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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Hey Steve. Make a damn LINE statement that makes a triangle!Pete on Dec 13
 OK, kidding aside, anyway to FILL the color inside?Pete on Dec 13
  Ah, PAINT and DRAW. Now I get to learn about how to use them.Pete on Dec 13
   no, no, no! don't fill boxes or rectangular areas with paint...mn on Dec 13
    also, how to use paint...mn on Dec 13
    *oh, a triangle... sorrymn on Dec 13
   I think I got the hang of it! 2 ways so far...Pete on Dec 13
    i highly recommend thismn on Dec 13
  i think you found itmn on Dec 13
 triangles (and more)mn on Dec 13
 Re: Hey Steve. Make a damn LINE statement that makes a triangle!SMcNeill on Dec 13
  Billy Mays here for Steve Away!Billy Mays on Dec 13
   All kidding aside...SMcNeill on Dec 13
    * Figured that out already, and moved on to DRAW. Try and keep up, would ya?Pete on Dec 13
     *Wow, that's great! I can hardly wait until you draw something I can blow up!Proud Papa on Dec 13
 pretty sure qb64 had a _triangle or _maptriangle or something like thatJim on Dec 14
development ideas to make qb64 ide rule / suck lessmn on Dec 13
 Not FoundClippy on Dec 13
  It's probably the /, it should be URL encoded but it's not on Dec 13
   *Again, this all has to do with changes they are making in database to get sticky notes.Pete on Dec 13
    *and how long have they been adding a field to the database? what are they using g-wan?mn on Dec 13
     G-WAN can be coded in Python, so SUC it!Pete on Dec 13
      done! (i think?)mn on Dec 13
       Took you long enough!Pete on Dec 13
      It's actually doable as is, I reckon.Luke on Dec 15
 My idea years ago and another reason why I lost interest in the projectPete on Dec 13
  in fairness, checking only one line would be inferior syntax checking, becausemn on Dec 13
   Argh, it's so simple...Pete on Dec 13
    yep, that's pretty simplemn on Dec 13
     Re: yep, that's pretty simplePete on Dec 13
      not totally certain how it works, but i know what it does...mn on Dec 13
 It's not just checkingLuke on Dec 14
  something's not right heremn on Dec 14
   Well we all know that you ain't right! ********Clippy on Dec 14
   Re: something's not right hereSMcNeill on Dec 14
    i'm good at hooking features...mn on Dec 14
     * Who says you are good hooking? Are you sure you are good hooking?Jack E. Chang on Dec 14
data statements: how to fix data statements in loopsmn on Dec 11
 * I don't think I've ever seen DATA statements in a loop.Pete on Dec 12
 An example of DATA in a LOOPSMcNeill on Dec 12
  Or is this more what you're speaking of?SMcNeill on Dec 12
   I would imagine that is what menn was getting at...Pete on Dec 12
    now i'm confusedmn on Dec 12
    There's another problem...TheBOB on Dec 12
 There's no EOF in a DATA, RESTORE or READ statementClippy on Dec 12
  *sometimes people put "eof" (or the like) in data statements . it's not part of the syntaxmn on Dec 12
 DATA RESUME SUBS and a bowl of dead petunias.Pete on Dec 12
  *You have a right to be proud/ashamed of yourself. Didn't know that about QB64.TheBOB on Dec 12
   LOL - So am I supposed to be ashamed to be proud, or proud to be ashamed?Pete on Dec 12
  DATA even works in the SUBClippy on Dec 12
  *fun stuffmn on Dec 12
galleon made the best qb compiler ever, but then he sucks the fun out of everythingrant against the machine on Dec 11
 p.s. pete! he likes your android project!mn on Dec 11
 update: qb64 g-wan is dead(ISH)mn on Dec 11
 A slight clarificationSMcNeill on Dec 12
  the thing is, galleon stopped paying attention a long time agomn on Dec 12
 All I got out of all of that was... It sucks to be Steve...Not Really Huey Lewis & The News on Dec 12
  *cool is a rule, but sometimes bad is baddipdipdip dipdipdip dowop, wop on Dec 12
   * It's hip(2B^2)Not Really the Parts Dept. on Dec 12
Now I need to do inheritance. Laughing so hard, I almost o-o-p-ed myself.Pete on Dec 11
 well, i'm sure it's more elegant than this, butmn on Dec 11
 Well that part is done...Pete on Dec 12
i think ildurest is here... i forget if that's him or rpgfanmn on Dec 10
*(URL) drawing a sine wave in screen 0 using custom font, qbasic1.1 and qb4.5Michael Calkins on Dec 10
 why post that here? (see inside)mn on Dec 10
  * the original thread is on page 2Michael Calkins on Dec 10
  * LOL, try to find a thread! You have to Return to Index to read any other posts.Clippy on Dec 10
