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For those who haven't seen my St. Patrick's day salute...TheBOB on Mar 17
 That's phenonmim.. phenonmab... ahhh that's great is what that is!Foster Brooks on Mar 17
  * Thanks! The program loaded is called QBasic.BAS (j/k) I never noticed!TheBOB on Mar 17
   * I corrected it... now people will think you really were drunk!TheBOB on Mar 17
 Cheers!FellippeHeitor on Mar 17
  *Thanks, FH!TheBOB on Mar 17
 Great job, TheBOB. But of course, I do have one suggestion.Kew on Mar 18
  * Terrific idea, Kew! Definitely doable. Never thought of it--maybe for next St Pat's!TheBOB on Mar 18
   Here you go, Kew, a bit late for this year, definitely too early for next...TheBOB on Mar 18
    P.S. For Pete--something you didn't notice...TheBOB on Mar 18
     Not surprising...Pete on Mar 18
      You must be one of the new kids...TheBOB on Mar 18
       Richard Gere had a similar problem...Pete on Mar 18
        *that explains some of his acting, toomn on Mar 19
     TheBOB, you call yourself a programmer???!!!Kew on Mar 19
      * LOL--My pleasure! Thanks!TheBOB on Mar 19
       * Oh sure, get people drunk and get rave reviews. What's so new about that?Pete on Mar 19
        Yeah, drunk with the sheer beauty and elegance and...TheBOB on Mar 19
         * Please, don't lower yourself to their level, Robert.TheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Mar 24
ScreenMat on Mar 15
 Add a _DELAY .2 after the SCREEN line.*FellippeHeitor on Mar 15
  *You may actually need a little longer delay... try _DELAY .5FellippeHeitor on Mar 15
   ScreenMat on Mar 16
    Black Voids Matter.Pete on Mar 16
     ScreenMat on Mar 16
      I think that is about as well as it can be coded...Pete on Mar 16
       OtherMat on Mar 16
Hebrew CalendarMat on Mar 12
 thats more like an operating system than a program-- youve got your work cut out...mn on Mar 12
  To: mnMat on Mar 13
   theres only so much that people can translate to basic just for gigglesmn on Mar 13
    To: mnMat on Mar 13
     *alright, then-- cheersmn on Mar 13
      To: mnMat on Mar 13
  Hebrew calendar based on lunar cycles.Solitaire on Mar 13
   To: SolitaireMat on Mar 13
   Some people just complicate things too much. This guy named Mort did that with banking.Pete on Mar 13
    To: PeteMat on Mar 13
    i wrote a menorah program (no רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה‎ ball drop yet) and heres how i simplifiedmn on Mar 13
     I would have been happy to code that for you master....Mexican Genie on Mar 13
     The shamash has to be lit firstSolitaire on Mar 13
      yes, by definition of "shamash"mn on Mar 13
      Oh it's shamash-mash-mash brand new Milton Bradley game...Not Really Milton Bradley on Mar 13
       I had to go to dailymotion to dig up this one...Pete on Mar 13
 * Holyday = SWAP Sat, Sun: ' Well, it's a start.Pete on Mar 12
  *dont forget daylight shabbat time-- the new day begins just before sunsetmn on Mar 12
   Oh Rosh HaShanah oh don't you wail for me...Pete on Mar 12
    * I've always found that song terribly confusing!Hermione on Mar 12
     * It pretty much covers one aspect of creation... Clippy.Pete on Mar 12
      * no, i dont most jews dont consider it reasonable or traditional to create a golemmn on Mar 12
     * And anyway, it isn't "Ohnn-my-knee", it's HEHHR-my-knee!Not really Emma Watson on Mar 12
 CalendarMat on Mar 16
  it isntmn on Mar 16
   *and since when do most jews know how to figure out the calendar? even the orthodox onesmn on Mar 16
  * That's a double negative.Pete on Mar 16
   *no its not!this is on Mar 16
SVG readerFellippeHeitor on Mar 10
 So what's its use?Pete on Mar 10
  * Basically, yes. :-)FellippeHeitor on Mar 10
   * Then please run it and let us know who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman.Pete on Mar 10
    either way, its like cheatingmn on Mar 10
     Superman would rather self-insert a kryptonite suppository than argue with Ted.Pete on Mar 10
      I thought you were jokingFellippeHeitor on Mar 10
       *btw, .svg files are human-readable xml files with drawing coordinates.FellippeHeitor on Mar 10
       Never used anything in svg format.Pete on Mar 10
