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Message TitleAuthor and Date
chrismas treesKeith on Dec 24
 *Very nice - I can almost smell the scent of pine.TheBOB on Dec 24
Qbasic downloadnewb on Dec 24
 Re: Qbasic downloadMichael Calkins on Dec 24
 __ OR __ (URL)*OPRESION on Dec 25
 * If you want the EXE making version let me knowClippy on Dec 26
Map Editor Projectgopus on Dec 22
 Re: Map Editor Projectno name on Dec 22
  Why the **** is everyone on here so snarky?gopus on Dec 23
   *that's not very niceno name on Dec 23
   as you can see...no name on Dec 24
    *Not true. I've had this forum bookmarked for centuries.Kewbie on Dec 24
     *No, make that "eons".Kewbie on Dec 24
 Re: Map Editor ProjectMichael Calkins on Dec 23
 the bare patches of grassDick on Dec 24
  it's not an algorithmno name on Dec 29
   that's ridiculousDick on Dec 29
    So a terrain tool?gopus on Jan 5
 *gopus, what happened to your comics?no name on Jan 10
qb64 bookLeon Schrecengost on Dec 18
 No just our WIKI (link)Clippy on Dec 18
 QBASIC bible?no name on Dec 19
  There is, but he died on the cross-platform.Pete on Dec 19
   AND he always forgot the asterisk so we let him retire...Clippy on Dec 20
   is he going to RETURN from his sub routine?no name on Dec 20
    No, he will return in the Cloud.Pete on Dec 20
     I'm dreaming of a RGB(255,255,255) christmasno name on Dec 21
      You all are going to "HELLo world."gopus on Dec 22
       only spaghetti coders GOTO hellno name on Dec 22
        I think that means god hates italiansno name on Dec 22
         well i just broke the 6th commandment of forum threadsno name on Dec 29
OPEN statementAzhar on Dec 17
 *The name is too long; remember DOS filenames 8.3David on Dec 17
Subroutine not workingCallen on Dec 16
 variable scopeJohn Connor on Dec 16
  Re: variable scopeCallen on Dec 17
   The sub is workingDavid on Dec 17
    Re: The sub is workingCallen on Dec 17
 once you get it working,AlGoreIthm on Dec 21
  Very old school-ishAlGoreIthm on Feb 3
   Not so-old-school-ish ...AlGoreIthm on Feb 4
qbasic for windows 7-8Leon Schrecengost on Dec 11
 Use QB64 insteadClippy on Dec 11
  qb64Leon Schrecengost on Dec 12
   YesJason Micha on Dec 15
 You could also try DosBOXDave on Dec 15
Sound isn't workingWendy on Dec 10
 Couple of problems...TheBOB on Dec 10
  Still no soundWendy on Dec 11
   That was my fault, Wendy...TheBOB on Dec 11
    Thanks!Wendy on Dec 12
     *yw!TheBOB on Dec 12
  Bob, I'm curious about something...Kewbie on Dec 12
   You're right, of course...TheBOB on Dec 12
QB64 Window SizingOLD_COBOL_APP_PGMR on Dec 8
 Re: QB64 Window SizingPete on Dec 8
If you tried to join the QB64 Forum READ THISClippy on Dec 8
 ThanksDavid on Dec 11
  Still no responseDavid on Dec 14
  Some fonts will not work in the text mode SCREEN 0Clippy on Dec 15
   The answer was in the wikiDavid on Dec 16
    *you will notice that the back slashes have been removedDavid on Dec 16
Semi colon doesn't prevent the line from breakingWendy on Nov 27
 2 quick solutions:SMcNeill on Nov 27
 You didn't do anything incorrectly...TheBOB on Nov 27
  *Sniffle* Bob must not love me... Or like my examples at least. Wah!! ;)SMcNeill on Nov 27
   *LOL - actually, I thought your answer was better than mine. I posted before seeing yours.TheBOB on Nov 27
 Thanks!Wendy on Nov 28
status bardon on Nov 21
 You will need to create a data file...TheBOB on Nov 21
  Re: You will need to create a data file...don on Nov 21
   Re: You will need to create a data file...SMcNeill on Nov 21
 TOTS? How many tots are in the bottle?Clippy on Nov 21
2014 - Moving on to other things...Pete on Nov 16
 I think that's a good call, Pete...TheBOB on Nov 16
 * Well said.Michael Calkins on Nov 16
 Why doom this site by telling everybody you are leaving?Clippy on Nov 16
 Sorry to see you go,Solitaire on Nov 16
 We'll miss ya Pete, ...SMcNeill on Nov 16
  QB64 GL unstable ???michael on Jan 25
 Pete, you will be missedMoneo on Nov 20
 Wish you the best, Pete.Dav on Nov 22
Beep sound from programSarah Victor on Nov 14
 * Post your code.Solitaire on Nov 14
 Re: Beep sound from programMichael Calkins on Nov 14
  Re: Beep sound from programsarah Victor on Nov 18
   *Of course, it's always possible that you were leaning on the space bar -- a thought.TheBOB on Nov 18
    *or had a pizza crumb holding a key down....SMcNeill on Nov 18
   Re: Beep sound from programMichael Calkins on Nov 18
 Are you part of the healthcare.gov development team?Pete on Nov 14
  Re: Are you part of the healthcare.gov development team?Clippy on Nov 15
Linux IDE change font size?NigelH on Nov 8
 Re: Linux IDE change font size?Pete on Nov 8
  Linux qb64nigelH on Nov 12

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