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a question for pete, regarding old main-forum conventions (url)mn on Oct 21
  *please try to reply in the thread linked to in the url, to avoid hypocrisymn on Oct 21
   Like this?Clippy on Oct 21
    Clippy, please quit ruining my boardgopus on Oct 21
  * Take it easy, please. (Stay calm, and watch baseball.)Michael Calkins on Oct 21
   That would be good advice...if I wasn't a Dodgers fan!Pete on Oct 21
Long key presses? Let's go bowling with Pete again!Pete on Oct 20
 i'm confused, i thought this was a mouse issue, not keyboard...dibmn on Oct 20
  I converted a modiied version to lean a little more about my Android device.Pete on Oct 20
   try the mouse routines, reallymn on Oct 20
    you know, you never explained what the long-press was needed formn on Oct 21
     Re: you know, you never explained what the long-press was needed forPete on Oct 21
      you need a different android keyboardmn on Oct 21
       Yep, knew that...Pete on Oct 21
        i'd like to know which ones, so i can warn people in the futuremn on Oct 21
Using QBasic to generate HTML filesjohng on Oct 18
 name change, sorryjohng on Oct 18
 Re: Using QBasic to generate HTML filesPete on Oct 18
  with an addenda...bitbanger on Oct 21
   Anyone else want to jump in and try to explain this?Pete on Oct 21
    when you get as little traffic as this, you might as well brute force the answermn on Oct 21
     pseudocode (delete if in violation of hh guidelines)mn on Oct 21
    just backbitbanger on Oct 23
     i think if you want to replace basic with html, you're going to need javascriptmn on Oct 23
     Re: just backMichael Calkins on Oct 24
   With some help from mn, trying to determine what you are looking for...Pete on Oct 21
    DATA with spacing to replace in above post.Pete on Oct 21
     *howd you do the spaces?mn on Oct 21
      Spaces require formatted text box checked, and...Pete on Oct 21
    here pete, try thismn on Oct 21
     Re: here pete, try thisPete on Oct 21
      *thanks. i do know but stringdollarsign muscle memory after 5 years is gone. don't miss itmn on Oct 21
       You needed a CASE ELSE added...Pete on Oct 21
        whew! i so did. so...mn on Oct 22
  * youd possibly want to convert <'s in source to & lt; and >'s to & gt; and &'s tomn on Oct 21
 Re: Using QBasic to generate HTML filesMichael Calkins on Oct 24
Need help finishing a programHaristole craft on Oct 16
 Not only are you cheating, you want us to finish it for you?Clippy on Oct 16
 *I'll jump on this if you post your own attempt.STxAxTIC on Oct 16
  Re: *I'll jump on this if you post your own attempt.Haristole craft on Oct 16
   Nobody gives homework for programming you aren't learning about!Clippy on Oct 16
    Re: Nobody gives homework for programming you aren't learning about!Haristole craft on Oct 16
 Furthermore....Solitaire on Oct 16
  But where on Google Earth would he find a JAVA to BASIC translator?Pete on Oct 16
   Re: But where on Google Earth would he find a JAVA to BASIC translator?Haristole craft on Oct 16
    TranslatorSolitaire on Oct 16
   as_an_addenda_to_Petebitbanger on Oct 21
    The Waite Group...Pete on Oct 21
     i think my second basic book was from waitemn on Oct 22
 The only thing missing is finding the sum SW for the total witing timeqbguy on Oct 16
  Re: The only thing missing is finding the sum SW for the total witing timeHaristole craft on Oct 16
 Re: Need help finishing a programPete on Oct 16
  Re: Need help finishing a programHaristole craft on Oct 16
And the winner is, Android-BASIC.Pete on Oct 15
 it's not easy at all to make a good languagemn on Oct 15
  *hey, give me this though... the locate commands seem to work :)dibmn on Oct 15
locate has optionsmn on Oct 15
 *this was supposed to go under the bowling postmn on Oct 15
 But if it were up to Steve...Pete on Oct 15
  If you are going mobile, you are not gonna need the pizza delivery appClippy on Oct 15
   LOL, and stop giving Steve ideas! LOCATE ,,,,[keys]Pete on Oct 15
Billy Mays here for Steve Away! Or: Let's go bowling with Pete...Billy Mays on Oct 15
 Cursor parametersqbguy on Oct 15
  *the kite from 2009 hides the cursor. originally it was a qb programmn on Oct 15
What happened to OBDS?angros47 on Oct 14
Does anyone have a mirror of old QBasic.com?Mark on Oct 13
 *matt and i supplied the last copy. he's gone and i didn't keep a copy. good luck.anonymous on Oct 13
