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We clear keyboard buffers the old fashioned way, we POKE it.Smith Barney on Oct 11
 i think the inkey$ one is more basic...mn on Oct 11
  Re: i think the inkey$ one is more basic...Pete on Oct 11
 * That will not clear the _KEYHIT bufferLuke on Oct 11
  No, but _KEYHIT is a pain, anyway.Pete on Oct 12
   i can see how chr$(0) might have been a problemmn on Oct 12
    You're right, even if you don't know itLuke on Oct 12
     i'm in good company then; when i'm right, a lot of people don't know itmn on Oct 12
   Actually the _KEYHIT value IS the SAME: CVI(CHR$(0) + "S") = 21248Clippy on Oct 12
    *touchemn on Oct 12
    67 is for Clippy, that's not good enough for me...Pete on Oct 12
     please don't compare basic to clippymn on Oct 12
      Sorry, I need to replace his off-topic pics again...Pete on Oct 12
       *i need to borrow some of thebob's coffee so i can almost spit it outmn on Oct 12
remember when qb64 was about putting an end to pissing matches, instead of starting them?mn on Oct 9
 but where's the data on that?STxAxTIC on Oct 10
  two part replymn on Oct 10
   *balloon analogy flew over my head, no pun.STxAxTIC on Oct 10
    now i understand why clippy has to use picturesmn on Oct 11
     *yes, a picture of your data please.STxAxTIC on Oct 11
      *get helpmn on Oct 11
      i hAve LocAtEd tHe daTa aT tHe foLlowinG cOorDinaTes (URL 7752:8102)futurebot2000 on Oct 11
       * you win, im switching to Java.STxAxTIC on Oct 11
       *and am I cross-eyed, or did you edit the orig. subject?STxAxTIC on Oct 11
        *not me. no idea, honestlymn on Oct 11
         you are cross-eyed. i know of no way to stealth-edit posts, unless someone has db accessmn on Oct 11
you won't believe it, but i have a qb related questionmn on Oct 8
 it took some looking. on the second round, i found a great list (url)mn on Oct 8
  Nice find!Pete on Oct 8
   btw, what do you think of the linux subforum proposal?mn on Oct 9
   Here's a better, more detailed oneClippy on Oct 9
    *good list, i didn't notice anything of note missingmn on Oct 9
Hey look, actual code! What I'm currently working on.Pete on Oct 8
 find another basic that works on android, and translate...mn on Oct 8
  Already did...Pete on Oct 9
   i'm pretty curious... what did you use?mn on Oct 9
    Re: i'm pretty curious... what did you use?Pete on Oct 10
     Also looking into...Pete on Oct 10
      i was cheated out of atari basicmn on Oct 10
 hey pete, help me out (i'm seeing how much trouble this will be to translate)mn on Oct 9
  DISREGARD PARENT: ugh, looks like i'm going to have to test my mid routine after all...mn on Oct 9
  Re: hey pete, help me out (i'm seeing how much trouble this will be to translate)Pete on Oct 10
   gahhh, could you tell me which lines you changed?mn on Oct 10
    You have me confused with a programmer...Pete on Oct 10
     yeah, i code that way toomn on Oct 11
      Re: yeah, i code that way tooPete on Oct 11
       a link to it on sourceforge would be good, their search feature REAAAALLY sucksmn on Oct 11
        i forgot to mention an interesting (these days, pretty unique) feature of x11basicmn on Oct 11
         I hope you have an older PCPete on Oct 11
          python is the same way (it requires ansi)mn on Oct 11
         *Freebasic can create graphics in framebuffer, tooangros47 on Oct 11
          *i spent enough hours trying2make that sort of thing work,thanks. x11 probably wont eithermn on Oct 11
        Ah, tha't because RO isn't on sourceorge, X11 is.Pete on Oct 11
         oh, ok thanksmn on Oct 11
 here's a half-translated editionmn on Oct 9
 Switching to X11 or the project...Pete on Oct 12
  i have x11basic installedmn on Oct 12
  here you go pete, finally the whole picture (url)mn on Oct 12
maybe the computer discussion subforum should be visible from the main forum.mn on Oct 8
 here's what it would look like (url)mn on Oct 8
  Already looked into it.Pete on Oct 8
   i hate iframes, but you know what i hate moremn on Oct 8
The Federation of Peanuts and it's 5 year mission...Admiral Knewday on Oct 6
 *i have also wondered if that's himmn on Oct 6
  this got me excitedmn on Oct 6
   *nevermindmn on Oct 6
    MN seems to pollute all of the forums...*Clippy on Oct 7
     wait, did you call me black?kettle on Oct 7
 Pete's on a mission... statement that is. Solitaire, Bob, MC please read.Pete on Oct 6
  Sounds good. (However....)Solitaire on Oct 6
