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surprise... unhappy with the qb64 forum todaymn on Jan 7
HiMoneo on Jan 6
 * Hi Moneo. Great to have you drop by!Pete on Jan 6
 * Happy new year.Dav on Jan 6
 *Hey, great to hear from you. All the best in 2015!TheBOB on Jan 7
 * Howdy, Moneo. It's nice of you to drop by.Michael Calkins on Jan 8
I wonder why QB was never made to do this...Pete on Jan 6
 The word BASIC comes to mind... *Clippy on Jan 6
  Who's mind? It can't be yours, the thought train doesn't stop there...Pete on Jan 6
   it's more like asmmn on Jan 6
 i never understood why put required fixed length strings...mn on Jan 6
  RANDOM files required fixed lengths to define the record size.Clippy on Jan 6
   piling functions into another action isn't overkillmn on Jan 6
  Actually, fixed length strings are not required.Pete on Jan 6
   no, clippy's right, i think it's just like that for reading them.mn on Jan 6
    No, Clippy's wrong. CONST = Clippyswrong!Pete on Jan 6
     You have only a 9 byte record. 10 won't workClippy on Jan 6
      *QB64 is broken here.SMcNeill on Jan 6
       What's the asterisk for goofy? Use LEN = 13 for 11 byteClippy on Jan 6
        Re: What's the asterisk for goofy? Use LEN = 13 for 11 byteSMcNeill on Jan 6
         It works the first PUTClippy on Jan 6
         This is a discovery I made about 15+ years ago...Pete on Jan 6
          Re: This is a discovery I made about 15+ years ago...SMcNeill on Jan 6
           As long as they are using Windows, yes!Pete on Jan 6
            it says 1234567890 (and on the next line it says qwerty)mn on Jan 6
           * Analyze the file and see what's in the extra 2 bytesClippy on Jan 6
            Goodness. The 2-extra bytes are filled with goodness. Oh and about Linux...Pete on Jan 6
             A file is made with 2 bytes over the length of the PUT stringClippy on Jan 6
   I read an article on this once in the KB...Dav on Jan 6
    * Thanks Dav!Pete on Jan 6
 The way I've dealt with that restrictionKewbie on Jan 6
Why are MENNONITES posts coming up NOT FOUNDClippy on Jan 5
 it's your browser. if anyone actually WANTS to read my posts (secret message inside)mn on Jan 5
regrettably, i must abandon the gl version at this time, for stabilitymn on Jan 5
 thirty-one downloads! an additional 9.7 mb!mn on Jan 5
  oh... this is goooodmn on Jan 5
   for p in *.bas ; do ./qb64 -c $p ; donemn on Jan 5
    *Well guess what? SDL is planned to be totally scrapped so enjoy!Clippy on Jan 5
     duuuh!mn on Jan 5
     Stupid is as stupid does.Forrest Grump on Jan 5
      the community is pretty helpful and tolerant, even though i'm a general pita..mn on Jan 5
       The crew of the Titanic was said to be helpul and tolerant, too.Admiral PITA on Jan 5
        a partial plan to keep qb64 afloat for goodmn on Jan 6
         * Once again you fail to comprehend what OpenGL is.Luke on Jan 8
          once AGAIN? oh no, k-9 must have been humping the tardis parking brake again!doctor q on Jan 8
           * In that case I apologize.Luke on Jan 8
            *no problemmn on Jan 8
       partial chat logmn on Jan 5
        * Please make sure you have the other chat participants permission to post.Pete on Jan 5
         *good man. i removed everyone but luke and myself, and i asked luke.mn on Jan 5
 Does glxgears run?Luke on Jan 5
  running fine... also i don't hibernate evermn on Jan 5
   *still running, no sf's. turning it off now. (20 minutes later)mn on Jan 5
 Would you mind taking the time to generate a stack trace?Luke on Jan 5
thankfully, they never broke shell in qb64mn on Jan 4
New Problem: Is 0.99999999999 with infinite 9's.......STxAxTIC on Jan 4
 * It's like your wife says, you keep coming up short.Pete on Jan 4
  *LMAO how you know that Pedro?Clippy on Jan 5
   * The same way I know you're half the man he is, through YOUR wife. :)Pete on Jan 5
 Hey, this is just another infinite series question!Luke on Jan 5
  Correct. TOO correct even...STx on Jan 5
