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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Windows QB64Mateo on Apr 23
 PRINT "Welcome Guest" should work, so...TheBOB on Apr 23
  Re:Mateo on Apr 23
   Re: Re:- on Apr 23
    Re;Mateo on Apr 23
     * It works without that in QB64 with just SCREEN 0- on Apr 23
     You'll only need that if you want to use a font without the "monospace" attributeFellippeHeitor on Apr 23
     ThankMateo on Apr 24
Spreadsheet App- on Apr 21
 *Please use Asterisks for empty posts, and *(URL) if just a link.Michael Calkins on Apr 21
 I like it!FellippeHeitor on Apr 22
Easter EggJim on Apr 18
 I challenge anyone to draw a better egg with simpler codeJim on Apr 18
  egganon on Apr 18
   Escept for the pointy bottom, anon's is a better overall shape...TheBOB on Apr 18
    blunted the pointJim on Apr 18
     * Oh, yeah! Nice job!TheBOB on Apr 18
     Added a little colour...TheBOB on Apr 18
      No! No! No!Pete on Apr 19
       * Oh, well, that explains why I've been having trouble hiding them. Sheesh!TheBOB on Apr 19
        LOL! Eggactly! The FBI couldn't find white easter eggs in Canada!Pete on Apr 19
         Bet the FBI could find this one...TheBOB on Apr 19
          What, no tunnel?Pete on Apr 19
          Damn, TheBOB! Nobody stands a chance no more!FellippeHeitor on Apr 19
           Thanks FH, Pete...TheBOB on Apr 19
            * A choo choo inside! So how do I eggstract it?Pete on Apr 19
             * Stop making egg yolks or I shell have to lock this thread!TheBOB on Apr 19
              * Sorry. I tend to puntificate.Pete on Apr 19
               * LOL--Well said--let's just leave it at that ;-)TheBOB on Apr 19
          beautifulJim on Apr 19
           * Thanks! No to the painting--we starvng artists tend to eat any eggs we get our hands on.TheBOB on Apr 19
          Truly remarkable, TheBOB!Kewbie on Apr 21
           * Thanks, Kew! So many options. Some weird guy wanted one filled with gelignite. Hmm.TheBOB on Apr 21
What are we moving on to now?*Most on Apr 5
 ConfrontationMat on Apr 5
 Powerpoint Turing Machinesanon on Apr 17
High five menn! We got the checkers post deleted. *STx on Apr 3
 What's this about?Michael Calkins on Apr 3
  completely insignificant, but...STx on Apr 3
   *Ok. I don't know if Mennonite will see it though.Michael Calkins on Apr 3
   * So Bill, does it pay anything to be a checker checker?Pete on Apr 4
   DON'T ACCUSE ME OF SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO BILL!Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
     PlEaSe AcCePt My ApOlOgIeS PeTe :)Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
      LOL - It's actually not a "rule" per se...Pete on Apr 4
    SorryChris on Apr 4
     Compiler? Galleon? Experts?Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
      So Joyful.*- on Apr 4
       Not lately I haven't beenWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
      QB64Chris on Apr 5
       Yes Chris, I did hurt myself on the floor...Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 5
        To >>> Walter WhitmanChris on Apr 5
         To >>> ChrisWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 5
          To >>> Walter WhitmanChris on Apr 5
          To all.Chris on Apr 7
           QB64 isn't really being developed anymore...Pete on Apr 7
            To AdminChris on Apr 7
            It is my understanding that Chris's coding practices need developingUpartyPal on Apr 7
             ReplikaChris on Apr 7
              TreplikaUpartyPal on Apr 7
             Yeah mennonite. That's something I was trying to urge him to do but no success.Pete on Apr 7
              Solved problemChris on Apr 7
               Oops.UpartyPal on Apr 7
            Ooops! Your right. I will not make a QB64 compatible language, only a QBasic one.Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 13
             Re: Ooops! Your right. I will not make a QB64 compatible language, only a QBasic one.Michael Calkins on Apr 13
              Similar to QB64, but in nature onlyWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
               It seems we're back at the delusional state again- on Apr 14
                Please don't forget that time when- on Apr 14
                 Mr. Bill, are you writing my resume?Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
                  * I only post as STx(AxTIC). Someone fooled you Walt.STx on Apr 15
                  Now I was mentionedFellippeHeitor on Apr 18
                *Projects like this are doable. It takes someone with motivation and persistence.Michael Calkins on Apr 14
