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About pixel coordinates in programming languages on May 15
 * WINDOW can be used for Cartesian y coordinates on May 15
 the simplest way (besides using WINDOW)stosb on May 15
  Re: the simplest way (besides using WINDOW) on May 15
   *yep, that's all there is to it!stosb on May 15
    a further notestosb on May 15
     * Only problem with your theory is that they STILL do it that way! on May 16
      *i never said they stopped... lol... programmers are sentimental, right? :)stosb on May 16
       *actually it's to make software backward-compatiblestosb on May 16
Updated AssignmentMatt on May 13
 Re: Updated Assignment on May 13
My QB site is back up. on May 12
 why is your site hosted on a lawyer's server?stosb on May 12
  It's a family account on GoDaddy. on May 13
   lol okstosb on May 13
  * I changed it. After the DNS records update, it's nathanbelue.com on May 13
CASEMATT on May 12
 scratch thatMatt on May 12
 Re: CASE (added some more info) (fixed a few typos in the pseudo code) on May 12
  REMATT on May 12
   * I edited my previous post... on May 12
    ThanksMatt on May 12
     * yw. on May 12
  re: case updatedMATT on May 12
   I see 2 main problems on May 12
    RE: two main problemsMatt on May 13
     I see some other potential problems in your program. on May 24
 Example using a boolean variable with a loopSolitaire on May 12
  Re: Example using a boolean variable with a loop on May 12
   Good shortcut. Another example using duplicate data:Solitaire on May 13
    going a bit off topic... on May 13
     Yes, in VB.NET:Solitaire on May 13
just downloaded qb64stosb on May 12
 Re: just downloaded qb64 on May 12
  that's too badstosb on May 12
   Re: that's too badDocfxit on May 13
    I've not heard of itstosb on May 13
while wendmatt on May 12
 type conversionstosb on May 12
  REMATT on May 12
   yesstosb on May 12
    REMATT on May 12
   Re: RE on May 12
    RE:REMATT on May 12
     Re: RE:RE on May 12
 to expand on what stosb said... on May 12
  thanksmatt on May 12
   Re: thanks on May 12
  It should be noted that comparing against -1 for truth is a bad idea.John Q. Boolean on May 12
   ...matt on May 12
   Re: It should be noted that comparing against -1 for truth is a bad idea. on May 12
Getting error 62 reading a com portDocfxit on May 11
 well i don't know butstosb on May 12
  another thing would bestosb on May 12
   * This did get rid of error 62. But nothing is inputDocfxit on May 13
    *lol well maybe nothing is being sent?stosb on May 13
  * I get the same error 62. Check for EOFDocfxit on May 13
 Yeah, get rid of the loop on May 12
  Re: Yeah, get rid of the loopDocfxit on May 13
Problems passing ARRAY from SUB to SUB (continued)Matt on May 10
 I made some changes... on May 11
  Good but..Matt on May 11
   Oi... on May 11
    REMatt on May 12
     * No problem. yw. on May 12
     At least that means that you want to learn. on May 12
  My usage of SLEEP in the menu loop is incorrect on May 12
 UGH..mATT on May 12
  Re: UGH.. on May 12
I downloaded qb64 but won't runTom Geiter on May 10
 Re: I downloaded qb64 but won't run on May 10
QBasic under XP - changing from full screen to a window on May 10
Passing ARRAY "FROM" SUB to SUBMATT on May 9
 I assume you mean other than DIM SHARED... on May 9
  Passing arraysSolitaire on May 10
   i believe you can alsostosb on May 12
    * That might be PDS or VB or something. QBASIC won't let you. on May 12
     *i thought it was qb4.5stosb on May 12
      you're right on May 14
QBX CompilerNestor on May 7
 Re: QBX Compiler on May 7
  Re: QBX CompilerNestor on May 8
   I'm not very sure. on May 9
 Flick me the code...Galleon on May 8
  Re: Flick me the code...NĂ©stor on May 8
   What PDS keywords does it use? on May 8
   RE: so, if QB64 do not support the code as is, I think have no chance...Galleon on May 9
I'm new on May 7
 Welcome aboard, Mr. Jonathan. on May 7
 * Here is a discussion from June 2005 (URL) on May 7
A better way to code debugsDocfxit on May 5
 Is there a wayDocfxit on May 8
  Re: Is there a way on May 8
   How could I make this work?Docfxit on May 8
    * You're missing an $ on May 8
     * Thank you. That worked great.Docfxit on May 11
Compile without QB64 on May 5
 QB64.exe -c %1 on May 5
  Thanks on May 5
   Try this: on May 5
    *Thank You on May 6

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