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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Maze generator using the recursive backtracker algorithmFellippeHeitor on Jan 1
 I tried it all day and still no corn. Just irregulary plowed fields.Big Chief Window Pane on Jan 1
  Saving is quite easyFellippeHeitor on Jan 1
   * I find trying the port preferable to being stuck in the aft.Pete on Jan 1
    If you'd drunk the port, you wouldn't mind being stuck in the aft...TheBOB on Jan 1
     *URNUshouldPete on Jan 1
      Glad I did...TheBOB on Jan 1
       Thank you so much, TheBOB!*FellippeHeitor on Jan 1
       Phonetics for: You (U) are (R) and (N) you (U) should.Pete on Jan 2
        Thanks--you should really publish a book, though--IWCNIIOTUY...TheBOB on Jan 2
         * OKICUR screwing with me again!Pete on Jan 2
          *Wow! I actually got that! GFY!TheBOB on Jan 2
 Interactive versionFellippeHeitor on Jan 1
  Looks very good. Not like QB64 at all.*- on Jan 2
   Well, thanks. The guts, thoughFellippeHeitor on Jan 2
    Reminds me of that ol' grade school song. GUI's are made with greasy grimy BASIC guts...Pete on Jan 3
    I guess Dash didn't.*FellippeHeitor on Jan 3
Happy New Year!Solitaire on Dec 31
 The same to you! ...but, oh, my! ...TheBOB on Dec 31
 Happy New Year!FellippeHeitor on Dec 31
  Isn't that a neat SCREEN 0 effect? I wonder in QB64 if...Pete on Dec 31
   Very likely. Is this a challenge ;-) *FellippeHeitor on Dec 31
   Challenge accepted. Solitaire, I hope you don't mind:FellippeHeitor on Dec 31
    You can't do that with FleaBASIC. Hope Solitaire will download a copy of QB64 to see it...Pete on Dec 31
     Here: http://qb64.org/binbin/1AF1/distant.wav but also,FellippeHeitor on Dec 31
      Don't blame me. It was this darn gopher that set him off...Pete on Dec 31
       Well that gopher and Trump have the same kind of hair and hat.Clippy on Dec 31
 Bob beat me to the reply. Happy New Year...Pete on Dec 31
 *Happy New Year everyone!Kew on Jan 1
  * Happy Kew Year to you.Pete on Jan 1
   *LOL--yeah, all the best for 2017 Kew!TheBOB on Jan 1
 Happy new year!*- on Jan 2
Bouncing boxesFellippeHeitor on Dec 27
 I mean, bouncing boxesFellippeHeitor on Dec 27
  It makesa no sense...Galileo on Dec 27
   Heavier boxes fall faster*.FellippeHeitor on Dec 27
    Very nice...TheBOB on Dec 28
    Maybe in Bill's universe.Pete on Dec 28
     *dont knock it till youve tried it-- spherical cows make the tastiest burgersmn on Dec 28
      *also ive got a great design idea for a filter bag, but it only works in a complete vacuummn on Dec 28
       * Sorry, I live dangerously and smoke my bags without a filter.Pete on Dec 28
    * just say they are in fluid and the physics is fineSTx on Dec 29
     * In that case, I'd recommend using the lighter fluid.Pete on Dec 29
      *does it have music yet? qb64 aside, you could write "box concerto", in dmn on Dec 29
       mn wants the DPunnyPonny on Dec 29
        i dont want yours thoughmn on Dec 29
  Make them balls and make them bounce on walls too.*- on Jan 2
Well this is what I was working on today...Pete on Dec 27
 Shadow is disappearing if too small. Good job so far!*FellippeHeitor on Dec 27
  * Shadow disappears by design. It looks too sucky to have a shadow on a small box.Pete on Dec 27
 *Works as advertised. Nice job--especially in ZERO!!!TheBOB on Dec 27
 It doesn't work for me.Kew on Dec 29
  Lucky for you it comes with unlimited tech support.Pete on Dec 29
   Changing mouse cursors is native to QB64 cause of OpenGLFellippeHeitor on Dec 30
   It's temperamental, but it does work.Kew on Dec 30
    * Well I'm temperemental, but I'm retired! Glad you got it working. :)Pete on Dec 30
     *And here we all thought you were just mental!Kew on Dec 31
      * That's because I like to use my math skills to fool all of the people "sum" of the time.Pete on Dec 31
 Why hold the mouse shortly before start dragging?*- on Jan 2
one of those classic qBasic head bang against wall momentssimmons on Dec 27
 That reminds me what FreeBASIC was designed for...Pete on Dec 27
Tilting maze gamex on Dec 25
 That's really clever! Is there a way out of the third map?*- on Dec 25
  ..fourth, i mean the fourth.*- on Dec 25
   yes there isAlGoreIthm on Dec 28
    Nice animation. No hack-solution for level 4, though.*- on Dec 28
     Spoiler ALERT !!! solution to level 4AlGoreIthm on Dec 28
      * I can fit odd animals in pens but can't get past level 2!Noah on Dec 28
       *LOL! All the answers are below in my post "Maze game cheat sheet".TheBOB on Dec 28
    Just checked out your version, AlGoreIthm...TheBOB on Dec 29
