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A Farm ProblemGUxExST on Jan 2
 solutionasdf on Jan 2
  That's right, I wrote:GUxExST on Jan 2
  WRONG!SMcNeill on Jan 2
   Can you grow a Meyer lemon?Jim on Jan 2
    Re: Can you grow a Meyer lemon?SMcNeill on Jan 2
     Yep I bitch and Steve doesn't plant anything anyhowClippy on Jan 3
     * Any insight on why white grapefruit is so much better than red grapefruit?Jim on Jan 5
    *Try citron jam (Cedrat)lisztfr on Jan 3
 Uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Kewbie on Jan 3
  *i think it's okay, because the person that posted it is a physics teacher, not a studentmn on Jan 3
  * No worries Kewb, although thx for your concern!GUxExST = STxAxTIC on Jan 3
 * these belong in "Challanges", "Miscellaneous", or "Community Cafe".Michael Calkins on Jan 5
spirograph (kewbie)Ben on Jan 1
 *Another surprise! Really good--makes me think about animated machines as a possibility.TheBOB on Jan 2
 Kewbie: Requested InterfaceBen on Jan 2
 Two WheelsBen on Jan 2
  fractalBen on Jan 2
More work done on GUI.Pete on Jan 1
 Bill Gates, is that you? ...TheBOB on Jan 1
  Well you don't have to be insulting!Pete on Jan 1
   Actually, I never had a Windows version with the helpful paper clip...TheBOB on Jan 2
   Isn't this reinventing me?Wheel on Jan 3
How you compute square roots ?lisztfr on Jan 1
 I did a presentation on this once, here are a few slides.STx on Jan 1
  username: physics password: sxript2015STx on Jan 1
   A guy walks into a deli with $15. He needs 2 x as much ham as cheese, but...Pete on Jan 1
    * No, he says "Stop using a ridiculous unit of measurement".Luke on Jan 1
     Hey, stop ragging on the US Dollar!Pete on Jan 2
    he was a dollar short of getting whole pounds anywaymn on Jan 2
     and in basic...mn on Jan 2
    Re: A guy walks into a deli with $15. He needs 2 x as much ham as cheese, but...SMcNeill on Jan 2
     good guess. two other possibilities...mn on Jan 2
      Re: good guess. two other possibilities...SMcNeill on Jan 2
       *nicely done. sorry2say, i doubt most owners are that ontheball. most lack your "can do"mn on Jan 2
     WRONG!Mr. Spock on Jan 2
      You're right!SMcNeill on Jan 2
       I'm just trying to make a %^&%^ sandwhich! How about this one for a digital deli...Pete on Jan 2
    This thread started as calculus but devolved to a struggle with arithmetic!STxAxTIC on Jan 2
     I already came up with the solution before I posted it...Pete on Jan 2
      So nobody's up for the new deli quiz?Pete on Jan 4
       lol, what kind of scale are you using to weigh that, anyway?mn on Jan 4
        It's a digital deli...Pete on Jan 4
 Re: How you compute square roots ?SMcNeill on Jan 1
  This is only *linear* interpolationlisztfr on Jan 2
  * Ok works nice, i didn't learn thatlisztfr on Jan 2
oop is coming (the good news: galleon has to "get around to it" first.)mn on Dec 31
 Stupid is as stupid codes.Forrest Grump on Dec 31
  i don't disagree. in fact i said yesterday...mn on Dec 31
   * QB64 OOP: The technology of yesterday in the distant future.Pete on Dec 31
    we've seen what oop does to vb, .net, and c(++)mn on Dec 31
     Well I'm not worried, because they aren't going to get there anyway.Pete on Jan 1
      you're obviously more of a chiropractor than a psychologistmn on Jan 1
       If I could live in the world where we consider ourselves really fortunate to have this...Pete on Jan 1
 HA HA the QB OOP CONTROVERSYgopus on Jan 1
  * Relatively speaking...That's a crowd!Pete on Jan 1
  gopus doesn't get itmn on Jan 1
   Okay except...gopus on Jan 2
    no, you're definitely a troll. i know you used to be a reg...mn on Jan 2
     Listen...gopus on Jan 3
fizzbuzzfizzbuzz problem on Dec 30
 A different way to Fizzbuzz the same...SMcNeill on Dec 30
  i'm not familiar with this onemn on Dec 31
 Re: fizzbuzzSMcNeill on Dec 31
  Avoiding the regretable select caseDavid on Dec 31
   Re: Avoiding the regretable select caseSMcNeill on Dec 31
    You have a point about variablesDavid on Dec 31
     Don't blame SELECT CASE for GOTO *Clippy on Dec 31