  *I emailed Matt, found an old gmail address he used. Hope he still checks it.Mark on Oct 14
 Have you looked on archive.org?angros47 on Oct 14
  Fully aware of Archive.org.Mark on Oct 14
don't say i never change my mind: i relent! (sort of)mn on Oct 12
 You must have been talking with that French guy, Myst again...Pete on Oct 12
  i met a homeless college professor oncemn on Oct 12
We clear keyboard buffers the old fashioned way, we POKE it.Smith Barney on Oct 11
 i think the inkey$ one is more basic...mn on Oct 11
  Re: i think the inkey$ one is more basic...Pete on Oct 11
 * That will not clear the _KEYHIT bufferLuke on Oct 11
  No, but _KEYHIT is a pain, anyway.Pete on Oct 12
   i can see how chr$(0) might have been a problemmn on Oct 12
    You're right, even if you don't know itLuke on Oct 12
     i'm in good company then; when i'm right, a lot of people don't know itmn on Oct 12
   Actually the _KEYHIT value IS the SAME: CVI(CHR$(0) + "S") = 21248Clippy on Oct 12
    *touchemn on Oct 12
    67 is for Clippy, that's not good enough for me...Pete on Oct 12
     please don't compare basic to clippymn on Oct 12
      Sorry, I need to replace his off-topic pics again...Pete on Oct 12
       *i need to borrow some of thebob's coffee so i can almost spit it outmn on Oct 12
remember when qb64 was about putting an end to pissing matches, instead of starting them?mn on Oct 9
 but where's the data on that?STxAxTIC on Oct 10
  two part replymn on Oct 10
   *balloon analogy flew over my head, no pun.STxAxTIC on Oct 10
    now i understand why clippy has to use picturesmn on Oct 11
     *yes, a picture of your data please.STxAxTIC on Oct 11
      *get helpmn on Oct 11
      i hAve LocAtEd tHe daTa aT tHe foLlowinG cOorDinaTes (URL 7752:8102)futurebot2000 on Oct 11
       * you win, im switching to Java.STxAxTIC on Oct 11
       *and am I cross-eyed, or did you edit the orig. subject?STxAxTIC on Oct 11
        *not me. no idea, honestlymn on Oct 11
         you are cross-eyed. i know of no way to stealth-edit posts, unless someone has db accessmn on Oct 11
you won't believe it, but i have a qb related questionmn on Oct 8
 it took some looking. on the second round, i found a great list (url)mn on Oct 8
  Nice find!Pete on Oct 8
   btw, what do you think of the linux subforum proposal?mn on Oct 9
   Here's a better, more detailed oneClippy on Oct 9
    *good list, i didn't notice anything of note missingmn on Oct 9
Hey look, actual code! What I'm currently working on.Pete on Oct 8
 find another basic that works on android, and translate...mn on Oct 8
  Already did...Pete on Oct 9
   i'm pretty curious... what did you use?mn on Oct 9
    Re: i'm pretty curious... what did you use?Pete on Oct 10
     Also looking into...Pete on Oct 10
      i was cheated out of atari basicmn on Oct 10
 hey pete, help me out (i'm seeing how much trouble this will be to translate)mn on Oct 9
  DISREGARD PARENT: ugh, looks like i'm going to have to test my mid routine after all...mn on Oct 9
  Re: hey pete, help me out (i'm seeing how much trouble this will be to translate)Pete on Oct 10
   gahhh, could you tell me which lines you changed?mn on Oct 10
    You have me confused with a programmer...Pete on Oct 10
     yeah, i code that way toomn on Oct 11
      Re: yeah, i code that way tooPete on Oct 11
       a link to it on sourceforge would be good, their search feature REAAAALLY sucksmn on Oct 11
        i forgot to mention an interesting (these days, pretty unique) feature of x11basicmn on Oct 11
         I hope you have an older PCPete on Oct 11
          python is the same way (it requires ansi)mn on Oct 11
         *Freebasic can create graphics in framebuffer, tooangros47 on Oct 11
          *i spent enough hours trying2make that sort of thing work,thanks. x11 probably wont eithermn on Oct 11
        Ah, tha't because RO isn't on sourceorge, X11 is.Pete on Oct 11
         oh, ok thanksmn on Oct 11
 here's a half-translated editionmn on Oct 9
 Switching to X11 or the project...Pete on Oct 12
  i have x11basic installedmn on Oct 12
  here you go pete, finally the whole picture (url)mn on Oct 12
maybe the computer discussion subforum should be visible from the main forum.mn on Oct 8
 here's what it would look like (url)mn on Oct 8
  Already looked into it.Pete on Oct 8
   i hate iframes, but you know what i hate moremn on Oct 8

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