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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Prog wantedLisztfr on Jun 12
 Re: Prog wantedlawgin on Jun 12
  scale issueLisztfr on Jun 12
nested loopsLisztfr on Jun 12
QBasic Load and Go InterpreterRichard Neu on Jun 6
 Re: QBasic Load and Go InterpreterPete on Jun 6
  QBasic Load and Go InterpreterRichard Neu on Jun 6
   You need to unzip that folder.Pete on Jun 6
    Here is one link for itGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
   Wondering how it worked outGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
    Re: Wondering how it worked outRich N on Jun 9
     Try thisGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
      Re: Try thisRich N on Jun 9
       What dose Sleep do ?Garry Ricketson on Jun 12
        SLEEP commandSolitaire on Jun 12
         Another SLEEP exampleSolitaire on Jun 12
          InterestingGarry Ricketson on Jun 12
          Sleep + INKEY$ also keeps track of a keypress.Pete on Jun 12
          SLEEP key presses can end up in INPUTClippy on Jun 13
           hadn't thought about thatGarry Ricketson on Jun 13
            Here's a trick:SMcNeill on Jun 17
             You can't Wait 3.2 because SLEEP uses integersClippy on Jun 18
              Good catchSMcNeill on Jun 18
               Of course, I don't play for the PiratesClippy on Jun 18
       * Yes, QB64 for Windows does work with .bat files.Pete on Jun 12
     * Don't use STOP. That exits program before you can see it.Clippy on Jun 9
      Re: * Don't use STOP. That exits program before you can see it.Rich N on Jun 9
       QB64 is not an interpreter like QBasic.Pete on Jun 9
 Needs to be unzipped firstGarry Ricketson on Jun 6
Pete, Clippy, Garry, Michael (QBG links)...TheBOB on Jun 4
 * Thanks for all your hard work Bob. Already changed the Download page.Pete on Jun 4
  *Thanks. In appreciation, I'll send you my snowshoes (##)=== (##)===TheBOB on Jun 4
   * Great, now I can get past that ice hole in the forum!Pete on Jun 4
    Ice hole? Don't you mean...Clippy on Jun 5
 *THANKSGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
 Downloaded both and it works greatClippy on Jun 5
  Thanks, Clipster...TheBOB on Jun 5
   * I've owed you for a long time Bob, get used to itClippy on Jun 5
  Downloaded fineGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
   Sorry about that, Garry...TheBOB on Jun 5
    I'll help... here you go.Pete on Jun 5
     That's the stuff...TheBOB on Jun 5
      Sure, like this...Pete on Jun 5
       Of course, just concatenate, however...TheBOB on Jun 5
        Just looked it up in QBasic Help...TheBOB on Jun 5
    good ideaGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
  Now I have it runningGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
   Good news! As for the remaining 1% ...TheBOB on Jun 5
    * Yes, and like I always say. It's just rocket science, it's not Linux.Pete on Jun 5
    Garry, here's the utility (couldn't help myself)...TheBOB on Jun 5
     PERFECTGarry Ricketson on Jun 6
      *yw!TheBOB on Jun 6
Playing music files?Brian on Jun 4
 I think so, butGarry Ricketson on Jun 8
 In QBasic, you pretty much have to shell out to the wave file.Pete on Jun 8
  That would workGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
My fireGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
 Looks good...TheBOB on Jun 4
  TYPE Rectangle is just the start and end coordinates of the image.Clippy on Jun 4
saving as an 8-bit bmp in paint.netBrian on Jun 4
 There should be an option...TheBOB on Jun 4
  Re: There should be an option...Brian on Jun 4
 I have Paint.net, and I can save png or bmp files as 8-bit.Pete on Jun 4
  ...but does it have a "system" option...TheBOB on Jun 4
   Photo Studio 6Brian on Jun 4
    I think the writing is on the wall...TheBOB on Jun 4
   No. Not that I am aware of.Pete on Jun 4
    * Isn't fireworks like an animation creator?Brian on Jun 4
     It does just about anything, if you have time to learn it, and about a grand to buy it.Pete on Jun 4
 If you are using 24 bit bitmaps you will always lose colors in an 8 bit paletteClippy on Jun 4
 Image Magick software provides command line tools for converting anything to anything imagBen on Jun 4
Pete: Update on QBG in QB64...TheBOB on Jun 4
 N54 I think has a 2MB limit for Premire AccountsPete on Jun 4
  *...and that's what he did. THE END. (see my post to Ted just below).TheBOB on Jun 4
   I think that works out the best.Pete on Jun 4
    *Will send you the link soon. BTW, my shoes might be a bit warm for California (mukluks).TheBOB on Jun 4
     * Mcklucks? I was hoping for tennis rackets!Pete on Jun 4
 Drop Box is a good solutionGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
 The DLL files add a lot to the download too. I'll invite you to Drop BoxClippy on Jun 4
  Thanks for the invite, Ted...TheBOB on Jun 4
   Refer people and you too can have 5.8 Gigabytes like I haveClippy on Jun 4
    I should have sent him a invitation,...Garry Ricketson on Jun 4
     * You got beat out by that evil greedy Liberal, Clippy!Pete on Jun 4
