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vWATCH64FellippeHeitor on Jul 3
 * Can I put vWatch on my iWatch? I'm tired of strapping my laptop to my wrist.Pete on Jul 4
  *I gotta learn Swift first XDFellippeHeitor on Jul 4
  in that case pete, you already know what time it is...mn on Jul 6
   *GUH-ROSSSSSSSSSSKewbie on Jul 9
 Latest version v0.966bFellippeHeitor on Jul 14
I invite you to test a mmorpg in QB64commandvom on Jun 30
 *What does 'mmo' mean? I know what 'rpg' stands forKew on Jul 1
  *Massive Multiplayer OnlineSMcNeill on Jul 1
  I have the feeling I would be testing ransom wareSimmons on Jul 1
   * QEmu, VirtualBox or VMWare Player? :)lkt153 on Jul 8
Why do these QB calculations produce slightly different values?Chris on Jun 28
 My guess is the evaluation time, plus hardware for resolutionlkt153 on Jun 28
 Precision PointsSolitaire on Jun 28
  Floating point isalkt153 on Jun 28
  Re: Precision PointsChris on Jun 28
   Re: Precision pointslkt153 on Jun 28
    Re: Precision pointsChris on Jun 28
     It's actually very interesting that this is consistent in Clkt153 on Jun 28
      Test resultlkt153 on Jun 28
       Could not generate all possibilities I wanted, but...lkt153 on Jun 28
      Re: It's actually very interesting that this is consistent in CChris on Jun 28
      So you're going to be a father!Solitaire on Jun 28
       Thanks!lkt153 on Jun 28
Russian spam deleted...TheBOB on Jun 27
 * fffffffffffflkt153 on Jun 27
  *??? Sound of a blow-dart? Well, it got me!TheBOB on Jun 27
   * hahaha yeah, sorry. Onomatopoeias are all broken from Portuguese to English :)lkt153 on Jun 28
    Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kewbie on Jun 28
     Hey Kew!lkt153 on Jun 28
Writing a complete array to a text fileMike Lambert on Jun 21
 and its not homework, you say?mn on Jun 21
  * you have to loop through the indexes, and write each one based on the loop variablemn on Jun 21
 You can't do it exactly like you want, but similarSimmons on Jun 21
 OPEN FOR BINARY and PUT #1 ,, array%Clippy on Jun 24
  Dangit ClippySimmons on Jun 24
   QB used BSAVE to save GET image arrays, but QB64 can do that with PUT.Clippy on Jun 24
 Writing a complete array to a text fileLillolullo on Jun 24
 variation and implementationLillolullo on Jun 24
Forexlisztfr on Jun 19
 * It won't work; Forex no longer accepts programs as trade commoditiesNot Really Warren Buffet on Jun 19
Run LinuxCertina on Jun 9
ThanksCertina on Jun 9
does anyone here still use the sdl version of qb64?mn on Jun 5
 SDL has no more to do with DOS than NT or GL does.Clippy on Jun 6
  * i know what dos and nt and sdl and gl are. but you also answered my q, so thank you.mn on Jun 6
 * I do. The last updated version I useis QB64 - SDL (vH)Dav on Jun 9
when drag-and-drop coding gets more complicated than it needs to bemn on Jun 5
QB64 Linux 64 bit versionCertina on May 30
 Yes there is (URL)...TheBOB on May 30
  QB64_LinuxCertina on May 31
   Re: compiling problems with QB64 in Linux...TheBOB on May 31
    Everyone forgets me...Luke on Jun 1
     QB64_LinuxCertina on Jun 1
      Some QB64 keywords are not compatibleClippy on Jun 1
       Re: Some QB64 keywords are not compatibleCertina on Jun 3
     Luke is not one to forget!STx on Jun 2
      Valuable input == constant nagging, right?Luke on Jun 2
       that's actually a "feature", kinda...STx on Jun 2
    uppercase file names? news to memn on Jun 1
     Re: uppercase file names in QB64...TheBOB on Jun 2
      QB64_LinuxCertina on Jun 2
       Re: QB64_LinuxLuke on Jun 2
        QB64_LinuxCertina on Jun 2
         That's newLuke on Jun 4
          Re: That's newCertina on Jun 4
          You could always add swap spacelkt153 on Jun 23
           *Wow, yeah--Hi! Nice to hear from you. Hope you are well :-)TheBOB on Jun 23
           * You have plenty where you hail from, but stop trying to sell Bob your swamp space! :)Pete on Jun 23
            "MY swamp! ME! Nobody else, understand? NOBODY! ...lkt153 on Jun 23
             The magic of this forum community is nobody ever ages here...Pete on Jun 24
              Guess I fell out of stasis too, will be a dad in a couple of weeks ;)lkt153 on Jun 24
               mazeltov!not really jewish on Jun 26
                * thanks Mennonite :)lkt153 on Jul 2
               I'm thinking of having another child myself, but if Hillary gets elected...Pete on Jul 1
                Haha thanks :)lkt153 on Jul 2
                 *Congratulations! (for Americans, that's 20-inches, 6-1/2 pounds)TheBOB on Jul 2
                  Bob quit showing off. We're trying to have a discussion about a newborn...Pete on Jul 2
                   *Loved the story. I wonder how many parents that tech terrified before being fired.TheBOB on Jul 2
                   He might be only 20" long, but makes up for it in determination!lkt153 on Jul 2
       *I meant file names within the text of the program not the name of the the program itself.TheBOB on Jun 2
        heres what i think is going on, thebob (it wont help OP)mn on Jun 2
         *That's it! I do recall Garry mentioning case sensitivity. Thanks, menn!TheBOB on Jun 3
          *cool. also there is spam on the main page today from (backwards): rOailemA. have a look?mn on Jun 3
           *Thanks--all taken care of.TheBOB on Jun 4
 QB64 Linux 64 bit versionCertina on Jun 4
how thebob learned programming from ontariotvmn on May 28
 thats tvontario, not ontariotv. HERE is the coolest programming environment evermn on May 28
  Ha! I actually used to watch that show (Bits and Bytes)...TheBOB on May 28
   I tried adjusting my tuner, but everything on TVOntario has too much snow in the picture.Pete on Jun 5
    *LOL--in top form, as usual. But at least the cold is better than "Magma Cum Lava" :-D.TheBOB on Jun 5
Converting gw basic code to visual basicHelpless Programmer on May 18
 Most of it will run in QB64...TheBOB on May 18
  The OPEN file GW Basic method works in QB64! *Clippy on May 20
   *Thanks, Clipster.TheBOB on May 20
A question for SimmonsKewbie on May 13
 Interesting questionSimmons on May 13
Teaching programming without QB, using the Console.Solitaire on May 11
 the advantage of teaching console programmingmn on May 11
 *Do you have any lesson plans on Multithreading kicking around?Simmons on May 11
  Sorry, no. Basic introductory stuff only.Solitaire on May 12
   me too...mn on May 12
   Just curiousSimmons on May 12
    youve probably seen thesemn on May 12
     Haven't seen all of themSimmons on May 13

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