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Lots of spam has been posted here,Solitaire on Sep 15
 We keep getting flooded with spam in foreign languages.Solitaire on Sep 16
  pete must knowmn64 on Sep 16
   also an offer, with caveatmn64 on Sep 16
    i can see the flaw with this planmn64 on Sep 16
    Re: also an offer, with caveatMichael Calkins on Sep 17
  Did you read them? Use Google Translate?Clippy on Sep 16
   *Several were posted using Russian or Chinese characters.Solitaire on Sep 16
    I deleted several more.Solitaire on Sep 17
     whoa, is deleting legitimate posts the new policy?mn64 on Sep 17
      It wasn't important, or I wouldn't have deleted it.Solitaire on Sep 17
       *ok, cool, thanksmn64 on Sep 17
     Re: I deleted several more.Michael Calkins on Sep 17
qb64 vs. q-nb-64mn64 on Sep 15
 one more thing...not steve jobs on Sep 15
  hey there mr calkins!mn64 on Sep 15
   howdy, pardner.Michael Calkins on Sep 15
    P.S.Michael Calkins on Sep 15
    west coast, you say?mn64 on Sep 15
     *that is, "install something OVER windows 8"mn64 on Sep 15
      *Michael Calkins on Sep 15
      NOTE to mn64: Do not begin post title with an asterisk*Solitaire on Sep 15
       it's a joke/tradition of sorts, like an easter egg (easterisk)mn64 on Sep 15
        *I don't always check them anymore.Michael Calkins on Sep 17
         *i never counted on itmn64 on Sep 17
     Re: west coast, you say?Michael Calkins on Sep 15
      no it's ok, that's enough detail alreadymn64 on Sep 15
       Re: no it's ok, that's enough detail alreadyMichael Calkins on Sep 15
        *you are either very brave or slightly crazymn64 on Sep 15
Major Headrush - ACCOUNT ACTIVATEDWalter Whitman - The QB64 Edition on Sep 14
QB64 x64SMcNeill on Sep 14
 *That's good news. Thanks!TheBOB on Sep 14
 wait, so is 32-bit mode GONE?mn64 on Sep 15
  Re: wait, so is 32-bit mode GONE?SMcNeill on Sep 15
   thank goodnessmn64 on Sep 15
 The 64 bit version will seldom be necessary for most QB64 programsClippy on Sep 15
  Re: The 64 bit version will seldom be necessary for most QB64 programsSMcNeill on Sep 15
   how hard would it be to ask it to compile both?mn64 on Sep 15
    Re: how hard would it be to ask it to compile both?SMcNeill on Sep 15
   * For devices with 2GB of RAM or less, I think that it is best to have 32 bit OS and apps.Michael Calkins on Sep 17
    I'd agree with that, but...SMcNeill on Sep 17
Screen 0 "blinky" colorsNthrill on Sep 9
 Re: Screen 0 "blinky" colorsSMcNeill on Sep 9
  Re: Screen 0 "blinky" colorsSTxAxTIC on Sep 9
   Re: Screen 0 "blinky" colorsMichael Calkins on Sep 10
  blinky dinkynthrill on Sep 9
 To stop "blinking" in SCREEN 0...TheBOB on Sep 9
  blinkynthrilla on Sep 9
   Now I get it...TheBOB on Sep 9
    blinkNthrilla on Sep 13
     * Did you know there was a QuickBasic available for the Mac?Solitaire on Sep 13
      *I didn't! Wow.Nthrilla on Sep 14
     *Never heard of the games or the programmer, but there definitely are some gems out there.TheBOB on Sep 13
 Blinking can be disabled in SCREEN 0Michael Calkins on Sep 10
  *Aha! A real programmer weighs in. Thanks, Michael.TheBOB on Sep 10
   * We're all real programmers, just with different areas of experience.Michael Calkins on Sep 10
    I appreciate it...TheBOB on Sep 10
     error-free is important, especially in this era of vulnerabilities.Michael Calkins on Sep 11
      No need to feel that way.Solitaire on Sep 12
      dude, you still use xp...mn64 on Sep 15
     well saidAlGoreIthm on Sep 14
  Good job, Michael!Solitaire on Sep 10
   ThanksMichael Calkins on Sep 11
    QB45 version.Michael Calkins on Sep 14
 Special EffectsSolitaire on Sep 10
 You can make intense colors with OUT tooClippy on Sep 14
OT.. : nice bag :Lisztfr on Sep 8
 *thisspamhunter on Sep 17
qb64.net is offline...fatman2021 on Sep 4
 * Exactly WHY are people posting about QB64 forum status here?Clippy on Sep 4
 * I have no problem accessing either of those links.Solitaire on Sep 5
Untitled*qb64.net is offline... on Sep 4
 What else is new? It is offline more than on!Clippy on Sep 4
 i couldn't fix it...anonymous on Sep 4
QBasic/QB64 math environmentSTxAxTIK on Sep 1
 am really into itgoerge on Sep 3
  then you'll love my...STxAxTIK on Sep 4
   remember thisgoerge on Sep 4
    yikes, THAT long?wfbarnes/STxAxTIK on Sep 4
 Qb45 versionSTxAxTIC on Sep 10
Any users from the old #qbchat days? (#en.qbchat)zer0python on Sep 1
 Yes, many of us do remember Alipha...TheBOB on Sep 1
  i had a peltkore account, i'm 99% certainmn64 on Sep 16
 sup...gopus on Sep 1
 * Yes his Home Page is gone too!Clippy on Sep 1
 I'm confused about the bi... part.Pete on Sep 3
  *LL! (Pat, I'd like to buy an "O" please).TheBOB on Sep 3
Graphics Demoasdf on Aug 27
 *Wow, that's gorgeous--nice job!TheBOB on Aug 27
CalculationAfolorunshor on Aug 19
 Insane?JT on Aug 19
 Are you commissioning someone to write a program for you?Solitaire on Aug 19
 Re: CalculationMichael Calkins on Aug 21
 Wrie a prog? Homework? Try praying * * *Clippy on Aug 21
Attention all seasoned QBasic programmersAlGoreIthm on Aug 14
 This TYPE of programSeasonedQBASICprogrammer on Aug 14
 it would probably have to be an operating systemmn64 on Sep 16
cant get speechmark character to work!Julian on Aug 5
 Re: cant get speechmark character to work!Michael Calkins on Aug 6
 Quotation characters denote the ends of strings so use CHR$(34)Clippy on Aug 9
helpnew basic on Aug 1
 * What program? Please continue posting to the thread you started.Solitaire on Aug 1

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