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Message TitleAuthor and Date
New Years ChallengeBen on Dec 27
 Doubt if anyone will top that...TheBOB on Dec 27
 Nice and simple! *Clippy on Dec 27
 QBASIC versionx on Dec 27
  Wouldn't that be aeiou! in FREEBASIC? I'm being facetious...*Clippy on Dec 27
 no titleno name on Dec 30
  *Interesting interaction of particles, trails and gravity. Some potential there.TheBOB on Dec 31
  BeautifulBen on Jan 2
   tySTxx on Jan 3
  It must be meaningful, because if it was pointless, it couldn't exist.Pete on Jan 4
 I wrote this many years agoKewbie on Dec 31
  *Neat! Add _FULLSCREEN after SCREEN 13 (in QB64).TheBOB on Dec 31
  very niceBen on Jan 2
 3D versionBen on Jan 4
  Even better...TheBOB on Jan 4
  * Awesome! I could have used this in my blow up TheBOB's White Cake app. Oh well.Pete on Jan 4
   *I'm still vacuuming cake crumbs out of my keyboard--maybe next New Year.TheBOB on Jan 4
    * Next time code a chocolate cake... and the crumbs won't be noticeable.Pete on Jan 4
     Watch out for Pete with cakes, eh Bob? Missiles anyone? *Clippy on Jan 6
   *what is the white cake app?Ben on Jan 6
    URL *Pete on Jan 6
     Note to Ben...TheBOB on Jan 7
  "...as if they are all coming towards you..."Kewbie on Jan 5
   * Huh? Oh that's right, pot is legal in your state. Sorry. :)Pete on Jan 5
    *Aha! That might also explain why he's lousy at math! (I have no such excuse).TheBOB on Jan 6
     C'mon Bob... I was lousy at math LONG before I smoked my first joint.Kewbie on Jan 7
      *So 60 is less than 150? Good to know (my whole fam loves pot, but I'm allergic to it).TheBOB on Jan 7
      Had 3 or 4 hits a week ago...Clippy on Jan 7
    Yes it is, and I still smoke it. (But I'm abstaining for the month of January.)Kewbie on Jan 7
  You're supposed to BLAST Kew for not STAYING IN THREAD!!!Pete on Dec 25
   No, I still believe in Santa Clause...Clippy on Dec 25
 *Merry Christmas to you too! (will respond in other thread if Clippy insists).TheBOB on Dec 25
  What other thread? Comment all you like!Clippy on Dec 25
desired output not comingJack on Dec 24
 *Explain your purpose/thinking/process. If I input 123454321 it identifies a palindrome?TheBOB on Dec 24
 I get NOT every time.Clippy on Dec 24
  Try this:Clippy on Dec 24
   *Nice job--works great!TheBOB on Dec 24
    I'm thinking the poster found the code as it was awful close alreadyClippy on Dec 24
     *Yeah, I would have used strings, but this is much more elegant (I'm lousy at math).TheBOB on Dec 24
      *Find your OWN excuse Bob. "Lousy at math" is MINE!Kewbie on Dec 25
       *LOL--fair enough. I'm REALLY lousy at math!TheBOB on Dec 25
        And I'm REALLY bad with people.Pete on Dec 25
programsNeelkalpa on Dec 21
 *Is this for real? Or is it a hack job?Simmons on Dec 21
Posting below - Dec 19thHJ on Dec 19
 Did you make a debug file to compare the two versions?Simmons on Dec 20
  differencesHJ on Dec 21
   I don't know if this helps or not...Kewbie on Dec 22
  Another line of logic to look atHJ on Dec 21
   I suspect rounding problemsSimmons on Dec 22
    ThanksHJ on Dec 22
 If you cannot even respond to your pwn thread or find it, then just live with it.Clippy on Dec 20
  Someone's acting out today!!!gopus on Dec 22
 @Ben... (or anyone else)Simmons on Dec 22
  It's something like...Ben on Jan 4
   *base not exponentBen on Jan 4
    Re: *base not exponentBen on Jan 4
Attention TheBOB. You used the wrong bee.Pete on Dec 14
 *It would have been politically incorrect to suggest that QB64 is gay ("Queen"-BASIC).TheBOB on Dec 14
  * So you're saying it's a translator, not a transgender!Pete on Dec 14
   *then compiles to bi-narymn on Dec 14
    *Come to think of it, menn, your fig leaf isn't very gender-specific, either.TheBOB on Dec 14
     *dont blame me, its just "drawn that way"mn on Dec 14
      *LOL--so that's all on me, both the bee and the fig leaf. Maybe I need to self-evaluate.TheBOB on Dec 14
       no no, its ok-- reallymn on Dec 14
 Pete already used his GOP vaginal probe on it I bet ***Clippy on Dec 14
  *if the gop has a vaginal probe, trump will probably use it in a pickup linemn on Dec 14
   Trump has hinted at having sex with his own daughter on TV many timesClippy on Dec 14
    *I always wanted Canada to be the 51st state so I could move to Florida!TheBOB on Dec 14
     There are tons of Canadian Snow Birds down there right now!Clippy on Dec 14
