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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Simple general program structureLisztfr on Apr 1
 program decided not to work atmLisztfr on Apr 6
  Something is working nowLisztfr on Apr 6
   Now it gives an ideaLisztfr on Apr 6
    What are you trying to achieve?Rick on Apr 6
     For drawing Koch snowflakesLisztfr on Apr 7
      Interesting algorithmBen on Apr 7
       *kind of magic :)Lisztfr on Apr 8
     Correct equationLisztfr on Apr 7
      Last version, to be sure.Lisztfr on Apr 7
       *need to avoid errorhandleLisztfr on Apr 7
       Major flaws one should avoidLisztfr on Apr 7
Error codes (in Dosbox) ?Lisztfr on Mar 30
 QB64 or DosBox?Michael Calkins on Mar 30
  *I was using qb 4.5, it's just suited to my needs for nowLisztfr on Mar 30
   * Indeed. It looks like you found a bug in DosBox...Michael Calkins on Mar 30
 That is strange.Solitaire on Mar 30
  Re: That is strange.Michael Calkins on Mar 30
Circee now working !Lisztfr on Mar 24
 Something weird ...Lisztfr on Mar 24
  Some other nice (unexpected!) stuff !Lisztfr on Mar 24
   Some "chaos" generator ?Lisztfr on Mar 24
 what are you trying to do?Dick on Mar 24
  2 thingsLisztfr on Mar 24
   it is true for the eighth of a circleDick on Mar 24
    Circle Drawing AlgorithmsPhyloGenesis on Mar 26
     Like thisDavid on Mar 27
 Ellipselawgin on Mar 25
  Re: EllipseBen on Mar 25
qb64 default folderlawgin on Mar 22
 I know I'll probably get lynched for this, but...Kewbie on Mar 22
  PBLisztfr on Mar 23
   Re: PBlawgin on Mar 23
    Perhaps I didn't make my point clear.Kewbie on Mar 24
 You'll need to copy the QB64 DLL files to your system folderClippy on Mar 22
  That's not what I meantlawgin on Mar 23
 Very SimpleGarry Ricketson on Mar 23
  another imageGarry Ricketson on Mar 23
  Thanks Garrylawgin on Mar 23
   I had forgottenGarry Ricketson on Mar 24
   lawgin / Garry - if you have that link...Pete on Mar 26
    Link to DavsIDElawgin on Mar 27
    Hi Pete. Maybe this would be a better link to add...Dav on Mar 27
     nice programBen on Mar 27
      Thanks.Dav on Mar 28
       may I recommend a featureBen on Mar 28
        That sounds handy.Dav on Mar 28
         *With PB, Ctrl+Q comments the block, and Ctlr+Shift+Q uncomments itDevil's Advocate on Mar 28
          I don't think PB is unwelcome hereBen on Mar 28
           *Thanks, Ben. I promise that I'll NEVER use the "f" word here, ever!Kewbie on Mar 28
           LOLMichael Calkins on Mar 29
puzzled with PSETLisztfr on Mar 21
 Also funny :Lisztfr on Mar 21
 Works when x-axis is odd lengthlawgin on Mar 21
  *thanks, should be pinned on top...Lisztfr on Mar 22
  It should be added to the FAQ.Lisztfr on Mar 22
   *IT SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE FAQ !Lisztfr on Mar 24
Help debging please..Lisztfr on Mar 20
 Better versionLisztfr on Mar 21
  *night helped to solve it :)Lisztfr on Mar 21
   or notLisztfr on Mar 21
Jackpot program needs to be optimizedSolitaire on Mar 16
 Re: Jackpot program needs to be optimizedAlGoreIthm on Mar 16
  Too many IFslawgin on Mar 16
   YepAlGoreIthm on Mar 16
    I was looking for something more efficient.Solitaire on Mar 16
     This should do itAlGoreIthm on Mar 17
      VERY minor correction:Kewbie on Mar 17
      Revised code with better display and more optionsSolitaire on Mar 17
 Using an arraypmarathe on Mar 16
 using an array (edited)Michael Calkins on Mar 17
  basis for the probabilitiesMichael Calkins on Mar 17
  Slight revisionSolitaire on Mar 17
File/Path access errorMike on Mar 16