      *Somehow, all of this reminds me of Storage WarsKewbie on Jun 6
    *5.8 Gigabytes and growing? Clippy, are you sure you're not a closet Republican??TheBOB on Jun 4
 3 things that you can do to make it smaller.Michael Calkins on Jun 4
  Bob will probably ignore your advertisement...Pete on Jun 4
   *lol, I was lost until I reread his titlePhyloGenesis on Jun 4
  *Thanks, Michael. You're right, libstdc++-6.dll is huge! Never noticed.TheBOB on Jun 4
   For Garry, regarding the above...TheBOB on Jun 4
    ok thanksGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
     * You might be able to consult DSMan about stripping the Linux executable.Michael Calkins on Jun 4
MSDN FunctionsZack on Jun 2
 Pointers need to be _OFFSETClippy on Jun 2
 Re: MSDN FunctionsMichael Calkins on Jun 2
  That appears to work, but why is MOUSEINPUT commented out?Clippy on Jun 3
   * he isn't using mouse input, only keyboard input.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
    So you can just comment it out?Clippy on Jun 3
     Sure you can comment it out.Pete on Jun 3
      I know how commenting worksClippy on Jun 3
       Dammit!Pete on Jun 3
       It uses a union.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
        ROFL - See once agin proof we are better off without unions!Pete on Jun 3
         * I would come to the opposite conclusion.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
         You forgot the star there Anti-Union guyClippy on Jun 3
          Well, anti government unions, that's for sure.Pete on Jun 3
           * LOL, I did not think that courtesy was your strong point...Clippy on Jun 3
            * No problem. You're excused for not thinking.Pete on Jun 3
        LSETMichael Calkins on Jun 3
        * In other words, the members of a union overlap in memory.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
reading key input from portdavid on Jun 2
 You mean with INP?Clippy on Jun 2
  yes inp(&h60)david on Jun 3
   What you just described is why I gave up on INP.Pete on Jun 3
    way to getter better speed with inkey$?david on Jun 3
     You can post all or part of the code.Pete on Jun 3
      There it isDavid on Jun 3
       You're repeating _DISPLAY when you don't need to...Pete on Jun 3
        makes sense...david on Jun 3
         You only need to update _DISPLAY when a change happens,Pete on Jun 3
          gotcha, i will implement thatdavid on Jun 3
     In QB64, INP is emulated.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
      QB64 fixed the problems with INP ikeyboard reads. Use an arrayClippy on Jun 3
       thanks clippy great infodavid on Jun 4
Does QB45 have mouse support?Brian on Jun 1
 Yes, Chapter 15 of my Qbasics DemoClippy on Jun 1
  do you happen to have a text or HTML version of it?Jim on Jun 5
 I use CALL INTERRUPT mouse routines in QB and QB64.Pete on Jun 1
  Yeah, but functions over 3 don't workClippy on Jun 1
   Only Liberals need to restrict movements.Pete on Jun 1
Loading sprites with default palette?Brian on May 31
 One possibility...TheBOB on May 31
  * Paint.net and GIMPPete on Jun 1
  Re: One possibility...Brian on Jun 1
   Not JUST as a 256 color bitmap, but as a SYSTEM 256 color bitmap...TheBOB on Jun 1
    I've seen worse. The old Paint had no options...:-)Clippy on Jun 1
     Windows Paint (mspaint) has its uses...TheBOB on Jun 1
      Hmmm, what is taking you so long?Clippy on Jun 1
       converted it to ?Garry Ricketson on Jun 1
        It's the same QBG graphics tutorial, Garry...TheBOB on Jun 1
         Sounds great,..Garry Ricketson on Jun 1
          The source won't be included in the zip...TheBOB on Jun 1
           * CHAIN does not work in Linus yetClippy on Jun 1
            *No problem, the CHAIN's are all gone thanks to QB64's mega-capacity.TheBOB on Jun 1
           Sounds good,Garry Ricketson on Jun 1
           Re: The source won't be included in the zip...Garry Ricketson on Jun 4
            Bob here is a list of the QB64 keywords that won't work in Linus or Mac.Clippy on Jun 4
             *Thanks, Ted. QBG doesn't use any of those :-)TheBOB on Jun 4
            Garry: regarding your email...TheBOB on Jun 4
             *ok thanksGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
             500mb is fine,Garry Ricketson on Jun 4
        Bat files not neededGarry Ricketson on Jun 1
       Mostly the mouse is holding things up, Clippy...TheBOB on Jun 1
        Don't forget _LIMITClippy on Jun 1
         *Good to know. I was using a loop, so I guess that's why it didn't check for releases.TheBOB on Jun 1
   Note that Paint.net is not Windows..Pete on Jun 1
Delays?Brian on May 31
 Blah, blah, blahClippy on May 31
  Your program crashes.Ed Asner on Jun 1
   Try this with qb64Garry Ricketson on Jun 1
Game help (gem swap)david on May 30
 Three tiles the same colorPete on May 30
  im used to baby counters! loldavid on May 30
Just when I thought everything was perfect...Brian on May 30
 BSAVER / BLOADER ProgramsBrian on May 30
 Every bitmap has its own color palette set using OUTClippy on May 30
  Default palette?Brian on May 31

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