   * This is the only thing that makes sense... And no, people, I'm not KewbieK on Oct 6
  *Couldn't have said it better, myself. BTW, will you be serving soup at this new mission?TheBOB on Oct 6
   * Well now that Steve left, we're out of ham, but I'll see what I can do.Pete on Oct 6
    Of course, I'm still around so there'll always be ice...TheBOB on Oct 7
     That might just come in handy...Pete on Oct 7
      By all means archive it and provide links...TheBOB on Oct 7
       It's already archivedBen on Oct 8
        Let's ind out why. What browser are you using?Pete on Oct 8
         *Yeah, the smiley face problem--well, that won't be a problem anymore :-)TheBOB on Oct 8
Just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in!Michael Corleone on Oct 6
 find another waymn on Oct 6
  No! No! No! Pete on Oct 6
   good. by the way, in case you ever wonder if i'm serious about what i saidmn on Oct 6
who needs a mission statement when we can have a missionary statement?mn on Oct 6
when pete sees the posts about fpga-basic (upba) here is the version just for himmn on Oct 6
 *i'm not unaware of the fact that by the time that happens,you won't care. still good ideamn on Oct 6
  What's old will be new again.Scotty on Oct 6
   That's what I trying to get you cave dwellers to see!Not Really Steve on Oct 6
    Security to the bridge!Captain Kirk on Oct 6
     * Logic would imply we need to use libraries.Mr. Spock on Oct 6
      Why thank you Mr. Spock...Pete on Oct 6
     you forgot about pin-basicmn on Oct 6
      The only useful keyword in PinBASIC is Ball_ReturnPete on Oct 6
       in the future there is no need for thosemn on Oct 6
        Ohh, ooh, Mr. Kotter, pick me, pick me!Arnold Horshack on Oct 6
 In the 'real world' dialects never matteredBen on Oct 8
  that's an almost cynical take on thingsmn on Oct 8
   *to put it more tersely: is there no point at all, in a language being flexible?mn on Oct 8
what this forum is really aboutmn on Oct 5
 another thing this forum could bemn on Oct 5
well coming from the top, sdl is dead (wrong live gl)mn on Oct 5
 *i don't doubt you'll be able to get it somewhere, it just won't be in the downloadsmn on Oct 5
 Wipe your feet before coming back to this forum.Pete on Oct 5
  i wear shoe covers when i go over theremn on Oct 5
   also stxaxtic or michael could really help with this onemn on Oct 5
 Re: well coming from the top, sdl is dead (wrong live gl)Ben on Oct 8
  my feelings about sdl vs gl aren't very strong mn on Oct 11
The Past, Present, and Future of N54 (and ME!)SMcNeill on Oct 5
 so "the qbasic and moaning about qb64 board" has your endorsement?mn on Oct 5
 Isn't it OBVIOUS that Pete is MAD about QB64's direction? Not this forum'sClippy on Oct 5
  no one expects people to quit qb64 to tak anywheremn on Oct 5
   I'm blushingThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
    *nice to hear from a fellow who-vian. i hope you'll continue to feel welcome heremn on Oct 5
     Thank you againThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
      * wal-ter and men-on-ite sit-tin in a tree ;-)ANONxYxMOUS on Oct 5
       *gee i wonder who "anonxyxmous" could be... :Pmn on Oct 5
 Steve's just running out of straw to build his straw men.Pete on Oct 5
 QB die hard...angros47 on Oct 9
  i wish it was as simple as that (it's probably close, but...)mn on Oct 9
   Re: i wish it was as simple as that (it's probably close, but...)angros47 on Oct 10
  p.s. galleon never told us to switch. he was never arrogant about his qb being "better"mn on Oct 9
   *Neither v1ctor ever told to switch, mine was a joke, of courseangros47 on Oct 10
    *that's fairmn on Oct 10
 Let MN take over like he did years ago and you will get even LESS HELPClippy on Oct 10
  well it's true, it might drown out some of your television listings on the cafe forummn on Oct 10
   I post stuff that excites Pete here.Clippy on Oct 10
    by definition, anyone leaving means less trafficmn on Oct 10
     Pete invited people from QB64 here to post off topic stuff too.Clippy on Oct 10
      two problems with what you're sayingmn on Oct 10
I PERSONALLY LOVE WHERE QB64 IS GOINGThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 4
 worm? check. hook? check. cast? check...STxAxTIC on Oct 4
  it was a nice message, didn't even seem sarcastic (i think that makes it unique)mn on Oct 4
   I am happy!The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
