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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in!Michael Corleone on Oct 6
 find another waymn on Oct 6
  No! No! No!Pete on Oct 6
   good. by the way, in case you ever wonder if i'm serious about what i saidmn on Oct 6
who needs a mission statement when we can have a missionary statement?mn on Oct 6
when pete sees the posts about fpga-basic (upba) here is the version just for himmn on Oct 6
 *i'm not unaware of the fact that by the time that happens,you won't care. still good ideamn on Oct 6
  What's old will be new again.Scotty on Oct 6
   That's what I trying to get you cave dwellers to see!Not Really Steve on Oct 6
    Security to the bridge!Captain Kirk on Oct 6
     * Logic would imply we need to use libraries.Mr. Spock on Oct 6
      Why thank you Mr. Spock...Pete on Oct 6
     you forgot about pin-basicmn on Oct 6
      The only useful keyword in PinBASIC is Ball_ReturnPete on Oct 6
       in the future there is no need for thosemn on Oct 6
        Ohh, ooh, Mr. Kotter, pick me, pick me!Arnold Horshack on Oct 6
 In the 'real world' dialects never matteredBen on Oct 8
  that's an almost cynical take on thingsmn on Oct 8
   *to put it more tersely: is there no point at all, in a language being flexible?mn on Oct 8
what this forum is really aboutmn on Oct 5
 another thing this forum could bemn on Oct 5
well coming from the top, sdl is dead (wrong live gl)mn on Oct 5
 *i don't doubt you'll be able to get it somewhere, it just won't be in the downloadsmn on Oct 5
 Wipe your feet before coming back to this forum.Pete on Oct 5
  i wear shoe covers when i go over theremn on Oct 5
   also stxaxtic or michael could really help with this onemn on Oct 5
 Re: well coming from the top, sdl is dead (wrong live gl)Ben on Oct 8
  my feelings about sdl vs gl aren't very strongmn on Oct 11
The Past, Present, and Future of N54 (and ME!)SMcNeill on Oct 5
 so "the qbasic and moaning about qb64 board" has your endorsement?mn on Oct 5
 Isn't it OBVIOUS that Pete is MAD about QB64's direction? Not this forum'sClippy on Oct 5
  no one expects people to quit qb64 to tak anywheremn on Oct 5
   I'm blushingThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
    *nice to hear from a fellow who-vian. i hope you'll continue to feel welcome heremn on Oct 5
     Thank you againThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
      * wal-ter and men-on-ite sit-tin in a tree ;-)ANONxYxMOUS on Oct 5
       *gee i wonder who "anonxyxmous" could be... :Pmn on Oct 5
 Steve's just running out of straw to build his straw men.Pete on Oct 5
 QB die hard...angros47 on Oct 9
  i wish it was as simple as that (it's probably close, but...)mn on Oct 9
   Re: i wish it was as simple as that (it's probably close, but...)angros47 on Oct 10
  p.s. galleon never told us to switch. he was never arrogant about his qb being "better"mn on Oct 9
   *Neither v1ctor ever told to switch, mine was a joke, of courseangros47 on Oct 10
    *that's fairmn on Oct 10
 Let MN take over like he did years ago and you will get even LESS HELPClippy on Oct 10
  well it's true, it might drown out some of your television listings on the cafe forummn on Oct 10
   I post stuff that excites Pete here.Clippy on Oct 10
    by definition, anyone leaving means less trafficmn on Oct 10
     Pete invited people from QB64 here to post off topic stuff too.Clippy on Oct 10
      two problems with what you're sayingmn on Oct 10
I PERSONALLY LOVE WHERE QB64 IS GOINGThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 4
 worm? check. hook? check. cast? check...STxAxTIC on Oct 4
  it was a nice message, didn't even seem sarcastic (i think that makes it unique)mn on Oct 4
   I am happy!The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
    *i like the gfx thunbnails, especially dreamy clockmn on Oct 5
     Thank YouThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
      you had a tutorial on adding keywords in a particular style????mn on Oct 5
       The style part was a punThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
        you added to the left of the underscore! (i'm going to need more punctuation)mn on Oct 5
         This was talked aboutThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
          i made it to the endmn on Oct 5
           "Come back Shane! Shane come back!"The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
            mine was higher level, more abstract and philosophicalmn on Oct 5
             I have no opinion about BASICThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
              i think the next thing to hope for will be fpga-basicmn on Oct 5
               more on fpgaSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
