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QB64 and "Shiny object syndrome" on Nov 22
 * What's wrong with the POINT function?Luke on Nov 22
  Typo, SCREEN function. Or statement. Whichever returns character information. * on Nov 22
 Re: QB64 and "Shiny object syndrome" on Nov 22
  Backpedaling is great, being honest in the first place is better on Nov 22
How the SCREEN function really works (in QBasic) on Nov 22
 Re: How the SCREEN function really works (in QBasic)Peanut Gallery on Nov 22
  Features > Compatibility = ... on Nov 22
Screen 0 is more about text than colorNot Bill Gates on Nov 22
 ExceptMichael Calkins on Nov 28
  Great stuff! Thanks very much * on Nov 28
  I'd love to see a demo.Pete on Nov 28
   Re: I'd love to see a demo.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
    Looks interesting, but I can't run it. Maybe TheBOB or Solitaire?Pete on Nov 28
    This actually shows one more way that SCREEN 0 is different on Nov 28
     Re: This actually shows one more way that SCREEN 0 is differentMichael Calkins on Nov 28
    I tested the concept on MS-DOS 6.22.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
     you ever try stuff like that in dosbox?mn on Nov 29
      * I originally tested (and partially developed) it in DosBox.Michael Calkins on Nov 29
    sine wave font in qbasic 1.1 and qb4.5Michael Calkins on Dec 10
A bug in QB64 with SCREEN 12?Pete on Nov 21
 I have an older GL version, but it appears to be a bug.Clippy on Nov 21
 It works in FreeBASICaoeu on Nov 21
  Almost no one here cares about the Linux framebuffer on Nov 21
 It must be the background colorClippy on Nov 21
  Exactly. It is a Henry Ford issue...Pete on Nov 21
   Probably won't work on an Android or an EdselClippy on Nov 21
    That appears to be the work-around.Pete on Nov 21
     Ah, but OUT only works to color the screen.Pete on Nov 22
      OUT can change the RGB intensities of any attribute to any colorClippy on Nov 22
       Huh? It only took me a week to find it...Pete on Nov 22
Beginning work on graphics / text hybridPete on Nov 19
The forum index last post is not working correctly.Kewbie on Nov 17
 Re: The forum index last post is not working correctly.Pete on Nov 17
  * Thanks, Pete.Kewbie on Nov 17
   * And like magic, it's working correctly again.Pete on Nov 18
Rob you ignorant GLUT!Weekend Update Team on Nov 14
 *Dan Ackroyd, not Chevy Chase on Nov 14
  Can we please just throw Chevy a bone!Pete on Nov 14
   *...but nobody could fall like Chevy (frequently as Gerald Ford)!TheBOB on Nov 14
    * But at least Jerry always fell to the Right.GWB on Nov 14
 I just put up $1,000 for someone to cook QB64 upClippy on Nov 14
  * Slave wages. Probably 300+ hours of work. At least pay minimum wage.Liberal Media on Nov 14
   What Minimum wage? WAY MORE than you or the GOP would payClippy on Nov 14
    Hysterical!Pete on Nov 14
     The mission is not that hard!Clippy on Nov 14
      Rob is too busy practicing for his next shark jump.Pete on Nov 14
       *40 virgins!?! I thought it was 75!! (Damn, how do you disarm this stupid thing?)TheBOB on Nov 14
        Don't panic. Steve is busy adding more virgins as we speak!Pete on Nov 14
         * but unless he gets help from rob, he never will be able to call it virgin mobile.not really mennonite on Nov 14
       Once we get the process going bugs could be worked outClippy on Nov 14
        * Do you have the code to that program posted anywhere?Pete on Nov 14
         I can post it or give a download linkClippy on Nov 15
          As long as it is not a link to an exe download, sure.Pete on Nov 15
           Unicode has all the box characters Screen 0 did on Nov 15
           Posted in Big Program ForumClippy on Nov 15
            I converted it to run in Android, and posted it in the Mobile BASIC Forum.Pete on Nov 15
             Of course, you can fake extended characters...TheBOB on Nov 16
              Re: Of course, you can fake extended characters...Pete on Nov 16
               *Sounds workable--plus a black background ain't so bad for most things.TheBOB on Nov 16
             Now all I gotta do is figure out how to load it...Clippy on Nov 16
              AndroidBASIC docs and download....Pete on Nov 16
               SCREEN [Text],[Graphic],[Sprite],[Bg]Clippy on Nov 16
               $3.20 now how do I load the program from here?Clippy on Nov 16
                Re: $3.20 now how do I load the program from here?Pete on Nov 16
                 The DropBox files are already on the tabletClippy on Nov 16
                  Try that 920 text editor.Pete on Nov 16
