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a little help with a few problems?Zack on Feb 20
 Re: a little help with a few problems? on Feb 20
 Use INKEY$ WITH _KEYHIT to clear in a loop... on Feb 20
 Re: Is there a way to draw using SCREEN 0... on Feb 20
 Thanks so much, but one more thingZack on Feb 21
  Declare your variable as a LONG instead of INTEGERSolitaire on Feb 21
  You can use _INTEGER64 in QB64 too. on Feb 22
  Re: Thanks so much, but one more thing :PZack on Feb 22
   Use VAL() to convert a string to a number.Solitaire on Feb 22
   Re: How do you double the size of an image using _PUT... on Feb 22
    Like this...Galleon on Feb 24
   Thanls guysZack on Feb 25
Parallel port issuesnmcmill on Feb 17
 Pin 10 is the status on Feb 17
 *Replace the $ sign with an & on Feb 19
  * Good catch Artie I missed that one...:-) on Feb 19
QBasic under XP - screen colors corrupted. on Feb 12
 Try this on Feb 12
 QBasic screen colors on Feb 13
*Yes, I'm upgrading the QB64 website. Refer to my post in the QB64 N54 forum here.Galleon on Feb 11
Full screen mode in Windows 7 or Vista...Solitaire on Feb 11
 *Thanks, Solitaire -- although I'm getting used to losing the old stuff, bit by bit. on Feb 11
 Qbasic full screen mode in Windows 7 on Oct 29
Anyway to time things in sub 1 second intervals? on Feb 6
 What does TIMER actually return?Loudhvx on Feb 6
  You should check for Midnite in TIMER delays... on Feb 7
   *Thanks. It's a short-run program, but will keep in mind.Loudhvx on Feb 8
  *Resolved. Can use TIMER. Thanks!Loudhvx on Feb 7
 A few suggestions on Feb 19
  *Thanks. Found the PIT details on a tutorial.Lou on Feb 21
Disk Read/Write Sectors QB7 or QB4.1Dave on Feb 6
  I did not find any suitable codeDave on Feb 7
 read sector demo on Feb 7
  Re: read sector demoDave on Feb 8
   I think you're going to have a hard time doing it from NTVDM. on Feb 8
   * You can access the LPT with Port Talk in XP on Feb 8
Zalman OTLisztfr on Feb 4
 Re: Zalman OTDave on Feb 6
  There is a subforum for that... on Feb 7
 *I have a Zalman, it's not DEAD quiet but it doesn't whine, much better than the old one on Feb 19
How do you convert HSB to RGB???DICK on Jan 27
 *url on Jan 27
  I dont understand any of that stuffDICK on Jan 27
   Re: I dont understand any of that stuff on Jan 28
    A better program. on Jan 31
Screensaver on Jan 27
 Here's a classic, Richard... on Jan 27
  * I'm surprised it only uses two colors! :-P on Mar 28
   *lol - surprising, but true. Of course, there are thousands, really. on Mar 28
    Interestingly, Windows still has the Mystify screensaver... on Mar 29
     * Yeah, I have it on my XP, but I use Web Shots pictures from out west. on Mar 29
 simple but pretty screensaver on Jan 27
  this version for qb45 previous for qb64 on Jan 27
 Re: Screensaver on Jan 27
 I'd post code, but i don't know where I left it... (added URL) on Jan 28
  *fish (URL) on Feb 23
 Here you goUnseen Machine on Jan 28
  * It'll never run in Qbasic! You can't use color as a variable name!Clippy on Jan 29
   Interesting that it does work in QB64... on Jan 29
   oopsunseen machine on Jan 29
    * It cannot change DOT variable names after the TYPE either LOLClippy on Jan 29
In need of help [Images]Zack on Jan 25
 Use the QB64 WIKI examples to learn...Clippy on Jan 25
  Still need helpZack on Jan 25
   WowZack on Jan 25
    _PUTIMAGE tips for beginnersGalleon on Jan 26
     ThanksZack on Jan 26
N54 "FIXED" something else! on Jan 24
 * Test name and email memory on Jan 24
  Doesn't remember ANYTHING! GREAT JOB N54! GOTTA FILL IN EVERY POST!Clippy on Jan 24
   *seems to work on Jan 24
   * It works for me, too. on Jan 25
LoopsHC on Jan 24
 Use MOD 5 and MOD 7. IF number MOD 5 THEN PRINT "NOT by 5".Clippy on Jan 24
  Re: Use MOD 5 and MOD 7. IF number MOD 5 THEN PRINT "NOT by 5".HC on Feb 16
Hiker on Jan 19
 initial impression (added PS) (added another PS) on Jan 20

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