                I'm into themBen on Oct 5
                i think you can get what i'm saying heremn on Oct 5
                 *that's "flip flop" of course. i don't know what a "flipflip" is, or how it coulmn on Oct 5
                 * trying to reconcile this with your other views (cant yet)STxAxTIC on Oct 5
                  *It is the "Can't we just get along?" viewpoint of a person caught in the middle of a war on Oct 5
                   no it isn'tmn on Oct 5
                  just forget my OLD views. be about the future!mn on Oct 5
                 what is an 'fpga' basic?Ben on Oct 5
                  i mean a basic language that's sort of like an fpgamn on Oct 6
                   Roddenberry beat you to it. Well, sort of...Pete on Oct 6
                    the future is already here, it just isn't evenly distributed yetmn on Oct 6
              a sincere "thank you" to waltmn on Oct 6
               Your welcome MNThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 6
                *glad to know. take caremn on Oct 6
 Well then do something JOYFUL and get QB64 to work in AndroidClippy on Oct 5
  I wish I could ClippyThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
Welcome to the QBasic and Lies about QB64 Boardmn on Oct 4
 Or how about we base it on the movie, Coders of a Lesser GodPete on Oct 4
  cool, now everytime i think about this whole debacle, i'm going to picture marlee...mn on Oct 4
   Well, I figured if Bill was going to introduce a cast of characters...Pete on Oct 4
    i just thought you were implying the new guard is deaf...mn on Oct 4
     Well obviously. See Walter's message titles for example...Pete on Oct 5
      Wasn't trying to yellThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
       Wait! I was trying to get Steve's attentionThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
       Thank you. We do have mods here that see all caps as yelling.Pete on Oct 5
        I forgot I already had an account hereThe Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
        i used to view all caps as yellingmn on Oct 5
         Maybe that's why they put Steve on the wiki.Pete on Oct 5
          "q-tipping"mn on Oct 5
Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...Pete on Oct 4
 that should be easy enough to domn on Oct 4
  No! No! No!Pete on Oct 4
   *whoops, sorry :)lol on Oct 4
 Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
  Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...mn on Oct 4
   Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
    Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...mn on Oct 4
     Re: Steve made a project, OK, here's my project...SMcNeill on Oct 4
      *steve, at this point all i can say is that you're a liar. it's pointless talking to you.mn on Oct 4
       how about a take 2STxAxTIC on Oct 4
        yeah, use the search featuremn on Oct 4
         * what name did you post under?STxAxTIC on Oct 4
          urlmn on Oct 4
          here's anothermn on Oct 4
           looks like i enjoyed "modern" features as far back as 2012mn on Oct 4
            of course there are two other possibilitiesmn on Oct 4
           i've seen this one before...STxAxTIC on Oct 6
            you probably saw it on a subforum heremn on Oct 6
  What I did instead was open a new forum where you can post naked pictures of your ex. *URLPete on Oct 4
 one more thank you to galleonmn on Oct 5
Regarding teaching of QB in schools:Solitaire on Oct 4
 agreedmn on Oct 4
 I could have posted that, but it speaks volumes coming from a teacher.Pete on Oct 4
  at some stage, you need professional developers to make a professional languagemn on Oct 4
 That's what the QB64 WIKI documents. *Clippy on Oct 4
 * I think you guys forget Terry Ritchie DOES teach using QB64...SMcNeill on Oct 4
  *does he send his students here, or do they go to the qb64.net forum?mn on Oct 4
  Let's go bowling with Steve...Pete on Oct 4
   it's going to be tricky to explain bowling.mn on Oct 4
    * LOL - Strike!Pete on Oct 4
    Re: it's going to be tricky to explain bowling.SMcNeill on Oct 4
     you have your own language. the rest of us use BASIC.mn on Oct 4
     Oh please! At least throw rocks at sticks for crying out loud!Clippy on Oct 5
 Solitare is completely rightSTxAxTIC on Oct 4
  "even if we don't succeed, is that we can agree on what QB64 should look like and feel..."mn on Oct 4
 To be taken seriously, what you need....Solitaire on Oct 4
  If we had a feature freeze right nowLuke on Oct 4
   we are IN a feature freeze, effectively, right?STxAxTIC on Oct 4
    Re: we are IN a feature freeze, effectively, right?Luke on Oct 4
     "Why not just focus on having a language *you* want to use?"mn on Oct 4
      * i did, named it Sxript.STxAxTIC on Oct 4
