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Message TitleAuthor and Date
A preview of Steve's new statments for the dirty builds.Pete on Oct 2
 _NO, but it is close to true... *Clippy on Oct 2
 Not quite...SMcNeill on Oct 2
  Well if that's the case then you best explain that in the WIKIClippy on Oct 2
   Re: Well if that's the case then you best explain that in the WIKISMcNeill on Oct 2
    OK, I thought you had to add the library yourself *Clippy on Oct 2
  *bravo Steve!STxAxTIC on Oct 2
   Not me: thank Luke for this one.SMcNeill on Oct 2
    * I'll buy into this and call it: Pete Parts Company with QB64.Pete on Oct 2
has anyone asked Klangaroo about this?STxAxTIC on Oct 1
 I remember reading about that at his game blogPete on Oct 2
* Network54 must have fixed the backslash bug. We don't have to double them anymore.Michael Calkins on Oct 1
 i will believe it when i see it per subforum, i hope it doesn't break existing posts :Pmn on Oct 1
  * s/space/slash/gmn on Oct 1
  testMichael Calkins on Oct 1
   * Strange. It's working right for me now, but not for you...Michael Calkins on Oct 1
    it might be a matter of encodingsmn on Oct 1
     let's try elinksmn on Oct 1
     *Firefox is set to Unicode, by which, I assume it means UTF-8Michael Calkins on Oct 1
      *there used to be a menu that made this easier in fx. iac i don't think we solve it soonmn on Oct 1
C is for cookieThe Cookie Monster on Oct 1
 * Guys, I still haven't got that damn song out o my head! You're not helping!Pete on Oct 1
  what you need is a different song (url, xkcd)mn on Oct 1
 *this is why the internet was inventedmn on Oct 1
pete, do you still have a copy of the 4.0 or 4.5 compiler around? (i don't want a copy)mn on Oct 1
 In ASMqbguy on Oct 1
  You can save one byteLuke on Oct 1
  fantastic. have you tried it in windows 2k/xp/or vista?mn on Oct 1
   * I get the same MD5Luke on Oct 1
    *thanks for checking itmn on Oct 1
  incrediblemn on Oct 1
   Non-buffered inputLuke on Oct 1
    Re: Non-buffered inputSMcNeill on Oct 1
    no ideamn on Oct 1
     Try this on for sizeLuke on Oct 1
      i did that one. if you find my python examples suck, there is a good reasonmn on Oct 1
       a practical note and a personal notemn on Oct 1
 I tried compiling itSolitaire on Oct 1
  it produces a 7 byte binary, here's what the binary doesmn on Oct 1
   * echo $v not $echo vmn on Oct 1
 some thoughtsMichael Calkins on Oct 1
  i have no malware concerns as long as you are logged inmn on Oct 1
   In that case:Michael Calkins on Oct 1
    now explain this to me like i'm 5mn on Oct 1
     Re: now explain this to me like i'm 5Michael Calkins on Oct 1
      here's what i would love (url, cross-forum)mn on Oct 2
    *(URL) combined DOS and Win32 binaryMichael Calkins on Oct 2
    i got a different sha256 for thismn on Oct 5
     and it ate the backslashes again. here we go...mn on Oct 5
     Sorry about that.Michael Calkins on Oct 5
      *mystery solved, thanks againmn on Oct 5
 Menno, any preference on whether you want to read from stdin or the console?Michael Calkins on Oct 1
  only when you ask, am i not suremn on Oct 1
here you go pete, a tutorial for your tutorials section (html is optional)mn on Oct 1
 i should probably make a version of this with fewer invectivesmn on Oct 1
  here's the nice, less ranty versionmn on Oct 2
   I like it!STxAxTIC on Oct 2
   Re: here's the nice, less ranty versionPete on Oct 2
2048 gameqbguy on Sep 30
 Re: 2048 gameSMcNeill on Sep 30
 Neatgopus on Sep 30
This forum. Maybe not our present dilemma, but a very possible choice for the future.Pete on Sep 30
 Re: This forum. Maybe not our present dilemma, but a very possible choice for the future.SMcNeill on Sep 30
  Pete's always been a SCREEN 0 Hero,so if you have a good back then...Clippy on Sep 30
  past vs future aren't the only two choices, but i guess you and pete are-- i'll take pete.mn on Oct 1
 My viewSolitaire on Sep 30
  I credit Microsoft for getting QB45 right.Solitaire on Sep 30
  the (a?) 2005 version had about 400 linesmn on Oct 1
   It was just a guestimate -Solitaire on Oct 1
    feel free to post it to the big programs subforummn on Oct 1
     * No I don't.Solitaire on Oct 1
 Humphgopus on Sep 30
  it's a two way street though, and we didn't close the road in the first placemn on Oct 1
   well...gopus on Oct 1
 semantics would solve nearly everything in this casemn on Oct 1
