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i have a request for steve (there is no money in it)mn on Jan 15
 here is the c++ to help implementationmn on Jan 15
the -x switch doesn't do its job in steve's sdl version (it's probably not just his ver)mn on Jan 15
the original 2 authors of basic wanted it to be in the public domainmn on Jan 15
GL Slow? No big surprise there, other than the way it was advertised...Pete on Jan 14
sleep and cls and some numeric / string variablesmn on Jan 14
 *left$ and right$ are implementedmn on Jan 14
  indentation... easier than first thoughtmn on Jan 14
   So if your file was Clip then...Clippy on Jan 14
    *yes, so i would advise against translating a basic program called clip.basmn on Jan 14
   good looking output vs. output that works wellmn on Jan 14
    ok, for... next is implementedmn on Jan 14
     coolSTx on Jan 14
      thanksmn on Jan 15
       new: for p = 1 to 12: color p: print mid$("hello world!",p,1);: next : color 7 : printmn on Jan 15
        qb2py now a single binary (you still need qb64 to compile qb2py) except for cyberbit.ttfmn on Jan 15
       You can do GOTO and GOSUB but it is uglyqbguy on Jan 15
        that's not just ugly, it's too hard to domn on Jan 15
I'm a total rookie where graphics are concernedKewbie on Jan 13
 paint sucks, but it (usually) works if you know how to talk to itmn on Jan 13
  Steve will paint any program for just $9.95!Pete on Jan 13
   i already wrote a basic routine that works or can work on multi-color bordersmn on Jan 13
  Thanks menno, that worked! But...Kewbie on Jan 14
   this is why good poly routines (circle, rect, etc) have an option to fill themselvesmn on Jan 14
    and no i don't have a filled circle routinemn on Jan 14
     sorry, i guess i liedmn on Jan 14
      LOL. I thought maybe "lie" was a typo for "line". I might tryKewbie on Jan 14
       i don't know if it would be faster, but it's the only way to get concentric colors of...mn on Jan 14
     Re: and no i don't have a filled circle routineSMcNeill on Jan 14
      *yknow, sometimes i'm even more right than i realize at firstmn on Jan 14
      See, I told you Steve could paint any circle for only $9.95. Now go find Lucy...Pete on Jan 14
       we've needed that support subforum ever since pete berg elevated himself to minor godhoodmn on Jan 14
        * Leave Pete Berg out of this!Clippy on Jan 14
         *nomn on Jan 14
        Wrong! Because I just watched the X-mas special, and it still costs 5-cents.Pete on Jan 14
         *that's enjoyable logic. so if i watch 1776, ben frankllin is still alive? he's a fun guymn on Jan 14
      My results:Kewbie on Jan 14
       Re: My results:SMcNeill on Jan 14
        *You're dealing here with someone who can balance his bank account... sometimes correctlyKewbie on Jan 14
         Re: *You're dealing here with someone who can balance his bank account... sometimes correctlySMcNeill on Jan 14
          WOW! Thanks, Steve.Kewbie on Jan 15
johnny b wants qb64 to go in /usr/bin, i don'tmn on Jan 13
 Windows 7 does not require admin approval.Pete on Jan 13
  *glad to know. thanks petemn on Jan 13
 This is another message by menn that will not read in the main forum listClippy on Jan 13
 Re: johnny b wants qb64 to go in /usr/bin, i don'tLuke on Jan 13
  no need to reread; the title says johnny wants to, not galleonmn on Jan 13
   * Johny b and Luke should argue this out for themselves...STx on Jan 13
    wait, you're butting in to tell people not to butt in?mn on Jan 13
     * Why not? I argue with The Universe all the time. :)Pete on Jan 13
   * Sorry, I thought you knew: that's me as well.Luke on Jan 13
    OH! you're johnny b.?mn on Jan 13
     * Enjoy my teaching style menn?STx on Jan 13
      *i didn't realize you were joking, but hey, that's greatmn on Jan 13
what bloats qb64 the most? (measured in terms of qb64 compiling itself)mn on Jan 12
 *this is based on the latest sdl, not the gl versionmn on Jan 12
 Pay the Amusing Steve $10 and you put a fish out of work for a week.Pete on Jan 12
  *i don't think steve's sdl version is any slower;it's just compiling a 1.2 - 1.4 MB sourcemn on Jan 12
   Not slower, but maybe he could tweak the compile time.Pete on Jan 13
    my predictions for qb64 (also i kept stripping ide stuff out until it took half the time)mn on Jan 13
     Re: my predictions for qb64 (also i kept stripping ide stuff out until it took half the time)Pete on Jan 13