     Oh now Android is the #1 Priority?Pete on Oct 4
      Here's your URLLuke on Oct 4
       Luke, you aren't up on stuff at all.Pete on Oct 4
        I'm lost, to be honest.Luke on Oct 4
         You and Steve need to turn the volume down on your selective hearing aids...Pete on Oct 5
          I was refering your previous post just aboveLuke on Oct 5
           No you just think you are up on stuff, and you are clearly not.Pete on Oct 5
            i honestly think he just misunderstood youmn on Oct 6
             so pete, consider my previous post part ii (or v. 2.0) of this onemn on Oct 6
     * i'll belive you when the absent General actually does itSTxAxTIC on Oct 4
    formalizing would of coursemn on Oct 4
    while gotos present a notable problem for hll-programmingmn on Oct 4
    i've been following your critique so far,& so far it's been pretty accurate BUT (question)mn on Oct 4
     Tried it once, hated it.Pete on Oct 4
      without galleon, qb would have turned into fb before it was even "free"mn on Oct 4
   Incidentally...K on Oct 4
    Clarification of the static pointLuke on Oct 4
     I suspect they're static for perceived performance reasonsK on Oct 6
For Solitaire, TheBOB, and MichaelPete on Oct 2
 Why not just split the board in half to QB and QB64Clippy on Oct 2
 Re: For Solitaire, TheBOB, and MichaelMichael Calkins on Oct 2
  Michael, a few more points...Pete on Oct 2
   Re: Michael, a few more points...SMcNeill on Oct 2
    In reply to Steve...Pete on Oct 3
     Re: In reply to Steve...SMcNeill on Oct 4
      this is a qbasic (and qb64?) support forum. that creates an issuemn on Oct 4
       Re: this is a qbasic (and qb64?) support forum. that creates an issueSMcNeill on Oct 4
        DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME STEVE!The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 4
 My opinion:Solitaire on Oct 2
  So, perhapsMichael Calkins on Oct 2
   * Yes, I think that makes sense.Solitaire on Oct 2
   Actually,Solitaire on Oct 2
    We're getting close.Pete on Oct 2
     New place for QB / QB64 Code and QB homework will be...Pete on Oct 2
    Re: Actually,Michael Calkins on Oct 3
     no one here is going to help with developmentmn on Oct 3
      QB64 Developement is a tough cookie to sell (or promote)!The Joyful Programmer a.k.a Waltersmind on Oct 5
       If quite is the goal...Pete on Oct 5
  The Mods should keep the forum on topic.Clippy on Oct 2
   *Good point, I'm in the process of removing all your stupid off-topic political images.Pete on Oct 2
  Re: My opinion:Pete on Oct 2
   * Didn't you hear? Rob quit teaching.Luke on Oct 2
    Let me catch you up, Luke.Pete on Oct 2
     I knew all thatLuke on Oct 2
      * And now you know that I knew Rob isn't a teacher anymore, too.Pete on Oct 2
  IE: Get rid of this kind of thread in the QB forum... *Clippy on Oct 3
 I would prefer it that way, Pete...TheBOB on Oct 3
  How about a specific QB and QB64 HELP ForumClippy on Oct 3
   Not a bad idea, Clippy, however...TheBOB on Oct 3
  Bob, I'm on the same page, but speaking of pages....Pete on Oct 3
   *Good luck -- I'll support whatever you decide.TheBOB on Oct 3
A preview of Steve's new statments for the dirty builds.Pete on Oct 2
 _NO, but it is close to true... *Clippy on Oct 2
 Not quite...SMcNeill on Oct 2
  Well if that's the case then you best explain that in the WIKIClippy on Oct 2
   Re: Well if that's the case then you best explain that in the WIKISMcNeill on Oct 2
    OK, I thought you had to add the library yourself *Clippy on Oct 2
  *bravo Steve!STxAxTIC on Oct 2
   Not me: thank Luke for this one.SMcNeill on Oct 2
    * I'll buy into this and call it: Pete Parts Company with QB64.Pete on Oct 2
has anyone asked Klangaroo about this?STxAxTIC on Oct 1
 I remember reading about that at his game blogPete on Oct 2
* Network54 must have fixed the backslash bug. We don't have to double them anymore.Michael Calkins on Oct 1
 i will believe it when i see it per subforum, i hope it doesn't break existing posts :Pmn on Oct 1
  * s/space/slash/gmn on Oct 1
  testMichael Calkins on Oct 1
   * Strange. It's working right for me now, but not for you...Michael Calkins on Oct 1
    it might be a matter of encodingsmn on Oct 1
     let's try elinksmn on Oct 1
     *Firefox is set to Unicode, by which, I assume it means UTF-8Michael Calkins on Oct 1
      *there used to be a menu that made this easier in fx. iac i don't think we solve it soonmn on Oct 1
C is for cookieThe Cookie Monster on Oct 1
 * Guys, I still haven't got that damn song out o my head! You're not helping!Pete on Oct 1
  what you need is a different song (url, xkcd)mn on Oct 1
 *this is why the internet was inventedmn on Oct 1

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