      It's true, but to be a Snow Bird, you've got to have money...TheBOB on Dec 14
       The Canadian dollar is going to crap. 11year low and going lower.Pete on Dec 14
        *Yayyy!TheBOB on Dec 15
        An 11 year low is good for Canada unless they become our 51st state...Clippy on Dec 16
  * Keep it up Clippy, and I'll put your account on prob-ation.Pete on Dec 14
qb45 vs qb64HJ on Dec 10
 I get pretty much the same results in QB45 and QB64...TheBOB on Dec 10
  differences I getHJ on Dec 11
 You need COBOL for that...Pete on Dec 11
 Most likely rounding error.Simmons on Dec 11
  I realize my answer is a bit confusingSimmons on Dec 11
   Thanks for the helpHJ on Dec 11
    AGM to calculate piSimmons on Dec 12
     Thank youHJ on Dec 12
      Let us know which ones are giving you troubleSimmons on Dec 12
       about loopHJ on Dec 12
  Re: Most likely rounding error.Ben on Dec 14
   That was sorta what I was attempting to explainSimmons on Dec 14
    Thanks for confirmationHJ on Dec 19
     Re: Thanks for confirmationPete on Dec 20
Merry Christmasmoneo on Dec 3
 * Happy Easter back at you!Pete on Dec 3
 Hey, three weeks is pretty close...TheBOB on Dec 3
  Dammit, I just found out the Easter Bunny doesn't exist...Pete on Dec 3
   LOL--don't despair, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 4
   Wait until he finds out that ... nevermind he'll be dead anyhow! *Clippy on Dec 4
  Happy New YearMoneo on Dec 4
   Aren't you on moonlight savings time? Early aren't ya? *Clippy on Dec 4
Help with a program in qbasic bookComanders on Dec 2
 There are LOTS of QBasic books (LOL)...TheBOB on Dec 3
anyone messes around with Qb amd neural networks?Simmons on Dec 1
 *The neural net guy was lkt153, he still around?Simmons on Dec 5
  *It's been awhile, but he might monitor the forum without posting. Check now and then.TheBOB on Dec 5
   * He was taken out a couple of years ago in a drive by blow-gunning.Pete on Dec 5
    *LOL--FYI Simmons, in case you didn't get the blow-gun joke, lkt153 is (was?) from Brazil.TheBOB on Dec 5
     Oh how funny! Native jokes. Wonder what they think of you?Clippy on Dec 5
  *Last time I chatted with Lucas, he was working for IBM.Kewbie on Dec 6
   * Island Blowgun ManufacturesPete on Dec 6
    Yuk it up, racist...Not Clippy on Dec 6
     * LOL. Blasted NAFTA. Now we are outsourcing our National Clipidity!Pete on Dec 6
     HEY! Bob paid for that healthcare one way or another, let the bushmen die...*Clippy on Dec 6
   *IBM eh? What do all you guys do anyhow? I think someone farms?Simmons on Dec 6
    *One farmer and a bunch of retirees--that's why there's so much nonsense.TheBOB on Dec 6
     *Most of the time I do feel like I'm walking into a neighbourhood bar here.Simmons on Dec 6
      A farmer, an artist, and a chiropractor walk into a bar...Pete on Dec 6
     What did you do before retiring?Simmons on Dec 9
      As Pete mentions: a farmer, an artist and a chiropractor...TheBOB on Dec 9
       I am concerned we haven't seen a post from Solitaire in quite some time.Pete on Dec 9
        *I agree--Solitaire, if you drop by, at least let us know you're OK!TheBOB on Dec 9
        * So many retireesLuke on Dec 10
         * Clippy tried to get us unionized, but we've already paid enough dues with him around.Pete on Dec 10
        Makes sense, she did have a teacher air about herSimmons on Dec 10
       *since we're on this track, does anyone remember B-Czar? He have another name?Simmons on Dec 10
        I certainly remember the handle, B-Czar...TheBOB on Dec 10
         I'm ashamed to say, I finally get the pun in his nameSimmons on Dec 10
          What nonsense? The forum take over by ZIP? *Clippy on Dec 10
           Might have been part of itSimmons on Dec 11
            * That was all just a bit before my time. Probably while Mallord was in charge.Pete on Dec 11
            Remember Mennonite or Mn as he called himselfClippy on Dec 11
             yes, lots of contributersSimmons on Dec 11
             *i never called myself "m"mn on Dec 14
              Well I got the other stuff right I guess.Clippy on Dec 14
               fine, thanks for asking. you were years off, by the waymn on Dec 14
               Buy generic Priligy DapoxetineDouglasBop on Jan 22
            ive looked into this. i could be more thorough, but i can say with some confidence:mn on Dec 14
             The difinitive B-Czar almanacSimmons on Dec 14
