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The last straw for QB64.Pete on Jan 18
 before any sociopathic fanboy cheerleaders come by to rib you, just want to saymn on Jan 18
Just downloaded the latest GL version...Pete on Jan 17
 a guy walks into galleon's ice cream shopmn on Jan 17
 the offer to fix your colors standsmn on Jan 17
  I appreciate the offer.Pete on Jan 18
   *no problem... it's understandablemn on Jan 18
the mal-formed question that killed sdlnot martha stewart on Jan 17
 why i switched to glmn on Jan 17
minus strings and comments, a list of qb64 ingredients (by volume)mn on Jan 17
AHHHHH It Burns!!!!! Steve SDLHo Lee Waters on Jan 16
 the version i tried was blue. white?..mn on Jan 16
  Bright white letters.Pete on Jan 16
   i can fix the letters, even make a program to do it for you.mn on Jan 16
    Well for starters, Steve and I don't get along...Pete on Jan 16
     that's good newsmn on Jan 16
     Re: Well for starters, Steve and I don't get along...SMcNeill on Jan 16
      that's too bad. why do you think gl is better?mn on Jan 17
       Re: that's too bad. why do you think gl is better?SMcNeill on Jan 17
        * Great answer Steve, this post is a good read.STx on Jan 17
         IF you don't mind him insulting anyone with a different pov. but you like that partmn on Jan 17
          * LOL @ menn. Forget to take your meds or something?STx on Jan 18
           * LOL @ Stx. Did you forget to open for business?Pete on Jan 18
            * what about HER business?STx on Jan 18
           * you're a waste of a teaching degree, you never learn anythingmn on Jan 18
            * My PHd will be in theoretical condensed matter physics, not teaching.STx on Jan 18
             *i'd vouch for your theoretical community building, and theoretical grasp of the obviousmn on Jan 18
          Re: IF you don't mind him insulting anyone with a different pov. but you like that partSMcNeill on Jan 18
           Don't want to be honest? Go look backwards.Pete on Jan 18
            * Yeah Pete sure knows the low road so follow him!Clippy on Jan 18
             * It would be a faster route, too, except the government hired Clippy to be a speed bump.Pete on Jan 18
           Don't want an honest answer? Don't ask the question.mn on Jan 18
            Re: Don't want an honest answer? Don't ask the question.SMcNeill on Jan 18
             *right, thanks for clarifying. because i wanted to know what you REALLY meantmn on Jan 18
        What would be so hard about a 64 bit SDL version?Clippy on Jan 17
         Re: What would be so hard about a 64 bit SDL version?SMcNeill on Jan 17
          I'll agree it isn't simple.Pete on Jan 17
          ZLIB 64 bitClippy on Jan 18
           * So is that the one the Amusing Steve claims doesn't exist?Pete on Jan 18
            No, that's one of the libs that would need to be swapped in for x64 SDL...SMcNeill on Jan 18
        Wrong as usual, Amusing Steve....Pete on Jan 17
         I find it fascinating...Luke on Jan 17
          between you and steve and the stuff i've learned, i could put together "qb64 for dummies"mn on Jan 17
          From personal experience.Pete on Jan 17
           Re: From personal experience.SMcNeill on Jan 17
            On the forum, must be the clods in your eyes...Sir Elton on Jan 17
           "i've got your personal experience RIGHT HERE"mn on Jan 17
            Thank you for posting that...Pete on Jan 17
             i've been forming my own evaluation of gl for some time nowmn on Jan 17
        i didn't realize the freefont leak was gl-onlymn on Jan 17
      * LOL, larger audience? 30 visitors are just there to HACK the place!Clippy on Jan 18
   Re: Bright white letters.SMcNeill on Jan 16
    that's a good reasonmn on Jan 16
     also, can you BELIEVE in this decade we don't have per-app gamma settings?mn on Jan 16
the time for pete to pick a version of qb64 sdl to mirror is "now"mn on Jan 16
 *remember, that 10MB version is ONLY for Linux.SMcNeill on Jan 16
  yes, it's another 10mb for the windows version (math to show i know what i mean...)mn on Jan 16
the first qb to python translator that's based on qb64 (in progress)mn on Jan 16
 (today alone) pt1: 303 views ... pt2: 274 views ... pt3: 199 viewsmn on Jan 16
would someone ask GALLEON what license steve's sdl version is under?mn on Jan 16
 meanwhile, here is the latest interprintmn on Jan 16
