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Inconsistencies in SINGLE math?Chris on Jul 29
 You want math, go learn COBOL...Pete on Jul 29
  qb versionChris on Jul 29
   Is there are reason you are using 4.5?Simmons on Jul 29
    Re: Is there are reason you are using 4.5?Chris on Jul 29
     * Michael Calkins works with C and QB4.5. Hope he stops by soon and provides some insight.Pete on Jul 29
     Oh, going from QB45 to C makes more senseSimmons on Jul 29
      * My advice to Chris, download QB64 and give your program a try. QB64.netPete on Jul 29
      I know QB has an internal fp lib, but I figured it'd build for 8088 when availablelkt153 on Jul 29
       This is Pete's site you freakin' aboriga... arboringa...Pete on Jul 29
        FYI, this is how we do things around here!lkt153 on Jul 29
         * Ah those crazy college kids from Dart-Mouth University!Pete on Jul 29
      According to MS itselflkt153 on Jul 29
       30 days old? Well buy the kid an x-box and ckeck in on him every couple of days...Pete on Jul 29
        How oddgiwake on Jul 29
Fast and simple 2d line segment intersection detectionSimmons on Jul 29
 Intersection function that returns coords of intersectionSimmons on Jul 29
  * TheBOB says you are way off base on this one. Tell him, Bob!Pete on Jul 29
   *You must have me confused with a TheBOB that has a clue as to what's going on there.TheBOB on Jul 29
    Really. I thought that was ASCII art work. You mena it's some math thingy?Pete on Jul 29
     *Yup.. some "math thingy"--I think. (I balance my check book on my desk top--works great).TheBOB on Jul 29
      *Really BOB? Could you teach me how to do that?Kewbie on Aug 4
       * I could teach you how to play proctologist, if you're willing to put skin in the game.Not Really Heterosexual on Aug 4
   Would love to be off baseSimmons on Jul 29
  A demonstration of the functionSimmons on Jul 29
   Drippy lives inside his own head to. Only problem, no view...Pete on Jul 29
    That's realy cool! The first time I ran it, I got an "A."Pete on Jul 29
   Ahh! So it is graphics based...TheBOB on Jul 29
    Author of confusionSimmons on Jul 29
     *Thanks for mentioning that. I thought the blood spots were on my monitor for a second.Pete on Jul 29
      *They might be, depends on how litterally you bang your head against code problemsSimmons on Jul 29
     *Neat! Some of the best methods are also the simplest.TheBOB on Jul 29
*What data type does Qbasic use to pass values from a function if I don't specify?Simmons on Jul 29
 * iirc, any undeclared value defaults to single, save for a DEFINT, DEFLNG or somethinglkt153 on Jul 29
Dav, are you still working on that IDE?Simmons on Jul 28
 OPTION _EXPLICITFellippeHeitor on Jul 28
  *What version do I need?Simmons on Jul 28
   Grab the latest dailyFellippeHeitor on Jul 28
    Yeah sure, FORCE YOURSELF to declare variables! ABUSE 101 *Clippy on Jul 29
     :DFellippeHeitor on Jul 29
      * His visibilty has been dramatically reduced by an enlarged prostate, so.Pete on Jul 29
QB64_x64Chris on Jul 28
 URL *Pete on Jul 28
 See this linkFellippeHeitor on Jul 28
  Wow, that link is nearly a year old!Pete on Jul 28
   Is there a way to donate, or some sort of patreon program?Simmons on Jul 28
    There used to be a donate button, but apparently it wasn't GL compatible...Pete on Jul 28
     Yes there was...TheBOB on Jul 28
      Yes you were correct.Pete on Jul 28
       *I'm impressed! If only that "knowing" extended to winning Lottery numbers.TheBOB on Jul 28
        I wrote knowing... NOT PSYCHIC!Pete on Jul 28
         Hey, if Rob sells the site, is your logo included as a free bee?Pete on Jul 28
          *Rob can send the $12 dollars it's worth to Clippy--KY jelly for his prostrate exam.TheBOB on Jul 28
           Normally with Drippy, I'm of "The gloves are coming off" philosophy, but...Pete on Jul 28
            *LOL--with the added advantage that he'll be able to *see* his prostate.TheBOB on Jul 28
     how open source really worksmn on Jul 29
      Another hopeless and useless post by a Mennonite *Quippy on Jul 29
       *and another intoxicated but irrelevant snipe from carnegie mellonwhat do you do with a drunken net troll? on Jul 29
      Open source is a warm and fuzzy conceptSimmons on Jul 29
       i think china is going to do that either waymn on Jul 29
  QB64_x64Chris on Jul 29
Dijkstralisztfr on Jul 27
 First you need to give us a set of nodesSimmons on Jul 27
  How about a South Node in Aries and a North Node in Libra?Pete on Jul 27
  *nice reply thanks !lisztfr on Jul 29
 Dijkstra's algorithm in QB64Simmons on Jul 29
 Hey lisztfr, I better get a prize. This ended up being a lot more work than expectedSimmons on Jul 29
* Walt, get over onto IRC. Stay logged in. You know the channel!STxAxTIC on Jul 26