   ok... how did i reply to this then?mn on Dec 10
    So if you start at the top post of the thread icon, you can click other posts?Clippy on Dec 10
     try turning javascript offmn on Dec 10
Does the short bus require tokens?Pete on Dec 10
 Is your F key broken? Lot of O's and OR's there...*Clippy on Dec 10
  No, he's gone Boolean on Dec 10
  * Thanks for asking. Yes, it essentially is.Pete on Dec 10
   Hmm, that explains why Pete told me to STU the other day *Just oolin on Dec 10
    LOL *Clippy on Dec 10
    Yeah, so now I just tell him to SUC it!Pete on Dec 10
 Well man, if You're token to me, there's a lot of token programs around here lately man *Tommy Chong on Dec 10
It's a good thing I'm still 25...Pete on Dec 9
 i was 25 some odd years ago, but i feel older when i use basicmn on Dec 9
 I agree about time passing quickly...TheBOB on Dec 10
four handy tips for the qb64 idemn on Dec 8
 A simple one-line program to improve the QB64 IDE 500%.Pete on Dec 8
  the input system for qb64 is unbreakablemn on Dec 15
Not Found when clicking the topic linkClippy on Dec 8
 Error in topic link! *Clippy on Dec 8
 This might be a Javascript problem on Dec 8
  * noscript always good never hurtgoerge on Dec 8
   IMO NoScript is better, but turning most JS off is not for everyone (sadly) * on Dec 8
 Not found when looking between Clippy's ears...Pete on Dec 8
  I'd say those N54 clowns are out of their leagueClippy on Dec 9
   Indeed... when it comes to clowns, they've met their match. * on Dec 9
 looks like viewall is gonemn on Dec 10
 *looks like view any other posts is gone too!Clippy on Dec 10
What's in a name?Pete on Dec 7
 Variable names should never be single letters. They can't be single digit numbers...*Clippy on Dec 7
  Single letter variable are used for loops...Pete on Dec 7
 consistency is generally goodmn on Dec 7
  The reason or the "x" files...Pete on Dec 7
   *sounds reasonablxemn on Dec 7
i'm sorry, steve: qb64 is you-proof (hooray for qb64)mn on Dec 6
 Re: i'm sorry, steve: qb64 is you-proof (hooray for qb64)SMcNeill on Dec 6
  your fee will likely be turned into a donation (to you; otherwise unchanged)mn on Dec 6
   Re: your fee will likely be turned into a donation (to you; otherwise unchanged)SMcNeill on Dec 6
    your contract is fulfilled. any further payments will be donations.mn on Dec 6
     No! No! No! Now I have to step up...Pete on Dec 6
      how much do we have to pay clippy to kick himself in the nads?mn on Dec 6
       You're hopeless. First you pay Steve to NOT code...Pete on Dec 6
        i'm relieved. i was sure as soon as it stopped being funnymn on Dec 6
  The Spirit of Basic wasn't broken, just Pete's patience...Clippy on Dec 6
   hey don't mind ted, he's just my karmamn on Dec 6
   Re: The Spirit of Basic wasn't broken, just Pete's patience...SMcNeill on Dec 6
    The asshat isn't even a member of the QB64 forumClippy on Dec 7
     Re: The asshat isn't even a member of the QB64 forum on Dec 7
     i never meant to be an asshat... (butt)asshat on Dec 7
      * I'll take asshats over liabilities any day.Pete on Dec 7
       I wouldn't call Steve a liability although we all pay for him...Clippy on Dec 7
        Or... I used to think $10 couldn't buy %^$* these days, but apparently it still can!Pete on Dec 7
*spamLaltemyreeply on Dec 6
 I'll never buy anything called UGG!Clippy on Dec 6
  * LolDav on Dec 8
1 year vacation, and the backlash beginsmn on Dec 3
 No problem, just pay Steve $10 to kick Kobalt in the nads. But...Pete on Dec 3
  i like to think this brings out the ridiculous in everyonemn on Dec 3
   It's worth $10 a day to keep him from making keywords that could already be a LibraryClippy on Dec 3
    i wouldn't end the deal early if he kept that stuff in a librarymn on Dec 3
     Look on the bright side. He can't sue you for Workers' Comp...Pete on Dec 3
      Yeah, PAY ME $10 or I'll add some more myself!Clippy on Dec 3
      unfortunately one thing you can't pay him to do is understand (that's ok)mn on Dec 3
       So what direction do you want it to go? Pay for that, not obfuscationClippy on Dec 3
        Just another Republican scam...show me proof.SMcNeill on Dec 3
         This whole scam was Pete's idea. And it worked!Clippy on Dec 3
          Pete's list of issues with QB64, or why I'm single and loving it.Pete on Dec 3