        Oh, and in other news. Any helping this guy out?Pete on Mar 10
         The ghost of Unicode Support is at it again.FellippeHeitor on Mar 10
what is the magical, unicorn-like, necessary ingredient that makes a programming language?mn on Mar 6
 *ROFL @ unicorn sh** Although I've tried some languages that drove me bat sh**Kew on Mar 6
  well yeah, you used perl. batsh** was in the specs!mn on Mar 7
   To paraphrase Heinlein, perl allows things a mink breeder wouldn't tolerate.Kew on Mar 7
    that cant be the worst thing, its too common nowmn on Mar 8
     * i will not feel hurt if you think allowing that is a terrible idea.mn on Mar 8
      Thanks for rubbing my nose in that one, mn! :-DKew on Mar 13
       l-ol...mn on Mar 13
    * Nested functions are infinitely more useful if they're closures (which perl does)Luke on Mar 10
     cant help you there, kew. ive never needed closures-- heres how to do thosemn on Mar 10
      i can see why english is such a difficult language-- even programmers cant speak itmn on Mar 11
       Gesundheit!Kew on Mar 13
        i dont blame you at all. its how most people feel, including me most of the timemn on Mar 13
 objectslisztfr on Apr 20
  *Functions make the world go 'round. Objects have no behavior without functionsAnonymous on Apr 20
   functionslisztfr on Apr 22
Coding helpMJ on Mar 6
 heres a couple things...mn on Mar 6
  ok, GOTO is not an option, sorrymn on Mar 6
 You don't need no ON TIMER.- on Mar 6
  After "Win" it should go back to DOWNTIME, right?- on Mar 6
Well this is weird, lately no interest in programming...Pete on Feb 25
 Hey, I never thought of that finger-bullet thing...TheBOB on Feb 25
  You mean 60 below, don't you?Pete on Feb 25
   * Yikes! Yeah, 60-below and raining ice, Cher! Killer, freezing ice-rain!!TheBOB on Feb 25
 no worries, its doing a good job of what its supposed to domn on Feb 25
 * Desktop-target prog'ing is a dead-beaten horse. Focus on the web for new vigor.dash on Feb 27
  *yeah ok, fifi... when web-qbasic comes we will stop telling you 1995 wants its hype backmn on Feb 27
   * Web Qbasic came as Javascript in 1995. Get with it guys.dash on Feb 27
    anyone who thinks javascript has anything to do with basic has TWO screws loosemn on Feb 27
     incidentally, i was "offered" a chance to become the maintainer of js-based basic dialectmn on Feb 27
      On the contrary. PHP is very useful...Pete on Feb 27
       well that was fine back in 2000, but now...mn on Feb 27
        * Oh hell, today you could just use the book and throw away the table.Pete on Feb 27
         from o'reilly: php for website server-side development (and self-defense)mn on Feb 27
      Not to shit in your cereal menn, but...STx on Feb 27
       *Don't pay him any mind mn. Bill's a self-proclaimed cereal shitter.Pete on Feb 27
        ive challenged him to prove my overall argument wrong. if he convinces you, i leave.mn on Feb 27
         *not only that, but he gets to KEEP my cereal.mn on Feb 27
       trick question? "precise," or practical?mn on Feb 27
        *also your girlfriend luke can help you, as long as the help is strictly by email.mn on Feb 27
        "another triumph of education over learning"Kew on Feb 27
         My kid just rode the wave ahead of that worthless crap.Pete on Feb 27
          Re: "trains both sides of the brain"...TheBOB on Feb 28
           You've got that backwards, TheBOBKew on Feb 28
            Yeah, I was thinking more in terms of logic vs meaning...TheBOB on Feb 28
             its sad that people only talk in terms of right vs leftmn on Feb 28
              *Well, to be honest, I was simply parroting what I've heard. I'm no scientist.Kew on Feb 28
               *no worries, i was speaking far more generallymn on Mar 1
        a minormn on Mar 25
         *a minor updatemn on Mar 25
  how to pretend not-the-latest-thing isnt relevant anymore (depending on what year it is)mn on Feb 27
   *true story. you forgot to mention lispits all about LISP on Feb 27
    *IN YO FACE!Not really Lambda Calculus on Feb 27
   * Actually, it's all about MEEEEE!Dick from 3rd Rock on Feb 27
    *Oh, for Pete's sake!Not really really on Feb 27