   Too easyLisztfr on Jan 5
    Sorry Lisztfr, it actually IS that simple.STx on Jan 5
     * 1/(1-1) should read 1/(1-x)Typo Police on Jan 5
     * Sorry, you cannot use a finite number to describe an infinite process.Dr. Phill O'sipher on Jan 5
      * Wrong Phil, stick to quack psychology.STx on Jan 5
       * Let's work with a whole number: What's forever - 1?Forever and a Day on Jan 5
      philosophy of mathJim on Jan 5
       * You've only shown that YOUR math is far from reality.STx on Jan 5
       If nothing lasts forever. How long does something last?Pete on Jan 5
        Re: If nothing lasts forever. How long does something last?SMcNeill on Jan 5
         A power outage is not a QB conditional statement, so you are off-topic.Pete on Jan 5
          Re: A power outage is not a QB conditional statement, so you are off-topic.SMcNeill on Jan 5
           people are still running screens with black pixels?mn on Jan 5
           * _stopusingupmycpu would be a better use of your time.Pete on Jan 5
            depends on the power settings.mn on Jan 6
   Here's one for youJim on Jan 5
    * S is a divergent series so 1-S = 1-1+1-1+1-1... is illegal.STx on Jan 5
     further reading URL*Jim on Jan 5
      * See, told ya. (In addition, it's a useless series.)STx on Jan 5
       more...Jim on Jan 5
        * "quantum physics math" = what outsiders call itSTx on Jan 5
   X = 0.8888888...Lisztfr on Jan 6
    And further more, there is no proofLisztfr on Jan 6
    10X-X = 9 and 8/9 = 0.888...Jim on Jan 6
     9XJim on Jan 6
    Aplogetically, you are wrong again, several times.STx on Jan 6
     * explucion = exclusionSpelling Police on Jan 6
 *(URL) The only way this is relevant to QBASIC is if we are discussing IEEE 754-1985.Michael Calkins on Jan 5
  *good guess. that's what it is!mn on Jan 5
A basketball is dropped from 10 feet and...Math Entrance Exam on Jan 3
 Re: A basketball is dropped from 10 feet and...Luke on Jan 3
  Convergence is a mind-blower, huh...STx on Jan 3
   Actually, Luke and Buzz are both right...TheBOB on Jan 3
    That's like you and your girlfriend moving halfway together on a couch repeatedlyClippy on Jan 3
    * Not quite. Buzz is still wrong. It's finite even mathematically.STx on Jan 3
     * not if it bounces forever without friction or air resistanceClippy on Jan 3
     I would LOVE to see some proof of that! ...TheBOB on Jan 3
      The proof, as requested...STx on Jan 4
       No argument...TheBOB on Jan 4
        * Xeno's paradox is misleading, not a paradox, and usually wrong.STx on Jan 4
         Zeno*Spell check police on Jan 4
          *That's right! I must have been thinking of xeno as in xenophobia and the like.TheBOB on Jan 4
           * Or Xeno, Warrior Tranny.Bad Television on Jan 4
         You're right about that, STx...TheBOB on Jan 4
         misleading perhaps, but always close to the truth (without making actual contact!)mn on Jan 4
    Re: Actually, Luke and Buzz are both right...SMcNeill on Jan 4
     Either that or an ignorant farmer flapped his mouth...*Clippy on Jan 4
     I think your God theory is the most likely, Steve...TheBOB on Jan 4
      rubber compression is a likely factormn on Jan 4
       Yes, inertia is also a factor...TheBOB on Jan 4
        sometimes god needs to stop nudging...mn on Jan 4
      Good grief! Now we have to prove that God exists too?Clippy on Jan 4
       *well, you already prove he has a sense of humormn on Jan 4
 * 2 infinity and beyond!Buzz Lightbeer on Jan 3
 What does this have to do with QBASIC?Michael Calkins on Jan 5
  Correct, but...Pete on Jan 5
A Farm ProblemGUxExST on Jan 2
 solutionasdf on Jan 2
  That's right, I wrote:GUxExST on Jan 2
  WRONG!SMcNeill on Jan 2
   Can you grow a Meyer lemon?Jim on Jan 2
    Re: Can you grow a Meyer lemon?SMcNeill on Jan 2
     Yep I bitch and Steve doesn't plant anything anyhowClippy on Jan 3
     * Any insight on why white grapefruit is so much better than red grapefruit?Jim on Jan 5
    *Try citron jam (Cedrat)lisztfr on Jan 3
 Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Kewbie on Jan 3
  *i think it's okay, because the person that posted it is a physics teacher, not a studentmn on Jan 3
  * No worries Kewb, although thx for your concern!GUxExST = STxAxTIC on Jan 3
 * these belong in "Challanges", "Miscellaneous", or "Community Cafe".Michael Calkins on Jan 5
spirograph (kewbie)Ben on Jan 1
 *Another surprise! Really good--makes me think about animated machines as a possibility.TheBOB on Jan 2
 Kewbie: Requested InterfaceBen on Jan 2
 Two WheelsBen on Jan 2
  fractalBen on Jan 2
More work done on GUI.Pete on Jan 1
 Bill Gates, is that you? ...TheBOB on Jan 1
  Well you don't have to be insulting!Pete on Jan 1
   Actually, I never had a Windows version with the helpful paper clip...TheBOB on Jan 2
   Isn't this reinventing me?Wheel on Jan 3
How you compute square roots ?lisztfr on Jan 1
 I did a presentation on this once, here are a few slides.STx on Jan 1
  username: physics password: sxript2015STx on Jan 1
   A guy walks into a deli with $15. He needs 2 x as much ham as cheese, but...Pete on Jan 1
    * No, he says "Stop using a ridiculous unit of measurement".Luke on Jan 1
     Hey, stop ragging on the US Dollar!Pete on Jan 2
    he was a dollar short of getting whole pounds anywaymn on Jan 2
     and in basic...mn on Jan 2
    Re: A guy walks into a deli with $15. He needs 2 x as much ham as cheese, but...SMcNeill on Jan 2
     good guess. two other possibilities...mn on Jan 2
      Re: good guess. two other possibilities...SMcNeill on Jan 2
       *nicely done. sorry2say, i doubt most owners are that ontheball. most lack your "can do"mn on Jan 2
     WRONG!Mr. Spock on Jan 2
      You're right!SMcNeill on Jan 2
       I'm just trying to make a %^&%^ sandwhich! How about this one for a digital deli...Pete on Jan 2
    This thread started as calculus but devolved to a struggle with arithmetic!STxAxTIC on Jan 2
     I already came up with the solution before I posted it...Pete on Jan 2
      So nobody's up for the new deli quiz?Pete on Jan 4
       lol, what kind of scale are you using to weigh that, anyway?mn on Jan 4
        It's a digital deli...Pete on Jan 4
 Re: How you compute square roots ?SMcNeill on Jan 1
  This is only *linear* interpolationlisztfr on Jan 2
  * Ok works nice, i didn't learn thatlisztfr on Jan 2
oop is coming (the good news: galleon has to "get around to it" first.)mn on Dec 31
 Stupid is as stupid codes.Forrest Grump on Dec 31
  i don't disagree. in fact i said yesterday...mn on Dec 31
   * QB64 OOP: The technology of yesterday in the distant future.Pete on Dec 31
    we've seen what oop does to vb, .net, and c(++)mn on Dec 31
     Well I'm not worried, because they aren't going to get there anyway.Pete on Jan 1
      you're obviously more of a chiropractor than a psychologistmn on Jan 1
       If I could live in the world where we consider ourselves really fortunate to have this...Pete on Jan 1
 HA HA the QB OOP CONTROVERSYgopus on Jan 1
  * Relatively speaking...That's a crowd!Pete on Jan 1
  gopus doesn't get itmn on Jan 1
   Okay except...gopus on Jan 2
    no, you're definitely a troll. i know you used to be a reg...mn on Jan 2
     Listen...gopus on Jan 3
fizzbuzzfizzbuzz problem on Dec 30
 A different way to Fizzbuzz the same...SMcNeill on Dec 30
  i'm not familiar with this onemn on Dec 31
 Re: fizzbuzzSMcNeill on Dec 31
  Avoiding the regretable select caseDavid on Dec 31
   Re: Avoiding the regretable select caseSMcNeill on Dec 31
    You have a point about variablesDavid on Dec 31
     Don't blame SELECT CASE for GOTO *Clippy on Dec 31
     Re: You have a point about variablesSMcNeill on Dec 31
      * Make sure you try with the -O3 option to g++ as wellLuke on Dec 31
  I don't think it could get much simpler, or easier to read than that...mn on Dec 31
logical notmn on Dec 30
 Logical NOTSMcNeill on Dec 30
  *even bettermn on Dec 31

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