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Message TitleAuthor and Date
(Qbasic) Nibbles in third episode of ReBoot Canadian kids show on Aug 8
QB64x64 (07-30-2017)SMcNeill on Jul 30
IN OTHER NEWS (*url)Luke on Jul 28
Wanna see what GREED can do to make America great again?WTF on Jul 24
 * Don't make me put my size 26 shoe in your ass!Major Clown on Jul 24
  Cool! Put it up somebody else's ass and do something great for America yourself*WTF on Jul 24
the time luke and bill (and many others) rewrote computing history on Jul 23
 honorable mention: smalltalk on Jul 23
  * And your use of all caps disturbs the rest of us.Pete on Jul 24
   * It's to compensate for the lack of capitalization in the original postLuke on Jul 24
    * Oh, like when people buy big cars to compensate for small off-road vehicles.Pete on Jul 24
 * 100% backwards menn. I'm a functional prog'ing guy. Better then OOP.STxAxTIC on Jul 24
  id ask how you and luke get along then... on Jul 24
   *shitposting begets shitpoasting. idgaf about this topic honestly.STx on Jul 25
    Why Bill had to give up his career in the cartoon industry.Not Really Hanna Barbara on Jul 25
     * I got fired (upon) for pitching The Illustrated Escapades of a Bi-Curious Mohamed.STx on Jul 26
      * Fortunately your humor came in handy in your next occupation, theoretical physics!Pete on Jul 26
       * his specialty is theoretical arguments-- the only ingredients are unsupported claims on Jul 26
UntitledHis true nemesis is Ted on Jul 23
QB64 BUG : Can't have SHARED and function parameter with same name- on Jul 17
QB64 BUG : Can't parse constant expression- on Jul 17
 It's not even a parsing problem...TheBOB on Jul 17
  not in front of QB64 right now, but...STx on Jul 17
   * Changing it to ScreenW and ScreenH gives the same error- on Jul 17
    Further testing...TheBOB on Jul 17
   *If they don't come prefixed with a _ they're valid namesFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
  *In the sample code above num is a variable anyway and will error even in QbasicFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
Don't panic!Galleon on Jul 17
 * Reminds me of the m&m candy commercial about Santa.... "He does exist!"Pete on Jul 17
  * And like Santa, he only shows up once a yearBut I don't blame him at all on Jul 22
 Phew!*FellippeHeitor on Jul 17
 Ok!commandvom on Jul 20
Officially Announcing QB64.orgOdin on Jul 15
 More censorship over at TheJoyfulProgrammerSTx on Jul 16
  i was actually surprised it was deletedmn on Jul 16
  also no one cares if tjp is censored. its pointless to post there. shut up and code.mn on Jul 16
   * Yeah it musta been Walt. Would he ban Ron Weasley from Harry Potter for saying hell?STx on Jul 16
    Yeah, it was me.Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 16
   * did we just witness mennonite telling someone else to shut up?IRONY POLICE on Jul 22
    no, no, no! its "shut up and code."mn on Jul 22
 You can lead a sheep to water but you can't make him think...Pete on Jul 16
  Pete's title is a paraphrase of Dorothy Parker's quote:Kewbie on Jul 16
   *lol.Michael Calkins on Jul 16
   * lolz. missed that.STx on Jul 16
   Actually Kew, it's from an awful joke I made up as a kid...Pete on Jul 17
    *LOL... gotta love that!Kewbie on Jul 21
     Well, it's like they always say...Pete on Jul 22
      And along that line...Kewbie on Jul 23
       * And if the Kew sh**ts it's in the shape of a heart, though that's another story... on Jul 23
       Yep, that's an old one... It's unfoogetable.Pete on Jul 23
Othello (Reversi) : Alpha-beta searching AI- on Jul 13
 * Keep getting an error for the CONST brx expression (not sure why).TheBOB on Jul 13
 I think the forum ate some < symbols.Michael Calkins on Jul 14
  Github link (*URL)- on Jul 14
   I tried a different mouse routine.Michael Calkins on Jul 14
    Rules- on Jul 14
Othello (Reversi) : 2-player, mouse- on Jul 13
 Othello : simple computer play- on Jul 13
 othello, simple computer play, alternate strategy- on Jul 13
* QB64 forum has been down for a couple of days again.Pete on Jul 8
 Re: QB64 forum has been down for a couple of days again.Tim on Jul 8
  * It's been down 3 or more days a couple of times in the past two years.Pete on Jul 9
On this 4th day, don't act like a flag.STx on Jul 4
 Cheap flag made in China... All the stars are already washed out!Pete on Jul 4
You're not a man until you implement tetrisNick on Jun 24
 Awesome work! So concise!FellippeHeitor on Jun 24
 * I think you meant impregnate.Confused Word Police on Jun 24
 This is some tight code. Would be fun to impregnate*STx on Jun 25
  Yes, and it's optimized for your pleasure...Pete on Jun 25
   I'm not sure what's supposed to happen when it reaches the topNick on Jun 25
    I feel that burn*FellippeHeitor on Jun 25
    Well I'm not much at putting square pegs in square holes. Clippy should give it a try...Pete on Jun 25
 * Nice code!Dav on Jun 30

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