  All it takes is an underscore. Thanks QB64!Pete on Oct 1
 What I'm entertaining at the moment...Pete on Oct 1
  Re: What I'm entertaining at the moment...SMcNeill on Oct 1
   And the GL one will have continous glitches.Pete on Oct 1
   if we're extremists for having a point of view that your tvandalism isn't helpingmn on Oct 1
    This seems like Clippy impersonating mn.Pete on Oct 1
     the stupidity has to endmn on Oct 1
      and i'm sorry pete, i can't edit thatmn on Oct 1
       * what an EXTREME over-reaction!! LOL!SMcNeill on Oct 1
        You are all DULLARDS! *Clippy on Oct 1
         *ted, what little intelligence there is to average across the internet, you counter it allmn on Oct 1
        no it isn'tmn on Oct 1
         Now that was a fun read.Pete on Oct 1
         Re: no it isn'tSMcNeill on Oct 1
          one last timemn on Oct 1
           *ps: i actually thought you had mod rights MOST of the time this has gone onmn on Oct 1
        The fact you view it as such is actually more troubling.Pete on Oct 1
      the definition of insanitySTxAxTIC on Oct 1
       well, the definition of iterationmn on Oct 1
        definition of missing the pointSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
         i think you're just arguing now because you think we like arguingmn on Oct 1
          i've been accusedSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
           Re: i've been accusedPete on Oct 1
            * tried my best!STxAxTIC on Oct 1
             Well blessed are the peace makers...Pete on Oct 1
              understood about ignoring stuffSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
               Hey, I am the freakin' elderly!Pete on Oct 1
             i've had my foot in both camps before, it hurts your feetmn on Oct 1
              Hey, I don't beat up on fence sitters. You need Jesus for that!Pete on Oct 1
           i will respond to your codemn on Oct 1
            DECLARE SUB parSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
             Re: DECLARE SUB parmn on Oct 1
            * and sorry for coming off harsh if I didSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
             *no worries, just give me something to work with if you want me to work with itmn on Oct 1
       also if i ever meet this doug crockford guymn on Oct 1
       It's a good thing you aren't a divorce lawyer, you'd be really, really poor.Pete on Oct 1
        *pffft. you've no ideamn on Oct 1
  *you really don't need the "only" part. it's either implied or "close enough"mn on Oct 1
Start batch file for music playlistAndy P on Sep 30
 cmd vs. commandmn on Sep 30
  Re: cmd vs. commandAndy on Sep 30
  Re: cmd vs. commandAndy on Sep 30
   *thanks. nothing like having an up-to-date example of what still worksmn on Oct 1
    minimising to taskbarandy on Oct 1
     maybe right click on the batch file and tweak the settingsmn on Oct 1
      here's another approach; spawn another batch file (url)mn on Oct 1
 Re: Start batch file for music playlistPete on Sep 30
  * Posted at the same time. I thought the night shift was over.Pete on Sep 30
If I had made QB64...Pete on Sep 28
 Re: If I had made QB64...SMcNeill on Sep 28
  So Clippy is bad at math and you can't read.Pete on Sep 28
   he can read, it's justmn on Sep 29
    Well, at least a farmer has plenty of straw to keep building his straw men.Pete on Sep 29
     Re: Well, at least a farmer has plenty of straw to keep building his straw men.SMcNeill on Oct 1
      Get Steve's new book: Master BASIC for DullardsPete on Oct 1
       Re: Get Steve's new book: Master BASIC for DullardsSMcNeill on Oct 1
    * QB64 News Flash: DEF FN abandoned. Replaced with DEF EARS.Pete on Sep 29
   Only dullards use the word "dullard"gopus on Oct 1
    And thank you for using it.Pete on Oct 1
 "No open source, but free to download and use. "mn on Sep 29
  *i obviously like #8 thoughmn on Sep 29
  You need to visit TheBOB's Forum to be astounded...Pete on Sep 29
 this conversation...STxAxTIC on Sep 29
  A civil war in a leper colony, really Bob? At least their won't be a build up of arms.Pete on Sep 29
   didn mean to imply we are all lepersSTxAxTIC on Sep 29
  good, that meansmn on Sep 29
   Sometimes I put poop in my mouthgopus on Sep 30
    you are really, really sickmn on Oct 1
 Regarding point #3Michael Calkins on Sep 29
  Re: Regarding point #3Pete on Sep 29
What did the coroner say when the QB64 Project arrived in his lab?Pete on Sep 28
