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It's a good thing I'm still 25...Pete on Dec 9
 i was 25 some odd years ago, but i feel older when i use basicmn on Dec 9
 I agree about time passing quickly...TheBOB on Dec 10
four handy tips for the qb64 idemn on Dec 8
 A simple one-line program to improve the QB64 IDE 500%.Pete on Dec 8
  the input system for qb64 is unbreakablemn on Dec 15
Not Found when clicking the topic linkClippy on Dec 8
 Error in topic link! *Clippy on Dec 8
 This might be a Javascript problem on Dec 8
  * noscript always good never hurtgoerge on Dec 8
   IMO NoScript is better, but turning most JS off is not for everyone (sadly) * on Dec 8
 Not found when looking between Clippy's ears...Pete on Dec 8
  I'd say those N54 clowns are out of their leagueClippy on Dec 9
   Indeed... when it comes to clowns, they've met their match. * on Dec 9
 looks like viewall is gonemn on Dec 10
 *looks like view any other posts is gone too!Clippy on Dec 10
What's in a name?Pete on Dec 7
 Variable names should never be single letters. They can't be single digit numbers...*Clippy on Dec 7
  Single letter variable are used for loops...Pete on Dec 7
 consistency is generally goodmn on Dec 7
  The reason or the "x" files...Pete on Dec 7
   *sounds reasonablxemn on Dec 7
i'm sorry, steve: qb64 is you-proof (hooray for qb64)mn on Dec 6
 Re: i'm sorry, steve: qb64 is you-proof (hooray for qb64)SMcNeill on Dec 6
  your fee will likely be turned into a donation (to you; otherwise unchanged)mn on Dec 6
   Re: your fee will likely be turned into a donation (to you; otherwise unchanged)SMcNeill on Dec 6
    your contract is fulfilled. any further payments will be donations.mn on Dec 6
     No! No! No! Now I have to step up...Pete on Dec 6
      how much do we have to pay clippy to kick himself in the nads?mn on Dec 6
       You're hopeless. First you pay Steve to NOT code...Pete on Dec 6
        i'm relieved. i was sure as soon as it stopped being funnymn on Dec 6
  The Spirit of Basic wasn't broken, just Pete's patience...Clippy on Dec 6
   hey don't mind ted, he's just my karmamn on Dec 6
   Re: The Spirit of Basic wasn't broken, just Pete's patience...SMcNeill on Dec 6
    The asshat isn't even a member of the QB64 forumClippy on Dec 7
     Re: The asshat isn't even a member of the QB64 forum on Dec 7
     i never meant to be an asshat... (butt)asshat on Dec 7
      * I'll take asshats over liabilities any day.Pete on Dec 7
       I wouldn't call Steve a liability although we all pay for him...Clippy on Dec 7
        Or... I used to think $10 couldn't buy %^$* these days, but apparently it still can!Pete on Dec 7
*spamLaltemyreeply on Dec 6
 I'll never buy anything called UGG!Clippy on Dec 6
  * LolDav on Dec 8
1 year vacation, and the backlash beginsmn on Dec 3
 No problem, just pay Steve $10 to kick Kobalt in the nads. But...Pete on Dec 3
  i like to think this brings out the ridiculous in everyonemn on Dec 3
   It's worth $10 a day to keep him from making keywords that could already be a LibraryClippy on Dec 3
    i wouldn't end the deal early if he kept that stuff in a librarymn on Dec 3
     Look on the bright side. He can't sue you for Workers' Comp...Pete on Dec 3
      Yeah, PAY ME $10 or I'll add some more myself!Clippy on Dec 3
      unfortunately one thing you can't pay him to do is understand (that's ok)mn on Dec 3
       So what direction do you want it to go? Pay for that, not obfuscationClippy on Dec 3
        Just another Republican scam...show me proof.SMcNeill on Dec 3
         This whole scam was Pete's idea. And it worked!Clippy on Dec 3
          Pete's list of issues with QB64, or why I'm single and loving it.Pete on Dec 3
           you can't win with these guys. i'm either bad for paying, or bad for NOT payingmn on Dec 5
            Big, Bad, but not Corporation. Who licks the stamps?Clippy on Dec 6
             meah-ehh-ehh...bill e. gloat on Dec 6
              I sincerely doubt Steve is our answer for AndroidClippy on Dec 6
               Re: I sincerely doubt Steve is our answer for AndroidThe (short) Bus Driver on Dec 6
                So he says, I don't believe it was quite that muchClippy on Dec 7
              CHR$(3)Stevie Nicks on Dec 6
              Re: meah-ehh-ehh...A confused coder on Dec 6
               oh, i'm in favor of the parts system. it's just not exactly what i was talking aboutmn on Dec 6
                *i'm also aware the parts system leans towards needing gl. perhaps it's even worth itmn on Dec 6
                here's how the parts system might help support what i'm talking aboutmn on Dec 6
                Re: oh, i'm in favor of the parts system. it's just not exactly what i was talking about on Dec 6
                 this part is a waste of time...mn on Dec 6
                  Re: this part is a waste of time... on Dec 6
                   *ok, thanksmn on Dec 6
               It's OK if Steve dumps trash in your yard...Not really the Trash Man on Dec 6
                actually, sort ofmn on Dec 6
                 *i'm now told it's as easy as i say it should be... i will check that out latermn on Dec 6
                 Re: actually, sort of on Dec 6
                  Re: actually, sort of on Dec 6
                  man, you should have told me it was that easy months ago...mn on Dec 6
                   Re: man, you should have told me it was that easy months ago...SMcNeill on Dec 6
