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QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
 Re: QB64_LinuxLuke on Aug 28
  Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
   Wanna write for Linux, gotta be prepared to adaptFellippeHeitor on Aug 28
    Re: FellippeHeitorChris on Aug 28
   You're missing the point. Linux was never meant to be compatible with Windowslkt153 on Aug 31
    No Linus was made to be cheaper than Windows and it succeeded. *Clippy on Aug 31
     *it was actually made so that linus could do more from home without trekking to schoolyeah i know, we have a subforum on Aug 31
    Extract C code from a 2MB source conversion and build on it. Are you on drugs? If not...Pete on Aug 31
     "... And build on it"? Are you mad! Well, rethorical question, I guesslkt153 on Aug 31
      *lol, Until suckling reflex is outgrown, blow dart training's definately contraindicated.Pete on Aug 31
  I don't drink, because I don't run on Linux, I run from Linux...Pete on Aug 28
 Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
  Knows, yes; able to help, now we are talking slim odds indeed...Pete on Aug 28
   qb45 is for dosbox, qb64 is for qemu!mn on Aug 28
    I blame Baskin...Pete on Aug 28
     *would you call the present state of affairs Neapolitan?simmons on Aug 28
      * More like Rocky Road.Pete on Aug 28
     oh dont blame that-- blame whoever made it possible to write YOUR OWN programsmn on Aug 28
      I've committed to the Microsoft ecosystem.simmons on Aug 28
       i would say youre doing it wrong, but thats not helpfulmn on Aug 28
        I am actually interestedSimmons on Aug 28
         im here to helpmn on Aug 28
          * Gee, if only we had a Linux Club for posts like this one. Oh wait, WE DO!Pete on Aug 28
           that trick never works! (you know?)not really rocky (balboa or j. squirrel) on Aug 28
            *you dont "thing" vhat? hmm...not really sigmund freud on Aug 28
             *hey just because youre the original quack doesnt mean you have to be a duck about itmn on Aug 28
            Seems like it has been picking up a little latelySimmons on Aug 29
             * It's Bob's fault. He keeps putting out chips behind my back.Pete on Aug 29
              *darn those canadians and their hospitality, keep this up and itll be like a forum here!mn on Aug 29
               *Posting for the very first time!Not really Madonna on Aug 29
             that sounds greatmn on Aug 29
           Point takenSimmons on Aug 29
        Re: mnChris on Aug 29
   Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
    Well that's a first...Pete on Aug 28
     Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
      * Why can't the code be converted to work on a 32-bit system?Pete on Aug 28
       Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
        * So what is stopping it from running on a 32-bit system? Just the size?Pete on Aug 28
         Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
          What does "as well" mean?Pete on Aug 28
           Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
            Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
             * What is your native language?Pete on Aug 28
              The bottom lineLuke on Aug 28
               why do I keep hitting myself in the head with a hammer?simmons on Aug 28
               it almost sounds like someones saying that linux cant cross-compile to other archsmn on Aug 28
                * Well thank God this is BASIC or it would be really complicated!Pete on Aug 28
                 luke IS doing this the BASIC way...mn on Aug 28
                  Time for a lessonLuke on Aug 29
                   i dunno, lets see if i can guess how this relates to... ?mn on Aug 29
                    Re: i dunno, lets see if i can guess how this relates to... ?Luke on Aug 29
                     charming as usualmn on Aug 29
                      Let's get this straight once and for all. If we are talking Apples and Oranges...Pete on Aug 29
                       and if we need it straight from the horses ass...mn on Aug 29
                   Re: LukeChris on Aug 29
                Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 29
              Re: PeteChris on Aug 29
