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How to find this value?SWEngineer on Dec 6
 Re: How to find this value?Michael Calkins on Dec 6
 You're close...TheBOB on Dec 6
  * +I, not +1...Michael Calkins on Dec 6
   *Old guy eyes. Thanks, Michael.TheBOB on Dec 6
    * :-)Michael Calkins on Dec 6
     Missing multiples of 4David on Dec 6
      * :-P I'm not reading carefully enough.Michael Calkins on Dec 6
Command line compilerqbnewb on Dec 4
 yes (URL)mn64 on Dec 4
  thanks!qbnewb on Dec 4
 Re: Command line compilerMichael Calkins on Dec 4
to galleonyou know who it is on Dec 2
 If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake...Pete on Dec 2
  the heck you say!mn64 on Dec 2
 it's nice to hear from you again.Michael Calkins on Dec 2
  if you're going to sell out, sell out to c plus plusmn64 on Dec 2
 some people just can't move on...gopus on Dec 3
  and some people still don't get it...mn64 on Dec 3
   I was being ironical...gopus on Dec 3
    me too, it turns outmn64 on Dec 3
     *That's right!gopus on Dec 4
inquireAbdul Haleem on Nov 30
 Re: inquireMichael Calkins on Nov 30
Need help really badMossy on Nov 28
 See the Homework Policy listed at the top right of this page.Solitaire on Nov 28
I changed the string value...Jay on Nov 27
 Throw that textbook away.Michael Calkins on Nov 27
 You really need to learn your data types.Michael Calkins on Nov 27
  I see what happened. You tried fixing one problem, but created another. (1 PS)Michael Calkins on Nov 27
 An example in a different style.Michael Calkins on Nov 27
  *(URL) rewritten in C++.Michael Calkins on Nov 28
 Another exampleMichael Calkins on Nov 27
 Nevermind I figured it out... but where would it go in the context of my program?Jay on Nov 27
  Type MisMatch ErrorJay on Nov 27
   You cannot do math with a stringSolitaire on Nov 27
    *If I take out the string would that work?Jay on Nov 27
     Would what work?Solitaire on Nov 27
Subscript out of rangeJarrod on Nov 25
 countDavid on Nov 25
Some Elementary Questions about QB64Jerry Greenberg on Nov 24
 Re: Some Elementary Questions about QB64Michael Calkins on Nov 24
Pi CalculationOboe Shoes on Nov 23
 Pi using qbasicdavid on Nov 24
  * I enjoyed your programsGeorge on Nov 25
 Re: Pi CalculationMoneo on Dec 15
Sequential FileJay on Nov 20
 * Don't you have a textbook that explains how to do it?Solitaire on Nov 20
 And if you don't have a textbook...Michael Calkins on Nov 20
  I do but it doesn't explain it wellJay on Nov 20
   No it doesn't (in QB at any rate). Here...TheBOB on Nov 20
    Ok so would an example be like this?Jay on Nov 21
     Syntax errorJay on Nov 21
      I've seen code like this before.Michael Calkins on Nov 21
       Yeah probablyJay on Nov 21
        Re: Yeah probablyMichael Calkins on Nov 21
       inquireAbdul Haleem on Nov 30
        Do you mean the .EXE?Michael Calkins on Nov 30
      several things: (1 P.S.)Michael Calkins on Nov 21
       I fixed the mistakes I think butJay on Nov 23
        I fixed the mistakes I think but*Jay on Nov 23
         *asterisks in post titles like that usually mean an empty post.Michael Calkins on Nov 23
        Re: I fixed the mistakes I think but (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Nov 23
         Actually, my VAL() suggestion is not ideal...Michael Calkins on Nov 23
          Ok so like this?Jay on Nov 23
           Sorry, no... (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Nov 23
            Can't believe i messed up on the string againJay on Nov 23
             Re: Can't believe i messed up on the string againMichael Calkins on Nov 23
              I have to read the data from a .dat and print a chart of commission ratesJay on Nov 23
               Re: I have to read the data from a .dat and print a chart of commission ratesMichael Calkins on Nov 23
                Ok I does clear things up so basically....Jay on Nov 24
                 It does clear things up slighty... (EDIT)Jay on Nov 24
                  to the screen onlyMichael Calkins on Nov 24
                   Ok so it would be like this?Jay on Nov 24
                    No... (perhaps some advice from the other members?)Michael Calkins on Nov 24
                     I glanced through your other topics.Michael Calkins on Nov 24
                    Variable assignmentsSolitaire on Nov 24
                     After spending time fixing both my input and output files..Jay on Nov 25
                      Check your variable names.Michael Calkins on Nov 25
                       I did and now get an (I think I was looking an the wrong code)Jay on Nov 25
                        There is a difference between INPUT and LINE INPUTMichael Calkins on Nov 26
                         I tried your suggestion....Jay on Nov 26
                          Re: I tried your suggestion....Michael Calkins on Nov 27
                           *Ok I will try that.. thanksJay on Nov 27
                            We've been seeing this same homework assignment here for 25 years...Pete on Dec 3
Roguelike Line of Sight CodeChris Herbert on Nov 19
 One possible problem...TheBOB on Nov 20
  *QB64 does have _BYTE and _UNSIGNED _BYTE. Symbols: %%, ~%%Michael Calkins on Nov 20
   *Aha! The underscore! I tried BYTE to make sure but got an error - no underscore! Thanks.TheBOB on Nov 20
 looks like freebasicGeorge on Nov 20
Type Not Defined Error?Mike on Nov 18
 * Try AS INTEGER...Clippy on Nov 18
  wow i cant spell hahaMike on Nov 19
   10-x. on Nov 19
   you could do either:Michael Calkins on Nov 19
    Great I was able to get run the programMike on Nov 20
Subscript Out Of Range? (NEW CODE)Jay on Nov 16
 N must be a known valueSolitaire on Nov 16
  So it should look like this?Jay on Nov 17
   Absolutely not!Solitaire on Nov 17
    Jay: I overlooked a syntax error in your code. Please respond.Solitaire on Nov 20
     I ended up getting so help for my profesor and sumbitted thisJay on Nov 20
do loop not loopingLeon Schrecengost on Nov 15
 * Post your code.Solitaire on Nov 15
  not loopingLeon Schrecengost on Nov 16
   Re: not loopingMichael Calkins on Nov 17

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