                   Load gives me nothing but that storage/emulated/O/and.bas folderClippy on Nov 16
                    Found another program for free called X11Clippy on Nov 16
                     X11 would be great if it wasn't x-ridden with bugs.Pete on Nov 16
                    Re: Load gives me nothing but that storage/emulated/O/and.bas folderPete on Nov 16
                     I finally got SE File Manager to copy the filesClippy on Nov 17
                      Re: I finally got SE File Manager to copy the filesPete on Nov 17
                       font 24 worked OK except for the boxClippy on Nov 17
                        Re: font 24 worked OK except for the boxPete on Nov 17
                         Well where is the application. Don't see anything new.Clippy on Nov 17
                          Re: Well where is the application. Don't see anything new.Pete on Nov 17
                           ES file manager has a text mode too. Well we are closer anyhow.Clippy on Nov 17
                            Re: ES file manager has a text mode too. Well we are closer anyhow.Pete on Nov 17
       * 72 houriMichael Calkins on Nov 15
        LOL, don't you mean 71.86 hours Mr. Spock?Pete on Nov 15
         * no, not hours. (URL)Michael Calkins on Nov 15
          ROFL - I thought that was a typo. But they charge by the hour, too.Pete on Nov 16
           * I don't know.Michael Calkins on Nov 19
hey, pete: thanks.mn on Nov 13
 *See you in 2015 -- and thanks for the plug!Bob Barker on Nov 13
 We'll leave a light on for you... but not one of those crappy solar powered ones.Pete on Nov 13
  Solar light is FREE! Oil will cost your kids someday...Clippy on Nov 14
   Re: Solar light is FREE! Oil will cost your kids someday...Mr Obvious on Nov 14
    Batteries are a lot less harmful than BURNING OIL or COALClippy on Nov 14
     Re: Batteries are a lot less harmful than BURNING OIL or COALLook Closely on Nov 14
      STILL BETTER than OIL and COAL burning up our atmosphereClippy on Nov 14
       This thread is not permittedSolitaire on Nov 14
pete, can you remove this from the downloads section?mn on Nov 13
 YEAH, get him out of my tutorial list! I only have one listed...Clippy on Nov 13
  *either one of those would be fine, thanks.mn on Nov 13
 * Added a heading separator.Pete on Nov 13
Dammit Jim, I'm a chiropractor, not a librarian!Pete on Nov 13
 you're being forced into one by your constraintsmn on Nov 13
  Everybody knows that NETBOOKS are garbage!Clippy on Nov 13
   yes, everyone on zdnet. also you're supporting my point...mn on Nov 13
 It occurs to me, Bones...TheBOB on Nov 13
  *Sure, be an enabler!Scotty on Nov 13
  Re: It occurs to me, Bones...Pete on Nov 14
   *Sounds good--"To boldly go where no man has more-or-less gone before!"TheBOB on Nov 14
PNG encoder and decoder postedDaniel Nice on Nov 11
 Link to big QB programs areaDaniel Nice on Nov 11
  *Looks like it would work great (I don't have 7.1). Sorry Pete, never studied .PNG files.TheBOB on Nov 13
 That was Dan Nice of you.Pete on Nov 11
 * COMMON SHARED is only needed to pass variable data to another CHAINed module.Clippy on Nov 12
  re: common sharedDaniel Nice on Nov 12
   I used COMMON SHARED for the same reason...Pete on Nov 12
    * Sorry guys, lost two replies trying to clean up all the duplicate posts.Pete on Nov 12
     *Was one of the replies you trashed my PNG-PONG joke?TheBOB on Nov 13
      * You mean the one about how to put a jpeg in an ahole?Pete on Nov 13
My First GRAPHICS Program!Pete on Nov 9
 well you know, someone just had to make a screen 0 version (may require tweaks)mn on Nov 10
  LOL - If I wanted a SCREEN 0 version, I would have asked Steve... in about 2 years.Pete on Nov 10
   if it didn't look like garbage, that's a good signmn on Nov 10
   Why you always picking on Steve?Clippy on Nov 11
    * Because I'm retired and I don't like a challenge. :)Pete on Nov 11
 *(Sob, sob..) For some reason I feel like a proud papa--well, older brother, anyway.TheBOB on Nov 10
a question for KN Kewbie Newbie about Q Basic Beautifier (url)mn on Nov 8
 Let's call that version QBB 0.9. Almost ready for prime timeKewbie on Nov 9
  Your code needs some cleaning up...Pete on Nov 9
   *No $#17Kewbie on Nov 9
    found this TYPE programClippy on Nov 11
You really have to appreciate PCOPYPete on Nov 7
 *Neat! Is memory a problem with mobile BASIC?TheBOB on Nov 7
  I don't recall...Pete on Nov 8
screen 0, 12, and graphicsmn on Nov 6
 as for breaking new ground, pushing boundaries and doing new things...mn on Nov 6

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