           you can't win with these guys. i'm either bad for paying, or bad for NOT payingmn on Dec 5
            Big, Bad, but not Corporation. Who licks the stamps?Clippy on Dec 6
             meah-ehh-ehh...bill e. gloat on Dec 6
              I sincerely doubt Steve is our answer for AndroidClippy on Dec 6
               Re: I sincerely doubt Steve is our answer for AndroidThe (short) Bus Driver on Dec 6
                So he says, I don't believe it was quite that muchClippy on Dec 7
              CHR$(3)Stevie Nicks on Dec 6
              Re: meah-ehh-ehh...A confused coder on Dec 6
               oh, i'm in favor of the parts system. it's just not exactly what i was talking aboutmn on Dec 6
                *i'm also aware the parts system leans towards needing gl. perhaps it's even worth itmn on Dec 6
                here's how the parts system might help support what i'm talking aboutmn on Dec 6
                Re: oh, i'm in favor of the parts system. it's just not exactly what i was talking about on Dec 6
                 this part is a waste of time...mn on Dec 6
                  Re: this part is a waste of time... on Dec 6
                   *ok, thanksmn on Dec 6
               It's OK if Steve dumps trash in your yard...Not really the Trash Man on Dec 6
                actually, sort ofmn on Dec 6
                 *i'm now told it's as easy as i say it should be... i will check that out latermn on Dec 6
                 Re: actually, sort of on Dec 6
                  Re: actually, sort of on Dec 6
                  man, you should have told me it was that easy months ago...mn on Dec 6
                   Re: man, you should have told me it was that easy months ago...SMcNeill on Dec 6
                    this...mn on Dec 6
                     Some observations on the proposed library optionLuke on Dec 6
                      actually, it's close enough as it ismn on Dec 6
                      There is nothing new happening here...Pete on Dec 8
                       it's new to qb64 thoughmn on Dec 8
                        Fast forward to the scene where Elaine kicks Kobolt in the nads...Pete on Dec 8
         i have to admit i'm as baffled as you are by the notion that there's a scammn on Dec 3
 update: steve is not willing to use any loopholes. i will stop coming up with them.mn on Dec 3
  Someone has to say this, even if it's just to muddy the waters, so I will:Kewbie on Dec 5
   we didn't start the compiler!mn on Dec 5
   Yeah, but it's funny stupid, kind of like high school crap...Pete on Dec 5
    i promise i never paid common sense to take time offmn on Dec 5
     Common sense is probably asking himself, what the hell did I do?Pete on Dec 5
      it's easier than that...mn on Dec 5
       my two centsSTxAxTIC on Dec 5
        that goes farther than 2c usually doesmn on Dec 5
         ok...STxAxTIC on Dec 5
          i tried to respond to each point you made. but you skipped ALL of mine...mn on Dec 5
          As it turns out, I can SHOUT and code at the same friggin time.Pete on Dec 5
           man pete, i hope that's a metaphormn on Dec 5
        Re: my two centsSMcNeill on Dec 5
         *i looked for anything i could disagree with here (for science.) found nothing.mn on Dec 5
          * Well thanks to you, now I'm not advancing, either!Science on Dec 5
         fine, three cents.STxAxTIC on Dec 6
          better* manself-correction police on Dec 6
           quite x 2 = quietself-correction police on Dec 6
          It's surprising that someone in your profession is so determined to end a debate on Dec 6
           * I'm all done. Have fun ya bunch o' lepers. :-)STxAxTIC on Dec 6
            Ad hom, cliche-ridded, circular argument. Guess you had fun too. * on Dec 6
             * Why the stealth posts? Trying to come off like someone else?STxAxTIC F. Barnes on Dec 6
              i thought you were donemn on Dec 6
               *i meant "honesty." now go ahead, let's hear it...pfft on Dec 6
                * You win. I'm deleting my bookmark so I don't come back here accidentally.STxAxTIC on Dec 6
                 Gee, we will miss all the QB code you've contributed... Oh wait you didn't.Pete on Dec 6
                  lol @ pete. forget that you linked my site?STxAxTIC on Dec 8
                   uh-oh, STxAxTIC CLxIxNGPete on Dec 9
                    Programming, now that's a Hobby! * on Dec 9

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