                 You are so correct MichaelWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
                Watch me entertain you with my jester skillsClown Walt - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
                 It's funny. I'm not who you think I am.- on Apr 14
                  Well, you're not "fell"ing me. :DPete on Apr 14
                   IPretend i didn't see that ;-)- on Apr 14
                   Was I mentioned there?*FellippeHeitor on Apr 14
                  ???Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
                   I'm everyone who's read these messages and hasn't come forward in your defense- on Apr 14
                    I am Most but Walter Whitman*Most but Walter Whitman on Apr 14
                     I can respect thatWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 14
                      * Thanks "-" for doing God's work in his absence.STx on Apr 15
                       * Yeah but God's work is never done. That's pretty much proof that God is a programmer.Pete on Apr 15
               Have you given freebasic a try?Keith on Apr 18
 You did not get it the checkers post deletedWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
  * Sorry your Facebook count took a hit. People get O-friended easily these days. :DPete on Apr 4
   My FaceBook count is like a SIN waveWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 4
  I call BS again, sowwy.STx on Apr 4
   * And in case anyone is wondering, the number for BS is: 1-800-THEORETICAL-PHYSICSPete on Apr 4
    * Pete on the prowl. You homos cant resist talking about me.STx on Apr 4
     * It's just a force of nature. Homos are attracted to wack-holes!Pete on Apr 4
    And if you want some wank material...STx on Apr 4
     * Antimatter is to Bill as matter is to doesn't matter.Pete on Apr 4
     * It's in Fraktur and everythingLuke on Apr 5
   I am not lying Bill, but you can believe whatever you wantWaltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 5
    I judge by fruit, not flower. Let's all shut up and code. *STx on Apr 5
     Nay! I will not shut up!Waltersmind - www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com on Apr 5
      * By Jove I think Walt's got it! :)Billy Connolly on Apr 5
      If only all the verbiage and anger were directed to actual coding...Most but Walter Whitman - The Joyful blablabl on Apr 5
     * Hi Bill. Apricot what a grape fig pain in the Hass you can be.Fruit Contestant on Apr 5
 Y'know, ordinarily, I might complain cuz a post was off-topic...Kewbie on Apr 6
  * Silly Kew. Rubik's Cubes come packaged pre-solved at the toy store.Pete on Apr 6
   *I KNOW that, Pete. Who do you think has to go around solving all of them?Kewbie on Apr 8
    * LOL - No wonder you're too busy to post here around the holidays!Pete on Apr 8
    * sounds like a handfullkt153 on Apr 8
     * Handful? Are you talking about Rubik's cubes or Kew's cubes?Pete on Apr 9
      * well, I suppose that one could go both wayslkt153 on Apr 14
     *Lucas, nice to hear from you. How's the little one doing?Kewbie on Apr 14
      Hey, Kew! Much like his father, he's now learning to walk :)lkt153 on Apr 14
       *What a cutie! Other parents beware! Lock up the girls when this one gets to be about 3!Kewbie on Apr 15
        * "3!" the ! is unnecessary. ! is implied with QB. 3% could be used to save memory.Pete on Apr 15
         Pete, get rid of that 1MB hard drive and move into today's worldKewbie on Apr 16
          I had a patient like that once...Pete on Apr 16
QB64 GIF PlayerFellippeHeitor on Apr 2
 All I got from that was...Pete on Apr 2
  Ah, memory coming back...Pete on Apr 2
haunted house adventurex on Mar 29
 Doesn't work in QB64 Version 1.1 (20160902/48)Kewbie on Mar 31
  The DIM statements need to be at the topanon on Mar 31
  Re: Doesn't work in QB64 Version 1.1 (20160902/48)Michael Calkins on Mar 31
   *also lines 1600 & 1610 needed to be changed to REDIMMichael Calkins on Apr 3
 Thanks anon and Michael...Kewbie on Apr 2
LISP in QBASIC- on Mar 27
There's a 15-line challenge going on at the neighbor forumFellippeHeitor on Mar 27
 this so doesnt meet the criteria, but ive done these things before so heres one in figmn on Mar 27
 * Sorry, I only deliver one-liners. :DPete on Mar 27
  *hey, recursion!mn on Mar 27
Help with the CLS command pleaseTSW on Mar 25
 awesome, here you gomn on Mar 25
the piptol web ring hasnt worked since 2009-- here are all the sites from when it workedmn on Mar 25
 from that web ring listing, 15 listings (including this forum) are still activemn on Mar 25
