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things that have changed since the days of qbasicmn on Jan 31
Another update re-posted to the Code forum for the WP.Pete on Jan 30
 maybe instead of selling part of it, you should sell the whole thingmn on Jan 30
qb64 wiki check: 727 pagesmn on Jan 30
 * and I did most of them and edited all of them at one time or anotherClippy on Jan 30
  it pisses me off that galleon says he will delete some of themmn on Jan 30
   *actually the only one i didn't get was QB64_Wiki:Current_eventsmn on Jan 30
   NOT MUCH! He only wants to remove SDL referencesClippy on Jan 30
    *shrug* ok. *mn on Jan 30
     SHRUG? You wanted to start another battle eh?Clippy on Jan 30
      that's not what shrug (ever) means...mn on Jan 30
       There's a WIKI download for off line. Just kidding you silly...*Clippy on Jan 30
    Well let's strive for some clarity then...Pete on Jan 30
     Most of the references were differences with GLClippy on Jan 30
      So we are only looking at one page then...Pete on Jan 30
       there's probably an important difference between deleting full pages vs just references...mn on Jan 30
        Most info is in the FAQ page about the DLL'sClippy on Jan 30
     Re: Well let's strive for some clarity then...SMcNeill on Jan 30
      Galleon controls the pagesClippy on Jan 30
       It's it's, not its...Punctuation Police on Jan 30
        LOL no I've just been praying! *Clippy on Jan 30
      Amusing Steve. If I happen to see that farmer you mentioned...Pete on Jan 30
       he really doesn't get it. an unknown .zip from any time isn't a useful alternativemn on Jan 30
        Re: he really doesn't get it. an unknown .zip from any time isn't a useful alternativeSMcNeill on Jan 30
         i've already said two times it's not about an archive, and that yours doesn't work formn on Jan 30
  Re: * and I did most of them and edited all of them at one time or anotherDav on Jan 30
   Thanks! I look at it often too! I forget too.Clippy on Jan 30
if you could do anything to make basic more "basic," what would you change?hfac on Jan 30
 I started programming on a Commodore 128...TheBOB on Jan 30
  *the c64 was one of the most amazing machines ever built; i was spoiled& neglected by ibmmn on Jan 30
  I started on a TI99-4A. A whopping 16K memory!Pete on Jan 30
   *do not pass GOTO, do not free 0.2K of rammn on Jan 30
  speaking of early contemporaries of qbasic...mn on Jan 30
single command to print out an array (to the screen)mn on Jan 30
I broke Open Office! WP, it's not for the faint of heart...Pete on Jan 30
 the best windows text editor i ever used was scite...mn on Jan 30
 * I liked MS Word too. My fav (still use it) is AmiPro.Dav on Jan 30
codemn on Jan 30
 moremn on Jan 30
  *this is a case for x 98 chr returning "b" but x "b" chr also returning "b&mn on Jan 30
   this is bettermn on Jan 30
Run and gun vs. a well thought out plan...Pete on Jan 28
 most of the coding i do, i do for funmn on Jan 28
 Even as a professional programmer, I used the run and gun method.Kewbie on Jan 28
  I'm like you, in that regard, Kewbie...TheBOB on Jan 28
  And that's why they invented JavaBen on Jan 29
   It's an interesting thought in the progress of technologyBen on Jan 29
    As in all game engines are created equal.Pete on Jan 29
     * Great points Bob... and sadly I think Pete's right about games.STx on Jan 30
     * OOPS, that's Ben, not BobSTx on Jan 30
      Bill, have you checked? My hunch is what you have is a theoretical degree in physics.Pete on Jan 30
       *****Clippy on Jan 30
        Nobody says that about Pete's mother! *Asterisk Police on Jan 30
         * LOL, caught me that time. I had to keep trimming it down to fit!Pete on Jan 30