     thank you TheBobAlGoreIthm on Dec 30
     * He's a screen reader cheater, like me. Still waiting on my damn trophy!Pete on Dec 30
      *Yeah, they ran out of bronze, but we have some nice beige house paint--chips anyone?TheBOB on Dec 30
       * If you needed more bronze, you could have just askd. I was born in that Age, you know.Pete on Dec 30
 Brilliant game!Ben on Dec 26
 *Great little game--never saw anything quite like it before.TheBOB on Dec 26
 That's really neat!FellippeHeitor on Dec 26
 Maze game cheat sheet...TheBOB on Dec 28
  Why,FellippeHeitor on Dec 28
   You're welcome...TheBOB on Dec 28
    Here's a maze game version with skip and restart...TheBOB on Dec 28
     Hillary said it didn't work for her...Pete on Dec 28
      *Yes, I think inside the box, but does that make me heavier?TheBOB on Dec 29
       Aha! There is a flaw in the original maze game...TheBOB on Dec 29
     Nice features, TheBOB, but there's a minor bug...Kew on Dec 29
      Sorry, Kew, but I can't seem to generate an error...TheBOB on Dec 29
       Oops, my bad.Kew on Dec 29
       And I just re-downloaded the code and tried again, no problem.Kew on Dec 29
        *LOL--thanks for checking. I love it when things make sense!TheBOB on Dec 29
 Pics!!!!gopus on Dec 28
It may be too early for fireworks, butFellippeHeitor on Dec 25
 New Code Sharring Tax annnounced by the Obama Administration.Pete on Dec 25
  He's really too agitated :-)*FellippeHeitor on Dec 25
 Oops, did it post correctly at the link you provided, because I get errors...Pete on Dec 25
  No issues for me, even copying back from thereFellippeHeitor on Dec 25
   OK, the one posted above definitely works...Pete on Dec 25
 Cool*- on Dec 25
  Well, thanks!*FellippeHeitor on Dec 26
 IMPROVED FIREWORKS! \o/FellippeHeitor on Dec 26
  You, Solitaire and Bob should combine programs...Pete on Dec 26
   *You can use the cityscape, but Joe's on vacation in Aruba. Sorry.TheBOB on Dec 26
    Where's cityscape, dare I ask?*FellippeHeitor on Dec 26
     It's from a game I wrote based on QBasic's GORILLAS...TheBOB on Dec 26
      WowFellippeHeitor on Dec 26
       *Thanks! It was lots of fun--especially when I redid it in QB64 with sound.TheBOB on Dec 26
       * Yeah, Bob's no slouch when it comes to art. He designed the QB64 logo, too.Pete on Dec 27
        as well as thismn on Dec 27
Any solution here ?lisztfr on Dec 25
 not possibleJim on Dec 25
  * your math is perfect, yet you missed the solution. :) I got it for 9, 17 still eludes melkt153 on Dec 25
   The 'psychologica' part was suspectJim on Dec 25
    *I agree--it's like a bar-bet. Once you're told the answer you just groan.TheBOB on Dec 25
 *Simply stated, any four odd numbers added together will always be an even number.TheBOB on Dec 25
  * correct, and therefore that cannot encompass the entire solutionlkt153 on Dec 25
   *So it's a trick question--like thinking beside the box ;-)TheBOB on Dec 25
    *i havent read the article, so im just trying to solve the problem as presented heremn on Dec 25
     *Perhaps, if an animal is dead, it only counts as 1/2?TheBOB on Dec 25
      well i mean if we can do halves...mn on Dec 25
 there are 0 all-odd (relevant) solutions-- 84 if one pen can have an even numbermn on Dec 25
 It would be harder to put one animal in a pencil than any combination of animals in a pen.Pete on Dec 25
  Which post was the answer in? Actually my solution, though funny, works.Pete on Dec 25
   i like your solution-- and now i feel extra bad for people that got "coal..."mn on Dec 25
   Exactly, a bar-bet...TheBOB on Dec 25
    So I got it right according to the article? Nice. But there is another way...Pete on Dec 25
 Qbasic solution (with remarks!)simmons on Dec 26
  translated to fig (url)mn on Dec 26
  Simplified solution, should work for all versions of QBKew on Dec 29
 I have a pen. I have an apple.*- on Dec 26
  * Well if the apple ever falls on your head, be sure to write about it.Sir Isaac Petton on Dec 27
Merry Christmas!FellippeHeitor on Dec 24
 Happy holidays. What was that supposed to resemble?*- on Dec 24
  Ah, I see the link to the ascii art*- on Dec 24
 *He dumped off package and left me the construction work. Re-visit post, tree's assembled!Pete on Dec 24
  Oh, speaking of trees, Bob bought this one at Steve's farm...Pete on Dec 24
   *Ha! Thanks for posting that, Pete. I remember, "Pete likes the choo-choo!"TheBOB on Dec 24
    *Hard to believe but that was 10 years ago! (Pg. 120 in the Archived Forum)TheBOB on Dec 24
     Time flys, but it does so in coach.Pete on Dec 24
      Note to anyone trying my XMas tree code...TheBOB on Dec 24
