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A RND alternative?lawgin on Dec 7
 * SO WHAT? The ONLY thing RANDOM is the time between key presses!Clippy on Dec 7
  You're wrong -- try it without keypresses...lawgin on Dec 7
   Not quite random... on Dec 7
    Funny... on Dec 7
     *Apparently his teeth weren't really wood, so you may be right about his undies :-| on Dec 8
    Quite a revelationlawgin on Dec 8
 *it repeats every 431 iterationsDavid on Dec 8
  linear feedback shift registerdavid on Dec 8
   *period is 21845lawgin on Dec 8
  Re: *it repeats every 431 iterationslawgin on Dec 8
One of my programsBen on Dec 7
 Re: One of my programslawgin on Dec 7
  Run the executableBen on Dec 7
   * LOL, sure we TRUST YOU...Clippy on Dec 7
    why notBen on Dec 10
     *Because a good reputation is hard to get and easy to lose... on Dec 10
      * Well I got that beat! I NEVER had a good reputation anyhow...:-PClippy on Dec 10
  * My evil plan has succeeded! on Dec 8
   Not so fast, Zero! I emailed you a virus that adds SCREEN 12 to all your programs... on Dec 8
    * Drat, foiled again! on Dec 8
 Impressive but unpolished on Dec 10
 This program is niceAnonymus of Hungary on Dec 10
download qbasic on Dec 6
 QB64unseen machine on Dec 6
  Except me on Dec 6
   * What WIKI? QB64 has NEVER supported MAC YET, but it will...Clippy on Dec 6
   *Are you a Tiger or a Snow Leopard?Galleon on Dec 7
    Snow Leopard on Dec 7
     Jack Ass on Dec 8
      * HEY! You is infringing on my copyrights of that thar image! ♂Clippy on Dec 8
      I'd write a SCREEN 12 program in which your Jackass gets blown up... on Dec 10
Eh... I need helpZack on Dec 2
 You need to use a counter variableSolitaire on Dec 2
  Thank youZack on Dec 2
   HeyZack on Dec 3
    * Post your code.Solitaire on Dec 3
    EOF in a loopClippy on Dec 3
    EOF sample:Solitaire on Dec 3
     OkZack on Dec 3
 counting on Dec 6
  OKUnseenMachine on Dec 6
   Interesting thing about integers in QB64... on Dec 6
    Me too Bob, it just don't feel right AND...Clippy on Dec 6
    I think it's a good featureBen on Dec 6
    I've mentioned this to Galleon on Dec 6
Hey TheBOBZack on Dec 1
 Maybe this will helpUnseen Machine on Dec 1
  ThanksZack on Dec 1
   Use MID$unseen machine on Dec 1
   Yeah, in that case you want a two-dimensional string array... on Dec 1
    *BTW, be sure to check out Unseens "MID$" response -- probably a better method than mine. on Dec 1
 Sample of a scrolling screenSolitaire on Dec 2
  Variation of scrolling sampleSolitaire on Dec 2
  *You can type &lt; and &gt; for < and > on Dec 3
How to make a scroll barZack on Nov 29
 lol - you certainly are ambitious for a beginner... on Nov 29
  ...and btw, I totally understand... on Nov 30
   I didn't spend good money on a sewing machine so that I could stop carrying Kleenex... on Nov 30
    *Sure -- you learned how spines go together, a sewing machine should be a snap. on Nov 30
     * No, a spine is a "snap." A sewing machine requires tools. on Nov 30
   yesBen on Nov 30
  HiZack on Nov 30
 Use SUB on Nov 30
Just a thoughLisztfr on Nov 29
 *lol -- there's always the REFLECT command, which takes considerable time. on Nov 29
 *Well isn't that special. Who started this thread? Could it be... SATAN! on Nov 29
One last string thing on Nov 28
 Re: One last string thing on Nov 28
  Ooh, "out of string space" =s on Nov 28
  No, that's broken on Nov 28
   Yes N54 mangled it... I edited back to the way it appears in my IDE. on Nov 28
    I suspect it is some complex string he is searching, so I'll also post this solution... on Nov 28
     That looks like it'll work =) on Nov 28
   I like using the first parameter of INSTR, too... on Nov 28
Prompt commandPeter on Nov 26
 Better way... on Nov 26
 Deciding what you want is the first step in programming on Nov 26
 Here is a simple menu:Solitaire on Nov 26
  Hope Solitaire don't mindUnseen Machine on Nov 27
   Boy did you mess that up! Besides ending a FUNCTION with END SUB...Clippy on Nov 27
    ErmUnseen Machine on Nov 27
     * I REFUSE to clean up after your mistakes! AND it DOESN'T work as posted!Clippy on Nov 27
      I beg to differ,Unseen Machine on Nov 27
       * Galleon IS gonna FIX that pal! It presently works with EXIT too!Clippy on Nov 28
  The menu I presented was extremely simple.Solitaire on Nov 27
   Short Menu on Nov 27
    Looks like it could be great...Unseen Machine on Nov 27
    Very nice, Marine Don.Solitaire on Nov 28
Variance of prime numbers on Nov 26
 * First ya gotta find them. Post your code so far...Clippy on Nov 26
 *Search the archives for Prime Numbers. There are a prime number of examples, there. on Nov 26
Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Prelude No. 1js bach on Nov 23
 * It has a good beat, and you can dance to it. I rate it an 89.Dick Clark on Nov 24
 A suggestion,,,Galleon on Nov 25
  That command string doesn't work in QBasic... on Nov 25
   * I don't know what commas do Bob. He never told anybody.Clippy on Nov 25
    Me neither, Clipster... on Nov 26
     I've no idea why I didn't annouce it properly at the time...Galleon on Nov 26
      That was a waste of time. What you shold have been busy on is this... on Nov 26
       * I like that idea too Pete! They DO tend to get kinda loud if you're not ready for them.Clippy on Nov 26
      *Neat! on Nov 26
      So theoretically I could make DTMF telephone dailing tones? on Nov 26
  * Ave Maria, best song ever!... if you don't include Surfing USA, by the Beach Boys. :) on Nov 25
I need help writing a programZack on Nov 23
 Do you know how to do anything? on Nov 23
  Thank youZack on Nov 23
   Can I have some sample code please?Zack on Nov 24
    There are several things required for a button press to work... on Nov 24
 Re: I need help writing a program on Nov 23
 also a begginer on Nov 23
  Save that to a file on Nov 24
Bézier curvesSean Boyd on Nov 22
 *Btw, the extra drawing of the lines between the two points is unecessary when unanimatedSean Boyd on Nov 22
 Why did you add 3?Clippy on Nov 22
  MmmmSean on Nov 23
   Well, the line that is drawn is just the tangent line of the curve.Clippy on Nov 23
 Oh, I thought you meant Brassiere Curves...Pamela Anderson on Nov 23
  *Oh, that SCREEN 0 guy, he's such a character!Sean on Nov 23
   * ZERO HERO! on Nov 23
 Boy, this takes me back on Nov 24
  Takes you back? Are you serious??? on Nov 25
   * LOL :-) on Nov 25
  * Thanks very much!! I'll mess around with this for a while and see what I come up with.Sean on Nov 27
COM1_EX.BAS Query on Nov 17
 COM 1 and 2 on Nov 18
  Com1_EX.bas on Nov 19
   That demo has nothing to do with COM ports. It is for COMMON.Clippy on Nov 19
Want à big challenge ?Lisztfr on Nov 17
 Hint: try solving it row by rowBen on Nov 17

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