       * I don't work my ass off to be called a fraud by Pete. F*CK OFF with that.STx on Jan 31
        Settle down Sheldon...Pete on Jan 31
         * You prolly wouldn't know a physicist from a psyclist anyway, so why would I answer you?STx on Jan 31
          * Sounds like a Schwinn, Schwinn situation to me.Pete on Jan 31
           very funnyJim on Jan 31
            But in Bill's defense, he has lots of experience working with sine waves...Pete on Jan 31
             * Half-dead cats aside, I get the sense Pete doesn't know the first thing about physics.STx on Feb 1
              I skipped ahead, I know the last thing about pyhysics, and also biophysics.Pete on Feb 1
               *What happens to an object in Vegas remains in VegasSir Isaac on Feb 1
*Projects promoting programming in "natural language" are intrinsically doomed to fail.E.W. Dijkstra on Jan 27
 DIJKSTRA considered deadmn on Jan 27
i'm finally convinced, basic is a cultmn on Jan 27
 I didn't completely read everything you said,Kewbie on Jan 27
  what i was apologizing for, was simply thismn on Jan 27
   Hey, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that I know nothing about it, and...Kewbie on Jan 27
    the only thing more tiring than arguing here would BE expecting people to agreemn on Jan 27
 Re: i'm finally convinced, basic is a cultGets on Jan 27
  is there such a thing as a very elaborate straw man? you seem to have built onemn on Jan 27
   *JUST* to clear the record,Kewbie on Jan 27
    ...mn on Jan 27
   This title has 5 words.Luke on Jan 27
    *all true.mn on Jan 27
    *WRONG! It had FOUR words and a number. ;)SMcNeill on Jan 27
     * `echo "This title has 5 words."|wc -w` gives 5.Luke on Jan 27
      I actually find that rather interesting.SMcNeill on Jan 27
       * I think for numbers over 100, use digits. If <100, spell it out.STx on Jan 28
        Did they teach that in theoretical physics, or is it written on your sippy cup?Pete on Jan 28
         *Pete, surely you KNOW that fifty-7 percent of all rules are made to be broken! :-DKewbie on Jan 29
          * SMART A55Pete on Jan 29
           *That's A$$, dumbA55. Ewe get a ph!Kewbie on Jan 29
            Careful Kew...Pete on Jan 29
             * is this the Grammar Club now?Clippy on Jan 29
              * You'd better hope not.Pete on Jan 29
             Believe me, Pete, I gave that some thot.Kewbie on Jan 29
         * LOL @ sippy cup. Ya kill me Pete! (Although I think I'm right.)STx on Jan 29
        In IEEE standard it's <10Ben on Jan 29
         * That's what I remember from school, in a lifetime far, far away.Pete on Jan 29
         * Yup, 10's more like it. Nice1.STx on Jan 30
 You really need a breakBen on Jan 27
  it's probably considered polite in australia to pop into a chat and call people cluelessmn on Jan 27
   Re: it's probably considered polite in australia to pop into a chat and call people cluelessSMcNeill on Jan 27
    *yes, thank you for that, brother mcneillmn on Jan 27
   Interesting ordealBen on Jan 27
    LOL at clueless, as if your 'clues' matter.Ben on Jan 27
     *this is good for an insult, but not much for refuting anythingmn on Jan 27
    Re: Interesting ordealmn on Jan 27
     Re: Interesting ordealThe Ghost of Mennonite Past on Jan 27
      that was total sarcasmmn on Jan 27
     Was clearly a joking postBen on Jan 28
      well, you could always setup a filter proxy...mn on Jan 28
_TITLE is AWESOME!Kewbie on Jan 27
 Sorry, we're phresh out of parades...Pete on Jan 27
  Ok, I can accept that.Kewbie on Jan 27
   Your education is tops. Your assessment just wasn't well knit together.Pete on Jan 27
    it's my fault, i believe, i convinced kew to try qb64mn on Jan 27