                    this...mn on Dec 6
                     Some observations on the proposed library optionLuke on Dec 6
                      actually, it's close enough as it ismn on Dec 6
                      There is nothing new happening here...Pete on Dec 8
                       it's new to qb64 thoughmn on Dec 8
                        Fast forward to the scene where Elaine kicks Kobolt in the nads...Pete on Dec 8
         i have to admit i'm as baffled as you are by the notion that there's a scammn on Dec 3
 update: steve is not willing to use any loopholes. i will stop coming up with them.mn on Dec 3
  Someone has to say this, even if it's just to muddy the waters, so I will:Kewbie on Dec 5
   we didn't start the compiler!mn on Dec 5
   Yeah, but it's funny stupid, kind of like high school crap...Pete on Dec 5
    i promise i never paid common sense to take time offmn on Dec 5
     Common sense is probably asking himself, what the hell did I do?Pete on Dec 5
      it's easier than that...mn on Dec 5
       my two centsSTxAxTIC on Dec 5
        that goes farther than 2c usually doesmn on Dec 5
         ok...STxAxTIC on Dec 5
          i tried to respond to each point you made. but you skipped ALL of mine...mn on Dec 5
          As it turns out, I can SHOUT and code at the same friggin time.Pete on Dec 5
           man pete, i hope that's a metaphormn on Dec 5
        Re: my two centsSMcNeill on Dec 5
         *i looked for anything i could disagree with here (for science.) found nothing.mn on Dec 5
          * Well thanks to you, now I'm not advancing, either!Science on Dec 5
         fine, three cents.STxAxTIC on Dec 6
          better* manself-correction police on Dec 6
           quite x 2 = quietself-correction police on Dec 6
          It's surprising that someone in your profession is so determined to end a debate on Dec 6
           * I'm all done. Have fun ya bunch o' lepers. :-)STxAxTIC on Dec 6
            Ad hom, cliche-ridded, circular argument. Guess you had fun too. * on Dec 6
             * Why the stealth posts? Trying to come off like someone else?STxAxTIC F. Barnes on Dec 6
              i thought you were donemn on Dec 6
               *i meant "honesty." now go ahead, let's hear it...pfft on Dec 6
                * You win. I'm deleting my bookmark so I don't come back here accidentally.STxAxTIC on Dec 6
                 Gee, we will miss all the QB code you've contributed... Oh wait you didn't.Pete on Dec 6
                  lol @ pete. forget that you linked my site?STxAxTIC on Dec 8
                   uh-oh, STxAxTIC CLxIxNGPete on Dec 9
                    Programming, now that's a Hobby! * on Dec 9
Here is something I couldn't do the way I wanted without graphics, hyperlinks!Pete on Dec 3
 i think hyperlinks are better than buttonsmn on Dec 3
  Re: i think hyperlinks are better than buttonsPete on Dec 3
   whatever you do on mouseover, don't do popupsmn on Dec 3
    Been there, done that.Pete on Dec 5
a third option for compiling qb programs (in progress since 2000)mn on Dec 2
 I noticed he mentioned he had no desire to compete with...Pete on Dec 2
  would he want it subforumed here?mn on Dec 3
   Well I wouldn't, if it wasn't ready or under current development.Pete on Dec 3
 i got help at #qb64 (it needed libboost-dev installed)mn on Dec 4
  qbc will probably remain experimental, but it does screen 0 better (for me)mn on Dec 4
 * I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for the link.Dav on Dec 4
qb 4.5 and copyrightmn on Dec 2
 *it was actually another user that suggested you have to remove sw from used computersmn on Dec 2
 US Copyright is absolutely madLuke on Dec 2
want help for uploading invoice text file in retail pharmacy software in qbasicAmit Oak on Dec 2
 It can be done, however...TheBOB on Dec 2
 Try playing around with WRITE filesClippy on Dec 2
  Clippy's right, you'll also have to learn to write to files...TheBOB on Dec 2
 Try this free sample... The first one is always free.Pete on Dec 2
3D Silliness...TheBOB on Dec 2
 Hey, I just strat using graphics, and TheBOB moves on to 3D?!Pete on Dec 2
  Strat? *Clippy on Dec 2
   ipss off! *Pete on Dec 2
  *Weird about the INPUT$() function--of course, you can always use SLEEP--I know I can.TheBOB on Dec 2
 so how would you use this in another language?mn on Dec 2
  As far as the RGB values are concerned...TheBOB on Dec 2
   *cool, thanksmn on Dec 2
   Technical ClarificationSMcNeill on Dec 2
    Re: Technical ClarificationSMcNeill on Dec 2
     *Once again, good point!TheBOB on Dec 3
 * Why not use the PALETTE command?Luke on Dec 2
  Two reasons for using OUT instead of PALETTE...TheBOB on Dec 5
   *good reasonsmn on Dec 5
i've been thinking of some ways steve could get around our agreementmn on Dec 1
 More of a test of integrityPete on Dec 1
  without initiating another flame/debate, i think any integrity lack is limited to debatesmn on Dec 1
   Integrity? Steve? LOLClippy on Dec 2
In case the main index is failing you, here is most of it on Nov 29
Building a theme park...Pete on Nov 29
 Finished the "theme" concept, moving on to mouse/touch screen.Pete on Nov 30
  *sounds like a really good designmn on Nov 30
  Math hellPete on Dec 2
   *Wow, nice going! Once again, I envy you're interest (even as a "librarian").TheBOB on Dec 2
    * Thanks. The sucker is over 1000 lines, already.Pete on Dec 2

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