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Recursion unexpected on Sep 21
 Floating point numbers do not exactly equal the corresponding integer value.Solitaire on Sep 21
  Same thing with integer on Sep 21
   * Try using integer division \Solitaire on Sep 21
  a = 80 : stack overflow on Sep 21
 You have to exit ALL recursionsangros47 on Sep 21
  Function on Sep 21
   *the final command exit current sub, not all subs.angros47 on Sep 21
    findspacce function i wrote some dayLisztfr on Sep 22
    Sum function on Sep 22
     Or you could doC. F. Gauss on Sep 22
      Good example here on Sep 22
       Strange n values on Sep 22
More Questions Regarding operators, data types indenting, etc...Negative on Sep 20
 Some answers --Solitaire on Sep 20
Please Help Me :( on Sep 20
 Warning - Can not post this message. Please login and try again. on Sep 20
 * READ the Homework Policy in the header! Post your code!Clippy on Sep 20
Draw a circle using only PSET and integers: no SIN/COS, no SQRT...angros47 on Sep 19
 Here's one from meUnseen Machine on Sep 19
 Re: Draw a circle using only PSET and integers: no SIN/COS, no SQRT...Ben on Sep 19
  The Breshenham algorithm revisitedDavid on Sep 20
   could you use LINE?Ben on Sep 20
    Re: could you use LINE?Ben on Sep 20
   * What trick? There are no non-integer pixel positions!Clippy on Sep 20
 More funLisztfr on Sep 20
Another challengeLisztfr on Sep 15
 *URLDavid on Sep 15
  Heuristic in the knight tourLisztfr on Sep 16
   Using Warnsdorff's algorithmDavid on Sep 16
    Ok i will have to jump into that matter, soon i remember some qbasic stuff.Lisztfr on Sep 16
 Wolfram has an article on this with example resultsZom-B on Sep 19
A challenge on Sep 12
 * WE DO have a CHALLENGE FORUM ya know.... on Sep 12
  * Dammit, N54 lost my name again! on Sep 12
   * I bet Galleon wished he had a spiffy forum host like we do. on Sep 12
  Yes but who is looking at the challenge forum ... ? on Sep 13
 There are 3^8 combinationsDavid on Sep 13
  This is correctLisztfr on Sep 13
  *Congratulations, David -- any chance of seeing your code? on Sep 13
   The orginal challenge had / and * as well.David on Sep 13
    *Very nice! Thanks. on Sep 13
  * Nice program, David. I think I actually remembered it from long ago. on Sep 13
   Very nice, foremost because there isn't a single comment ! on Sep 13
    * IF you had looked in the Challenge forum, you could have seen it! on Sep 13
     Ok, but :Lisztfr on Sep 14
      without nested loopsDavid on Sep 14
       Nested loop limit ? on Sep 14
question about variable output...Sail on Sep 10
 heres my code btw...Sail on Sep 10
 Re: question about variable output...codeguy on Sep 10
  thanks...Sail on Sep 11
Couple QuestionsNegative on Sep 9
 Re: Couple Questions on Sep 9
 More answers:Solitaire on Sep 10
  LET is even olderZom-B on Sep 12
   I did say that LET is a legacy command leftover from the "original" version of BASIC.Solitaire on Sep 12
want to get a screenshotcodeguy on Sep 4
 Have you tried the Prt Scr button? ... on Sep 5
  Re: Have you tried the Prt Scr button? ...codeguy on Sep 13
 Where's your code? on Sep 5
 Come on donny, why don't you ask for the moon while you're at it! on Sep 5
  What's your Gallery address? Never mind....Clippy on Sep 5
   * It is the gallery version of the Bush education act - Gnome Left Behind. on Sep 5
  To get a screen shot of your running program---Solitaire on Sep 5
  Re: Come on donny, why don't you ask for the moon while you're at it!codeguy on Sep 10
About the VAL functionSolitaire on Sep 4
 * What about 12zzz13aaa145cde? Or Scientific notation? on Sep 4
 A suggestion on Sep 4
  Yes it does scientific notation, using E or DSolitaire on Sep 5
   Using E or DMoneo on Sep 7
    * Ah -- thanks.Solitaire on Sep 7
 Re: About the VAL functioncodeguy on Sep 4
16 bit DMA sound on Sep 1
 * Try QB64. You can play WAV, OGG and MP3 files(see link at top of forum) on Sep 1
  Re: * Try QB64. You can play WAV, OGG and MP3 files(see link at top of forum) on Sep 1
   * Regular Basic? Like what kind is that? on Sep 1
 About 20 lines down this page is the example you seekZom-B on Sep 1
  Re: About 20 lines down this page is the example you seek on Sep 1
   * WHY tell people to try stuff that YOU CAN'T EVEN GET TO WORK? on Sep 1
donny, quit sitting in the Index. No one is going to steal Collider Worms... on Aug 30
 Re: donny, quit sitting in the Index. No one is going to steal Collider Worms...codeguy on Sep 4
Cannot post at QB64.net Forum posting down?... on Aug 30
 hmmZom-B on Aug 30
  Read this first before clearing cookiesZom-B on Aug 30
   Re: Read this first before clearing cookiesdonny on Sep 4
  Yes, that worked... but you don't have to clear all cookies... on Aug 30
    Re: I FORGOT MY PASSWORD AGAINAnonymous on Sep 4
     * I NEVER log out anywhere! I'm always connected. That's how Zip got in! on Sep 7
  * WHO on earth LOGS OFF and WHY would said person do that? on Aug 30
   You get logged off automatically after a set period of time,Solitaire on Aug 31
 How to post on QB64 forum on Aug 4
  * Resolved on Aug 4
what INP do i use to get input from soundcard on Aug 25
 * What kind of values? Analog sounds? on Aug 25
 I'm no expert but on Aug 28
  artelius, you're right on Aug 28
   *Well don't just sit there in the Index, codeguy. Post something and edit it!Pete on Aug 28
   This might be helpfulZom-B on Aug 28
    I thought professional programmers indented their code?Pete on Aug 28
     You once said you dont indent your codeBen on Aug 28
      But I do use asterisks for blank posts... and apostrophes for contractions. on Aug 28
       I thought I had to use a kind of bbcode tag to keep indentation on this forum.Zom-B on Aug 30
        Ahoy matey, you're in the "R" Group. on Aug 30
         *Thanks, but I still can't edit that message because i wasn't logged in when I posted it.Zom-B on Aug 31
         Re: Ahoy matey, you're in the "R" Group.codeguy on Sep 4
        * Indentation also messes up comment alignment. I think I'll start another Crusade. :-P on Aug 30
     Re: I thought professional programmers indented their code?codeguy on Sep 5
   One of these would be way cooler (*URL) on Aug 31
    This is still coolerZom-B on Aug 31
to add to matrixs on Aug 21
 Read the Homework Policy (one of the top-right links) and search....Pete on Aug 21
  need help in calculating matrix on Aug 22
   sorryAnonymous on Aug 22
   Just use a loop like you did earlierqbguy on Aug 22
    *For graphics, animation, and color, there's TheBOB. For everything else, there's qbguy.MasterCard on Aug 22

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