 Nice compilation! Thanks mn! *FellippeHeitor on Mar 25
  *no problem at all. thats the complete web ring by the way, thanks to the internet archivemn on Mar 25
   you can find old copies of some of the sites on it that are down at this urlmn on Mar 25
Web ringFellippeHeitor on Mar 25
 * The term "web ring" is a remnant of the 1990s... Get with the times, old man!NotDeadTed on Mar 25
  *youre missing the point-- theres an icon for it on the index page. what do you call it?mn on Mar 25
 *you could always set up a new one, fillippe. though i doubt most would know what its formn on Mar 25
  * well, so you think the glass is half full, and we're not a bunch of old farts? :)lkt153 on Apr 14
   * Since when did you become an old fart blow dart?High Tech Red Neck on Apr 14
    * have you considered my Indian standards? :Plkt153 on Apr 14
     * Sure, but why buy a standard Indian when you can afford a delux model?Pete on Apr 14
      Sometimes you just can't handle a bargain! No matter how crappy the standard!lkt153 on Apr 14
For those who haven't seen my St. Patrick's day salute...TheBOB on Mar 17
 That's phenonmim.. phenonmab... ahhh that's great is what that is!Foster Brooks on Mar 17
  * Thanks! The program loaded is called QBasic.BAS (j/k) I never noticed!TheBOB on Mar 17
   * I corrected it... now people will think you really were drunk!TheBOB on Mar 17
 Cheers!FellippeHeitor on Mar 17
  *Thanks, FH!TheBOB on Mar 17
 Great job, TheBOB. But of course, I do have one suggestion.Kew on Mar 18
  * Terrific idea, Kew! Definitely doable. Never thought of it--maybe for next St Pat's!TheBOB on Mar 18
   Here you go, Kew, a bit late for this year, definitely too early for next...TheBOB on Mar 18
    P.S. For Pete--something you didn't notice...TheBOB on Mar 18
     Not surprising...Pete on Mar 18
      You must be one of the new kids...TheBOB on Mar 18
       Richard Gere had a similar problem...Pete on Mar 18
        *that explains some of his acting, toomn on Mar 19
     TheBOB, you call yourself a programmer???!!!Kew on Mar 19
      * LOL--My pleasure! Thanks!TheBOB on Mar 19
       * Oh sure, get people drunk and get rave reviews. What's so new about that?Pete on Mar 19
        Yeah, drunk with the sheer beauty and elegance and...TheBOB on Mar 19
         * Please, don't lower yourself to their level, Robert.TheBOB's Hipster Douchebag Cousin on Mar 24
ScreenMat on Mar 15
 Add a _DELAY .2 after the SCREEN line.*FellippeHeitor on Mar 15
  *You may actually need a little longer delay... try _DELAY .5FellippeHeitor on Mar 15
   ScreenMat on Mar 16
    Black Voids Matter.Pete on Mar 16
     ScreenMat on Mar 16
      I think that is about as well as it can be coded...Pete on Mar 16
       OtherMat on Mar 16
Hebrew CalendarMat on Mar 12
 thats more like an operating system than a program-- youve got your work cut out...mn on Mar 12
  To: mnMat on Mar 13
   theres only so much that people can translate to basic just for gigglesmn on Mar 13
    To: mnMat on Mar 13
     *alright, then-- cheersmn on Mar 13
      To: mnMat on Mar 13
  Hebrew calendar based on lunar cycles.Solitaire on Mar 13
   To: SolitaireMat on Mar 13
   Some people just complicate things too much. This guy named Mort did that with banking.Pete on Mar 13
    To: PeteMat on Mar 13
    i wrote a menorah program (no רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה‎ ball drop yet) and heres how i simplifiedmn on Mar 13
     I would have been happy to code that for you master....Mexican Genie on Mar 13
     The shamash has to be lit firstSolitaire on Mar 13
      yes, by definition of "shamash"mn on Mar 13
      Oh it's shamash-mash-mash brand new Milton Bradley game...Not Really Milton Bradley on Mar 13
       I had to go to dailymotion to dig up this one...Pete on Mar 13
 * Holyday = SWAP Sat, Sun: ' Well, it's a start.Pete on Mar 12
  *dont forget daylight shabbat time-- the new day begins just before sunsetmn on Mar 12
   Oh Rosh HaShanah oh don't you wail for me...Pete on Mar 12
    * I've always found that song terribly confusing!Hermione on Mar 12
     * It pretty much covers one aspect of creation... Clippy.Pete on Mar 12
      * no, i dont most jews dont consider it reasonable or traditional to create a golemmn on Mar 12
     * And anyway, it isn't "Ohnn-my-knee", it's HEHHR-my-knee!Not really Emma Watson on Mar 12
 CalendarMat on Mar 16
  it isntmn on Mar 16
   *and since when do most jews know how to figure out the calendar? even the orthodox onesmn on Mar 16
  * That's a double negative.Pete on Mar 16
   *no its not!this is on Mar 16

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