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Got QuickBASIC programs running on Android device...Pete on Dec 23
 *Congratulations, Pete! Looks like Santa read your letter after all!TheBOB on Dec 23
  * Santa? Did I mention it set me back a whole two dollars and sixty nine cents? :)Pete on Dec 23
   *Ho-Ho-Huh? You must've been a naughty boy this year.TheBOB on Dec 23
    Hey I'm not the one keeping the golf course open on Christmas...Pete on Dec 23
     That's not so naughty, really...TheBOB on Dec 23
 Mostly a hack, right?*- on Dec 24
[Announcement] InForm: The ultimate GUI toolkit for QB64FellippeHeitor on Dec 21
 I mean get it here:FellippeHeitor on Dec 22
  How much of non-QB64 code is there here?*- on Dec 22
   There's a few C++ linesFellippeHeitor on Dec 22
 A sample from design to codeFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
  *Very impressive, FH!TheBOB on Dec 23
   Thank you so much, TheBOB! Means a lot. :-) *FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
  * I ran the video 9 times and created a Soduko puzzle!Pete on Dec 23
  Tic Tac Toe Version 2FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
   *Really works well, FH. Just out of curiosity, was InForm written in QB64?TheBOB on Dec 23
    It's all QB64, TheBOB. Version 1.1 is required.*FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
     That's why I haven't tried it yet...Pete on Dec 23
      If you ever decide to try it, let me know. I'm very interested in all feedback I can get.*FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
       OK, OK, OK... What is the best download link to 1.1?Pete on Dec 23
        HereFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
         Well I got the new QB64 1.1 installed.Pete on Dec 23
          What? So where am I supposed to find the FALCON library?!!Pete on Dec 23
           YeahFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
            I trust it, but my anti-virus is more particular.Pete on Dec 23
             https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/master/falcon.hFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
              I compiled the .bas file while the exe was being waterboarded...Pete on Dec 23
               Thanks for trying it, PeteFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
 * Impressive indeed.- on Dec 24
Tried the $RESIZE metacommand on my WP...Pete on Dec 21
QBASIC in the browseraoeu on Dec 21
 * cant paste into it. its just dosbox too.STx on Dec 21
Well I had a chance to add some more stuff to that new WP project I started...Pete on Dec 20
 Oh, dash! Can't run this one either...TheBOB on Dec 20
  What's it that you heard that`s so scary, TheBOB?FellippeHeitor on Dec 20
   Fill - Can the newest release resize a SCREEN 0 window?Pete on Dec 20
    $RESIZing is possibleFellippeHeitor on Dec 20
     Thanks, almost perfect.Pete on Dec 20
      Not that I know ofFellippeHeitor on Dec 20
       Who designed that interface; Henry Ford?Pete on Dec 20
    Also:FellippeHeitor on Dec 20
  Maybe REM out the _SCREENMOVE and see if that does it.Pete on Dec 20
   Thanks Pete, FH...TheBOB on Dec 20
  No horrorible or bad things in the latest QB64 that I know ofWalter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
   *Thanks, Walt!TheBOB on Dec 21
 this works very well!STx on Dec 21
Bob, this is one you might enjoy...Pete on Dec 20
 Can't run it, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 20
  Yes, my radar demo does use the latest version of QB64Walter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
   I'm mystified...TheBOB on Dec 21
    OOPS...Walter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
  * almost hurts to know that _PI is a qb64 keywordBen on Dec 22
   * thaaaaaank you. i think its only us two who think so.STx on Dec 22
 Runs smoothly. Looking good. *- on Dec 20
 Thank you for sharing my projectWalter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
Update: QB64x64Chris on Dec 18
 I wouldn't hold my breathPete on Dec 18
  Update: QB64x64Chris on Dec 18
 I have QB64 1.1 64 bitUparty64 on Dec 18
 *It's already 64-bit except on Windows; you can probably substtute out the complere on Dec 20
 64Bit QB64Walter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 20
  file mingwChris on Dec 21
   You can download the 64-Bit version on my siteWalter Whitman A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
    Download fileChris on Dec 22
    Explanation...Chris on Dec 22
Anyone want to take a look at a problem Arthur posted with a BlackJack analysis prog?Pete on Dec 17
 Head scratcher, indeed...TheBOB on Dec 17
  Re: Head scratcher, indeed...Pete on Dec 17
   *A bit clearer. Thanks! Mine would be just the game--an HONEST game!!TheBOB on Dec 17
I just finished writing a spell-checker in QBasic...TheBOB on Dec 17
 you can probably abstract it to cover a larger dictionary, like thismn on Dec 17
  *Brilliant!! (slaps forehead) That way you can have all kinds of strings! Yeah!!TheBOB on Dec 17
 Hmm... I hope this isn't your round-about way of telling me my new word processor sucks!Pete on Dec 17
  I don't do "round-about"...TheBOB on Dec 17
   LOLPete on Dec 17
    *A pity LOL, but I'll take it :-)TheBOB on Dec 17
    most of the people that complain about a lack of code posts have 1 thing in commonmn on Dec 18
     * It should be "most of the people who..." not "...that..."Grammar Police on Dec 18
      *well, you already know what i think of *that*mn on Dec 18
     It is my experience that most visitors don't pay attention to code...TheBOB on Dec 18
      youve got it exactly right. personally its like this...mn on Dec 18
    Actually, I try every graphics oriented program that gets posted.Kew on Dec 19
     Fine, I'll bite. I'll show you mine after you show me yours...Pete on Dec 19
      NO WAY am I showing you mine! You BITE!!!Kew on Dec 19
       Wow... you move from the organ to the computer 74,000 times a day. What's your secret?Pete on Dec 19
Pi calculationaoeu on Dec 15
 Fixedaoeu on Dec 15
  Seems legit.*bpfv on Dec 16
  That's impressiveDavid on Dec 19
* So Al, where's my 5 foot solid gold trophy for winning that challenge you put up!?Pete on Dec 13
 *Being bronze-plated as we speak!Not really AlGoreIthm on Dec 14
  * Oh sure, cheap it because I refuse to put out chips anymore. Arghhhhh.....Pete on Dec 14
Sierpinski gasket- on Dec 13
Bach PreludeJ S Bach on Dec 13
 Gosh, that took some effort.*- on Dec 13
 I'm pretty sure I heard a little PacMan in there somewhere.Pete on Dec 13
  You can change the tempo by editing the number after T on the 1st linem on Dec 16
   * Neat! Because I threw my back out twerking to it in the original format.Pete on Dec 16
I have some ASM code but when I try to call it from QB it crashesao on Dec 11
 What are you trying to do?Ralf B. on Dec 12
  Display a Fractal Patternb on Dec 12
   * screenshot for the lazy plz? (i speak for many)STx on Dec 15
    * Keep you multiple personalities out of this. Reminded me of a scene from The Exorcist.Pete on Dec 15
     *that was a typo, he meant he speaks for manny (who cant get online directly)mn on Dec 15
      just more pus from the lepersSTx on Dec 16
       * Settle down Sheldon.Big Bang Theory on Dec 16
  The code assumes all registers to be initially zeroJim on Dec 13
 Nice, didn't expect that from such short codeJim on Dec 12
  Gorgeous.*- on Dec 15
Bubblesst on Dec 10
 * I was hoping for a stripper, but that's pretty cool, too.Pete on Dec 10
  here you go pete, this is probably a little closermn on Dec 10
   * Are you sure that can was tightly sealed while you thought up that post?Pete on Dec 10
    *yes! i know it was because i used LOTS of really strong glue to seal itmn on Dec 10

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