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Help with INKEY$ lagZack on Jul 26
 Re: Help with INKEY$ lag on Jul 27
  ThanksZack on Jul 27
   yw. on Jul 28
Menu Help on Jul 23
 Re: Menu Helplawgin on Jul 23
  Re: Menu Help on Jul 23
   Re: Menu Helplawgin on Jul 23
   a demo of a more flexible approach on Jul 23
  Thanks on Jul 23
 Very simple menu programSolitaire on Jul 24
.bas to Java..? on Jul 17
 I removed the * that was placed in the above title post, which included textSolitaire on Jul 17
 Why Java? on Jul 17
  RE: Why Java? on Jul 18
   RE: Why Java? on Jul 18
    If you're familiar with Basic, then you can try using Visual Basic.NETSolitaire on Jul 18
   It sounds like you could use a server side application. on Jul 18
    *2 more links(URL) on Jul 18
   Java is the wrong choice for this, IMHOPharoah on Jul 21
    I'm still not exactly sure what he is trying to do. on Jul 21
     I agree that server side would be the best choice for thisPharoah on Jul 21
pic data on Jul 16
 It wouldn't be necessary to actually "hide" the text... on Jul 16
 a couple of ideas. on Jul 16
 You could put the message in the Palette info on Jul 16
  You could also hide another image in the imagePharoah on Jul 17
New To QBasic, Need Help WIth Program on Jul 2
 Hello, Justin. on Jul 2
  also (Size, Num, Hours, Revenue, NamSave$, and NamSav$)) on Jul 2
  so appreciated on Jul 2
   you're welcome. on Jul 2
    Changes Made on Jul 2
     Post your adjusted codeSolitaire on Jul 2
     what he emailed... on Jul 3
      a little better.... on Jul 3
     *Justin, have you gotten it working yet? on Jul 7
      Sorry, ThanksJustin on Jul 9
       It adds the value to itself.Solitaire on Jul 9
       Re: Sorry, Thanks on Jul 9
Music Program with configurable tuningqbguy on Jun 28
 Examples of altering tuningqbguy on Jun 28
  * That sounds pretty good! Especially in QB64. I can't hardly hear the onboard speaker... on Jun 28
 *Really great stuff, qbguy -- and all with one SOUND statement. Talk about elegance! on Jun 28
 johan sebastien COCKgoerge on Mar 18
MS-DOS _SHELL commands helpZack on Jun 18
 SHELL is not a QB64 keyword on Jun 18
  Almost got itZack on Jun 19
   After the SHELL, read the file to get the current path on Jun 19
    Yes, butZack on Jun 19
     * "C\WINDOWS" should be "C:\WINDOWS" on Jun 19
      Thanks, one last thingZack on Jun 19
       The DOS batch file Pause commandSolitaire on Jun 19
        * In QB, the SLEEP command will pause until user presses any key.Solitaire on Jun 19
       * The CHOICE batch command has a time delay on Jun 20
        Any other ideas?Zack on Jun 20
         Try this on Jun 20
          *ping in case there is no internet connection. on Jun 20
   *"\" is the path separator in DOS and Windows, not "/". on Jun 19
 SHELL on Jun 19
 Multiple spacesSolitaire on Jun 19
  *Awesome, Thanks!Zack on Jun 19
   * Note: You can alternate between Alt-255 and a regular space.Solitaire on Jun 19
  No-Break Space on Jun 19
Help with little cursor ball thingZack on Jun 16
 It sounds like...AlGoreIthm on Jun 16
 does qb64 let you change the mouse cursor? on Jun 16
  Use _MOUSEHIDEUnseen Machine on Jun 20
   *I have a pair of mousehide shoesSylvester on Jun 20
    *Don't they squeak when you walk? on Jun 20
     *Yeah they're pretty cheesySylvester on Jun 20
   I meant actually use a custom cursor. on Jun 20
    Use SDLUnseen on Jun 21
     * "absed"? Abused? ..........based? ....... :-P on Jun 21
 Yes, you have to save the old position to an array using graphical GET... on Jun 16
  This still leaves marks aroundZack on Jun 16
   Yeah, you've got the GET in the wrong place... on Jun 16
    Ok, thanksZack on Jun 16
 *change AND to OR on Jun 16
Need help with BAT file to run a QB program: on Jun 16
 %~nx1 on Jun 16
  CMD /C works, but on Jun 16
   *thanks for the info. that might be handy someday. on Jun 16
Prog Ramming Quick Basiczzzcat on Jun 12
 That definately looks like a homework question....Ben? :-) on Jun 12
  Well I've actually solved itqbguy on Jun 13
   * It is not very easy to see why this program solves the problem without commentsqbguy on Jun 13
    * Probably Mr. Obfuscation :-P on Jun 13
     Well I guess I'll post the explanation nowqbguy on Jun 15
Music help? urgent, I'm 11.Luan on Jun 11
 Depends on what version of QBASIC you are usingqbguy on Jun 11
  System beep? on Jun 11
 Are you using QB64? on Jun 11
 No answer?Luan on Jun 11
  You can't change the volume of the internal PC speaker. on Jun 11
   Kk.Luan on Jun 11
    *Qb64 uses the same old keywords and has new features you don't have to use. on Jun 11
    Hi Luan! Try using PLAY "v50cde" in QB64, "v50" means 50% volumeGalleon on Jun 12
  Laptops can use the sound card but you can't change the volume. on Jun 12
   *in that case, plug speakers into the headphone jack, and use the control on the speakers. on Jun 12
RGB on HTML on Jun 9
 Convert to hex and put a octothrope at the frontqbguy on Jun 9
  *Yes, Don, and don't forget to multiply your QB RGB values * 4 (0 - 255). on Jun 9
 QB64 WIKI on Jun 9
  Thanks on Jun 9
using qb64 to make .cpp files from .bas files on Jun 5
 Re: using qb64 to make .cpp files from .bas files on Jun 6
 C programmers should already know how to convert them on Jun 6
Fully tabbed file manager for DOSBen on Jun 5
 Took me three hoursBen on Jun 5
  Graphics card utility... on Jun 6
 it looks like a good start on Jun 6
  it's fully tabbedBen on Jun 6
   *cool. on Jun 6
   *I've partially implemented such file selectionBen on Jun 11
Problem with Global IP address in QB64 fixed! on May 31

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