      Re: my predictions for qb64 (also i kept stripping ide stuff out until it took half the time)mn on Jan 13
Stupid QBASIC tricksqbguy on Jan 11
 Another syntax abuse (this time in C)qbguy on Jan 11
 Brings back some good memories...Pete on Jan 11
  A variationSolitaire on Jan 12
the latest qb64 program that qb2py translates to a python script with the same outputmn on Jan 11
 i found the elusive routine that was adding "useless" parametersmn on Jan 12
  *__SINGLE_X = 0 ... if qb64 had output python instead of c/++mn on Jan 12
   how does qb64 make variables case INsensitive? it ucase$'s each one while converting to cmn on Jan 12
    i don't actually care a lot about "better looking code"mn on Jan 12
  This task is much easier if you approach it from the C++ side.Luke on Jan 12
   that might be fine if you can get started...mn on Jan 12
    All I'm suggesting is take a peekLuke on Jan 12
     Just be quick about it, before peek is no longer supported...Pete on Jan 12
      i'm already creating my own main.txt just finemn on Jan 12
       and no, peek is not supportedmn on Jan 12
        the output of that from the translator ismn on Jan 12
         It does remind me why I quit coding in C...Pete on Jan 12
          mostly it reminds me why i never code in c in the first placemn on Jan 12
         Ont thing that might help you with your projectSMcNeill on Jan 12
          tough choice!mn on Jan 12
     all i'm saying is a peek didn't help (i'd rather do it your way if it's easier!)mn on Jan 12
menn, Can you run a quick speed test for meSMcNeill on Jan 11
 more than half a benchmark might take a whilemn on Jan 11
  *but iow, i never had an issue with their existence, only their names and argumentsmn on Jan 11
   well, i figured out you're running a faster computer than i am (that's no surprise)mn on Jan 11
    That's about what I expected.SMcNeill on Jan 11
     That's because CHR$(0) is not nothing!Clippy on Jan 11
     there is already a good language for transitioning from basic to cmn on Jan 11
      here's what i'd rather see for transitioning to c... (in qb64)mn on Jan 11
       Re: here's what i'd rather see for transitioning to c... (in qb64)SMcNeill on Jan 11
        So how does your version fix the string memory leaks?Clippy on Jan 11
        the family wouldn't move, and we had to build the mall, so we just gassed the familymn on Jan 11
         one alternative out of perhaps many... (url)mn on Jan 11
        I wasn't aware of a leak thereLuke on Jan 11
         Re: I wasn't aware of a leak thereSMcNeill on Jan 11
     BTW they still need documented in the WIKIClippy on Jan 11
 Hey Amusing Steve.Pete on Jan 11
  Re: Hey Amusing Steve.SMcNeill on Jan 11
   No, you're "saying" it's 300x faster...Pete on Jan 11
    Re: No, you're "saying" it's 300x faster...SMcNeill on Jan 11
     "the only person in qb64 land who uses large db's"mn on Jan 11
      *So how would you have named the command?Luke on Jan 11
       we already hashed that out once, on this forummn on Jan 11
     Is it even ANY faster at all when you remove UCASE$?Pete on Jan 11
      it's possible that the program lied, but i'm the one that came up with 3000xmn on Jan 11
       It still was a BS test.Pete on Jan 11
        i'm pretty sure i understand what he's trying to domn on Jan 11
         I make a hobby out of hating exaggerated BS, just like 4 out of 5 dentists.Pete on Jan 11
          don't need snake oil, i got my own python translatormn on Jan 11
           SNAKE OIL ANYONE?Pete on Jan 11
         Leave my name out of your SLANDER and bad math!Clippy on Jan 11
          Ah, the "Clippy and the Libs" was menn quoting me...Pete on Jan 11
        Re: It still was a BS test.SMcNeill on Jan 11
         Ah, but I speed up my code just by using QB better.Pete on Jan 11
          I'm still waiting for somebody to show me that it can't be done in LibrariesClippy on Jan 11
           Good point...Pete on Jan 11
           Re: I'm still waiting for somebody to show me that it can't be done in LibrariesLuke on Jan 11
          Re: Ah, but I speed up my code just by using QB better.SMcNeill on Jan 11
           why i insist on believing youmn on Jan 11
           * Run the code in the "SNAKE OIL ANYONE?" post.Pete on Jan 11
            let's talk about what steve's benchmark does, it seems to be the biggest pt of contentionmn on Jan 11