 I always referred to the condition as "burnout".Kew on Feb 27
  Re: I always referred to the condition as "burnout".Pete on Feb 27
   this forum has really taken a turn if we are into "swapping" nowmn on Feb 27
    *aww :( today i learned its more difficult than i thought to predict the next post url.mn on Feb 27
 *Maybe it's because you're too wrapped up in politics.Solitaire on Mar 6
  rofl...mn on Mar 6
   Reminded me of FB's "shut up and code" cry of desperation.Pete on Mar 10
    lol, fair enoughmn on Mar 10
Does QB64 support line continuation?Kew on Feb 24
 I always liked BASIC because I never had to declare variables.Pete on Feb 24
 You can use an underscore to indicate line continuationFellippeHeitor on Feb 24
  *Any chance you can be talked into changing it so comments would be accepted?Kew on Feb 24
   I can have a look later and let you know how feasible it is.*FellippeHeitor on Feb 24
 I kid around a lot on this forum but I really love Kew's idea of block var. declare.Pete on Feb 24
  Perhaps relaxing the role of the newline might helpLuke on Feb 24
   Well, that'd be interesting!*FellippeHeitor on Feb 25
Is OPTION _EXPLICIT still valid?Simmons on Feb 21
 *disregard my last. Got it in a dirty buildSimmons on Feb 21
 It is. Available since build 20160630/28,FellippeHeitor on Feb 22
  *Its in the dirty builds, but not the main download, I got confusedSimmons on Feb 22
   What do you get at Help->About?FellippeHeitor on Feb 22
    I'm getting qb64 v1.000, but this is probably all my faultSimmons on Feb 22
     It's a personal favorite for me as well.*FellippeHeitor on Feb 22
 Do you need OPTION DINNER to eat? *Mr Obvious on Feb 22
  As usual, you have it all wrongSimmons on Feb 22
   With OPTION preceding the command you IMPLICITLY don't need the underscore...Mr Obvious on Feb 23
    Clippy knows underscores. His Party underscored big league this election cycle!Pete on Feb 23
     *good thing its still OPTIONalmn on Feb 23
     *If it were up to you old farts, we'd be coding in ASM stillSimmons on Feb 24
      *Not me! I hope I never look at another line of assembly language code.Kew on Feb 24
       Re: *Not me! I hope I never look at another line of assembly language code.Pete on Feb 24
        *GAAAAAAH! I'VE GONE BLIND!Kew on Feb 24
        * val says you should at least take her out to dinner firstNot really val on Feb 24
      youve got me all wrong, simmonsmn on Feb 24
       Are you referring to the code part or the old fart part?Pete on Feb 24
        *the code part. but youve been farting for a little bit longer than i have.mn on Feb 24
      Two old farts. Two farts that meet as one.Not Really Stacey Q. on Feb 24
       this is the math that solitaire was talking aboutmn on Feb 24
        * As if gas hasn't been "analized" enough already.Pete on Feb 24
       *Welp, Stacy Q will never be the sameSimmons on Feb 24
        yeah, he ruined a few songs for me, toomn on Feb 24
        dont feel too bad though-- you can always listen to this song in its placemn on Feb 25
    There are actually good reasons to have the _ there- on Feb 24
    It's not so much that I like EXPLICIT, it's that it's good medicineSimmons on Feb 24
     Personally, I wouldn't dream of coding without EXPLICIT.Kew on Feb 24
     * Bad medicine is what I needNot really Bon Jovi on Feb 24
Preview files (code)- on Feb 15
 Not working for me, dash...TheBOB on Feb 15
  You drag files onto the .exe in Windows Explorer so they can be previewed.- on Feb 15
   Screenshots (expire in 24h):- on Feb 15
   Let me get this straight...TheBOB on Feb 15
    Dragging onto a shortcut or onto an exe have the same result.*- on Feb 15
    I mean it literally.*- on Feb 15
     Yup, that did it...TheBOB on Feb 15
      If you drag text, image, sound or font, click it in the list to preview its contents.- on Feb 15
       * Well, works great. Not bad for a lazy morning.TheBOB on Feb 15
 More file formats; Pic preview fit the screen (aspect ratio preserved); Text doesn't trunc- on Feb 15
  fixed- on Feb 16
   Plus large image zoom with mousewheel:- on Feb 16
    New file format: .ICO- on Mar 2
     Re: New file format: .ICOMr Obvious on Mar 3