               I don't know of any Polish coders who could help translate.Pete on Aug 29
                *you must have an old calculator that can do reverse-polish. just use it in a mirror!mn on Aug 29
                Re: PeteChris on Aug 29
                 Have you tried to break up your old program?Pete on Aug 29
                  Re: PeteChris on Aug 30
                   PODZIEL SIĘ KODNie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                    * Uhura, get Scotty up here to fix the Universal Translator!Kirk on Aug 30
                    Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                     Re: ChrisWciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                      Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                       Współpracę z namiWciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                        Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                         You are very stubborn. UPARTY!Wciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                          the problem is he wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the timemn on Aug 30
                          Re: ?Chris on Aug 31
                           Nie wkleić kod Twój przyjaciel on Aug 31
                            Re: ?Chris on Aug 31
                            Re: ? Kod DropboxChris on Aug 31
                             Dobre i złe wieści (Good and bad news)Twój przyjaciel on Aug 31
                              Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                               Zanim przejdziemy dalejZnowu ja on Sep 1
                                Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                                 Re: Chris- on Sep 1
                                  Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                                   Reka reke myjeGiving up - poddawać się on Sep 1
                                    Re: ?Chris on Sep 1
                                     Obudź się, ChrisZmęczony on Sep 1
                                      Re: ?Chris on Sep 1
                                       ...Zmęczony on Sep 1
                                        Last entryChris on Sep 1
                     The original post said SHARE CODE (maybe we can help) Heres is the reply:Universal Translator on Aug 30
How to arrays of STRING work in QB64?Simmons on Aug 26
 Re: How to arrays of STRING work in QB64?Luke on Aug 26
  makes senseSimmons on Aug 28
   * I see no reason why it wouldn't have them; QB45 has the idea of a string descriptor tooLuke on Aug 28
What do you suppose Galleon will use as a way to run JavaScript?Pete on Aug 26
 Qbasic? DOS? **************Quippy on Aug 26
Hey where the hell is Bill lately? I put out the welcome mat...Pete on Aug 26
 * Hunched over and waiting for a man to come. Just like your son's frat initiation.STx on Aug 26
  * That would be sexual harassment, Bill. You know, the only kind of sex you ever had.Pete on Aug 26
   * Don't get your panties in a wad over my comment. (Get a wad in your panties instead.)STx on Aug 26
    The best thing about you being a theorectical comedian is...Pete on Aug 26
     And MY favorite part is...STx on Aug 26
      * That's Bill; a theoretical physicist by day, and a real self basting turkey by night!Pete on Aug 26
       Bill is offering a reward for the theft of his string theory by Schroedinger's cat.Campus Police on Aug 27
        *Brilliant!TheBOB on Aug 27
         * I fail to see any response-worthiness there. You have low standards Bob.STx on Aug 27
          At least he has a REAL degree in art, which allows him to draw...Pete on Aug 27
           * Oh Pete, your ignorance shines flamboyantly, like your son's mannerisms.STx on Aug 27
            *$25,000 reward, dead AND alive? Schrodinger's Cat? That's brilliant!TheBOB on Aug 27
             i liked it too. i actually wondered what the fuss was until i clicked on the punchlinemn on Aug 27
              *Bill's preoccupied trying to figure who'd win in a fight between a black hole & a quasar.Pete on Aug 27
               the black hole would probably win by defaultmn on Aug 27