    *i like the gfx thunbnails, especially dreamy clockmn on Oct 5
     Thank YouThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
      you had a tutorial on adding keywords in a particular style????mn on Oct 5
       The style part was a punThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
        you added to the left of the underscore! (i'm going to need more punctuation)mn on Oct 5
         This was talked aboutThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
          i made it to the endmn on Oct 5
           "Come back Shane! Shane come back!"The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
            mine was higher level, more abstract and philosophicalmn on Oct 5
             I have no opinion about BASICThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
              i think the next thing to hope for will be fpga-basicmn on Oct 5
               more on fpgaSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
                I'm into themBen on Oct 5
                i think you can get what i'm saying heremn on Oct 5
                 *that's "flip flop" of course. i don't know what a "flipflip" is, or how it coulmn on Oct 5
                 * trying to reconcile this with your other views (cant yet)STxAxTIC on Oct 5
                  *It is the "Can't we just get along?" viewpoint of a person caught in the middle of a war on Oct 5
                   no it isn'tmn on Oct 5
                  just forget my OLD views. be about the future!mn on Oct 5
                 what is an 'fpga' basic?Ben on Oct 5
                  i mean a basic language that's sort of like an fpgamn on Oct 6
                   Roddenberry beat you to it. Well, sort of...Pete on Oct 6
                    the future is already here, it just isn't evenly distributed yetmn on Oct 6
              a sincere "thank you" to waltmn on Oct 6
               Your welcome MNThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 6
                *glad to know. take caremn on Oct 6
 Well then do something JOYFUL and get QB64 to work in AndroidClippy on Oct 5
  I wish I could ClippyThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
Welcome to the QBasic and Lies about QB64 Boardmn on Oct 4
 Or how about we base it on the movie, Coders of a Lesser God Pete on Oct 4
  cool, now everytime i think about this whole debacle, i'm going to picture marlee...mn on Oct 4
   Well, I figured if Bill was going to introduce a cast of characters...Pete on Oct 4
    i just thought you were implying the new guard is deaf...mn on Oct 4
     Well obviously. See Walter's message titles for example...Pete on Oct 5
      Wasn't trying to yellThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
       Wait! I was trying to get Steve's attentionThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
       Thank you. We do have mods here that see all caps as yelling.Pete on Oct 5
        I forgot I already had an account hereThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
        i used to view all caps as yellingmn on Oct 5
         Maybe that's why they put Steve on the wiki.Pete on Oct 5
          "q-tipping"mn on Oct 5
Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...Pete on Oct 4
 that should be easy enough to domn on Oct 4
  No! No! No!Pete on Oct 4
   *whoops, sorry :)lol on Oct 4
 Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
  Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...mn on Oct 4
   Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
    Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...mn on Oct 4
     Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
      *steve, at this point all i can say is that you're a liar. it's pointless talking to you.mn on Oct 4
       how about a take 2STxAxTIC on Oct 4
        yeah, use the search featuremn on Oct 4
         * what name did you post under?STxAxTIC on Oct 4
          urlmn on Oct 4
          here's anothermn on Oct 4
           looks like i enjoyed "modern" features as far back as 2012mn on Oct 4
            of course there are two other possibilitiesmn on Oct 4
           i've seen this one before...STxAxTIC on Oct 6
            you probably saw it on a subforum heremn on Oct 6
  What I did instead was open a new forum where you can post naked pictures of your ex. *URLPete on Oct 4
 one more thank you to galleonmn on Oct 5

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