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Message TitleAuthor and Date
QB and NTVDMBouval on May 22
 NTVDM is the only way QB can run on many PC's.Clippy on May 22
 Are you trying to go full screen? Using graphics modes?Michael Calkins on May 22
holy crapMagnaUnum on May 20
 *Hi! Some of us are--on occasion, anyway. How've you been?TheBOB on May 20
 *Hi Mags. How'z u?Kewbie on May 22
DEFLisztfr on May 19
 CINT()Lisztfr on May 19
  CLNG() will handle larger numbers...TheBOB on May 19
   Re: CLNG() will handle larger numbers...SMcNeill on May 19
 best round up routineLisztfr on May 19
  Only 1 statement is needed to round up to an integerSolitaire on May 19
   Roundup using decimalsSolitaire on May 19
   This is perfect !Lisztfr on May 19
    * Which one is perfect? I posted 3 different versions.Solitaire on May 19
     a = INT(a + .5)Lisztfr on May 19
 Re: DEFSMcNeill on May 19
  FunctionLisztfr on May 19
VALLisztfr on May 18
 *Interesting. Minus (-) is pretty numerical, but I find it odd that plus (+) works, too.TheBOB on May 18
 Re: VALLuke on May 18
QBASIC trick spell checka on Apr 28
 That works in QB64, but is different in QBasic...TheBOB on Apr 28
 Alternatively...Luke on Apr 29
  * I do the same, except on=offSTx on Apr 29
  Re: Alternatively...SMcNeill on Apr 29
   Re: Alternatively...Luke on Apr 29
    I use a similar system Luke.Kewbie on May 6
     Sounds like an interesting little project, Kew...TheBOB on May 7
      *Sorry Bob, there's a bit more to it than that. Answer on Saturday if no one gets it.Kewbie on May 7
       Quotes, maybe? ...TheBOB on May 7
        *Sooooooooooooooo close!Kewbie on May 7
         Ah! More commas...TheBOB on May 7
          * That's it. You're going for a ride in the van!Punctuation Police on May 7
           Yayyy! That's a good one...TheBOB on May 7
          Ok, this is how the English teacher punctuated it.Kewbie on May 11
           *Good one--if only life would make more sense by relocating a few commas.TheBOB on May 11
           * Duh, that requires a semicolon.Puntuation Police on May 11
           Re: Ok, this is how the English teacher punctuated it.SMcNeill on May 12
     Mr. Good had a dog he named Lucky...., D Central on May 7
ChristoferLisztfr on Apr 16
 * Artmaker43 did this already I think.STx on Apr 16
  what it isLisztfr on Apr 17
   If your method is more important than your solution...Luke on Apr 17
    In fact it is...Lisztfr on Apr 19
Quick QB64 question (Clipster?)...TheBOB on Apr 12
 Don't know Bob, never seen that beforeClippy on Apr 13
  Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...TheBOB on Apr 13
   Re: Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...SMcNeill on Apr 13
    *Finally dug up a working SDL version -- it's a SDL issue and not a GL one.SMcNeill on Apr 13
     *That's great, Steve--I appreciate it :-)TheBOB on Apr 13
      I got a letterbox with that code too. Must be a PAINT problem *Clippy on Apr 14
       I get the same results with a LINE (Box) statement...TheBOB on Apr 14
 Here's an ideaWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Apr 13
  *Thanks, Walter. See my response to Clippy, above.TheBOB on Apr 13
Now NEW TOPICS here are not found in Forum list.Clippy on Apr 8
 I don't get it, Clipster.Kewbie on Apr 9
  Naturally it works for this postClippy on Apr 10
256/1024 colors in CGAb on Apr 8
 How it is done* on Apr 8
Interesting thread at QB64...Pete on Mar 21
 Re: Interesting thread at QB64...SMcNeill on Mar 21
  Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?Pete on Mar 21
   Re: Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?SMcNeill on Mar 21
    Nice to see two Tea Party Republicans getting along...*Clippy on Mar 21
My current email addressMoneo on Mar 14
How to eliminate the GOTOs from this codea on Mar 8
 Your code as written won't work, but you can get rid of the GOTOs like this...Pete on Mar 8
  Re: Your code as written won't work, but you can get rid of the GOTOs like this...SMcNEILL on Mar 11
Library routines and "type safety"cantide5ga on Mar 4
 * I like QuickBasic code underdoneJames Cook on Mar 6
get exact time **:00 from excel filefakhteh on Mar 3
 Export data from Excel as CSVClippy on Mar 3
  * You could also try doing it within Excel, with VBALuke on Mar 4
Search the forum for posts by a specific personSimmons on Mar 1
 London, is that you?Pete on Mar 2
  Yes and No...Simmons on Mar 2

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