                * At least you tried to answer. Apparently our theoretical authority is stumped.Not Really Bill Nye on Aug 28
                 its probably safer for me to answermn on Aug 28
               Re: Black Hole Quasar riddle. Results: Insufficient data...Mr. Spock on Aug 29
                The location of the fight is irrelevant.7 of 9 or 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other on Aug 29
                 * 7 of 9? I only saw 2 of her.Pete on Aug 29
              all kidding asideSimmons on Aug 28
               is this a trick question?mn on Aug 28
                interesting pointssimmons on Aug 28
                 It's always seemed to me that if you wait long enough...Kewbie on Sep 1
               All we know for certain is the cat's going to claw the crap out of the idiot...Pete on Aug 28
                Here's an interesting exercise along those lineslkt153 on Aug 31
            What's the difference between Bill and a complete jackass?Pete on Aug 27
They're messing with your stuff Bob...Pete on Aug 20
 *Terrific! I'm glad it was interesting enough to him to go to the trouble.TheBOB on Aug 20
  *Nice, I've been wanting to try some of your sample code, none of it would compileSimmons on Aug 20
   Yeah, as Pete mentioned, it's the CALL ABSOLUTE mouse routines, however...TheBOB on Aug 20
    mouse routinesSimmons on Aug 20
     Interesting idea...TheBOB on Aug 21
      Re: Interesing idea...FellippeHeitor on Aug 22
       Good point...TheBOB on Aug 22
        The mouse origin...Simmons on Aug 22
         Well, except for the names of variables and subs...TheBOB on Aug 22
          from a distance, these procedures are the same, despite their different namesnot really bette midler on Aug 22
           * Even "from a distance," "there" and "they're" are two different wordGrammar Police on Aug 22
            * ha! hoisted with your own otto-title limits!not really bette midler on Aug 22
          Is there a tutorial on the CALL ABSOLUTE mouse methods?Simmons on Aug 23
           Personally I'd find it a waste of time...Pete on Aug 23
            The WIKI covers all functions...QB64 does notClippy on Aug 24
             That page is way too detailedLuke on Aug 25
              Why not? QB64 was supposed to emulate CALL ABSOLUTE originallyClippy on Aug 25
               Re: Why not? QB64 was supposed to emulate CALL ABSOLUTE originallyLuke on Aug 25
                "It is not a QuickBasic reference, it is a QB64 one."mn on Aug 25
                 *perhaps there is a "compatibility with qb" page you can move it to, tedmn on Aug 25
                  * I think Drippy is done working with the wiki.Pete on Aug 25
               *it was actually that wiki page that I used to make the conversionSimmons on Aug 28
           Most of the CALL ABSOLUTE routines aren't necessary in QB64...TheBOB on Aug 23
      Bob style mouse conversion v0. alphaSimmons on Aug 25
       *I like Bob's style but I'm not ready to convert. Couldn't we just visit his Church?Not really a mouse on Aug 25
        *You wouldn't like my church, either--there's a lot of calls to the Absolute there, too.TheBOB on Aug 25
         *It works! (URL)Bob style mouse convert on Aug 25
         Bob is ABSOLUTELY sharp as ever!Clippy on Aug 25
        I feel safe in TheBOB's Church...Parishioner on Aug 25
       *Sorry, Simmons, but I couldn't get it to run in any of *my* versions of QB64.TheBOB on Aug 25
        You probably need another upgradePete on Aug 25
         *Yup! That's the one!TheBOB on Aug 25
          * We're missing out on all those $EX-E-ICONS, too. Sigh. Getting old is a bitch.Pete on Aug 25
          *Just delete OPTION _EXPLICIT, its not necessarySimmons on Aug 25
           Pretty neat! ...TheBOB on Aug 25
           This is a wise manFellippeHeitor on Aug 26
            OH SAVE ME FROM MYSELF! BEAT ME, WHIP ME INTO SHAPE! *Clippy on Aug 26
             * Ah that pretty much is how they make paper clips, you know.Pete on Aug 26
              * they also get all wound up over little thingsmn on Aug 27
               And tend to fail under pressure, because of their un-staple behavior.Pete on Aug 27
       *Really cool way to handle it.FellippeHeitor on Aug 26
       *Oh, and btw: _MOUSEMOVE has been fixed 3 days ago (URL)FellippeHeitor on Aug 26