     I don't feel misguided in the least. You managed to pique my curiosity about QB64...Kewbie on Jan 27
      *thanks, i feel bettermn on Jan 27
    *Help --> About says QB64 Version 0.980Kewbie on Jan 27
     Re: *Help --> About says QB64 Version 0.980SMcNeill on Jan 27
I'm sure I will take over the world when I get my "F" key repaired...Pete on Jan 27
 *Or you could always go after the PhrenchKewbie on Jan 27
new five year plan for this forummn on Jan 27
 *You'll need to, as I'm certain it won't be you...SMcNeill on Jan 27
  *whatever. it'll take five years just for you to match clippy's intellect.mn on Jan 27
   * Personally, I'd ask him for a refund, but he probably already spent it on straw.Pete on Jan 27
    i have a much better ideamn on Jan 27
     * Have fun and code sounds better, Steve and the pests, aside.Pete on Jan 28
      HFACmn on Jan 28
     * Menn, stop naming me and my circumstances or else.STx on Jan 28
      don't EVER talk to me again, william f barnes.mn on Jan 28
       Yet ANOTHER "I'll never talk to you again post" by menn.SMcNeill on Jan 28
        This from the guy who doesn't know if he's coming or going.Pete on Jan 28
         Re: This from the guy who doesn't know if he's coming or going.SMcNeill on Jan 28
          And that's why I refer to you as the Amusing Steve...Pete on Jan 28
         i have witnessed brother mcneill's flaccid comprehension and contextectomies beforemn on Jan 28
       * Let me clarify this "threats" thing.STx on Jan 29
        Asterisks are reserved symbols for titles without message text.Pete on Jan 29
         * My bad, my bad. I knew that...STx on Jan 29
menn, here's a fig leaf in pure QB...TheBOB on Jan 26
 thanks so much, i'll have to try this as soon as i can... hour or twomn on Jan 26
  *It was just for the fun of it--I didn't mean it to be THE logo.TheBOB on Jan 26
 * Freaking amazing.Pete on Jan 26
  *Thanks, Pete. I was going to show the figs, but that would defeat its whole purpose.TheBOB on Jan 26
   * I'm getting on in years, but could probably create Raisin BASIC. How's your grapeleaf?Pete on Jan 26
    *LOL--you're too modest.TheBOB on Jan 26
 gorgeous...mn on Jan 26
  Thanks! Here's a 48x48 reduction of the QBasic fig leaf...TheBOB on Jan 27
   *perfect. now, all i gotta do is write a language for it.mn on Jan 27
    *LOL--can't help you there!TheBOB on Jan 27
 * Nice job Bob. I'd need a leaf about 6 times that size, but the tiny one suits menn.STx on Jan 27
  *yes, there are no leaves big enough... no one's a bigger dick than bill.mn on Jan 27
i'm like 90% certain "GD" was steve or stax...mn on Jan 26
 Re: i'm like 90% certain "GD" was steve or stax...SMcNeill on Jan 26
  * It wasn't me. Why would I play with mn under an alias?STx on Jan 26
   there's always a chance it's not you.mn on Jan 26
  i'm pretty sure you have a couple times, but i don't think it's you, and i didn't beforemn on Jan 26
   * You are still wrong, menn. Just stop now.Bill=STx on Jan 26
    you first...mn on Jan 26
     Clearly paranoia has set in... *Clippy on Jan 26
      if by "paranoia" you mean applying logic to recent events as a curiosity, sure.mn on Jan 26
       * Menn probably believes that jew reptilians run everything, too.STx on Jan 26
        *it's not inconceivable i'd benefit. i could likely live in israel on the law of returnmn on Jan 26
     I should respond to this a little bit.STx on Jan 26
      suit yourself...mn on Jan 26
       Re: suit yourself...Ben on Jan 26
        oh, nothing at all...mn on Jan 27
         * There's already been a c++ implemenation for months. Read the website.STx on Jan 27

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