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Any users from the old #qbchat days? (#en.qbchat)zer0python on Sep 1
 Yes, many of us do remember Alipha...TheBOB on Sep 1
  i had a peltkore account, i'm 99% certainmn64 on Sep 16
 sup...gopus on Sep 1
 * Yes his Home Page is gone too!Clippy on Sep 1
 I'm confused about the bi... part.Pete on Sep 3
  *LL! (Pat, I'd like to buy an "O" please).TheBOB on Sep 3
Graphics Demoasdf on Aug 27
 *Wow, that's gorgeous--nice job!TheBOB on Aug 27
CalculationAfolorunshor on Aug 19
 Insane?JT on Aug 19
 Are you commissioning someone to write a program for you?Solitaire on Aug 19
 Re: CalculationMichael Calkins on Aug 21
 Wrie a prog? Homework? Try praying * * *Clippy on Aug 21
Attention all seasoned QBasic programmersAlGoreIthm on Aug 14
 This TYPE of programSeasonedQBASICprogrammer on Aug 14
 it would probably have to be an operating systemmn64 on Sep 16
cant get speechmark character to work!Julian on Aug 5
 Re: cant get speechmark character to work!Michael Calkins on Aug 6
 Quotation characters denote the ends of strings so use CHR$(34)Clippy on Aug 9
helpnew basic on Aug 1
 * What program? Please continue posting to the thread you started.Solitaire on Aug 1
calculationbasicstudent on Aug 1
 Please do not start a new thread about the same problem.Solitaire on Aug 1
single dimension arraysnew basic on Aug 1
 Some hintsSolitaire on Aug 1
 * a C++ example (URL)Michael Calkins on Aug 2
 DATA keyword delimitersJT on Aug 4
 Issues with DIM, DATAJT on Aug 4
calculationbasicstudent on Aug 1
 Re: calculationPete on Aug 1
Will not calculateBware on Jul 31
 Your variable is mistypedJT on Aug 1
  I goofedJT on Aug 4
Can't CompleteBWare on Jul 28
 Re: Can't Completea on Jul 28
Create sequential data filebasicstudent on Jul 26
 Re: Create sequential data filePete on Jul 27
  Create sequential data filebasicstudent on Jul 31
read data single dimension arraysbest on Jul 26
For/next loopnewbie on Jul 26
 Re: For/next loopSMcNeill on Jul 26
 Total not shownSolitaire on Jul 27
QBasic on AndroidPete on Jul 24
 Re: QBasic on AndroidJim on Jul 24
  Re: QBasic on AndroidSMcNeill on Jul 25
   Sure it will be if you do it! *Clippy on Jul 25
   Valid points Steve, however...TheBOB on Jul 25
   Bob nailed it. QB64'ers are also getting it bassackwards.Pete on Jul 25
    * Well at least your Android journey has not gone too far away...Clippy on Jul 25
    come on manJim on Jul 29
     * Forever if you never need to!Clippy on Jul 30

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