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Message TitleAuthor and Date
warning to fellow coders. censor this SteveSTxAxTIC on Mar 26
 * Thank you for bringing the off-topic posts here where they belong. :)SMcNeill on Mar 26
  * Sorry Kewbie Doo fans. It's not a real "post" this time, either.The Mystery Machine on Mar 26
   you mean thats not the actual author? it looked fake to me too.mn on Mar 26
 QBasic passionsSimmons on Mar 31
  My sole reason for coming to this board: nostalga.Kewbie on Mar 31
   * yep.Michael Calkins on Mar 31
  To gain control of the treasure, you have to emerge as the victor.Pete on Mar 31
   Sage adviceSimmons on Apr 1
  the treasure analogy is aptmn on Apr 3
C++ generated by QB64Simmons on Mar 21
 Re: C++ generated by QB64Pete on Mar 21
 It's... complicated.Luke on Mar 22
  Just curious reallySimmons on Mar 22
   cool ideaSTxAxTIC on Mar 22
    * Sorry Sir Codelot. This idea won't make it half way around the table!King R-thur on Mar 22
     Tell Peter that he lacks vision.Stx on Mar 22
      What? Are you a theoretical optometrist now?Pete on Mar 22
       Very self-defeating response...STx on Mar 23
        Well who better to defeat me... than me?Pete on Mar 23
      Tell Peter that your post deserves an * in the title, not inside ***Clippy on Mar 22
    realizing such an ideaSimmons on Mar 23
     How are you at working with EXPLOSIVE personalities?Pete on Mar 23
      Hellz noSimmons on Mar 24
       I really like you. Are you a long lost brother, or what?Pete on Mar 24
        Maybe... Let me ask you a questionSimmons on Mar 24
         Close, but maybe one subtle difference...Pete on Mar 24
          But you are the one with small hands and...*****Clippy on Mar 24
           * Well sure, they seem small. Relative to what they are holding on to!Pete on Mar 24
         dont wait for a boat (unless youre building your own planet)mn on Mar 24
          I was mostly showcasing my dislike of people meddlingSimmons on Mar 24
           * Which Star Trek? The original, THG, DS9 ???Not really Dr. Sheldon Cooper on Mar 24
            "THG"mn on Mar 24
             * Damn keyboard!Pete on Mar 25
            Anything but the Jar Jar Abrams re-imaginingSimmons on Mar 25
             Spock is my favorite star war. *Hans on Mar 25
              * Are you out of your Vulcan mind? Spock was on Star Trek, not in Star Wars.Dr. Leonard McCoy on Mar 25
           easy alternatives to dialup bbsmn on Mar 24
            ssh, i used that to access a linux serverSimmons on Mar 25
             Will you guys quit posting off-topic? Kew keeps coming here hoping to find a real ghost!Pete on Mar 25
              Where is CG anyhow? *Clippy on Mar 25
               He's not a real ghost, either...Pete on Mar 25
              *Dog? You mean Kewbie Doo?Simmons on Mar 25
               He just stopped by for a Kewbie Snack a couple of minutes ago.Pete on Mar 25
             yeah, i think its basically ssl+sh (like encrypted telnet)mn on Mar 25
           *Why do you suppose "they" picked this particular off-topic post to spam?Kewbie on Mar 31
          I built my own solar system once; but in all fairness...Pete on Mar 24
           *and you went to an awful lot of trouble, just to make "moon pies"mn on Mar 24
Having some fun with QB64 SCREEN keywords.Pete on Mar 17
 Finally up to S in the alphabet? Check out other SCREEN modes too! *Clippy on Mar 17
  "R" You "S" umming I follow the alphabet. I don't...Pete on Mar 17
   That's the way I learned QBasic...TheBOB on Mar 17
    Downside indeedSimmons on Mar 17
     Wiggum all you want! He's flexable...*Clippy on Mar 17
     * USING always frustrated me to the point I just wrote my own function.Luke on Mar 18
      * Me too! I always go with something new, never used!Pete on Mar 18
   Perhaps you could share the _SCREENCLICK part for a WIKI example? *Clippy on Mar 17
    Not really...Pete on Mar 17
     You could take a Snip picture of the program and compare the header pixelsClippy on Mar 17
      New territory...Pete on Mar 18
 * Hurry up Kewbie, before I go off-topic. Oh son of a bi...Pete on Mar 17
  Pete is an @$$#0L3Kewbie on Mar 18
   Hmm, I've almost got it ... I'd like to buy a vowel please.Pete on Mar 18
    * You want virtualboxLuke on Mar 21
     No, I don't.Pete on Mar 21
      Have you tried installing MSDOS on Dosbox?Simmons on Mar 21