             ok, nevermind that, your second test ran really fastmn on Jan 11
              Re: ok, nevermind that, your second test ran really fastSMcNeill on Jan 12
               Well again, everybody knows that...Pete on Jan 12
                the problem with using ucase$ at the file input point...mn on Jan 12
                 Ah, but think it through...Pete on Jan 12
                  first you insult my intelligence, then imply i have a lack of imagination?mn on Jan 12
                   Not you, but FB crusaders sure did.Pete on Jan 12
                    *thanks for clarifyingmn on Jan 12
                  Re: Ah, but think it through...SMcNeill on Jan 12
                   are you talking to pete, or to me?mn on Jan 12
                    Re: are you talking to pete, or to me?SMcNeill on Jan 12
                     *some aspects of the post seemed to directed to each of us invididually. nm, thanksmn on Jan 12
                      *Whoa... sit a good thing we don't exitsDyslexia Police on Jan 12
                   I have done these things Steve, you are just too uncreative to get how.Pete on Jan 12
             Waitng on that aha moment...Oprah on Jan 11
              oprah has gotten more condescending with age and successmn on Jan 12
               My objective was to debunk the degree of superiority.Pete on Jan 12
                there are lots of reasons one could have run faster than the othermn on Jan 12
         is the steve's stuff folder coming back?mn on Jan 11
          * Steve's Folder STUFFS you!Soviet Russia on Jan 11
         Looks like the ignorant arguing with the more ignorant to meClippy on Jan 12
          * Really? If it wasn't for cut and paste, you wouldn't have made it past the 3rd grade.Pete on Jan 12
qb64 mousewheel problemKeith on Jan 10
 * Works for me!Clippy on Jan 10
 *Works for me tooKewbie on Jan 10
 Are you on Linux, by any chance?Luke on Jan 10
  * Was it reported? If not then do so!Clippy on Jan 10
   * Calm down, it's on the bug list.Luke on Jan 10
    This may be a bug in the windows version. It definitely is NOT a big deal.Kewbie on Jan 10
How many fanatical mathematicians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?Pete on Jan 9
 *oh great, now they're using underscores as suffixes too...mn on Jan 9
I'll pay Steve $10 a month to quit QB64 and fix Notepad!Bill Gates on Jan 9
 QB64 now has two other IDE's. Use Dav's or Cyperium'sClippy on Jan 9
  Let me go get my sock puppet, and try this again.Pete on Jan 9
   LOL, I thought you already made at least one of them if not more *Clippy on Jan 9
    I think this one will be number 5.Pete on Jan 9
     A transfer file I imagine *Clippy on Jan 9
      And I don't need the amusing Steve to do it.Pete on Jan 9
       Where'd ya get .951? *Clippy on Jan 9
        Downloaded it some time ago, before all hell broke loose.Pete on Jan 9
         galleon wants update to be broken (he probably has a point)mn on Jan 11
          Sounds like he has a lot of ideas swirling around in his head.Pete on Jan 13
           *i cover that in my other post today, closer to the top of the pagemn on Jan 13
QB64-SDL Steve v0.954H now availableSMcNeill on Jan 9
 i'd rather get them directly from steve or rob, if that's possiblemn on Jan 9
  quickly, why i hate all things like dropboxmn on Jan 9
   * Much ado about nothing. Dropbox has NEVER had a delay!Clippy on Jan 9
    *your idea of what's "nothing" is worthless without a stupid political cartoonmn on Jan 9
  *incidentally steve, bitly is not better. like clippy, it actually compounds the problemmn on Jan 9
   * wonder WHO mentioned my name?Clippy on Jan 9
    *oh, gee... i don't know WHO...GAS? on Jan 9
 Steve get Bitly and create a short link to your Dropbox downloadsClippy on Jan 9
  *the only thing that makes me want to "cry" is how stupid you are. y can't you ever stfu?mn on Jan 9
 Linux versionLuke on Jan 9
  *7.5? this is getting downloaded today! thanks for the sha-1mn on Jan 9
  Luke beat me to the announcement.SMcNeill on Jan 9
   he's fast. he beat me too...mn on Jan 9
  Luke really butchered it!Pete on Jan 9
   * Good thing or your GOP would have to pay off their Deficit!Clippy on Jan 9
 QB64-vH for Linux builds is now available as well.SMcNeill on Jan 9
 * Consider making a git repo for this release. Best way to distribute.STx on Jan 9

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