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un-freaking-believableeasylangs on Jan 12
 here is where ive "unsubscribed" from this spam-- for when they send more.easylangs on Jan 12
 If it's any consolation, the number of posts for BASIC here and at QB64 has been way down.Pete on Jan 17
  wait, i thought we were in canada, thats why the page takes so long to loadeasylangs on Jan 17
  just so you know, i dont take pleasure in BASIC itself being what it iseasylangs on Jan 28
the legacy of basic, and teaching other subjectseasylangs on Jan 10
 i hadnt watched this one yet, but he is saying the same thing (about learning languages)easylangs on Jan 10
 Education vs deportation...Pete on Jan 11
  believe it or not, schools were stupid when i was a kid too...easylangs on Jan 11
all of n54 was down with an error ("there was an error.")easylangs on Jan 1
 * also the index is loading REAL slow today-- like 10 seconds of waitingeasylangs on Jan 1
  * It has been running slow off and on since you reported it.Pete on Jan 8
   i still dont think theyre upgrading, i think theyre downgrading and they know iteasylangs on Jan 8
QB64 1.2 released (*url)FellippeHeitor on Dec 30
 QB64 v1.2 x64 (01-12-2018)SMcNeill on Jan 12
i wouldnt even say anything here pete, but theres a slight matter of... eheasylangs on Dec 24
 its hard to worry about it when i already know that n54 doesnt careeasylangs on Dec 24
does anyone here prefer to avoid : in basic and ; in other languages?easylangs on Dec 23
 Re: does anyone here prefer to avoid : in basic and ; in other languages?Michael Calkins on Dec 24
  two ifs on the same lineeasylangs on Dec 24
   Re: two ifs on the same lineSMcNeill on Dec 24
    *i always put else and elif (or else if) on other lineseasylangs on Dec 24
 Re: does anyone here prefer to avoid : in basic and ; in other languages?SMcNeill on Dec 24
  that seems to be what everyone says "now"easylangs on Dec 24
 As Kew can attest to, I'm a big fan of the colon...Pete on Dec 24
  the important thing pete if you use a colon, is to keep it cleaneasylangs on Dec 24
 I like my code tall and thinLuke on Dec 24
  You meant to write that as you like your code the way you like your women...Pete on Dec 25
Merry Xmas!FellippeHeitor on Dec 20
 *Nice. Merry Christmas. (and/or Mother's Night, Yule, Saturnalia, Winterfest...)Michael Calkins on Dec 20
  i hope yule have a nice dec 25... (1 ps)easylangs on Dec 24
   I remember reading this in a programming book many years ago:Kewbie on Dec 30
    * happy dec 32 mod 365.25easylangs on Dec 31
     * which as it happens is january 0.75easylangs on Dec 31
^vOv^ ☜ shell variables?easylangs on Dec 14
 * Sorry, never used DOS variables--or batch files beyond file handling.TheBOB on Dec 14
  no worries bobeasylangs on Dec 14
   * LOL--we actually need the "God bless you" part as we move farther to the left!TheBOB on Dec 14
    well of course we do! as the bull**** increases...easylangs on Dec 14
 Sorry for the late reply. My wife gave me a bad case of STDs.Pete on Dec 16
  funnily enough, that was enough to help get startedeasylangs on Dec 16
   i also just found out you can do multiple commands on the same line with &easylangs on Dec 17
    *which is why you need to put "" around URLs that contain & when using wget.Michael Calkins on Dec 17
     * which i do anyway because in gnu/linux it means "run in the background"easylangs on Dec 17
     * Forget wget. cURL is much better.Pete on Dec 19
      *true, though there are a small few instances where curl sucks by comparison. i use botheasylangs on Dec 19
  hey pete, here is why i decided on $easylangs on Dec 18
common conventions across basic dialectseasylangs on Dec 13
 As long as Galleon's guidelines are followed,FellippeHeitor on Dec 14
  those are good guidelineseasylangs on Dec 14
read a lot of encouraging comments about simplicity in code todayeasylangs on Dec 7
 I think the main concern with GOTO is...TheBOB on Dec 8
  nope!easylangs on Dec 8
   * Not exactly arguments against what I said, but points taken.TheBOB on Dec 8
    true-- your points stand on their owneasylangs on Dec 8
     Sure. In my early days of programming in QBasic...TheBOB on Dec 8
      Stack was an issue with GOSUBFellippeHeitor on Dec 8
       I do see the point of declaring variables, FH...TheBOB on Dec 8
        its better to tell people why its a good idea than they should do it thougheasylangs on Dec 8
A pseudo-game using pendulum physicsFellippeHeitor on Dec 6
 * Wow! Terrific graphics as well as physics. Targets soon?TheBOB on Dec 6
  Soon enough!FellippeHeitor on Dec 6
   * Sounds exciting--looking forward to it!TheBOB on Dec 6
    Pendulum Game (or FireBall Swing - or something I'll come up with later)FellippeHeitor on Dec 18
     Oh, man! ...TheBOB on Dec 19
      Yeah, the concept of "Sound capabilities" is gone in the latest versionFellippeHeitor on Dec 19
       Yeah, I figured it was something like that...TheBOB on Dec 19
Did somebody miss this in QB64 MID$ _CLIPBOARD$ function?Pete on Dec 6