        * What was wrong with it in the first place?Pete on Aug 26
         *It wasn't supported in QB64 GLSimmons on Aug 26
          * Ah, so it wasn't buggy it was just never implemented. Got it. Thanks.Pete on Aug 26
           It had been implemented before...FellippeHeitor on Aug 26
            * Thanks. I think I forgot to DVD those episodes. My bad.Pete on Aug 26
            Thanks. I've been waiting for that mouse to move, not move, forever. Oh, if you see Bill..Schrodinger's Cat on Aug 27
        Sweet! I'll have to get me another daily buildSimmons on Aug 26
New $EXEICONFellippeHeitor on Aug 17
 * I'm too $EX-E for I CON, too $EX-E for I CON, so $EX-E it burns...Not Really Right Said Fred on Aug 17
  HmmmmFellippeHeitor on Aug 18
   Well stop $CHECKINGOFF to it! This one was almost as bad as...Pete on Aug 18
    naming thingsmn on Aug 18
     * We need details! Is this thing posted anywhere? How 'bout a video?Language gallery on Aug 18
      details, even though youre probably jokingmn on Aug 19
       and a screencap, 156k (url)mn on Aug 19
        You owe me bigly for my scratched monitor...Pete on Aug 19
         thanks pete :)mn on Aug 19
       This is pretty good...STx on Aug 19
        * You should be able to get yours up, theoretically, or up yours, in an alternate reality.Pete on Aug 19
         * um, what? You are completely incoherent Pete.STx on Aug 19
       Tried it and...STx on Aug 19
        * You posted it on the wrong forum. We have a Python one, you know.Pete on Aug 19
        ok, so youre using gnu/linux... i hope its debian basedmn on Aug 19
         * You two need to get a sub-forum. Hint, hint...Pete on Aug 19
          hey, pete...mn on Aug 19
           * Is there a KBasic sub-forum? No. Is there a Python sub-forum, ah, yes!Pete on Aug 19
            *thanks for looking outmn on Aug 19
            and let me know if theres a fig subforummn on Aug 19
             * Consider it The Python / Fig Sub-forum then. Maybe put up some decorative pngs.Pete on Aug 19
              i cant tell you what to do, im asking...mn on Aug 19
               I'm fine with this thread...Pete on Aug 19
                and if they continue, beyond this threadmn on Aug 19
                 * I'll hold you to that bet...Pete on Aug 19
                  i dont doubt youll fly him heremn on Aug 19
                   He's in Virgina Beach these days...Pete on Aug 19
                    *thats funny, because thats MUCH closer to where i lived when i was here years agomn on Aug 19
                     * Reach out, reach out and touch someone. Old commercial jingle...Pete on Aug 19
                      * please dont tell anyone to let their fingers do the walking...mn on Aug 19
                 I want some Mennonite butt? Grope yourself bad boy***Not really a Mennonite on Aug 19
                  * It's your fault Bob. We had the putting out chips discussion!Pete on Aug 19
                   *So you're saying, Menn was really reaching for some chips, not Ted's butt?TheBOB on Aug 19
                    couldve been the other way aroundmn on Aug 20
                    * Let's hope he didn't have the chips, because that's no place to reach for dip.Pete on Aug 20
                     despite the fact that he turned down my offer...mn on Aug 20
                      *Shades of "nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded".Kew on Aug 20
                       *more like "nobody goes there anymore, its an abandoned mineshaft"mn on Aug 21
                        * i didnt know if we were talking about the subforum or teds butt-- either way, it works!mn on Aug 21
                         * :-DKew on Aug 21
         * i guess theres alien if youre not using a deb-based distromn on Aug 19
         I don't do shrub forums! But...STx on Aug 19
          * Word is you don't do bushes, either.Pete on Aug 19
           * Yeah yeah, homosexuality this-and-that. Ask your son about it.STx on Aug 19
          * Oh wait, I was a fool. Lemme try the new code..STx on Aug 19
          yep, and the version you need for that is in the .deb i linked tomn on Aug 19
           Got a lot further...STx on Aug 19
            youve stumped me...mn on Aug 19
             oh yeah, im pretty sure thats python2 youre runningmn on Aug 19
