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al sweigart (author of "just let basic die") is not an elitist: details...mn on Jan 19
Hey, it no longer shows when I'm in the indexVistor on Jan 19
 I know! I went to N54 and had that fixed so now your name is Visitor...*Clippy on Jan 19
outside of n54, there is a site called reddit where people talk about programming, etc.mn on Jan 19
 meanwhile, "some 70% to 80% of UK plc business transactions are still based on Cobol"mn on Jan 19
  these two paragraphs are particularly relevantmn on Jan 19
   WHO are you talking to? *Clippy on Jan 19
    *the same people you're talking to when you post about robert e. lee's birthday in ARmn on Jan 19
     * LOLNoah Buddy on Jan 19
What's the difference between QB64 GL and a train wreck?Pete on Jan 19
 As a developer, cough, on Galleon's personal project,mn on Jan 19
A few truths:SMcNeill on Jan 19
 if changing your mind is "bipolar," then galleon's a homicidal maniacmn on Jan 19
"You can't make any progress by going backwards."Not Really Smart on Jan 19
 thick bindings vs. thin bindingsmn on Jan 19
Some good news and bad news about QB64...Not Really Galleon on Jan 19
 in the real version, he says...mn on Jan 19
qb64 is unreliable.mn on Jan 19
 alternatives, plural... let's hear itmn on Jan 19
i'm with richardmn on Jan 18
 for the record, i don't believe any of the code he added is neededmn on Jan 18
Clippy writes GL is going nowhere. I say, QB64 GL where no-where is now-here.Pete on Jan 18
 new where?mn on Jan 18
  * Point out my attempt to "cut it". I never worked on QB64; just a user.STxAxTIC on Jan 18
   *i just meant you're a "tool" but yes, you're also a "user." now piss off, or bemn on Jan 18
    *pissed on.Network5 on Jan 18
     * sounds like a threat. i dare you to make good on it.STx on Jan 18
      oh, it's hardly that... it's closer to comedy. and you're a joke.mn on Jan 18
       Looks like he made good... You just got pissed on. *Cptn. Obvious on Jan 18
        * all talk, no pissSTx on Jan 20
         *can't wait till you defend your thesis. just challenge each of the board to 1 on 1.mn on Jan 20
         I wish I had a PhD right now, but it's my own fault...Pete on Jan 20
          there may not be a better example of what you're talking about than this guy, and articlemn on Jan 20
           You give me a priest and Henry Kissinger? Alrighty then...Pete on Jan 20
            *ah, classicmn on Jan 20
            *ROFL... gotta love it!Kewbie on Jan 20
 I watched Noah last night and it was pathetic! I'd rather use SDL!Clippy on Jan 19
Earth to Clippy, wake up, you're just the WIKI bitch over there.Pete on Jan 18
 thanks for reminding me, galleon is planning to desecrate the wiki alsomn on Jan 18
 *I don't think 2 bees could make a self-sustaining hive.Kewbie on Jan 18
qb64's side effects may includedr. pete's general warning on Jan 18
 *oh, right... and HIVES!mn on Jan 18
What's that coding on your tongue?Pete on Jan 18
 it's too late to get you into doctor who, but there is a very relevant character played bymn on Jan 18
Galleon's Ifs and Buts and Candied Nuts Sale, going on now.Pete on Jan 18
 i'm sorry... i'm so, so sorrydoctor q on Jan 18
  *why can't the tardis go back and fix typos? that's rather shocking, isn't it?doctor q on Jan 18
   *Pay the Amusing Steve $10 for a redo, and you get the Steve version: The RetardisPete on Jan 18
    i doubt it's a good idea for him and i to do any more businessmn on Jan 18
what is this place for now?mn on Jan 18
 I dunno...STx on Jan 18
  *if this harassment continues, perhaps i can start sharing it with your employermn on Jan 18
   * be my guest. be sure to include full text.STx on Jan 18
 It's a place for free discussion.Pete on Jan 18
  relatively free, for suremn on Jan 18
   Re: relatively free, for surePete on Jan 18
    i look forward to an answer when one presents itselfmn on Jan 18

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