 No comma after 'OPEN'...OPRESION on Mar 17
  File/Path access errorMIke on Mar 18
   No comma after OPENClippy on Mar 18
    Path/File access errorMike on Mar 18
     I'm sorry about that.Michael Calkins on Mar 19
      Path/File access errorMike on Mar 19
       What version of Windows are you running?Michael Calkins on Mar 19
        File/Path access errorMike on Mar 20
       Just to verify that your copy of QB is installed properly,Kewbie on Mar 20
        Re: Just to verify that your copy of QB is installed properly,Michael Calkins on Mar 20
        Path/File access errorMike on Mar 20
    Please don't do that.Michael Calkins on Mar 19
Need a good explanation about VARPTRLisztfr on Mar 14
 Most of the time, you wouldn't need VARPTR$Michael Calkins on Mar 14
  Thanks Michael !Lisztfr on Mar 14
   You are sharp as fuck, manDick on Mar 24
qb vs. python speed checklawgin on Mar 1
 Re: qb vs. python speed checkMichael Calkins on Mar 1
  Re: qb vs. python speed checklawgin on Mar 1
  A non-recursive versionlawgin on Mar 2
 Is it ok if I chime in with a version in a different dialect?Kewbie on Mar 1
  The more, the merrierlawgin on Mar 2
 Can't figure out the algo..Lisztfr on Mar 2
  I think I can help you with the stack...Kewbie on Mar 2
  This may clarify it somewhatlawgin on Mar 3
 Schemeaoeu on Mar 4
  Scheme ResultsPhyloGenesis on Mar 5
   The List-Based Version ran out of memoryaoeu on Mar 6
    A bit of a correctionlawgin on Mar 7
     Another correctionlawgin on Mar 7
 C versionBarack Obama on Mar 8
  *Wow, that's speedy!PhyloGenesis on Mar 8
  * some responses moved (URL)Michael Calkins on Mar 11
trouble compiling to exe qbasic 4.5emerson on Feb 28
 Re: trouble compiling to exe qbasic 4.5Michael Calkins on Feb 28
  my codeemerson on Feb 28
   With whitespace:Michael Calkins on Feb 28
   the first error is:Michael Calkins on Feb 28
    thank youemerson on Feb 28
     you're welcome. (1 edit)Michael Calkins on Feb 28
 any suggestions?emerson on Feb 28
  Without knowing the first thing about QB64AlGoreIthm on Feb 28
   For example:AlGoreIthm on Mar 2
Possible forum changes...Pete on Feb 24
 Initial response...Michael Calkins on Feb 24
 Forum problemSolitaire on Feb 24
  *It's on page 3.Michael Calkins on Feb 24
   * Thanks. Found it.Solitaire on Feb 24
 I'll give you permission to do that...gopus on Feb 25
  * Change Gopus' name to Dufus while you're at it...Clippy on Feb 26
   *LOLKewbie on Mar 1
 Started making some changes.Pete on Feb 28
  PeteClippy on Mar 1
   Agree on thisGarry Ricketson on Mar 1
   I agree also.Michael Calkins on Mar 1
 Re: Possible forum changes...Pete on Mar 3
  *Hey, Pete -- thanks for moving me up (less scrolling). I feel like a Jefferson.TheBOB on Mar 3
   *LOL... The Jeffersons. Are you in the dry cleaning business, Bob?Kewbie on Mar 3
   Re: *Hey, Pete -- thanks for moving me up (less scrolling). I feel like a Jefferson.Pete on Mar 3
    *lol@pi...i...i!TheBOB on Mar 3
 Long TermPhyloGenesis on Mar 8
  Last year I had my head placed in a jar.Pete on Mar 8
   Fer SeriusPhyloGenesis on Mar 12
    Re: Fer SeriusPete on Mar 13
     FBPhyloGenesis on Mar 14
wavesBen on Feb 23
 interestingGarry Ricketson on Feb 23
New QB Top 50Brandon Cornell on Feb 22
QB is sooooo much fun for helpful routines.Pete on Feb 21
 Does this code actually work?Kewbie on Feb 22
  * Didn't work for me either & gave up.Solitaire on Feb 23
   Corrected versionlawgin on Feb 23
    Thanks, I didn't uncheck "formatted text"Pete on Feb 28
     Forum StylePhyloGenesis on Mar 14

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