       There is a similar anomaly with your White Cake program.Pete on Dec 24
        Yes, it's in the CIRCLE statement...TheBOB on Dec 24
         That's one and maybe the only real GLARING goof Rob made in the language.Pete on Dec 24
          Turns out, it was just one line of code!!! ...TheBOB on Dec 25
           *TheBOB, that is soooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!Kew on Dec 29
            *Thanks, Kew! And Merry Christmas!TheBOB on Dec 29
   That was really a soothing scene, theBOB!*FellippeHeitor on Dec 25
    *Thanks! Yeah, especially if you don't have a Christmas tree!TheBOB on Dec 25
  Thanks for the assembly, PeteFellippeHeitor on Dec 25
 Merry Christmas everyone. *Dav on Dec 25
 * Merry Christmas, guys!lkt153 on Dec 25
Got QuickBASIC programs running on Android device...Pete on Dec 23
 *Congratulations, Pete! Looks like Santa read your letter after all!TheBOB on Dec 23
  * Santa? Did I mention it set me back a whole two dollars and sixty nine cents? :)Pete on Dec 23
   *Ho-Ho-Huh? You must've been a naughty boy this year.TheBOB on Dec 23
    Hey I'm not the one keeping the golf course open on Christmas...Pete on Dec 23
     That's not so naughty, really...TheBOB on Dec 23
 Mostly a hack, right?*- on Dec 24
[Announcement] InForm: The ultimate GUI toolkit for QB64FellippeHeitor on Dec 21
 I mean get it here:FellippeHeitor on Dec 22
  How much of non-QB64 code is there here?*- on Dec 22
   There's a few C++ linesFellippeHeitor on Dec 22
 A sample from design to codeFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
  *Very impressive, FH!TheBOB on Dec 23
   Thank you so much, TheBOB! Means a lot. :-) *FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
  * I ran the video 9 times and created a Soduko puzzle!Pete on Dec 23
  Tic Tac Toe Version 2FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
   *Really works well, FH. Just out of curiosity, was InForm written in QB64?TheBOB on Dec 23
    It's all QB64, TheBOB. Version 1.1 is required.*FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
     That's why I haven't tried it yet...Pete on Dec 23
      If you ever decide to try it, let me know. I'm very interested in all feedback I can get.*FellippeHeitor on Dec 23
       OK, OK, OK... What is the best download link to 1.1?Pete on Dec 23
        HereFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
         Well I got the new QB64 1.1 installed.Pete on Dec 23
          What? So where am I supposed to find the FALCON library?!!Pete on Dec 23
           YeahFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
            I trust it, but my anti-virus is more particular.Pete on Dec 23
             https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FellippeHeitor/InForm/master/falcon.hFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
              I compiled the .bas file while the exe was being waterboarded...Pete on Dec 23
               Thanks for trying it, PeteFellippeHeitor on Dec 23
 * Impressive indeed.- on Dec 24
Tried the $RESIZE metacommand on my WP...Pete on Dec 21
QBASIC in the browseraoeu on Dec 21
 * cant paste into it. its just dosbox too.STx on Dec 21
Well I had a chance to add some more stuff to that new WP project I started...Pete on Dec 20
 Oh, dash! Can't run this one either...TheBOB on Dec 20
  What's it that you heard that`s so scary, TheBOB?FellippeHeitor on Dec 20
   Fill - Can the newest release resize a SCREEN 0 window?Pete on Dec 20
    $RESIZing is possibleFellippeHeitor on Dec 20
     Thanks, almost perfect.Pete on Dec 20
      Not that I know ofFellippeHeitor on Dec 20
       Who designed that interface; Henry Ford?Pete on Dec 20
    Also:FellippeHeitor on Dec 20
  Maybe REM out the _SCREENMOVE and see if that does it.Pete on Dec 20
   Thanks Pete, FH...TheBOB on Dec 20
  No horrorible or bad things in the latest QB64 that I know ofWalter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
   *Thanks, Walt!TheBOB on Dec 21
 this works very well!STx on Dec 21
Bob, this is one you might enjoy...Pete on Dec 20
 Can't run it, Pete...TheBOB on Dec 20
  Yes, my radar demo does use the latest version of QB64Walter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
   I'm mystified...TheBOB on Dec 21
    OOPS...Walter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21
  * almost hurts to know that _PI is a qb64 keywordBen on Dec 22
   * thaaaaaank you. i think its only us two who think so.STx on Dec 22
 Runs smoothly. Looking good. *- on Dec 20
 Thank you for sharing my projectWalter Whitman - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Dec 21

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