              Got something this time!STx on Aug 19
               thats got it-- i need to update the demomn on Aug 19
                I'm interested in tinkering with this...STx on Aug 20
                 Re: I'm interested in tinkering with this...mn on Aug 21
                  also here is a 6-page mini-tutorial on functions (url)mn on Aug 21
                  I'm sure it's just me...STx on Aug 21
                   Re: I'm sure it's just me...mn on Aug 21
                    *incidentally, i realize you already have your own language-- i was speaking generallymn on Aug 21
                    Ooooh, got it!STx on Aug 21
                     closest you can do is:mn on Aug 21
                      Nicely explained.STx on Aug 21
                       thanksmn on Aug 21
                        also not exactly what you were doing before, but...mn on Aug 21
                         Still works!STx on Aug 21
                          as far as i know, python can be used for functional programmingmn on Aug 21
     *"Useless commands" :)FellippeHeitor on Aug 19
      useless assessment...mn on Aug 19
       *yourmn on Aug 19
       *also: half the commands are from qb and in qb64... so...mn on Aug 19
       Not my words, just my smiley iconFellippeHeitor on Aug 19
        on topic, lets clear something upmn on Aug 19
*So I just typed this into QB64 without really thinking: DIM bit AS _BYTE. WeirdSimmons on Aug 15
 I'm more concerned that DIM wit as Clippy isn't accepted.Pete on Aug 15
  Clippy is a TYPE that can use BIT's and BYTE's once in a while...Clippy on Aug 16
 *You may want to DIM bit as _BITFellippeHeitor on Aug 15
  * Thanks for your DIM view of things.Pete on Aug 15
QB64 x64Chris on Aug 14
 No ideaFellippeHeitor on Aug 16
  Re: FellippeHeitorChris on Aug 19
   Latest versionFellippeHeitor on Aug 19
    Re: FellippeHeitorChris on Aug 19
     I'll refer you back to my first replyFellippeHeitor on Aug 20
      Re: FellippeHeitorChris on Aug 20
       I hope you're in your 20's or younger...Pete on Aug 20
        Re: PeteChris on Aug 20
What IDE is everyone using?Simmons on Aug 13
 Re: What IDE is everyone using?Luke on Aug 13
  * Text editor for coding, QB64.exe for formatting. Terminal for compile.STx on Aug 13
   * Bill left out one. The Recycle Bin, for deleting.Pete on Aug 13
    * In *NIX it's called Trash. And I don't delete, I destroy.STx on Aug 13
     *Oh now I get how you support your theoretical existence. You work for the Clintons.Pete on Aug 14
  me too withJim on Aug 14
 * Notepad++Pete on Aug 13
 FellippeHeitor*QB64's IDE on Aug 13
 QB64's IDEFellippeHeitor on Aug 13
  * Pete :)Blame it on the Olympics on Aug 13
 *Unlike yourself, I like the "nostalgic" QB64 IDE.TheBOB on Aug 13
  Don't mind the styleSimmons on Aug 14
   *All valid criticisms. Still, I would miss the blue screen :-(TheBOB on Aug 14
    What if I can talk God into making blue snow? Would a white screen work for you then?Pete on Aug 14
     Snow in any colour sounds good right about now...TheBOB on Aug 14
      It's almost high winter herelkt153 on Aug 16
       *Some might call that animal cruelty taking a dog out in that kind of weather.TheBOB on Aug 16
        * whats supposedly cruel is having huskies in warmer climatesmn on Aug 16
         True...TheBOB on Aug 16
        I think Bob typed "weather" by mistake. He'll probably edit it later...Pete on Aug 16
         Pete's obviously never had a dog.Kewbie on Aug 19
          I do have a dog. His name is Kewbie Doo!Pete on Aug 19
           * What? Not even one "ROOF"L on that one? Zoinks!Shaggy on Aug 20
           Don't fight on my account, guyslkt153 on Aug 31
          Why? It is SUMMER HERE! That's all that mattersClippy on Aug 19
           * No, the only person I don't like is you. That's not racism, that's just common sense.Pete on Aug 19
  Something I found for those who enjoy DOS nostalgiaSimmons on Aug 16
   *Neat!TheBOB on Aug 17
 ChangelogFellippeHeitor on Aug 13
 I use the QB64 IDE mostlyDav on Aug 16
  That is good to hearSimmons on Aug 16
I only asked about it here because I could not find much info on Kbasi online.A Sock on Aug 12
 Well if it is similar, you may want to switch...Pete on Aug 12
  python vs basicmn on Aug 12
QB64 text featuresSimmons on Aug 12