 the easiest resolution would be something like this...mn on Jan 16
  or, whatever, maybe galleon/steve can just confirm THIS applies to steve's sdl versionmn on Jan 16
   Re: or, whatever, maybe galleon/steve can just confirm THIS applies to steve's sdl versionSMcNeill on Jan 16
    going with lgpl 2.1 (i'm not enforcing this)mn on Jan 16
    Read License.txtClippy on Jan 16
     reading license.txt is how this thread started. also, which version of license.txt?mn on Jan 16
      That's just what I need in my kitchen...Clippy on Jan 16
       i'm going to use that as the qb2py sloganmn on Jan 16
i have a request for steve (there is no money in it)mn on Jan 15
 here is the c++ to help implementationmn on Jan 15
the -x switch doesn't do its job in steve's sdl version (it's probably not just his ver)mn on Jan 15
the original 2 authors of basic wanted it to be in the public domainmn on Jan 15
GL Slow? No big surprise there, other than the way it was advertised...Pete on Jan 14
sleep and cls and some numeric / string variablesmn on Jan 14
 *left$ and right$ are implementedmn on Jan 14
  indentation... easier than first thoughtmn on Jan 14
   So if your file was Clip then...Clippy on Jan 14
    *yes, so i would advise against translating a basic program called clip.basmn on Jan 14
   good looking output vs. output that works wellmn on Jan 14
    ok, for... next is implementedmn on Jan 14
     coolSTx on Jan 14
      thanksmn on Jan 15
       new: for p = 1 to 12: color p: print mid$("hello world!",p,1);: next : color 7 : printmn on Jan 15
        qb2py now a single binary (you still need qb64 to compile qb2py) except for cyberbit.ttfmn on Jan 15
       You can do GOTO and GOSUB but it is uglyqbguy on Jan 15
        that's not just ugly, it's too hard to domn on Jan 15
I'm a total rookie where graphics are concernedKewbie on Jan 13
 paint sucks, but it (usually) works if you know how to talk to itmn on Jan 13
  Steve will paint any program for just $9.95!Pete on Jan 13
   i already wrote a basic routine that works or can work on multi-color bordersmn on Jan 13
  Thanks menno, that worked! But...Kewbie on Jan 14
   this is why good poly routines (circle, rect, etc) have an option to fill themselvesmn on Jan 14
    and no i don't have a filled circle routinemn on Jan 14
     sorry, i guess i liedmn on Jan 14
      LOL. I thought maybe "lie" was a typo for "line". I might tryKewbie on Jan 14
       i don't know if it would be faster, but it's the only way to get concentric colors of...mn on Jan 14
     Re: and no i don't have a filled circle routineSMcNeill on Jan 14
      *yknow, sometimes i'm even more right than i realize at firstmn on Jan 14
      See, I told you Steve could paint any circle for only $9.95. Now go find Lucy...Pete on Jan 14
       we've needed that support subforum ever since pete berg elevated himself to minor godhoodmn on Jan 14
        * Leave Pete Berg out of this!Clippy on Jan 14
         *nomn on Jan 14
        Wrong! Because I just watched the X-mas special, and it still costs 5-cents.Pete on Jan 14
         *that's enjoyable logic. so if i watch 1776, ben frankllin is still alive? he's a fun guymn on Jan 14
      My results:Kewbie on Jan 14
       Re: My results:SMcNeill on Jan 14
        *You're dealing here with someone who can balance his bank account... sometimes correctlyKewbie on Jan 14
         Re: *You're dealing here with someone who can balance his bank account... sometimes correctlySMcNeill on Jan 14
          WOW! Thanks, Steve.Kewbie on Jan 15
johnny b wants qb64 to go in /usr/bin, i don'tmn on Jan 13
 Windows 7 does not require admin approval.Pete on Jan 13
  *glad to know. thanks petemn on Jan 13
 This is another message by menn that will not read in the main forum listClippy on Jan 13
 Re: johnny b wants qb64 to go in /usr/bin, i don'tLuke on Jan 13
  no need to reread; the title says johnny wants to, not galleonmn on Jan 13
   * Johny b and Luke should argue this out for themselves...STx on Jan 13
    wait, you're butting in to tell people not to butt in?mn on Jan 13
     * Why not? I argue with The Universe all the time. :)Pete on Jan 13
   * Sorry, I thought you knew: that's me as well.Luke on Jan 13
    OH! you're johnny b.?mn on Jan 13
     * Enjoy my teaching style menn?STx on Jan 13
      *i didn't realize you were joking, but hey, that's greatmn on Jan 13

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