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message for GARRY from qb64 forummn64 on Dec 23
 Thank youGarry on Dec 23
  registration is mostly optional, and comes with extra benefitsmn64 on Dec 23
  Welcome (again)Michael Calkins on Dec 23
   those weren't the ones i was thinking of, but they'll domn64 on Dec 23
   Late replyGarry Ricketson on Dec 26
    *there's certainly a lot of stuff. 10-15+ years worth? and 99% of it works in qb64, toomn64 on Dec 26
    Well, I'm glad that you're enjoying it.Michael Calkins on Dec 26
     *fun to do an over-the-top job they'd have to work too much to make believable it was themmn64 on Dec 26
     I believe it was AliphaSolitaire on Dec 27
      * I think he was mostly before my time, but I have seen some of his code.Michael Calkins on Dec 29
       Alipha was a genius, only 14 years old when he wrote most of his code.Solitaire on Dec 29
        14? That would make me twice the genius he was...Pete on Dec 29
i've tried to register on the other forum againmn64 on Dec 22
 Re: Knowing him he will crack this place first!mn64 on Dec 22
What?!Matt on Dec 22
 don't hold your breath for an emailmn64 on Dec 22
 Most plausible solutionPete on Dec 22
 Yes, but OPEN for what purpose...TheBOB on Dec 21
 even psychic friends ask for your name, we need code.mn64 on Dec 21
other things you gotta do to post here...mn64 on Dec 17
Pong Program not working correctlypmarathe on Dec 15
 nice ideaBen on Dec 16
  I hadn''t thought about itpmarathe on Dec 16
  Re: nice ideaBen on Dec 16
 I've played your game, pmarathe...TheBOB on Dec 16
  Re: I've played your game, pmarathe...pmarathe on Dec 16
   Since you've solved your other problem, here are a couple of things...TheBOB on Dec 16
    Re: Since you've solved your other problem, here are a couple of things...pmarathe on Dec 16
     *I didn't put an escape key because you can always close the window by clicking the Xpmarathe on Dec 16
      True...TheBOB on Dec 16
       Re: True...pmarathe on Dec 16
Legacy of QBLisztfr on Dec 13
 yesmn64 on Dec 13
 Re: Legacy of QBPete on Dec 16
  Yes but ...Lisztfr on Dec 21
   qb64 code = qb code + _mn64 on Dec 21
ArrowsBen on Dec 12
 i don't know if this is better for thebob's 3d forummn64 on Dec 12
  I can't post on thebob's forumBen on Dec 16
   it'd be neat if you could use it that waymn64 on Dec 17
   *p.s. try it with javascript turned off in whatever browser you're using nowmn64 on Dec 17
 I shot an arrow into the air...TheBOB on Dec 13
  i've really gotta do part ii before spring...mn64 on Dec 13
  I'm trying to improve on this programBen on Dec 13
   Also, this one is pretty coolBen on Dec 13
    *any program that can make efficent use of PAINT isn't using physics-- it's using Magicmn64 on Dec 13
    *I love the splatter! Very nice.TheBOB on Dec 13
interesting visualKeith on Dec 8
 like!mn64 on Dec 8
  and here is a nearly solid version for youmn64 on Dec 8
   Here's a completely solid versionpmarathe on Dec 11
    Bug fix + antialiasing enabledpmarathe on Dec 11
     very smooth...mn64 on Dec 11
      Too bad we can't make use of the gpu....pmarathe on Dec 12
       how do you do?i'm a gpu on Dec 12
        Re: how do you do?pmarathe on Dec 13
    Slightly Better Version...but much slowerpmarathe on Dec 11
     ColorsKeith on Dec 11
      like the rainbow, but... it's missing a color, no?mn64 on Dec 11
       violetBen on Dec 12
        nice! makes me wonder...mn64 on Dec 13
         Re: nice! makes me wonder...Ben on Dec 13
  I like to add mouse interactivityKeith on Dec 8
   ...brilliant! (this one isn't interactive, but it's a little more like the one i made)mn64 on Dec 9
    Great stuff guys...TheBOB on Dec 9
 For QB4,5 AnyLisztfr on Dec 11
  yep, it ismn64 on Dec 11
How to get the value of FI have the following formula:SWEngineer on Dec 6
 Re: How to get the value of FI have the following formula:Michael Calkins on Dec 6
 please clarifyMichael Calkins on Dec 6
How to find this value?SWEngineer on Dec 6
 Re: How to find this value?Michael Calkins on Dec 6
 You're close...TheBOB on Dec 6
  * +I, not +1...Michael Calkins on Dec 6
   *Old guy eyes. Thanks, Michael.TheBOB on Dec 6
    * :-)Michael Calkins on Dec 6
     Missing multiples of 4David on Dec 6
      * :-P I'm not reading carefully enough.Michael Calkins on Dec 6
Command line compilerqbnewb on Dec 4
 yes (URL)mn64 on Dec 4
  thanks!qbnewb on Dec 4
 Re: Command line compilerMichael Calkins on Dec 4
to galleonyou know who it is on Dec 2
 If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake...Pete on Dec 2
  the heck you say!mn64 on Dec 2
 it's nice to hear from you again.Michael Calkins on Dec 2
  if you're going to sell out, sell out to c plus plusmn64 on Dec 2
 some people just can't move on...gopus on Dec 3
  and some people still don't get it...mn64 on Dec 3
   I was being ironical...gopus on Dec 3
    me too, it turns outmn64 on Dec 3
     *That's right!gopus on Dec 4
inquireAbdul Haleem on Nov 30
 Re: inquireMichael Calkins on Nov 30
Need help really badMossy on Nov 28
 See the Homework Policy listed at the top right of this page.Solitaire on Nov 28

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