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full screen for qb64 on Nov 5
 * Try _FULLSCREEN on Nov 5
  *That's underscoreFULLSCREEN - Clippy's underscore got hidden. on Nov 5
   * Better get them eyes checked Bobert, I can see it fine!Clippy on Nov 6
    *Maybe it's IE, but the post title has a heavy underline that obscures your underline. on Nov 6
   *I can also see it fine in IE and Opera on Nov 6
    *I can too, if I open the post, but there's an asterisk, so... on Nov 6
     Just so I know I'm not going crazy or on Mars... on Nov 7
      Jesus Bob, you didn't have to post that... on Nov 7
       *So I don't have to get my eyes checked -- whew! on Nov 7
       Here is what I see with Chrome IE 8 add-on on Nov 8
        I see it! I see it! ... on Nov 8
         That's why word processors have dem buttons on Nov 8
          Underscores are line continuation characters in BASIC on Nov 8
           Line continuation underscore characters in VB.NETSolitaire on Nov 11
            * What makes the underscores no longer necessary? Did Billy say it was OK?Clippy on Nov 11
          About QB64 adding underscores... on Nov 9
  _FULLSCREEN + on Nov 6
   * After the SCREEN line. on Nov 6
    tried "After the SCREEN line" on Nov 8
     I assume this was in QB64... on Nov 8
   *For full screen while coding, hold Alt and press Enter. on Nov 6
Miniature violin carving URL... on Nov 5
 Mini Violin on Nov 5
 * Great work as usual Bob! The music was almost as good as the violin! on Nov 5
 Love it!Solitaire on Nov 5
  * Yeah, who takes the pictures or do you have a head cam? on Nov 5
   I use a tripod... on Nov 5
  For the other videos, Solitaire... on Nov 5
   Bob, you have the hands of an angel.Solitaire on Nov 5
    *Wow! Thank-you so much! :-) on Nov 5
    Bob does very realistic ice sculptures, too... on Nov 5
     *Ha! Actually, my first ice sculpture was a golden arch -- McDonalds owes me!! on Nov 5
 Pachelbel is following me!! (*URL) on Nov 5
  Great stuff! ... on Nov 5
  ViolinesLisztfr on Nov 6
 That's almost unbelievable !Lisztfr on Nov 6
  Not sure if you're pulling my leg, but... on Nov 6
 Re: Miniature violin carving URL... on Nov 6
 Beautiful work!Dav on Nov 7
  * Darn it Dav, you beat me to the punchline. on Nov 7
  Thanks... on Nov 7
Help on Nov 4
 You mean "not equal to"? on Nov 4
  thanks on Nov 4
Black Jack Game on Nov 3
 * When you allocate the array values use loops instead of defining each one. on Nov 3
 Lose the INPUT on Nov 3
  ...Nightmare on Nov 5
   Here's why... on Nov 5
    TYNightmare on Nov 5
     *Your exit method would work fine, too -- two ways of accomplishing the same thing ;-) on Nov 5
     *Actually the way you exit your loop is better style than mine, stick with it. on Nov 6
 Tips on shortening the code on Nov 6
 Version 2 & questions on Nov 8
  Arrays on Nov 8
   What will be the point of having (1 TO 100) for example..Nightmare_I on Nov 12
    To better define the array so that YOU rememberClippy on Nov 12
  Stuff clippy missed on Nov 9
I can edit again! I even got Photobucket back on Nov 2
 *That's great, Clipster! Oh, btw, don't fall into your desktop. on Nov 2
  Thanks Bob, I almost didClippy on Nov 2
   Yeah, I've been carving a miniature antique violin... on Nov 2
    * OK Bob, post the link when you are done.Clippy on Nov 2
    Cool.Dav on Nov 2
    Bob, I absolutely adored the first video you posted on YouTube.Solitaire on Nov 2
     *Thanks, everyone -- I certainly will post the link. on Nov 2
