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Any way to produce a gradient (in Qb 45 ?)Lisztfr on Dec 21
 There's not much to it...TheBOB on Dec 21
  it's so cool without gradients...mn on Dec 21
   *very sorry, i thought you were talking to petemn on Dec 21
    No problem--I agree with you though, about Pete's GUI...TheBOB on Dec 21
  Just to persuade myself about RGB mixingLisztfr on Dec 22
   that used to bother me when i wanted to make my own rgb color mixing routinemn on Dec 22
    *(URL) hsv to rgbMichael Calkins on Dec 22
     I made one of those 16 color editors once.Clippy on Dec 22
      I love this oneLuciano on Dec 29
   mixingMichael Calkins on Dec 22
    The 16 default color attributes basically follow an RGB bitpattern.Michael Calkins on Dec 29
  Why isn't irt working ?Lisztfr on Dec 23
   *Error was in the LINE statement. :)Lisztfr on Dec 23
   The proof (red + green = yellow)Lisztfr on Dec 23
    Final proof (with magnifying algo)Lisztfr on Dec 23
 rainbowLuciano on Dec 21
  moreLuciano on Jan 8
Wow, I'm impressed with the QB64 speed.Pete on Dec 21
 when it's fast, it's fastmn on Dec 21
the sphinctors are getting pretty tight over at qb64.netmn on Dec 20
 * p.s. don't get me wrong, the thread that got locked was awful.mn on Dec 20
 Re: the sphinctors are getting pretty tight over at qb64.netSMcNeill on Dec 20
  thank you for replying (really)mn on Dec 20
   Re: thank you for replying (really)SMcNeill on Dec 20
    i take full responsibility...mn on Dec 20
  NOPE, you did that ALL ON YOUR OWN handicapped farm boyClippy on Dec 20
   i always look around for a hidden camera when you slightly agree with me on anythingmn on Dec 20
   NOPE, you did that ALL ON YOUR OWN handicapped farm boyDaniel (Theunis Jansen on QB64) on Dec 20
    nice to see you on the forum, danielmn on Dec 20
     nice to see you on the forum, danielDaniel on Dec 20
    The FARM BOY gets EIC credits that he wants stopped for other workersClippy on Dec 21
     off-topic politics, but i'll bite...mn on Dec 21
      Re: off-topic politics, but i'll bite...SMcNeill on Dec 21
     Re: The FARM BOY gets EIC credits that he wants stopped for other workersSMcNeill on Dec 21
      When it comes to EI Credits then: Save him from himself!Clippy on Dec 21
  * Did Galleon ever make the old off-topic forum archive available?Michael Calkins on Dec 21
   *Nope. Still gone with no sign of anything returningSMcNeill on Dec 21
Hey Bob, you can kiss my ASCII...Pete on Dec 19
 It's "A Star is Born" all over again...TheBOB on Dec 20
  Using Goolge Canadian to English translator on reply above... OMG! MY PROJECT SUCKS?Pete on Dec 21
   thebob is the qb graphics whisperer...mn on Dec 21
    *Thanks, menn. You always make me feel good about myself :-)TheBOB on Dec 21
    Reminds me of one of the promises I made to Mac...Pete on Dec 21
   *How long? Probably a few hours. Code is code is code--for anyone.TheBOB on Dec 21
    Really? Because I was kidding, I did all of that in 10-minutes....Pete on Dec 21
     There's nothing wrong with flip-flops...TheBOB on Dec 21
      *we should get a wall for this place, and frame the above post, and put it on the wallmn on Dec 21
 that's one of the best looking guis i've ever seenmn on Dec 21
  Thanks, but no BS, I made it all myself, no example code to copy from, but...Pete on Dec 21
   well, if the history of this place is anything to go by, here's what's next:mn on Dec 21
it really sucks that viewall is gonemn on Dec 19
Put up a scrollable / resizable popup routine in the code forum.Pete on Dec 17
 inkey$ in a loop is costly in qb64mn on Dec 17
  INKEY$ why! why!!!Pete on Dec 17
 *Wow, neat! Been resizing all over the place!TheBOB on Dec 17
  If you have the time, give it another go. It is much faster now...Pete on Dec 18
   a word of advice that won't likely go heeded...mn on Dec 18
   *Ah yes, silky smooth. Really nice work. About INKEY$--never realized that (thanks menn).TheBOB on Dec 18
    Simplest speed fixSMcNeill on Dec 19
     i never understand why...mn on Dec 19
      Re: i never understand why...SMcNeill on Dec 19
       nah, i don't want a temporary fix. i won't speak for pete, butmn on Dec 19
        Re: nah, i don't want a temporary fix. i won't speak for pete, but on Dec 19
         sure, but...mn on Dec 19
          Re: sure, but...SMcNeill on Dec 19
           Re: sure, but...Clippy on Dec 19
            Android only uses INKEY$Pete on Dec 19
             The only way to get it to work is to incorporate C into the processClippy on Dec 19
              It looks to me as if Android-Basic only converts parts to C.Pete on Dec 19
               That's why I think it is a dead end.Clippy on Dec 19
                It is geared to personal use, and not app development to sell.Pete on Dec 19
                 I'm not trying to sell anything, I just want it to run on its ownClippy on Dec 19
                 "legacy" means the authors have moved onmn on Dec 19
                Android is a dead end on Dec 19
             When you get Android working with QB64, don't forget on Dec 19
           thank you for explaining thismn on Dec 19
            INKEY$ is for simple key processes. Use INP for faster reads.Clippy on Dec 19
             inp is fine for games and high performance, but u should be able to add a quick inkey$...mn on Dec 19
              Re: inp is fine for games and high performance, but u should be able to add a quick inkey$...SMcNeill on Dec 19
