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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Scheme interpreterqbguy on Jul 22
 Updated versionqbguy on Jul 22
 Updated versionqbguy on Jul 23
Advice to Students: Subs and variablesSolitaire on Jul 21
 Nice, clear explanation, Solitaire...TheBOB on Jul 21
  * Thanks for the positive comment, Bob.Solitaire on Jul 21
 Pros and Cons...Pete on Jul 23
I'm no longer associating with QB64Pete on Jul 20
 Re: I'm no longer associating with QB64Michael Calkins on Jul 21
  OOP killed the QBasic StarPete on Jul 21
   Re: OOP killed the QBasic StarSMcNeill on Jul 21
   Two things I am wondering about Pete.Clippy on Jul 21
    *Maybe during summer vacation.Michael Calkins on Jul 21
     And while they are vacationing off the coast of Kentucky.Pete on Jul 21
Small ProblemBWare on Jul 20
 Fix your codeSolitaire on Jul 20
  ThanksBWare on Jul 20
 * Yea! Actual no-nonsense BASIC programming. Ah, I feel better now!Pete on Jul 20
Thanks to the mods and those who post here...Pete on Jul 19
 Let us know how it works out.Clippy on Jul 20
REMLINE.BAS : the program that wouldn't diebilly gates on Jul 19
 * I'll wait for the Cliff Notes.Pete on Jul 19
 Nice readPhyloGenesis on Jul 23
  * It seems to be from the book "Hardcore Visual Basic"a on Jul 23
Glider SimulatorBen on Jul 18
 HelicopterBen on Jul 18
  * GET HELP!Clippy on Jul 18
   ** no worries just messing aroundBen on Jul 18
 Pong Prick PreakerBen on Jul 18
 Stop shouting!!!Solitaire on Jul 18
  SorryHira on Jul 18
   Don't feel too badDonald Foster on Jul 18
   Code needs correctionsSolitaire on Jul 19
   Finished Product...Pete on Jul 19
    Wrong. This is NOT a finished product.Solitaire on Jul 20
    It works just fine... for one loop.Pete on Jul 20
     Re: It works just fine... for one loop.SMcNeill on Jul 20
      GOSUBs are totally outmoded.Solitaire on Jul 20
       Screw modern programming languages. This is a BASIC Forum.Pete on Jul 20
       *GOSUB is also useful for small routines within Subs/Funcs.Michael Calkins on Jul 20
       "all modern programming languages require type declarations"xnuft on Jul 21
        Programming language typesSolitaire on Jul 22
   * I needed a good LOL today. Thanks!Pete on Jul 20
String command not working in my programqbasic newbie on Jul 15
 This should help...TheBOB on Jul 16
  * I already showed him at Pete's Site. Nice to see you Bob!Clippy on Jul 16
 STRING$ EXAMPLEDonald Foster on Jul 16
  Thank Youqbasic newbie on Jul 16
   Both of you, if you want a counter loop use FORClippy on Jul 16
    * Shouldn't that be STEP 2 ?Solitaire on Jul 17
     Number of asterisks is incorrectly picturedSolitaire on Jul 17
    Response to ClippyDonald Foster on Jul 17
     StepsSolitaire on Jul 18
What am I doing wrongBWare on Jul 12
 it's a couple of thingsAlGoreIthm on Jul 12
please helpBWare on Jul 12
 Re: please helpanon on Jul 12
  ThanksBWare on Jul 12
I need suggestionsBWare on Jul 1
 different problemsAlGoreIthm on Jul 2
can someone explain how this works ?AlGoreIthm on Jun 30
 found somethingAlGoreIthm on Jun 30
 Re: can someone explain how this works ?Michael Calkins on Jul 11
Somethings wrong 2BWare on Jun 29
 Correct some errorsSolitaire on Jun 29
Somethings wrongBWare on Jun 28
 Your program won't execute because it isn't qbasic syntaxanonymus on Jun 28

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