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the law of conservation of complexitymn on Jan 26
 * complexity can neither be created or destroyed = not true (search 2nd law of thermo)Thermodynamics Police on Jan 26
  funny thing,it said "regarding compilers and interpreters,"which are fictional constructsmn on Jan 26
   * Fair enough. Just adding that the 2nd law also applies to info theory, not just thero.STx on Jan 26
    i'm a hobbyist, not a scientists, but i'm not sure that science disagrees with me (url)mn on Jan 26
     i don't think you were right, but either way u werent interested in intellectual pursuitmn on Jan 26
A problem with the name "nudity" mn picked for his new BASIC language...Pete on Jan 25
 must be a local thing, try searching from the eastern half of the country insteadmn on Jan 25
  i think there will be a "fig leaf basic" but it will be more like logo.mn on Jan 25
   in an ideal world: separate parsers / language output / librariesmn on Jan 25
request for thebob: fig leaf logomn on Jan 25
 *plus if "nudity" doesn't work out, i can always call it "fig basic."mn on Jan 25
  *Would that be related to fig forth?Kewbie on Jan 25
   *no, never heard of fig forth until nowmn on Jan 25
   No, but it would be easier to fork an orange. Sorry Apple.Pete on Jan 25
    well, here is the idea for fig basicmn on Jan 26
     * it also makes the name very appropriate, because it "covers up" almost all punctuationmn on Jan 26
     This language is doomed from the get goSMcNeill on Jan 26
      thanks for stopping by, stevemn on Jan 26
       Regarding RPNLuke on Jan 26
        thanks luke, i don't think it would be too difficult eithermn on Jan 26
         It's really hard not to like Luke...Pete on Jan 26
          luke holds this place togethermn on Jan 26
           * Luke IS a total mystery. Definitely smarter than me.STx on Jan 26
            *clippy is probably smarter than you.mn on Jan 26
 complete syntax as of 0.2 (next version will be terse)mn on Jan 25
  possible terse alternatives for full command setmn on Jan 25
 *I'll see what I can come up with--public domain is fine (mostly what I do these days).TheBOB on Jan 25
  Here are some fig leaves...TheBOB on Jan 25
   *those are perfect! thank you so much.mn on Jan 25
    *Great--you're welcome.TheBOB on Jan 25
galleon is shackled to opengl, but not to glutmn on Jan 24
Well back to the non-drawing board...Pete on Jan 24
 * Well that's taken care of, and all without the Amusing Steve, too.Pete on Jan 24
in defense of +=mn on Jan 24
 *if x ain't like y then say "aww, dang!"mn's evil twin on Jan 24
  it won't be in the new language, pete. although it WILL accept inline pythonmn on Jan 24
 Visual Basic adapted the shortcut from C#Solitaire on Jan 24
  well spotted! most non-basic-looking python features are in .net toomn on Jan 24
 *i'm, i've, and you're are contractions, not abbreviationsKewbie on Jan 25
  and i thought contractions were a type of abbreviation. let's consult the dictionary...mn on Jan 25
the biggest failure of qb64 would be (and the future of this forum)mn on Jan 23
There's a guy at QB64.net who wants to make an ap in QB64 GL to navagate his boat.Pete on Jan 23
 Nice to hear you still visit!Clippy on Jan 23
 *well, someone's gotta tow the skis while galleon jumps the sharkmn on Jan 23
qb2py "32bit palette"mn on Jan 23
"basic" as english?mn on Jan 23
 functions?mn on Jan 23
 * sounds like you're wanting COBOL instead of BASICGD on Jan 23
  *no, thanks, and it's more like applescript.mn on Jan 23
   *also, in the future, don't expect a response from me if you use that ridiculous handle.mn on Jan 23
    *should you seek out a replacement at some point, EGO would be fitting.mn on Jan 23
    Re: *also, in the future, don't expect a response from me if you use that ridiculous handle.GD on Jan 23
     OH, in THAT CASE... welcome to the forum! :Dmn on Jan 23
     * more typical mn: shoot first, ask questions later. welcome GD.STx on Jan 23
      * Can you earn a PhD in common sense?Pete on Jan 23
       *no point... if he had it, he'd never use it.mn on Jan 23
  *COBOL is natively better for math. I needed it for Stuff Steve Doesn't Know count.Pete on Jan 23
   * If COBOL was natively better (I disagree), why was Fortran made?STx on Jan 25
 * I like it.Pete on Jan 23
  but how much do you like it?mn on Jan 23
   Re: but how much do you like it?GD on Jan 23
    it looks like either cobol, comal, or algol. i don't use them enough to say whichmn on Jan 23
   Re: but how much do you like it?Pete on Jan 23
    i think we agree on something. how about a name for this project?mn on Jan 23
     8 requirements for nuditymn on Jan 23
      nudity is a real language: it has native print and color vocabulary and inline pythonmn on Jan 24
       screencap of the translator in actionmn on Jan 24
        already making one small change to the syntaxmn on Jan 24
         If I was in to nudity, I'd use...Pete on Jan 24
          i will implement highlight, here are some other developments...mn on Jan 24
           highlight implementedmn on Jan 24
            *the timestamps are correct. 20 minutes after saying i would, i did.mn on Jan 24
            I'm more a fan of Clint Eastwood than Robin Williams...Pete on Jan 24
             okmn on Jan 24
              Can you make one that's like talking to a turnip?Pete on Jan 24
               ultimately i'd like to make a language for making your own languagesmn on Jan 24
       0.2 switches back and forth between graphics, text-only graphicsmn on Jan 25
      Maybe you can ask TheBOB to design the logo? He has partial experience...Pete on Jan 24
       C'mon, Pete. I'm 71 years old and fully understand the importance of nudity...TheBOB on Jan 24
       *i bet he could do amazing things with fig leafsmn on Jan 24
 * COBOL was good for business, pathetic for science (numberwise)STx on Jan 23
  * Then the GOP must LOVE Cobol right?Clippy on Jan 23
   * Nice one! Not sure if I can argue, either...STx on Jan 24
    *You could, but you'd have to complete 2 semesters of theorectical relationships, first.Pete on Jan 24
from Futility ClosetSTx on Jan 22
 And for guys who switch to GL...Pete on Jan 22
Galleon, he must let the show go on...Pete on Jan 22
victorx wrote a compatibility checker (details...)mn on Jan 22
i hate types... gl will have a googol of themmn on Jan 22
removed a LOT of steve cruft from qb2py today. you know the best thing about qb64 sdl?mn on Jan 22
 i still want to remove bten$, check&, n2s$, and help_addtxtmn on Jan 22
  there must be a low-level (string level) reason why help_addtxt listed. rest were removedmn on Jan 23

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