       I haven't...Pete on Mar 21
NLmeanslisztfr on Mar 11
 Sorry, I don't speak French...Pete on Mar 11
  Here you arelisztfr on Mar 11
   Perfect...Pete on Mar 11
  Can you work backwards?Simmons on Mar 11
QB parsed code.Simmons on Mar 6
 * Look in the internal\temp folder... Main.txt is the main codeSMcNeill on Mar 6
  Excellent!Simmons on Mar 7
   No CommentPete on Mar 7
    have you ever tried INTERCAL?Simmons on Mar 8
     Interracial? Oh, you mean do I code in black and white...Pete on Mar 8
      One can get used to no indentationSimmons on Mar 9
   Re: Excellent!Luke on Mar 8
    no arguments hereSimmons on Mar 9
     I'm Starting a C++ forum as wellWaltersmind a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Mar 10
      I like estate forums. I tend to pass on starter forums.Pete on Mar 10
       My C++ forum will be about the foundations of programming and C++Waltersmind a.k.a The Joyful Programmer on Mar 10
        * I'm a golfer, so I just might swing bi. Wait, part of that is Bruce Jenner's line.Pete on Mar 10
      the thing about the qb forum...Simmons on Mar 10
       Elitism...Pete on Mar 11
        *1/2 Star?? You monster!Simmons on Mar 11
        "until 10 or more on-topic posts are made"Kewbie on Mar 14
         ...and then some. *Pete on Mar 14
       Can't think of a title here... but...Waltersmind a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Mar 11
       * And that's why Stack Exchange answers are often at the top of google resultsLuke on Mar 16
        Oh, and we're not??? All you have to do is go to Google...Pete on Mar 16
    Perhaps you could have a switch...Kewbie on Mar 11
Qb_x64Mat on Feb 13
 QB_x64Mat on Feb 14
  *Somtimes I wonder that myselfKewbie on Feb 15
 You want exerts on QB64, go there! This problem is already discussed there*Clippy on Feb 15
  * The exert Clippy refers to must be Steve. Not sure who the exPerts are though.STx on Feb 16
   Nah! Steve's the expert on welfare farmng.Clippy on Feb 16
    *Steve, any tips on keeping soil dry in very rainy climate?Jim on Feb 18
     Do what I do...Not Really Steve on Feb 18
      seems like steve might do experiments with his farmJim on Feb 19
       I'd like to visit Steve's farm someday, but he'd probably shoot me on sight. No, wait...Pete on Feb 19
        he grows ginseng?Jim on Feb 19
         It boosts Steve's energy...Pete on Feb 19
         *If people want to buy it, you can't blame people for supplying itLuke on Feb 19
          How did people enter into the conversation? We're discussing Steve, a form of AI...Pete on Feb 19
       PA farmers want to grow pot for medicinal use.Clippy on Feb 19
Windows 10 and MSDOSMoneo on Feb 2
 It does...TheBOB on Feb 2
  Oops! Should have mentioned...TheBOB on Feb 2
   Re: Oops! Should have mentioned...Moneo on Feb 2
    *I guess you answered your own question--yes, it does. (FYI I'm fine, too)TheBOB on Feb 2
    it has a command line prompt, but...mn on Feb 4
     32 bit Windows should run Qbasic. 64 bit cannotClippy on Feb 4
     ThanksMoneo on Feb 4
   Re: Oops! Should have mentioned...Moneo on Feb 4
  Re: It does...Moneo on Feb 2
  *If Ctrl-C is copy, how do you send the ^C to interrupt a program?Luke on Feb 2
   *Ctrl+Break will stop a DOS command while running.TheBOB on Feb 2
Looking for some new terminologySimmons on Jan 26
 Re: Looking for some new terminologyLuke on Jan 26
  Tick is fitting, so I went with TempoSimmons on Jan 30
   * Did you talk with Toc about using Tic?Pete on Jan 31
    *did I talk to the Tactical Operations Center about Troops In Contact?Simmons on Feb 4
 I like 'time mass'Ben on Jan 26
 C'mon, let's have some imagination here.Kewbie on Jan 26
 *Oh, and don't forget that time can also be measured in 'nicks'Kewbie on Jan 26
  * That one deserves a "time out."Pete on Jan 27
 RE:STxAxTIC on Jan 27
  Wow. That theoretical degree in physics wasn't a total waste after all.Pete on Jan 28
   *LOL--"theoretical degree in physics" or "degree in theoretical physics". SubtleTheBOB on Jan 29
    ...A natural and incorrectly-based zing from a hack back bender.STx on Jan 29
     I wouldn't be jealous of you in any parallel universe you could theorectically imagin.Pete on Jan 31
      Just keep digging Pete, everyone knows STxAxTIC > Pete.STx on Jan 31
       And in this universe, an empty post is supposed to have an asterisk in the message title.Pete on Jan 31