               i think he should have called it _inkey, but that doesn't matter as much as this:mn on Dec 19
                Re: i think he should have called it _inkey, but that doesn't matter as much as this:SMcNeill on Dec 19
                 i think you're ignoring that they have different strengths.mn on Dec 19
                  If you're using _KEYHIT with numbers, you're using it wrong.Luke on Dec 22
 nice GUI utilitiesEvgeny on Dec 20
How to not get your ASCII kicked by the QB64 IDE...Chris Rock on Dec 15
 this is a pretty great thing to read while you're trying to make changes to the idemn on Dec 15
  You do know it phones home?E.T. on Dec 15
   oh good, it checks on every keypress?mn on Dec 15
   Re: You do know it phones home?SMcNeill on Dec 15
    while you're here, a question about compilingmn on Dec 15
     Re: while you're here, a question about compilingSMcNeill on Dec 15
      *excellent, thank youmn on Dec 15
 You forgot step 6Luke on Dec 15
(URL) Custom Hebrew and PaleoHebrew font with demo in QBASIC 1.1 (VGA or DosBox)Michael Calkins on Dec 15
OK Bob, blow away!Pete on Dec 13
 ALRIGHT!! ...TheBOB on Dec 14
  Since Android-BASIC doesn't support DRAW...Pete on Dec 14
   Forsooth, a budding Leonardo. Nice work...TheBOB on Dec 14
Hey Steve. Make a damn LINE statement that makes a triangle!Pete on Dec 13
 OK, kidding aside, anyway to FILL the color inside?Pete on Dec 13
  Ah, PAINT and DRAW. Now I get to learn about how to use them.Pete on Dec 13
   no, no, no! don't fill boxes or rectangular areas with paint...mn on Dec 13
    also, how to use paint...mn on Dec 13
    *oh, a triangle... sorrymn on Dec 13
   I think I got the hang of it! 2 ways so far...Pete on Dec 13
    i highly recommend thismn on Dec 13
  i think you found itmn on Dec 13
 triangles (and more)mn on Dec 13
 Re: Hey Steve. Make a damn LINE statement that makes a triangle!SMcNeill on Dec 13
  Billy Mays here for Steve Away!Billy Mays on Dec 13
   All kidding aside...SMcNeill on Dec 13
    * Figured that out already, and moved on to DRAW. Try and keep up, would ya?Pete on Dec 13
     *Wow, that's great! I can hardly wait until you draw something I can blow up!Proud Papa on Dec 13
 pretty sure qb64 had a _triangle or _maptriangle or something like thatJim on Dec 14
development ideas to make qb64 ide rule / suck lessmn on Dec 13
 Not FoundClippy on Dec 13
  It's probably the /, it should be URL encoded but it's not on Dec 13
   *Again, this all has to do with changes they are making in database to get sticky notes.Pete on Dec 13
    *and how long have they been adding a field to the database? what are they using g-wan?mn on Dec 13
     G-WAN can be coded in Python, so SUC it!Pete on Dec 13
      done! (i think?)mn on Dec 13
       Took you long enough!Pete on Dec 13
      It's actually doable as is, I reckon.Luke on Dec 15
 My idea years ago and another reason why I lost interest in the projectPete on Dec 13
  in fairness, checking only one line would be inferior syntax checking, becausemn on Dec 13
   Argh, it's so simple...Pete on Dec 13
    yep, that's pretty simplemn on Dec 13
     Re: yep, that's pretty simplePete on Dec 13
      not totally certain how it works, but i know what it does...mn on Dec 13
 It's not just checkingLuke on Dec 14
  something's not right heremn on Dec 14
   Well we all know that you ain't right! ********Clippy on Dec 14
   Re: something's not right hereSMcNeill on Dec 14
    i'm good at hooking features...mn on Dec 14
     * Who says you are good hooking? Are you sure you are good hooking?Jack E. Chang on Dec 14
data statements: how to fix data statements in loopsmn on Dec 11
 * I don't think I've ever seen DATA statements in a loop.Pete on Dec 12
 An example of DATA in a LOOPSMcNeill on Dec 12
  Or is this more what you're speaking of?SMcNeill on Dec 12
   I would imagine that is what menn was getting at...Pete on Dec 12
    now i'm confusedmn on Dec 12
    There's another problem...TheBOB on Dec 12
 There's no EOF in a DATA, RESTORE or READ statementClippy on Dec 12
  *sometimes people put "eof" (or the like) in data statements . it's not part of the syntaxmn on Dec 12
 DATA RESUME SUBS and a bowl of dead petunias.Pete on Dec 12
  *You have a right to be proud/ashamed of yourself. Didn't know that about QB64.TheBOB on Dec 12
   LOL - So am I supposed to be ashamed to be proud, or proud to be ashamed?Pete on Dec 12
  DATA even works in the SUBClippy on Dec 12
  *fun stuffmn on Dec 12
galleon made the best qb compiler ever, but then he sucks the fun out of everythingrant against the machine on Dec 11
 p.s. pete! he likes your android project!mn on Dec 11
 update: qb64 g-wan is dead(ISH)mn on Dec 11
 A slight clarificationSMcNeill on Dec 12
  the thing is, galleon stopped paying attention a long time agomn on Dec 12
 All I got out of all of that was... It sucks to be Steve...Not Really Huey Lewis & The News on Dec 12
  *cool is a rule, but sometimes bad is baddipdipdip dipdipdip dowop, wop on Dec 12
   * It's hip(2B^2)Not Really the Parts Dept. on Dec 12
Now I need to do inheritance. Laughing so hard, I almost o-o-p-ed myself.Pete on Dec 11
 well, i'm sure it's more elegant than this, butmn on Dec 11
 Well that part is done...Pete on Dec 12
i think ildurest is here... i forget if that's him or rpgfanmn on Dec 10

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