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qb vs. python speed checklawgin on Mar 1
 Re: qb vs. python speed checkMichael Calkins on Mar 1
  Re: qb vs. python speed checklawgin on Mar 1
  A non-recursive versionlawgin on Mar 2
 Is it ok if I chime in with a version in a different dialect?Kewbie on Mar 1
  The more, the merrierlawgin on Mar 2
 Can't figure out the algo..Lisztfr on Mar 2
  I think I can help you with the stack...Kewbie on Mar 2
  This may clarify it somewhatlawgin on Mar 3
 Schemeaoeu on Mar 4
  Scheme ResultsPhyloGenesis on Mar 5
   The List-Based Version ran out of memoryaoeu on Mar 6
    A bit of a correctionlawgin on Mar 7
     Another correctionlawgin on Mar 7
 C versionBarack Obama on Mar 8
  *Wow, that's speedy!PhyloGenesis on Mar 8
  * some responses moved (URL)Michael Calkins on Mar 11
trouble compiling to exe qbasic 4.5emerson on Feb 28
 Re: trouble compiling to exe qbasic 4.5Michael Calkins on Feb 28
  my codeemerson on Feb 28
   With whitespace:Michael Calkins on Feb 28
   the first error is:Michael Calkins on Feb 28
    thank youemerson on Feb 28
     you're welcome. (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Feb 28
 any suggestions?emerson on Feb 28
  Without knowing the first thing about QB64AlGoreIthm on Feb 28
   For example:AlGoreIthm on Mar 2
Possible forum changes...Pete on Feb 24
 Initial response...Michael Calkins on Feb 24
 Forum problemSolitaire on Feb 24
  *It's on page 3.Michael Calkins on Feb 24
   * Thanks. Found it.Solitaire on Feb 24
 I'll give you permission to do that...gopus on Feb 25
  * Change Gopus' name to Dufus while you're at it...Clippy on Feb 26
   *LOLKewbie on Mar 1
 Started making some changes.Pete on Feb 28
  PeteClippy on Mar 1
   Agree on thisGarry Ricketson on Mar 1
   I agree also.Michael Calkins on Mar 1
 Re: Possible forum changes...Pete on Mar 3
  *Hey, Pete -- thanks for moving me up (less scrolling). I feel like a Jefferson.TheBOB on Mar 3
   *LOL... The Jeffersons. Are you in the dry cleaning business, Bob?Kewbie on Mar 3
   Re: *Hey, Pete -- thanks for moving me up (less scrolling). I feel like a Jefferson.Pete on Mar 3
    *lol@pi...i...i!TheBOB on Mar 3
 Long TermPhyloGenesis on Mar 8
  Last year I had my head placed in a jar.Pete on Mar 8
   Fer SeriusPhyloGenesis on Mar 12
    Re: Fer SeriusPete on Mar 13
     FBPhyloGenesis on Mar 14
wavesBen on Feb 23
 interestingGarry Ricketson on Feb 23
New QB Top 50Brandon Cornell on Feb 22
QB is sooooo much fun for helpful routines.Pete on Feb 21
 Does this code actually work?Kewbie on Feb 22
  * Didn't work for me either & gave up.Solitaire on Feb 23
   Corrected versionlawgin on Feb 23
    Thanks, I didn't uncheck "formatted text"Pete on Feb 28
     Forum StylePhyloGenesis on Mar 14
Attention All PersonnelRadar on Feb 21
 *cool. Thanks.Michael Calkins on Feb 21
 Mystic ShadowsMoneo on Feb 21
  If they deport him...Pete on Feb 21
   You Americans and your weird ideas about Canada...TheBOB on Feb 23
  MystikPhyloGenesis on Mar 8
 Pete: Ok, however....Solitaire on Feb 22
  Re: Pete: Ok, however....Michael Calkins on Feb 24
  To Solitaire and MC...Pete on Feb 24
   *Thanks. I sent you an email.Michael Calkins on Feb 24
 *Thanks for trying, Pete.Kewbie on Feb 22
QBasic operational questionRobert Beck on Feb 19
 * Could you post your program please?Michael Calkins on Feb 19
 Use subproceduresSolitaire on Feb 20
  Reply and successful solutionRobert Beck on Feb 21
 Code is read from top to bottom unless you use loops or GOTOClippy on Feb 20
 Continuing a QBAS prog NOT from its startMr Why on Feb 21
QB Links and Downloadsmoneo on Feb 19
 * Email them to me. I will post them in the Tutorial section.Pete on Feb 21
  Re: * Email them to me. I will post them in the Tutorial section.Moneo on Feb 21
   Done!Pete on Feb 21
    Re: Done!Moneo on Feb 21
Discussion forums removed at QB64 forum but will stay open here.Pete on Feb 17
 Kind-a messy formatBert22306 on Feb 25
  The user name will autofill tooClippy on Feb 26
Kewbie Newbie???Solitaire on Feb 15
 what response are you expecting? "not it wasn't me, my email was hijacked..."Ben on Feb 15
  But it is good to notify him.Michael Calkins on Feb 15
   I don't check my email as often as I should.Kewbie on Feb 16
Float arithmeticlawgin on Feb 8
 because .1 + .2 actually equals .30000000000000004, not .3Ben on Feb 8
  *I get that, but why a different result with qb64?lawgin on Feb 8
   Number of byes allocated for the floating point type matters.Solitaire on Feb 8
    This is probably more than anyone cares to knowlawgin on Feb 9
     You are on the right track...Michael Calkins on Feb 18
      Yes, it's a bug in qb and qb64lawgin on Feb 18
array data savingLeon Schrecengost on Feb 7
 Yes. Just open a file and save the data.Solitaire on Feb 7
  BLOAD and BSAVE are generally used for storing arraysBen on Feb 8
   * good point Ben.Clippy on Feb 8
 In QB64 you can store and read an integer array all at once.Clippy on Feb 8
  qb64Leon Schrecengost on Feb 10
   Qbasic can use BSAVE and BLOADTed Weissgerber on Feb 10
    BSAVELeon Schrecengost on Feb 11
     How to BSAVE and BLOAD...TheBOB on Feb 11
new user to qbasic - random questionTJ on Feb 2
 RandomizeSolitaire on Feb 2
  Solitaire, with all due respect...Kewbie on Feb 6
   * NotedSolitaire on Feb 7
   Re: Solitaire, with all due respect...Michael Calkins on Feb 18
 Re: new user to qbasic - random questionTuLithu on Feb 3
qbasic downloadrich on Feb 1
 Re: qbasic downloadMichael Calkins on Feb 1
 OR ...OPRESION on Feb 3

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