      Conservative is a parallel universe that is not based on Science...Clippy on Jan 31
       Clippy is making a statementgopus on Apr 25
challengeal gore rhythm on Jan 18
 You forgot the Sales Tax that hits rich and poor equallyClippy on Jan 19
 this seems to work...Dave on Jan 20
 this alsoyanni on Jan 22
  counterexamplea on Jan 22
   Re: counterexampleyanni on Jan 23
Generating password / cypherSimmons on Jan 1
 Re: Generating password / cypherBen on Jan 2
  Please expandSimmons on Jan 2
 Re: Generating password / cypherSMcNeill on Jan 3
  Wouldn't I need identical random functions on both ends?Simmons on Jan 4
   It's a linear congruential RNGaoue on Jan 4
    QBASIC versionaoue on Jan 4
     * The QB64 source code in libqbx.cpp has this in C/C++.Michael Calkins on Jan 20
 Re: Generating password / cypherMichael Calkins on Jan 20
  *What about the pepper?Kewbie on Jan 20
   * Trying my best to shake that reply off.Pete on Jan 21
  You'll have to forgive meSimmons on Jan 25
New Years ChallengeBen on Dec 27
 Doubt if anyone will top that...TheBOB on Dec 27
 Nice and simple! *Clippy on Dec 27
 QBASIC versionx on Dec 27
  Wouldn't that be aeiou! in FREEBASIC? I'm being facetious...*Clippy on Dec 27
 no titleno name on Dec 30
  *Interesting interaction of particles, trails and gravity. Some potential there.TheBOB on Dec 31
  BeautifulBen on Jan 2
   tySTxx on Jan 3
  It must be meaningful, because if it was pointless, it couldn't exist.Pete on Jan 4
 I wrote this many years agoKewbie on Dec 31
  *Neat! Add _FULLSCREEN after SCREEN 13 (in QB64).TheBOB on Dec 31
  very niceBen on Jan 2
 3D versionBen on Jan 4
  Even better...TheBOB on Jan 4
  * Awesome! I could have used this in my blow up TheBOB's White Cake app. Oh well.Pete on Jan 4
   *I'm still vacuuming cake crumbs out of my keyboard--maybe next New Year.TheBOB on Jan 4
    * Next time code a chocolate cake... and the crumbs won't be noticeable.Pete on Jan 4
     Watch out for Pete with cakes, eh Bob? Missiles anyone? *Clippy on Jan 6
   *what is the white cake app?Ben on Jan 6
    URL *Pete on Jan 6
     Note to Ben...TheBOB on Jan 7
  "...as if they are all coming towards you..."Kewbie on Jan 5
   * Huh? Oh that's right, pot is legal in your state. Sorry. :)Pete on Jan 5
    *Aha! That might also explain why he's lousy at math! (I have no such excuse).TheBOB on Jan 6
     C'mon Bob... I was lousy at math LONG before I smoked my first joint.Kewbie on Jan 7
      *So 60 is less than 150? Good to know (my whole fam loves pot, but I'm allergic to it).TheBOB on Jan 7
      Had 3 or 4 hits a week ago...Clippy on Jan 7
    Yes it is, and I still smoke it. (But I'm abstaining for the month of January.)Kewbie on Jan 7
  You're supposed to BLAST Kew for not STAYING IN THREAD!!!Pete on Dec 25
   No, I still believe in Santa Clause...Clippy on Dec 25
 *Merry Christmas to you too! (will respond in other thread if Clippy insists).TheBOB on Dec 25
  What other thread? Comment all you like!Clippy on Dec 25
desired output not comingJack on Dec 24
 *Explain your purpose/thinking/process. If I input 123454321 it identifies a palindrome?TheBOB on Dec 24
 I get NOT every time.Clippy on Dec 24
  Try this:Clippy on Dec 24
   *Nice job--works great!TheBOB on Dec 24
    I'm thinking the poster found the code as it was awful close alreadyClippy on Dec 24
     *Yeah, I would have used strings, but this is much more elegant (I'm lousy at math).TheBOB on Dec 24
      *Find your OWN excuse Bob. "Lousy at math" is MINE!Kewbie on Dec 25
       *LOL--fair enough. I'm REALLY lousy at math!TheBOB on Dec 25
        And I'm REALLY bad with people.Pete on Dec 25
programsNeelkalpa on Dec 21
 *Is this for real? Or is it a hack job?Simmons on Dec 21
Posting below - Dec 19thHJ on Dec 19
 Did you make a debug file to compare the two versions?Simmons on Dec 20
  differencesHJ on Dec 21
   I don't know if this helps or not...Kewbie on Dec 22
  Another line of logic to look atHJ on Dec 21
   I suspect rounding problemsSimmons on Dec 22
    ThanksHJ on Dec 22
 If you cannot even respond to your pwn thread or find it, then just live with it.Clippy on Dec 20
  Someone's acting out today!!!gopus on Dec 22
 @Ben... (or anyone else)Simmons on Dec 22
  It's something like...Ben on Jan 4
   *base not exponentBen on Jan 4
    Re: *base not exponentBen on Jan 4

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