 4
  steve has some great ideas, by the waymn on Nov 4
galleon has totally jumped the sharkmn on Nov 3
 You have to appreciate the comic irony in this...Pete on Nov 3
  actally i don'tmn on Nov 3
   *I'm turning in my badge! You people (esp. menn) are hopeless! h-o-p-e-l-e-s-s, hopeless!Spelling Police on Nov 3
  actually (there, i got it that time,) the comical part is this:mn on Nov 3
   Breaking News: Galleon removes SCREEN 0 from QB64.Pete on Nov 3
    that wouldn't be anything like screen 0, but it's a great ideamn on Nov 3
     I had to use a gif loader to accomplish nearly that...Pete on Nov 3
      it's funny he treats us like idiots, when he has so many ideas you and i have hadmn on Nov 4
       i'm not accusing him of doing it on purpose, or necessarily at all. in fact...mn on Nov 4
        Does seem like itThe Irony Police on Nov 4
         it's no problemmn on Nov 4
         * To anyone other than a dullard, that was a running gag joke.Dullard Police on Nov 4
          *It's just the way you tell it that makes it not funnyComedy Critic on Nov 4
           * Yeah, maybe if I had written it in binary.Geek Alert on Nov 4
            *man, where's the irony police when a guy who can't tell basic from c calls people "geeks"mn on Nov 4
             * You can't balme the 64ers. They don't have an interpreter., D Central on Nov 4
              I've always wondered why a compiler can't be an interpreter. Now it's both!Not really Steve on Nov 5
               *the world isn't ready for this kind of power, you have to stop, the economy is collapsingmn on Nov 5
                The next version of QB64 will optimize the orbits of nearby solar systems!A Modest Developer on Nov 5
               Wee Woo Wee Wee! Pull over the thought train! You're under arrest!The Fallacy Police on Nov 5
                QB64 has finally reached maturity. Here's how to install it to the MBR:A 'Mature' QB64 on Nov 5
    you know, source code (and free licenses) really (really) aren't the problem...mn on Nov 3
About the New Code ForumPete on Nov 3
 thanksmn on Nov 3
  * You can call me Crystal, and Crystal when you call me you can call me Pete.Pete on Nov 3
   *thanks pete. i saw that a mile away.crystal on Nov 3
QB64 Tip: Try "qb64 -q test.bas" instead of "qb64 -c test.bas"Ben on Nov 3
 hey, the ide works pretty wellmn on Nov 3
  i've been spoiled with vimBen on Nov 3
   *i only used the gl one once. can use vim if it's all that's there, nano usually sufficesmn on Nov 3
hey, petemn on Nov 3
 do what you wantBen on Nov 3
  they said the same thing in 2000mn on Nov 3
digging the new headings... there's a subforum missing from the archived links listmn on Nov 2
 *forum 273291 also appears to be missing from the archive linksmn on Nov 2
The state of QB64 licensingLuke on Nov 1
 this all makes good sensemn on Nov 1
Pete Scores!Pete on Oct 31
 Pete, can you remind us your view on open source software?Docfxit on Oct 31
  Like most of the forum, Pete moves towards open-source slowlyAnonymous on Oct 31
  Re: Pete, can you remind us your view on open source software?Pete on Oct 31
   Greedy Republicans don't ever like to share anything!Clippy on Oct 31
    Hey, I didn't indent, either.Pete on Oct 31
   as usual, i'll address these points. as usual, they will be missedmn on Oct 31
    Rob could get robbed...Pete on Oct 31
     Rob is giving it away because he SHARES. He never wanted to make money on it!Clippy on Oct 31
      Oh but he is making money on it...Pete on Oct 31
       Not any more than you SAVE by having ads here!Clippy on Oct 31
       originally qb64 was going to be public domainmn on Oct 31
        I didn't want his source code, Pete didn't eitherClippy on Oct 31
         it was never about whether you guys needed the source code personallymn on Oct 31
          The source code is there if you really want itClippy on Oct 31
           i have nothing against people making money. "how" is a gray areamn on Oct 31
            Yeah right, donations as payment...Pete on Oct 31
             So... how much you selling it to other quacks...I mean doctors for?Clippy on Oct 31
             scale, pete. how many people are going to make $10000 in donations?mn on Oct 31
      freedom isn't altruismmn on Oct 31
     i never accuse people of "grasping at straws." there's a good reason...mn on Oct 31
   A strange viewDocfxit on Oct 31
    even stranger when you consider that this forum is for educational purposesmn on Oct 31
    Patents and copyrights in programming need limits like musicClippy on Oct 31
     14 (up to 28) years was a good copyright term in the 1700s. here's the case for SHORTER:mn on Oct 31
      Let's get real, your actual words or code are copyrighted because you made them.Clippy on Oct 31
       some things are uncopyrightable (like a for loop) worse, some rely on copyright for...mn on Oct 31
        I hate to say this, but this conversation is off topic here too!Clippy on Oct 31
         *true but for a moment there it had your endorsement and pete's. are we done here?mn on Oct 31
 congrats on your app and translatormn on Oct 31
 Seriously android development here would make this forum real BUSY!Clippy on Oct 31
  triyng to understandSTxAxTIC on Nov 1
 *Congratulations, Pete! I'm happy for you (graphics help available).TheBOB on Nov 1
  i still wanna know what his problem with graphics ismn on Nov 1
   *I just love that he got to use one of his Android app's on the golf course. Yayyy!TheBOB on Nov 1
   Z is for zero, that's good enough for me.Pete on Nov 1
    i've been saying for years, graphics should work the same in screen 0mn on Nov 1
     looks like steve's thinking about this toomn on Nov 3
   sound like you looking for sub/function/method overloadimg for statementsBen on Nov 3
    when it's oss, it doesn't have to be oop-esquemn on Nov 3
what the heck happened to kewbie?mn on Oct 29
 Actually...Kewbie on Nov 7
  wait, i know what it ismennonite on Nov 7
   Yer never gonna get meKewbie on Nov 7
    it was definitely a treat to catch up with you...mn on Nov 8
     * Not interested. Seen one ASCII, seen them all.Pete on Nov 8
    *Hey, Kewbmeister! Always nice to hear from an old comrade in code.TheBOB on Nov 8
     *Thanks TheBOB. Nice to hear from you too.Kewbie on Nov 8

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