 Though it looks like _CLIPBOARD$ is a variable,FellippeHeitor on Dec 6
  Yet all other forms of character manipulation are possible, weird.Pete on Dec 6
similar files algorithmeasylangs on Nov 29
 Neat! ...TheBOB on Nov 29
  this is actually a little different than fceasylangs on Nov 29
   * I love the sound of diff, but not enough to install linux. Anyway, interesting--TY!TheBOB on Nov 29
    probably not enough to install diff either, but...easylangs on Nov 29
     I'm impressed...TheBOB on Nov 30
 * Reminded me of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levenshtein_distanceLuke on Nov 29
 I made something similar, upteen years ago for html pages...Pete on Nov 30
  they call it a token because "byte" was already takeneasylangs on Nov 30
   * Thanks for your token example! :DPete on Nov 30
This is a job for Solitaire!Pete on Nov 27
 actually its a job for peteeasylangs on Nov 27
Well how's everyone doing leading up to Thanksgiving?Pete on Nov 22
 another year, and im still thankful im not a native american during colonial timeseasylangs on Nov 22
  * trump promise he "make america great again," but white man is still herethe spirit of thanksgiving on Nov 22
   * you wait, trump white man toothe spirit of thanksgiving brother on Nov 22
    * no he orange-- not quite red but he ok. also cant be all bad, he have casino!the spirit of thanksgiving on Nov 22
   I guess the ghost dance didn't work.Michael Calkins on Nov 23
    actually, we're supposed to raid an enemy village to get the girl...Michael Calkins on Nov 23
     is it too old-fashioned to just ask them on a date?easylangs on Nov 23
      Yes it is. And according to polls, 25% of women consider that sexual harassment!Pete on Nov 23
       this isnt as generational as you thinkeasylangs on Nov 23
        *Or create our own flirt-friendly workplaces.Michael Calkins on Nov 23
         which would either run afowl of lawsuits related to harassment, or hiring practiceseasylangs on Nov 23
       Re: Yes it is. And according to polls, 25% of women consider that sexual harassment!Michael Calkins on Nov 23
        More... (4 ps) (edited 3rd ps...)Michael Calkins on Nov 23
         and moreMichael Calkins on Nov 24
          i wouldnt say all thateasylangs on Nov 24
           and im definitely not against logically and hypotheticallyeasylangs on Nov 24
           and i dont believe in "microagressions"easylangs on Nov 24
           Re: i wouldnt say all that (2ps)Michael Calkins on Nov 24
            i think we mostly agree hereeasylangs on Nov 24
             LOL (1PS)Michael Calkins on Nov 24
             *and by scaring, i meant startling.Michael Calkins on Nov 24
              *theres definitely a difference thereeasylangs on Nov 24
            Shouldn't vs musn't.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
             * Tell them to take the fairy, instead!DOS Crimination on Nov 28
             imo its a mistake to allow taxi passengers in the front seat at alleasylangs on Nov 28
              normally, I prefer the passenger be in the front seat.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
              *what's your reasoning?Michael Calkins on Nov 28
               the debate is ongoing / regionaleasylangs on Nov 28
                interesting... (1PS)Michael Calkins on Nov 28
         The case of the disappearing bra (2ps.)Michael Calkins on Nov 25
     *Bouncing goose stepSMcNeill on Nov 28
    i also believe in the free movement of people... but not that its that simpleeasylangs on Nov 23
  Re: another year, and im still thankful im not a native american during colonial timesMichael Calkins on Nov 23
   i dont know if youll laugh or whateasylangs on Nov 23
    I'm not much of a traditionalist when it comes to holidays, myself.Pete on Nov 25
  Sorry, el.Kewbie on Nov 25
   you misunderstood me, i dont think either one of us is interested in vampireseasylangs on Nov 26
    * Are you saying you don't know if vampires stake a hit?Vlad to know you on Nov 26
     ive got no vampire puns, pete-- at least none that have to do with peeingeasylangs on Nov 26
      * I heard of a mirror site full of vampire puns but the page appears empty.Pete on Nov 26
       * well, that biteseasylangs on Nov 26
        * Yeah, and it sucks, too!Beavis on Nov 26
 Yes, we have Thanksgiving in Canada...TheBOB on Nov 22
  ROFLA?easylangs on Nov 22
   ...Spelling Police on Nov 22
 Well, we imported another “holiday” from you guysFellippeHeitor on Nov 23
  *Congrats on family! As for phone, just upgrade. That only costs a few feet of intestines.Pete on Nov 23
  * mazeltoveasylangs on Nov 23
  * I AM PETEspartacus on Nov 24
  * NO! I AM PETE!not really thebob on Nov 24
   * I was Pete until he went all mainstreamTheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Nov 24
    *reminds me of the Canadian werewolf films "Ginger Snaps". Promise you won't go normal.Michael Calkins on Nov 24

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