 HereFellippeHeitor on Aug 12
  *Looks like _PRINTSTRING is what I'm looking forSimmons on Aug 12
  Re: HereClippy on Aug 12
  How to determine the current font?Simmons on Aug 12
   _FONTFellippeHeitor on Aug 12
    *_LOADFONT needs more arguments than my sample code impliesFellippeHeitor on Aug 12
unknown variable on stack in KBASICA Sock on Aug 11
 It means nothing to us. We use QBasic here, not KBasic.Pete on Aug 12
QB64's best palFellippeHeitor on Aug 9
 _Crickets on Aug 9
  Everybody pipe down, I can't hear the crickets!!!Pete on Aug 10
   CricketsFellippeHeitor on Aug 10
   *With INSTR(youranswer$, "years ago") = 0, what are you working on, Pete?STx on Aug 10
    I'm working on a way to get morons to click hyperlinks.Pete on Aug 10
 i think its a good ideamn on Aug 9
 * I think this is the first QB64 "software" I've seen to date. Bravo!STx on Aug 10
  *How ironic, then, that its purpose is to help make QB64 programsLuke on Aug 10
 Excellent! Reminds me a lot of Visual StudioSimmons on Aug 10
  Hope it's useful to you!FellippeHeitor on Aug 10
 Interesting quote from the download link:Simmons on Aug 10
  * That's actually a common milestone for compilers :)lkt153 on Aug 11
 * looks good! Nice job! :)lkt153 on Aug 11
  *Thanks! :)FellippeHeitor on Aug 11
Been having too much fun with Dijkstra's algorithmSimmons on Aug 1
 *Looks interesting, but doesn't wait for my mouse-click, just plots a weird path.TheBOB on Aug 1
  It may be my mouse click detection routinesSimmons on Aug 1
   QB64 mouse works with CALL INTERRUPT, too.Pete on Aug 1
   *About paths--no, there are multiple paths going no place in particular.TheBOB on Aug 1
    *P.S. When I do click, it leaves maximum two white pixels, but that's it.TheBOB on Aug 1
  2nd try, different mouse codeSimmons on Aug 2
   *Sorry... exact same results, except the white pixels are now ellipses (nice touch).TheBOB on Aug 2
    Hey guys, why is this as is?Pete on Aug 2
     *Didn't change a thing for me :-(TheBOB on Aug 2
      I probably depended on the map it generated and where you clicked.Pete on Aug 2
       *I'll wait for the movie to come out--just can't get it to work, no matter what.TheBOB on Aug 2
        Can you try something for me?Simmons on Aug 2
         Similar results...TheBOB on Aug 2
          I think if you had his version of QB64, it would.Pete on Aug 5
           Enterprise editionFellippeHeitor on Aug 6
            That's a good point, and funny at the same time. Too bad for you I'm not retiring yet!Pete on Aug 6
             * He's married already Pete, sorry to break the news.STx on Aug 7
              *Well rats. How's your theo-rectal wife doing? I heard your relationship is over-inflated.Pete on Aug 7
            OP is using the standard win version.Simmons on Aug 6
             OoPs...FellippeHeitor on Aug 7
              * Fixed in repositoryLuke on Aug 7
              *Already available through qb64.netFellippeHeitor on Aug 8
    Function of the programSimmons on Aug 2
     Yes, check my post above, but what are those constants supposed to be?Pete on Aug 2
      Those are single data type constants.Simmons on Aug 2
  3rd try, locking when there is no path.Simmons on Aug 2
  This is what it's supposed to look likeSimmons on Aug 2
   Working...TheBOB on Aug 2
    Phew...Simmons on Aug 2
   Nice map !Lisztfr on Aug 12
    The mapSimmons on Aug 12
 * Ever think about turning that into a plotting utility to make line graphs?Pete on Aug 7
  *What do you mean? I'm not sure I followSimmons on Aug 7
   I was thinking along the lines of...Pete on Aug 7
*Is there any advantage to using INTEGER anymore, speed or memory?Simmons on Aug 1
 *larger limits, every time? im not sure i ever use real ints thoughmn on Aug 1
  Memory usageSimmons on Aug 1
   *couldnt tell you about qb64s 64bit implementation-- i was speaking in general, sorrymn on Aug 1
    I have some numbersSimmons on Aug 1
     i dont optimize things often, though i probably cut the majority of process time...mn on Aug 1
      *I don't optimize often, but when I do I use Forth.The Most Interesting Programmer in the World on Aug 1
 * I'd state it is getting so indistinguishable unless it is a huge undertaking, not realy.Pete on Aug 1

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