              nostalgia is powerful, plus people who just like userfriendly codingmn on Dec 14
    * MusicianDav on Dec 6
     *Musician that makes IDEs on the side?Simmons on Dec 6
      * Yeah. You'd be surprised what goes on down in those orchestra pits..Dav on Dec 7
       It could be worseLuke on Dec 7
What does this program do?AlGore Rhythm on Nov 20
 *Something to do with finding a common denominator?TheBOB on Nov 21
  Clearly, I'm no math whiz...TheBOB on Nov 21
  *how did you come up with this speculation?Ben on Nov 21
   *Like I said, I'm no math whiz--just based on some of the results.TheBOB on Nov 21
 Re: What does this program do?SMcNell on Nov 21
  Actually taking time to run it...SMcNeill on Nov 22
   *That's kind of what I observed--I wish the OP/VP would return and clear it up.TheBOB on Nov 22
   SolutionAlGore Rhythm on Nov 22
    *I'm delighted you mentioned "common denominator"--I don't feel like such an idiot!TheBOB on Nov 22
 * It does Windows, and for < migrant workers.Pete on Nov 21
  And < for migrant workers?Clippy on Nov 21
   It reads, and for "less than" migrant workers.Pete on Nov 21
    I tried the code on my windows...TheBOB on Nov 22
     I gave it a try on my Mac...SMcNeill on Nov 22
    I tried to block it....Pete on Nov 22
    I'm living proof that you don't need to know more than +, -, * and /Kewbie on Nov 26
     I'm 180% proof you don't have to be sober, either.Vodka on Nov 26
     Re: I'm living proof that you don't need to know more than +, -, * and /Luke on Nov 28
Capture a screen ??? def seg mode in qb64 ???Lillolulo on Nov 18
 Re: Capture a screen ??? def seg mode in qb64 ???SMcNeill on Nov 18
  Ok but doesn't work in screen 12Lillolullo on Nov 18
  *Why is there no _SAVEIMAGE?Kewbie on Nov 19
   Here's SaveImageClippy on Nov 19
    Do you remember your big BMP bsaver project?Ben on Nov 19
     Here they are (*URL)Ben on Nov 19
      They have been there a while. You just weren't paying attention...*Clippy on Nov 19
 --------^^0^^ QB64 has a few of these Gotham problems..Pete on Nov 18
  Not likely to be of much help, Commissioner...TheBOB on Nov 18
   * I don't mind. A Thanksgiving without Charlie Sheen will be a nice improvement.Pete on Nov 18
    *ROFL--perfect!TheBOB on Nov 18
   Re: Not likely to be of much help, Commissioner...SMcNeill on Nov 18
    *Sorry, Steve, but I"m not familiar with a lot of QB64 functions. Looks good, though!TheBOB on Nov 18
Problems with FULLSCREEN modeLillolulo on Nov 18
Qb web serverSimmons on Nov 13
 QB Websever? Oh wait, didn't Hillary Clinton use one of those?Pete on Nov 13
  Steve could have one of his immigrants make one up...Clippy on Nov 13
 I think VLC can do all that.Luke on Nov 13
  * I used to use SHELL statements to do some of that.Pete on Nov 13
  I considered VLCSimmons on Nov 13
   * QB64 is neither Linux nor network friendly.Luke on Nov 13
    perhaps friendly wasnt the right wordSimmons on Nov 14
     To clarifyLuke on Nov 14
      Further clarificationSimmons on Nov 14
       Re: Further clarificationLuke on Nov 14
        Is linux QB64 compatible(ish) with win QB64?Simmons on Nov 16
         Re: Is linux QB64 compatible(ish) with win QB64?Luke on Nov 17
          It does support file locking.Pete on Nov 17
           *I meant to say QB64 on Linux specifically.Luke on Nov 17
            *Ah, I thought all QB64 statements, except Windows specific ones, ran on Linux.Pete on Nov 17
Helicopter SimulatorBen on Nov 1
 InterestingSimmons on Nov 1
 Handy tip: QB64 has an _ATAN2(x, y) functionLuke on Nov 3
  * You'll have to excuse Luke. he's a newbie... at the humor thing. :)Pete on Nov 4
  *Sorry, I don't get it. Please explain.Kewbie on Nov 4
   See, I was right... Oh, you mean you don't get the code statement.Pete on Nov 4
   Re: *Sorry, I don't get it. Please explain.Luke on Nov 6
    Luke, you misunderstand the depth of my ignorance.Kewbie on Nov 6
     Algebra 1 should have taught you enough to program equations.Clippy on Nov 6
  not my version of qb64Ben on Nov 4
   I would upgrade if _mousewheel is finally fixed under linuxBen on Nov 4
    Funny you should say thatLuke on Nov 5
     * I used to program on a honky dori. Oh wait, it was an Atari. :)Pete on Nov 5
  about atan2simmons on Nov 7
   Re: about atan2SMcNeill on Nov 7
    In QB64, _ATAN2(0, 0) is 0.Luke on Nov 7

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