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Homework helpKeith on Oct 21
 I hope my instructor doesn't find this..Keith on Oct 21
  "pilgrimism?" Isn't it a little early for Thanksgiving?Solitaire on Oct 22
 Anyways, I fixed itKeith on Oct 22
syntax error QBASIC? on Oct 15
 Re: syntax error QBASIC? on Oct 15
Help with qbasic assignment please?Jay on Oct 11
 No one will do your homework for you.Solitaire on Oct 11
 * You have just run into a teacher! on Oct 12
 *yet another ancient obsolete textbook on Oct 12
Help with Qbasic codeGuy Phillips on Oct 4
 4 problems: on Oct 4
  a little different style on Oct 4
 Simplified solutionSolitaire on Oct 4
  * newenum is not a string on Oct 5
Bug in array program -- I'm stumped.Solitaire on Oct 4
 Let's cheatAlGoreIthm on Oct 4
  Doesn't workSolitaire on Oct 4
   2 For Next Loops do the jobAlGoreIthm on Oct 4
    Yes, that's one solution that works. However....Solitaire on Oct 4
   array dimensionsAlGoreIthm on Oct 5
    Noted, but....Solitaire on Oct 6
 it looks likeAlGoreIthm on Oct 4
 Re: Bug in array program -- I'm stumped. (edited) on Oct 4
  you want speed? (call absolute) (edit) on Oct 5
  you want speed? (declare library) on Oct 5
   Wow, Michael (and Al)! [Instructions and links for installing VB inside]Solitaire on Oct 6
    a breif response, and a few questions on Oct 6
     Some answersSolitaire on Oct 6
 Is this what you were trying to do?AlGoreIthm on Oct 5
  Edited and translated to VB.NETSolitaire on Oct 6
 Another approach, without sorting on Oct 9
  I don't think so.Solitaire on Oct 9
   Re: I don't think so.Moneo on Oct 10
    The original problem:Solitaire on Oct 10
     Code with function:Solitaire on Oct 10
      This is how I would have done itDavid on Oct 11
       Sorry, DavidSolitaire on Oct 11
        Using one arrayDavid on Oct 11
         Still doesn't work.Solitaire on Oct 11
          Yes I was not paying attentionDavid on Oct 11
           The code works, BUTSolitaire on Oct 11
      NOTE to all contributers: The original array must NOT be altered!Solitaire on Oct 11
       Second arrayDavid on Oct 12
        Not efficientSolitaire on Oct 12
         This is the inefficient bitDavid on Oct 12
          That's true about the sort in QBSolitaire on Oct 12
           VB code using a functionSolitaire on Oct 12
            * VB? Did they change the name of this forum? on Oct 12
             No, just illustrating a point - translated from QB code in above post.Solitaire on Oct 12
              So the quicksort is built in... on Oct 12
               *Lots of things are built into VB -- everything is an "object."Solitaire on Oct 12
        Re: Second array on Oct 12
Text Adventure Game on Oct 4
Not command? on Oct 4
 without changing your exampleAlGoreIthm on Oct 4
  Re: without changing your exampleJason on Oct 4
   All that to say ... this has to do with a theory of 'default'AlGoreIthm on Oct 4
   Limited programming exampleAlGoreIthm on Oct 28
 Re: Not command? on Oct 4
 Another method that's very simple... on Oct 4
  look up tables on Oct 4
syntax error QBASIC? on Oct 3
 A few problems... on Oct 4
 Are you opening them for INPUT? on Sep 27
 Are these programs you're trying to open .BAS programs? (more) on Sep 28
qb64.net seems to be down at the momentCyperium on Sep 25
Flags of the World with simple designsAlGoreIthm on Sep 20
 * Very nice!Solitaire on Sep 20
 *What a neat little program -- and works great, too! on Sep 21
  Thank you so much -AlGoreIthm on Sep 21
   Not sure how I could improve it... on Sep 21
 Clever use of PRESET action on Sep 22
  *It's an honor to be included - thank you!AlGoreIthm on Sep 22
   * I liked your boolean logic too! WTG! on Sep 25
 * Cool!Dav on Sep 28
 since this was so popularAlGoreIthm on Sep 29
  Another novel idea... on Sep 29
   Yup ...AlGoreIthm on Sep 29
    Also... on Sep 29
     Did you doubt that it would ? ; )AlGoreIthm on Sep 30
      *Not at all - actually I discovered it just by trying different tx$'s :-) on Oct 1
       A few improvementsAlGoreIthm on Oct 2
        *Definite improvement -- with the previous version I sometimes had to take the 'long' way. on Oct 3
  The forum messed up a couple of code lines on Sep 30
   thanks for the good wordsAlGoreIthm on Sep 30
    * Thank you for the kudosSolitaire on Oct 1
     You might like this USA flagSolitaire on Oct 1
      *That's great Solitaire -- I'd swear you'd switched to my side (graphics mode) :-) on Oct 2
       *Very Nice Indeed!!AlGoreIthm on Oct 2
 added 3 FlagsAlGoreIthm on Jan 12
  *URL added in current main forum. on Jan 13
Tile Engine HelpSober on Sep 17
 Use RESTORE... on Sep 17
  Re: Use RESTORE...Sober on Sep 20
QuickBasic 4.5 to QuickBasic64 on Sep 9
 Re: QuickBasic 4.5 to QuickBasic64 on Sep 9
Serial port question on Sep 9
Lisztfr: More regarding backupsMoneo on Aug 31

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