      Wasn't requesting anything. There's an icon preview function in my code*- on Mar 3
       Just pointing out the similarities.Mr Obvious on Mar 4
        Oh, I certainly thank you for that. Thetype structures come straight from the wiki indeed*- on Mar 4
BallPopFellippeHeitor on Feb 14
 Pretty neat! ...TheBOB on Feb 14
  Thanks TheBOB!FellippeHeitor on Feb 14
7 year old coding for android in javamn on Feb 6
menn!! What the heck was this a response to? ...TheBOB on Feb 6
 *hopefully the "see alice" spam you took care of alreadymn on Feb 6
  Makes sense...TheBOB on Feb 6
   if you ever need to find a post, all you have to do is askmn on Feb 6
    * No need to bother--as long as I'm not the *one person* who can't find it :-PTheBOB on Feb 6
     Oh! I just got it! ...TheBOB on Feb 6
      youre actually billy van, arent you?mn on Feb 6
       * Yeah, I used to have a poster of Luba in a swimsuit... no wait, that was Farrah Fawcett.TheBOB on Feb 6
        I was poor when I was a kid and couldn't afford a picture of Fawcett in a swim suit.Pete on Feb 6
         i did an image search for: luba goy hot (it mustve thought i said "earl grey hot" instead)mn on Feb 6
          When I was young I was poor and couldn't afford Earl Grey tea...Pete on Feb 7
           that reminds me of "mennonites recipe for a perfect earl grey cuppa"mn on Feb 7
           * We had a grey dog named Earl once. Maybe we were neighbors.Dav on Feb 8
            * LOLKew on Feb 8
           (URL*)Docfxit on Feb 11
            * Fascinating! (and most relevant). Thanks, Doc!TheBOB on Feb 11
people dont know this is also the math forum, and ive got a question for billmn on Feb 5
 Related (*URL)- on Feb 10
  *nice, thank youmn on Feb 10
  Hey now. Cut that out!Pete on Feb 11
   *As I read the physicist's answer, Jupiter is 1/75th to 1/85th of a star.Kew on Feb 11
    * I only drink soda that can support itself. No Fizz-assist needed.Pete on Feb 11
     *Maybe you need to go to a fizz-chiatrist, Pete.Kew on Feb 12
      * I had a complete fizz-ical last year. My next fizz-it isn't until Fizz-mas so fizz-off.Pete on Feb 12
       * Alright, now I'm totally con-fizzed.TheBOB on Feb 12
        thebob, how old are you again?mn on Feb 12
         * 73--and incidentally, Solitaire, I have no upper body strength to speak of.TheBOB on Feb 12
          and hes not even smart enough to leave canadamn on Feb 12
           * Hey, c'mon, man! I told you that in confidence!TheBOB on Feb 12
            i know bob, i know. but everybody already knew-- its in your hair, there are syrup bottlemn on Feb 12
             geez, i guess you CANT make this stuff upmn on Feb 12
              *you notice they mention canada-- syrup addiction capital of the worldmn on Feb 12
               Yeah, but that's not a maple syrup addiction...TheBOB on Feb 12
                *im not judging, i like them with hp sauce.mn on Feb 12
Qb64.net down?SMcNeill on Feb 2
 do an nslookup and then type the ip into your web browsermn on Feb 2
  Re: do an nslookup and then type the ip into your web browserBorris on Feb 3
   shut up, borrisnatasha on Feb 3
    and by the way, heres how the rest of that joke goesmn on Feb 3
     *i LOLed at both versions admittedlystx on Feb 3
     I hope you'll put up with yet ANOTHER version:Kew on Feb 3
      Thank God he wasn't at the Linux Tower...Pete on Feb 3
       *LOL And if he was at T-Rump tower, Don would've just told him to @#^@&$ off!Kew on Feb 4
       *you need grep for thatmn on Feb 4
        *Gah! regex: looks like a rat crawled around on your shift-key-jammed-down keyboardKew on Feb 4
         so true-- but optionalmn on Feb 4
          and just to be clear, i was saying your statement did NOT contain much hyperbolemn on Feb 4
 QB64.netChris on Feb 3
  * to be clear, .net is working but forums/wiki are notstx on Feb 3
   QB64.netChris on Feb 3
  QB64.netChris on Feb 3
 I contacted Galleon and he replied that he would fix QB64.NET soooo....Mr Obvious on Feb 5
  depending on the server, the easy (probably not best) way to fix this is...mn on Feb 5
 Forum is back up.*FellippeHeitor on Feb 5

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