Trying to get IE Tab working in Chrome on Nov 1
 Keep getting an Error asking me to Debug web page on Nov 1
  If you cannot post in Chrome, get the IE Tab Add-onClippy on Nov 1
 * Download Opera. on Nov 1
  If your so smart, how come my 98 says PROMPT =[Win 98]Clippy on Nov 1
   PROOF on Nov 3
   Like I stated at QB64.net... Mine is a superior Windows 98 SE... on Nov 3
    Pete I found your machine's prompt! on Nov 3
     * And you wonder why Galleon doesn't allow pic posting at QB64.net. Hehe. on Nov 3
      * I don't wonder, I just come here to post them :-O on Nov 3
* UghClippy on Nov 1
 What you mean Ugh paleface? on Nov 1
  * Chief Pete juss don't sound right... on Nov 2
My QB64 gameNorman on Oct 30
 Excellant workUnseen Machine on Oct 31
  * It doesn't need DATA. Just use small RND swerve intervals on Oct 31
  its so u can make your own trackNorman on Oct 31
   RE: qb64 dont sync with the mouse so i couldnt make proper controls to be quik enoughGalleon on Nov 1
  *At this forum we demand excellent spelling! on Oct 31
 *Great stuff -- sorry you're not going to finish it. on Oct 31
can't insert a delayLisztfr on Oct 30
 Re: can't insert a delay on Oct 30
 *Have you defined all variables as integer (DEFINT)? on Oct 30
  I try to slow down this program to see the flooding ...Lisztfr on Oct 30
   *No way...Lisztfr on Oct 30
   Like BOB stated, remove DEFINT A-Z on Oct 30
    * 32767! The CHROME debauchle continues...Clippy on Oct 30
    Ok thanksLisztfr on Nov 1
FractalLisztfr on Oct 30
 as on Oct 15
IDE module error on Oct 29
 The Unzip program missed a folder... on Oct 29
  RE: The Unzip program missed a folder... on Oct 29
   Re: RE: The Unzip program missed a folder... on Oct 30
    Re: IDE module error on Nov 3
  how to make temp folder empty on Dec 27
   * Empty folder means to delete everything inside of the folder. on Dec 28
qb64 and btrieve library on Oct 29
 Re: qb64 and btrieve library on Oct 29
 You can run QBX in DOSBOX on Oct 29
plurality consistancy in a string$ on Oct 28
 INSTR on Oct 28
  Thank you! on Oct 28
   And another idea... on Oct 28
    I did something similar on Oct 29
 This is how I would do it:Solitaire on Oct 29
  out of memory on Oct 29
   So why is it that big? on Oct 30
    What the program does on Nov 7
     Have a look at the replies to Nightmare's recent post (*URL) on Nov 7
   QB64 will give you plenty of extra memory... on Oct 30
    QB64 on Nov 7
     All other previous alternative, except Power Basic, sucked. on Nov 7
      In my opinion multi-module support is necessary on Nov 7
       But seriously, how can you be serious? on Nov 7
        Program size isn't the only reason to split a program into multiple files on Nov 7
      Multi-modular on Nov 8
Network 54 Chrome bug will not allow users to post here on Oct 27
 Join the Hive, resistance is futile. on Oct 28
  You ain't kidding!Clippy on Oct 28
Outputting Single Character Help on Oct 27
 Re: Outputting Single Character Helpduberry on Oct 27
  I'm curious, where is your school? on Oct 27
   No reply, I knew it... on Oct 28
    Re: No reply, I knew it... on Nov 2
     Is there anything wrong with learning to drive in an old car? on Nov 3
      * MOST boring teachers start with LET and GOTO! From there it is all downhill! on Nov 3
     LET your teacher know about QB64 and tell him to GOTO QB64.com for details. on Nov 3
 Welcome on Oct 27
 Why the line numbers?Solitaire on Oct 28
  Thank you on Nov 2
   Do Loops on Nov 10

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