 * Take that up with Galleon insead of moaning about it hereLuke on Sep 28
  No, you take it up with him...Pete on Sep 28
   i've spent a day or two figuring out a new name for the forum. it wasn't easymn on Sep 29
    You know I actually thought about doing that the minute Luke posted.Pete on Sep 29
     Re: You know I actually thought about doing that the minute Luke posted.SMcNeill on Sep 29
      Re: You know I actually thought about doing that the minute Luke posted.Pete on Sep 29
       "the last real BASIC language"mn on Sep 30
        they have xm radio heremn on Sep 30
         Don't leave yourself open like that...Pete on Sep 30
          thanks for looking outmn on Sep 30
 * Pete knows all about CORONERS! He killed enough patients...QUACK!Clippy on Sep 30
for bill: namespacesmn on Sep 28
the mennonite test for basicnessmn on Sep 27
 *too bad you don't have a test for spelling errors!spelling police on Sep 27
  * :Pmn on Sep 27
guess what oop is an anagram formn on Sep 27
deporting qb64mn on Sep 27
 * feel free to stick to QB64--QB45v2. It's more "BASIC" than any other QB64 out there,...SMcNeill on Sep 27
  right, qb45v2: qb64's answer to -lanq qbmn on Sep 27
   It's not a compatible modeLuke on Sep 27
    "It was more on par with an April Fool's joke"mn on Sep 27
     *one more thing: i never said it was a compat mode. i said it was like -lang qb (which is)mn on Sep 27
     Re: "It was more on par with an April Fool's joke"SMcNeill on Sep 27
      steve, you know literally nothing about thismn on Sep 27
       Re: steve, you know literally nothing about thisSMcNeill on Sep 27
        maybe you should take up freebasicmn on Sep 27
     A discourse on language designLuke on Sep 28
      a discourse on common sensemn on Sep 28
       The value of argumentLuke on Sep 28
        your entertainment proves my pointmn on Sep 28
         It's not my projectLuke on Sep 28
          no one has to follow my idea. i still condemn sabotagemn on Sep 28
           I refuse to be equated to ClippyLuke on Sep 28
            *still, galleon could handle both of you. even me.mn on Sep 28
            Refuse to be equated to Clippy? Too late! Steve's new comparison tool >>>Pete on Sep 28
             Re: Reuse to be equated to Clippy? Too late! Steve's new comparison tool >>>SMcNeill on Sep 28
              You should just go write libraries...Pete on Sep 28
           i will tell you the turning point though. here's what you guys didmn on Sep 28
      my less dogmatic-than-usual takeSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
       i'll let pete have the obvious pun if he shows upmn on Sep 28
        thanks for respondingSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
         there's nothing wrong with the mechanismmn on Sep 28
         Re: thanks for respondingSMcNeill on Sep 28
          * by "gone" I mean "out of order", duh :-)STxAxTIC on Sep 28
          * 7mn on Sep 28
         your other pointsmn on Sep 28
          then it ain't so badSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
           another classicmn on Sep 28
          actually bill, THIS:mn on Sep 28
           how about a special caseSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
            sorry about this onemn on Sep 28
             thanksSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
            Re: how about a special caseSMcNeill on Sep 28
             I'm a bad person to ask this questionSTxAaxTIC on Sep 28
              there's definitely a way to have it allmn on Sep 28
               equally solemn but a tad shorterSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
                Oh come on Bill, do the math!Pete on Sep 28
                 you caught meSTxAxTIC on Sep 28
                  Well at least you're leaning in the right direction.Pete on Sep 28
       The old versions of qb64 are actually still there just not linked anywhereqbguy on Sep 28
        *bonus. thanks.mn on Sep 28
       Re: my less dogmatic-than-usual takeLuke on Sep 28
        ROFL at modern SCREEN 0.Pete on Sep 28
         "nyone who wants something that is not within the new direction of flow gets trivialized"MN on Sep 28
          OK fineE.W. Dijkstra on Sep 28
           * You left out (i)nfluence = BS ^ 2. :)Pete on Sep 28
           use _X$ with _A% and concatenate the IOCTL MEMCPYmn on Sep 29

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