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Legacy of QB on Dec 13
 yesmn64 on Dec 13
 Re: Legacy of QBPete on Dec 16
  Yes but ... on Dec 21
   qb64 code = qb code + _mn64 on Dec 21
ArrowsBen on Dec 12
 i don't know if this is better for thebob's 3d forummn64 on Dec 12
  I can't post on thebob's forumBen on Dec 16
   it'd be neat if you could use it that waymn64 on Dec 17
   *p.s. try it with javascript turned off in whatever browser you're using nowmn64 on Dec 17
 I shot an arrow into the air... on Dec 13
  i've really gotta do part ii before spring...mn64 on Dec 13
  I'm trying to improve on this programBen on Dec 13
   Also, this one is pretty coolBen on Dec 13
    *any program that can make efficent use of PAINT isn't using physics-- it's using Magicmn64 on Dec 13
    *I love the splatter! Very nice. on Dec 13
interesting visual on Dec 8
 like!mn64 on Dec 8
  and here is a nearly solid version for youmn64 on Dec 8
   Here's a completely solid version on Dec 11
    Bug fix + antialiasing enabled on Dec 11
     very smooth...mn64 on Dec 11
      Too bad we can't make use of the gpu.... on Dec 12
       how do you do?i'm a gpu on Dec 12
        Re: how do you do? on Dec 13
    Slightly Better Version...but much slower on Dec 11
     Colors on Dec 11
      like the rainbow, but... it's missing a color, no?mn64 on Dec 11
       violetBen on Dec 12
        nice! makes me wonder...mn64 on Dec 13
         Re: nice! makes me wonder...Ben on Dec 13
  I like to add mouse interactivity on Dec 8
   ...brilliant! (this one isn't interactive, but it's a little more like the one i made)mn64 on Dec 9
    Great stuff guys... on Dec 9
 For QB4,5 Any on Dec 11
  yep, it ismn64 on Dec 11
How to get the value of FI have the following formula: on Dec 6
 Re: How to get the value of FI have the following formula: on Dec 6
 please clarify on Dec 6
How to find this value? on Dec 6
 Re: How to find this value? on Dec 6
 You're close... on Dec 6
  * +I, not +1... on Dec 6
   *Old guy eyes. Thanks, Michael. on Dec 6
    * :-) on Dec 6
     Missing multiples of 4David on Dec 6
      * :-P I'm not reading carefully enough. on Dec 6
Command line compilerqbnewb on Dec 4
 yes (URL)mn64 on Dec 4
  thanks!qbnewb on Dec 4
 Re: Command line compiler on Dec 4
to galleonyou know who it is on Dec 2
 If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake...Pete on Dec 2
  the heck you say!mn64 on Dec 2
 it's nice to hear from you again. on Dec 2
  if you're going to sell out, sell out to c plus plusmn64 on Dec 2
 some people just can't move on...gopus on Dec 3
  and some people still don't get it...mn64 on Dec 3
   I was being ironical...gopus on Dec 3
    me too, it turns outmn64 on Dec 3
     *That's right!gopus on Dec 4
inquire on Nov 30
 Re: inquire on Nov 30
Need help really bad on Nov 28
 See the Homework Policy listed at the top right of this page.Solitaire on Nov 28
I changed the string value... on Nov 27
 Throw that textbook away. on Nov 27
 You really need to learn your data types. on Nov 27
  I see what happened. You tried fixing one problem, but created another. (1 PS) on Nov 27
 An example in a different style. on Nov 27
  *(URL) rewritten in C++. on Nov 28
 Another example on Nov 27
 Nevermind I figured it out... but where would it go in the context of my program? on Nov 27
  Type MisMatch Error on Nov 27
   You cannot do math with a stringSolitaire on Nov 27
    *If I take out the string would that work? on Nov 27
     Would what work?Solitaire on Nov 27
Subscript out of range on Nov 25
 countDavid on Nov 25
Some Elementary Questions about QB64 on Nov 24
 Re: Some Elementary Questions about QB64 on Nov 24
Pi CalculationOboe Shoes on Nov 23
 Pi using qbasicdavid on Nov 24
  * I enjoyed your programsGeorge on Nov 25
 Re: Pi Calculation on Dec 15
Sequential FileJay on Nov 20
 * Don't you have a textbook that explains how to do it?Solitaire on Nov 20
 And if you don't have a textbook... on Nov 20
  I do but it doesn't explain it wellJay on Nov 20
   No it doesn't (in QB at any rate). Here... on Nov 20
    Ok so would an example be like this?Jay on Nov 21
     Syntax error on Nov 21
      I've seen code like this before. on Nov 21
       Yeah probablyJay on Nov 21
        Re: Yeah probably on Nov 21
       inquire on Nov 30
        Do you mean the .EXE? on Nov 30
      several things: (1 P.S.) on Nov 21
       I fixed the mistakes I think but on Nov 23
        I fixed the mistakes I think but*Jay on Nov 23
         *asterisks in post titles like that usually mean an empty post. on Nov 23
        Re: I fixed the mistakes I think but (1 edit) on Nov 23
         Actually, my VAL() suggestion is not ideal... on Nov 23
          Ok so like this? on Nov 23
           Sorry, no... (1 edit) on Nov 23
            Can't believe i messed up on the string again on Nov 23
             Re: Can't believe i messed up on the string again on Nov 23
              I have to read the data from a .dat and print a chart of commission rates on Nov 23
               Re: I have to read the data from a .dat and print a chart of commission rates on Nov 23
                Ok I does clear things up so basically.... on Nov 24
                 It does clear things up slighty... (EDIT)Jay on Nov 24
                  to the screen only on Nov 24
                   Ok so it would be like this? on Nov 24
                    No... (perhaps some advice from the other members?) on Nov 24
                     I glanced through your other topics. on Nov 24
                    Variable assignmentsSolitaire on Nov 24
                     After spending time fixing both my input and output files.. on Nov 25
                      Check your variable names. on Nov 25
                       I did and now get an (I think I was looking an the wrong code) on Nov 25
                        There is a difference between INPUT and LINE INPUT on Nov 26
                         I tried your suggestion.... on Nov 26
                          Re: I tried your suggestion.... on Nov 27
                           *Ok I will try that.. thanks on Nov 27
                            We've been seeing this same homework assignment here for 25 years...Pete on Dec 3

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