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Qbasic help (determine maturity value of investment) on May 7
 Read the Homework Policy above.Solitaire on May 7
  Re: Read the Homework Policy above. on May 7
   This is what I have so far on May 7
   Update This is the program I came up with on May 7
    Hello, aaron: on May 7
     That should be an exponent. on May 7
Trying to use the B$ASSN procedure in QB45Citizen on May 6
 * NEVER heard of it! It doesn't load when you run with the library either! on May 6
  Use QB64 and the C++ librariesUnseen on May 6
   *It's not an OS compatibility issue, QuickBasic rejects it when I try to compile/runCitizen on May 6
 I compile with BCOM45 all the time and never heard of B$ASSN on May 6
  The ONLY reference to it on Google is Pete's site! on May 6
  Sadly, I can't get it to runCitizen on May 6
   Why do you want to use an undocumented function anyway? on May 6
    *Well, it seemed like it would be both simple and faster than using PEEK and POKECitizen on May 6
     *Or you could forget about trying to use it and work it out with a genius like Michael.Pete on May 6
    Okay, a couple questions about using thisCitizen on May 7
     Re: Okay, a couple questions about using this (added P.S.)) on May 7
 B$ASSN is an undocumented function used by Microsoftqbguy on May 6
  Is that leaked closed source code? on May 6
  Good and badPete on May 6
Does the QBWORLDS thingy even work? on May 1
 * It shows a sign up, but it hasn't done anything for a while now. on May 1
user defined functionBob on Apr 30
 In QB64, DEF FN is not implemented (Alternative Inside) on Apr 30
  FN variable names are allowed, but it would be wise to avoid it anyway on Apr 30
 * DEF FN is not supported yet. Just convert it to a standard FUNCTION on Apr 30
 *Just hit Alt+Enter for full screen editor, and use _FULLSCREEN for fs output. on Apr 30
  * On some monitors, you have to hit Alt+ Enter twice.Pete on May 1
My page (new helps to read)OPRESION on Apr 30
 Hello, Opresion: on Apr 30
  Not to even mention the site page coloring that makes you go blind :-P on Apr 30
PUT limits...Unseen Machine on Apr 29
 * The byte position can be a LONG. 2 ^ 31 - 1 or over 2 billion on Apr 29
  *Thanks Clippy.Unseen on Apr 29
Ideas for string parsing...Unseen Machine on Apr 29
 Getting there....Unseen Machine on Apr 29
  You could make a find function on Apr 29
 RSS is simply XML with a defined grammar. on Apr 29
 What about recursive descent? on May 2
 Pete likes parsing strings....Pete on May 2
Help Needed: SHELL and audioZack on Apr 28
 The WIKI has a link to the DOS commands on Apr 28
  Ok Thanks*Zack on Apr 29
Calling MCPete on Apr 27
 You sure DIR can't do it?Unseen Machine on Apr 28
  My best shot at it...Unseen Machine on Apr 28
  * Forgot about that.../ta, /tw, /tc .Good job USM! on Apr 28
 I'll write you a qb64 program that will do it... (added PS) on Apr 28
  Err...i thinkUnseen Machine on Apr 28
   I'm thinking the only pointer I will need is to a string anyway, on Apr 28
    I sure hope you can get those API's to work.Dav on Apr 28
     This fails with "C++ Compilation failed" on Apr 28
      I've got a pure assembly version working on Apr 28
      Seems like a LOT of work no matter how you use the API's. on Apr 28
       but you need to be able to set it also, right? on Apr 28
 Oh, I forgot, the sloutionm must be no longer than one-line of code.Pete on Apr 28
  I usually like a decent challenge. on Apr 29
   Re: I usually like a decent challenge. (added PS.) on Apr 29
   Well don't give up on API calls on Apr 29
    re: Well don't give up on API calls on Apr 29
     Here is how it is explained in C++ (LINK) on Apr 29
      *time zones(url) on Apr 29
       M$ could have saved us a lot of bother on Apr 29
        * It's 2038 actually (for all non-Windows operating systems that are 32-bit).anonymous on May 2
QBasic helpGeorge on Apr 23
 Re: QBasic helpGeorge on Apr 23
 You almost had it. on Apr 23
 Another solution:Solitaire on Apr 24
  That gives you E numbers... on Apr 24
  That's pretty elaborateGeorge on Apr 24
Does Pete still program in QB these days? Well yes, yes I do.Pete on Apr 23
 *Needs more graphics, but the code looks nice and tight. on Apr 23
 *Don't make me blow up any more of your bake goods, Bob! :) Thanks!Pete on Apr 24
Project Help Needed - Desperate on Apr 21
 *Help available, but first click on the "Homework Policy" link at the top of the page. on Apr 21
 Re: Project Help Needed - Desperate on Apr 21
  Re: Project Help Needed - Desperate on Apr 22
   Post your code efforts on Apr 22
   Hello, Brian: on Apr 22
    Re: Hello, Brian:Brian on Apr 27
     * He won't be back...no code no help! on Apr 27
      *Give him a chance, please... We'll see what happens. on Apr 27
       Where the HECK is Ben? He usually does the homework around here! on Apr 27
        Homework helpMarly on Mar 8
         Post the code you have attempted on Mar 8
          Here's a start on Mar 8
     Thank You...Brian on Apr 28
      *Okay. I wish you success on your other classes. on Apr 28
       Re: *Okay. I wish you success on your other classes.Brian on Apr 28
      You sound sincere, so I will give you a hand.Solitaire on Apr 28
    The deadline is probably past. on May 27
 Make a plan, using pseudocode in plain English.Solitaire on Apr 22
 Same Boat Principle on Apr 22
  *my example assumes that the given rates were monthly, which is probably wrong. on Apr 22
   Probably? Try .3 PERCENT per year on a 6 month CD! on Apr 23
I get this script error when posting only. Other ones seem fixed. on Apr 19
 * Fixed I guess. I told first message to not display again. on Apr 22
COMPLETE beginner needing helpLuankid on Apr 18
 Corrected programSolitaire on Apr 18
 Welcome! on Apr 18
Compile a code using a commercial lib on Apr 18
 In a word: you can'tangros47 on Apr 18
  You can $INCLUDE Qbasic Libraries if you have the code. on Apr 18
   Re: You can $INCLUDE Qbasic Libraries if you have the code. on Apr 19
  Re: In a word: you can't on Apr 19
   You could use DOSBox... on Apr 19
    Re: You could use DOSBox... on May 2
     * What does the Library do? Perhaps we could help you make one! on May 2

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