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Message TitleAuthor and Date
New computer using QuickBasicMoneo on Jul 12
 Re: New computer using QuickBasicPete on Jul 12
  Re: New computer using QuickBasicMoneo on Jul 12
  * Thanks, Pete.Moneo on Jul 13
 Re: New computer using QuickBasicMichael Calkins on Jul 12
  * Thanks, Michael.Moneo on Jul 13
   *ywMichael Calkins on Jul 13
Poke???nick on Jul 10
 It's for writing to memory.Michael Calkins on Jul 10
  thanksnick on Jul 18
   a little more...Michael Calkins on Jul 18
using locate for printerLeon Schrecengost on Jul 10
 A printer prints down the pageClippy on Jul 10
  printerLeon Schrecengost on Jul 10
 Printing to a printerSolitaire on Jul 12
Online BASIC system with subroutines and REPLfoo on Jul 4
Missing file?Larry Moore on Jul 4
 what tutorials?Michael Calkins on Jul 4
  Perhaps in an earlier release of QB64? ...TheBOB on Jul 4
   If you never physically removed it, it will still be there...Clippy on Jul 4
Random NamesSTBasic on Jul 3
 Re: Random NamesMichael Calkins on Jul 3
Forcing Fullscreen Toggle via CodeAlex Nelson on Jul 1
 re: (added 1 PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 1
  responseAlex Nelson on Jul 1
   Re: responseMichael Calkins on Jul 2
    responseAlex Nelson on Jul 2
     Re: responseMichael Calkins on Jul 3
Copy files & folders according to list ?lisztfr on Jun 28
 Re: Copy files & folders according to list ?Zack on Jun 30
  oklisztfr on Jul 1
   Re: okMichael Calkins on Jul 1
    Full backup versus partial backupMoneo on Jul 1
     More regarding backupsMoneo on Aug 31
      Thanks MoneoLisztfr on Sep 4
IdeasZack on Jun 27
 write a graphing calculator of some sortCock on Jun 28
 ToastSolitaire on Jun 28
  *url insideSolitaire on Jun 28
  Re: ToastZack on Jun 30
 Proper Case of Name (project idea; could be a challenge)Solitaire on Jul 2
  Re: Proper Case of Name (project idea; could be a challenge)Moneo on Jul 2
   * Also, beware of diacritical marks on lettersMoneo on Jul 2
   There are many exceptions. (another challenge)Solitaire on Jul 3
  Re: Proper Case of Name (project idea; could be a challenge)Zack on Jul 2
   * Very nice. It does work with QB. Your code is a whole lot different than mine.Solitaire on Jul 3
 some more ideas:Michael Calkins on Jul 3
simple compiler for newer computersJason on Jun 21
 not reallyMichael Calkins on Jun 21
 * Call FreeBASIC in QBASIC mode using fbc -lang qb instead of fbcanon on Jun 21
Die Forelle, SchubertIma Fish on Jun 19
 Very nice, however...TheBOB on Jun 19
  * and very loud on ibm x41 :-)lisztfr on Jun 20
Embed Arrays in Type...lisztfr on Jun 19
What are the colors in QBasic?ComputerGhost on Jun 19
 This will get the current RGB settings to an arrayClippy on Jun 19
  Thanks! I guess those sources were right. Well, here are the values:ComputerGhost on Jun 19
   BTW, the leading byte is not for brightnessClippy on Jun 19
   your numbers are slightly off...Michael Calkins on Jul 14
    Re: your numbers are slightly off...Vince on Dec 10
     For color intensity values 0 to 63 multiply by 4 for 0 to 255Clippy on Dec 10
Copy and Paste in QB64?pmarathe on Jun 18
 Same as in any other app...TheBOB on Jun 18
  *I meant from within a program...pmarathe on Jun 18
   Use _CLIPBOARD$Zack on Jun 18
    Thankspmarathe on Jun 19
QBASIC on the web?homewardbound on Jun 18
 QB64 and the QLOUD?Galleon on Jun 19

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