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Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 9
 WIDTH 80,50WIDTH statement on Mar 10
  *In SCREEN 12, you can do WIDTH 80,60 tooWIDTH statement on Mar 10
  * That's only for SCREEN 0, the default... on Mar 10
 You can use several screens to display your data.Solitaire on Mar 10
 Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 10
  Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenAlGoreIthm on Mar 10
   Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 14
    The "structure" is established by the program, not the file... on Mar 15
     * "(dot)" to "." in his URL. on Apr 3
    Re: Too much to Fit on the Screen on Apr 3
RND questionFmr on Mar 5
 RND example on Mar 5
  rnd is good for when you must make your program roll dice and stuffBen on Mar 6
 Re: RND question on Mar 22
Printing via a usb port on Feb 28
 Visit this site...(URL)Pete on Feb 28
  please write a program for an enrolement into a baptima class on Mar 3
   Sure - Anything else??AlGoreIthm on Mar 3
    * Anything else, you bet... he forgot to order fries with that!Pete on Mar 3
    * What the hell is a "batima"? Is that what Obama reportedly went to?... on Mar 5
     *He said "baptima", a "batima" is a high colonic courtesy of the caped crusader. on Mar 5
      * I'll have to take your word on that great one! :-) on Mar 6
Someone posted a solution to the LESS THAN display problemSolitaire on Feb 26
 Here Tis on Feb 26
  Thank you, Don.Solitaire on Feb 26
   Unfortunately, N54's HTML filter doesn't handle the less-than character very well at all on Feb 26
    Why on Feb 26
     * One possible reason is that it already has a easy-to-use forum system set up. on Feb 27
Hi Artelius, I've just released QB64 V0.927 for Linux with your _SNDRAW commands!Galleon on Feb 26
 * We could use a few more RAW examples too! :-) on Feb 26
Has anyone done this yet?Zack on Feb 25
 Time intervalSolitaire on Feb 25
Help needed on Feb 25
 * Sounds like homework. Post your code so far... on Feb 25
 One possible approach:Solitaire on Feb 25
  This is not my homework...HC on Feb 25
   andHC on Feb 25
    What ugly code!Solitaire on Feb 25
     LOL... on Feb 25
     wellHC on Feb 26
      AND ALSOhc on Feb 26
       ...HC on Feb 26
      You need to get a base value for max and min.Solitaire on Feb 26
       * The less than symbol < won't display in posts :-P on Feb 26
       whoaHC on Feb 26
        * DIM defines the variable type on Feb 27
        Variables must be defined by type in most languages.Solitaire on Feb 27
         Thanks!HC on Feb 27
a little help with a few problems?Zack on Feb 20
 Re: a little help with a few problems? on Feb 20
 Use INKEY$ WITH _KEYHIT to clear in a loop... on Feb 20
 Re: Is there a way to draw using SCREEN 0... on Feb 20
 Thanks so much, but one more thingZack on Feb 21
  Declare your variable as a LONG instead of INTEGERSolitaire on Feb 21
  You can use _INTEGER64 in QB64 too. on Feb 22
  Re: Thanks so much, but one more thing :PZack on Feb 22
   Use VAL() to convert a string to a number.Solitaire on Feb 22
   Re: How do you double the size of an image using _PUT... on Feb 22
    Like this...Galleon on Feb 24
   Thanls guysZack on Feb 25
Parallel port issuesnmcmill on Feb 17
 Pin 10 is the status on Feb 17
 *Replace the $ sign with an & on Feb 19
  * Good catch Artie I missed that one...:-) on Feb 19
QBasic under XP - screen colors corrupted. on Feb 12
 Try this on Feb 12
 QBasic screen colors on Feb 13
*Yes, I'm upgrading the QB64 website. Refer to my post in the QB64 N54 forum here.Galleon on Feb 11
Full screen mode in Windows 7 or Vista...Solitaire on Feb 11
 *Thanks, Solitaire -- although I'm getting used to losing the old stuff, bit by bit. on Feb 11
 Qbasic full screen mode in Windows 7 on Oct 29
Anyway to time things in sub 1 second intervals? on Feb 6
 What does TIMER actually return?Loudhvx on Feb 6
  You should check for Midnite in TIMER delays... on Feb 7
   *Thanks. It's a short-run program, but will keep in mind.Loudhvx on Feb 8
  *Resolved. Can use TIMER. Thanks!Loudhvx on Feb 7
 A few suggestions on Feb 19
  *Thanks. Found the PIT details on a tutorial.Lou on Feb 21
Disk Read/Write Sectors QB7 or QB4.1Dave on Feb 6
  I did not find any suitable codeDave on Feb 7
 read sector demo on Feb 7
  Re: read sector demoDave on Feb 8
   I think you're going to have a hard time doing it from NTVDM. on Feb 8
   * You can access the LPT with Port Talk in XP on Feb 8

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