     Re: You have a point about variablesSMcNeill on Dec 31
      * Make sure you try with the -O3 option to g++ as wellLuke on Dec 31
  I don't think it could get much simpler, or easier to read than that...mn on Dec 31
logical notmn on Dec 30
 Logical NOTSMcNeill on Dec 30
  *even bettermn on Dec 31
*Quick QB64 question: what is the smallest integer data type?TheBOB on Dec 29
 Reference (URL*)Jim on Dec 29
  *Thanks, Jim--that's just what I needed!TheBOB on Dec 29
 Re: *Quick QB64 question: what is the smallest integer data type?SMcNeill on Dec 29
  *Thanks, Steve. Yes it's for an array and _BYTE is just what I need.TheBOB on Dec 29
Shoot down planes for spectacular New Year fireworksBen on Dec 29
 That's a beauty, Ben! ...TheBOB on Dec 29
 WAY cool, Ben!Kewbie on Dec 29
 May I put this on my QB64 forum (www.TheJoyfulProgrammer.com)?The Joyful Programmer - aka Waltersmind on Dec 30
  YesBen on Dec 30
QB64 - Bah, HUM BUG!Pete on Dec 28
 these days, qb stands for "quite broken"mn on Dec 28
  Just pay the unemployment MennClippy on Dec 28
   if your family lives in more than one state, how are you supposed to live with them all?mn on Dec 29
   Re: Just pay the unemployment MennSMcNeill on Dec 29
Something new wrong with the forum?Kewbie on Dec 27
 no, that's not new. in fact clippy has been complaining about that for a whilemn on Dec 28
  Sorry, I don't read the forum regularly or thoroughly.Kewbie on Dec 28
   *well... now you can't! at least not with that abomination of a browser.mn on Dec 29
    *ie = "incompatible with everything"mn on Dec 29
haha, fifi is something else!mn on Dec 27
 i *often* think this guy is the #1 reason galleon has become even MORE of a reclusemn on Dec 28
  dah-dah dah dah, dah-dah dah-dah... dah dah dah-dah, dah-dah dah-dah...mn on Dec 28
   i'm very nearly crying, this guy is so hilariousmn on Dec 28
    Galleon's Song...Pete on Dec 28
     sounds more like GL to me...mn on Dec 28
      The finish line doesn't care if your legs are broken.Pete on Dec 28
       G-WAN better uses CPU Cores to make the Internet of Things fly thousand times higher !mn on Dec 28
        Re: G-WAN better uses CPU Cores to make the Internet of Things fly thousand times higher ! on Dec 28
         wait, is he saying g-wan isn't even open source?mn on Dec 29
          *meant: "can't make [lgpl licensed thing] free, but non-free can call it"mn on Dec 29
Merry Christmas to all!The Joyful Programmer - aka Waltersmind on Dec 24
 phpBB was hacked recently too!Clippy on Dec 24
  Thank you Clippy and Merry ChristmasThe Joyful Programmer - aka Waltersmind on Dec 24
   Google and Yahoo bots are your friends.Clippy on Dec 24
    Down with spammersThe Joyful Programmer - aka Waltersmind on Dec 24
     QB64 doesn't. Pete's Site does but it could become a real headacheClippy on Dec 24
ConfessionIain on Dec 24
 hey, my name isn't ian either. i think people knew that however.mn on Dec 24
  Didn't work at Red Hat either!... *Clippy on Dec 24
  Python, great stufflisztfr on Dec 24
   don't know how you get it to email, however here is an early presentmn on Dec 24
    RPI email on bootlisztfr on Dec 25
     i'm not sure what you need to change, but go here:mn on Dec 25
   Gee, if only we had a sub-forum to continue this non-BASIC discussion in...Pete on Dec 24
    oh come on, pete old boy...ebenezer scrooge on Dec 25
     p.s.mn on Dec 25
     *I see an empty forum in the corner...Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come on Dec 25
      *Twas the best of BASIC's, twas the worst of BASIC'sA tale of two compilers on Dec 25
 I'm still commin' to take your head, laddie!Duncan MacLeod (of the Clan MacLeod) on Dec 24
 I can't make out the translation.Michael Calkins on Dec 29
  Well, it's nonsense, reallyIain on Jan 4
   *okay.Michael Calkins on Jan 5
256K colors in screen 13H ?Lisztfr on Dec 23
 256 attributes in SCREEN 13...TheBOB on Dec 23
 * I love ditheringFranz Liszt on Dec 29
  *sometimes i love dithering,but then maybe not as much as i thought, but then i do, kindamn on Dec 31

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