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Message TitleAuthor and Date
What am I doing wrongBWare on Jul 12
 it's a couple of thingsAlGoreIthm on Jul 12
please helpBWare on Jul 12
 Re: please helpanon on Jul 12
  ThanksBWare on Jul 12
I need suggestionsBWare on Jul 1
 different problemsAlGoreIthm on Jul 2
can someone explain how this works ?AlGoreIthm on Jun 30
 found somethingAlGoreIthm on Jun 30
 Re: can someone explain how this works ?Michael Calkins on Jul 11
Somethings wrong 2BWare on Jun 29
 Correct some errorsSolitaire on Jun 29
Somethings wrongBWare on Jun 28
 Your program won't execute because it isn't qbasic syntaxanonymus on Jun 28
Using an old printer with QB64 in Win7Ray Carman on Jun 25
 Glad to see you got it working. Isn't LPTn a string value in GW syntax?Clippy on Jun 26
 you are so out of it manJake on Jun 28
Old QBASIC filestr4driver on Jun 21
 Re: Old QBASIC filesSMcNeill on Jun 21
 ... OR ...OPRESION on Jun 21
Font selection in LprintRay Carman on Jun 17
 Re: Font selection in LprintMichael Calkins on Jun 20
  Thanks, but...Ray Carman on Jun 21
   Re: Thanks, but...SMcNeill on Jun 22
QB64.net down again.Dark Star on Jun 13
 Galleon started it so he can finish it, but he will tell us!Clippy on Jun 13
  * It's been like a yo-yo here lately...Dark Star on Jun 13
Exploit software you gotta try, especially if you are running XPClippy on Jun 13
It looks like Clippy's irrelevant posts crashed the QB64 server, again!Pete on Jun 12
 * And it's back up...Pete on Jun 12
 * It was running REALLY SLOW this morningClippy on Jun 12
 * Forum and main page currently down.Dark Star on Jun 12
 *Did everyone get a copy of the offline wiki who wanted it?SMcNeill on Jun 12
 *It's back for now at least.Dark Star on Jun 12
 * And after timing out several times, it is back down again :(Pete on Jun 13
 He's trying to run a CLOUD, but it is raining!Clippy on Jun 13
 Typical **gopus on Jun 26
Why can't I edit my posts here? You have to be signed in as a member...Clippy on Jun 6
*QB64 is back onlineAngros47 on Jun 6
 *It is! It really is! YAAAAAY!!SMcNeill on Jun 6
QB64 Forum Users Who Would Like Ability to EDIT Posts Here...Pete on Jun 6
 Re: QB64 Forum Users Who Would Like Ability to EDIT Posts Here...SMcNeill on Jun 6
  Ha ha. Check it again Steve, it's perfect!Pete on Jun 6

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