 * Bill wants to discuss theoretical ownership. :)Pete on Jul 26
  What exactly is your function again, Pete?*STx on Jul 27
   * Function? Oh, what it's always been, Fn Reality.Pete on Jul 27
    * Thanks for clarifying, does reality swallow?STx on Jul 27
     * You tell me. You're the only one I know who sucks in every universe.Pete on Jul 27
      * Then your mother would know as well.STx on Jul 27
       * So you suck and you're afraid of competition. Well that's just sad. :(Pete on Jul 27
Frosbite Tribute (Game clone - Atari 2600)FellippeHeitor on Jul 24
 I tried to run it on my Atari 2600. It didn't work.Pete on Jul 24
  *Frostbite is what we do when we're thirsty.TheBOB on Jul 24
   * Good to know. My favorite game on Atari was made by Activision. Starmaster.Pete on Jul 25
    Never had an Atari, but wanted one...TheBOB on Jul 25
     *I was a Coleco Vision man myselfSimmons on Jul 26
    * I see your starmaster and raise you a seaquest or keystone kapers!lkt153 on Jul 26
     * Well of course you do. Third World Countries aren't even up to the space race yet. :)Pete on Jul 26
     Now you're talkingFellippeHeitor on Jul 26
      * We support your efforts for Sequestration and the Keystone Pipeline Game!RNC on Jul 26
      Yup!lkt153 on Jul 26
  I see whyFellippeHeitor on Jul 25
   * Atari GL? Screw that, I'll wait for the SDL version! :)Pete on Jul 25
water kettleBen on Jul 20
 *That's interesting, Ben, but I don't quite get how it's a "water kettle".TheBOB on Jul 20
  * you gotta stare at it till it boils. Worked for me!lkt153 on Jul 20
   Ha! Well, it boiled right away for me...TheBOB on Jul 20
 I'm not sure I'm doing it rightSimmons on Jul 20
  * Moderators please move the above post to the Relationships Forum :)Pete on Jul 20
   *LOL--I almost deleted it!TheBOB on Jul 20
Random X and Y in PSETAureal on Jul 14
 You're looking for the RND functionSimmons on Jul 14
  Thanks!Aureal on Jul 18
   You still probably should use RANDOMIZE TIMER, mind youlkt153 on Jul 21
    RANDOMIZE seed sets the starting value. TIMER makes it random based on time.Clippy on Jul 21
     * as stated (perhaps not so clearly) in the message above :Plkt153 on Jul 22
Drupa spam deleted...TheBOB on Jul 7
 *Bob, all i wanted was for you to see it. I can now die happy manSimmons on Jul 7
  *Ha! You're easy to please :-)TheBOB on Jul 7
   I, for one, want my messages back!lkt153 on Jul 7
    Can't help about the messages...TheBOB on Jul 8
     * "excuse me, do you have a cousin named Sven?"lkt153 on Jul 8
      *I have no idea who you're talking about, officer.TheBOB on Jul 8
       haha! It was actually a quote from The Secret Of Monkey Island™lkt153 on Jul 9
        *Yeah, I wondered about the quotes. Sounds like a great game.TheBOB on Jul 9
 Jesus Christ, repost the spam. It took up less space on the forum!Pete on Jul 10
  *And Jesus, please change the typo I made in my name earlier, Amen.Simmons on Jul 10
   * I turned a d into an s, so now you can quit your "wining."Not Really The Man From Galilee on Jul 10
  Sorry , didn't remember being off-topic as being this bad here. :(lkt153 on Jul 10
   * And i just read the s-Kewbie Doo song and laughed hard. Get it nowlkt153 on Jul 10
What sort of color schemes do QB64 graphics use?Simmons on Jul 5
 Re: What sort of color schemes do QB64 graphics use?Luke on Jul 6
  HSV and QBSimmons on Jul 7
vWATCH64FellippeHeitor on Jul 3
 * Can I put vWatch on my iWatch? I'm tired of strapping my laptop to my wrist.Pete on Jul 4
  *I gotta learn Swift first XDFellippeHeitor on Jul 4
  in that case pete, you already know what time it is...mn on Jul 6
   *GUH-ROSSSSSSSSSSKewbie on Jul 9
 Latest version v0.966bFellippeHeitor on Jul 14
I invite you to test a mmorpg in QB64commandvom on Jun 30
 *What does 'mmo' mean? I know what 'rpg' stands forKew on Jul 1
  *Massive Multiplayer OnlineSMcNeill on Jul 1
  I have the feeling I would be testing ransom wareSimmons on Jul 1
   * QEmu, VirtualBox or VMWare Player? :)lkt153 on Jul 8
Why do these QB calculations produce slightly different values?Chris on Jun 28
 My guess is the evaluation time, plus hardware for resolutionlkt153 on Jun 28
 Precision PointsSolitaire on Jun 28
  Floating point isalkt153 on Jun 28
  Re: Precision PointsChris on Jun 28
   Re: Precision pointslkt153 on Jun 28
    Re: Precision pointsChris on Jun 28
     It's actually very interesting that this is consistent in Clkt153 on Jun 28
      Test resultlkt153 on Jun 28
       Could not generate all possibilities I wanted, but...lkt153 on Jun 28
      Re: It's actually very interesting that this is consistent in CChris on Jun 28
      So you're going to be a father!Solitaire on Jun 28
       Thanks!lkt153 on Jun 28

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