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Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Prelude No. 1js bach on Nov 23
 * It has a good beat, and you can dance to it. I rate it an 89.Dick Clark on Nov 24
 A suggestion,,,Galleon on Nov 25
  That command string doesn't work in QBasic... on Nov 25
   * I don't know what commas do Bob. He never told anybody.Clippy on Nov 25
    Me neither, Clipster... on Nov 26
     I've no idea why I didn't annouce it properly at the time...Galleon on Nov 26
      That was a waste of time. What you shold have been busy on is this... on Nov 26
       * I like that idea too Pete! They DO tend to get kinda loud if you're not ready for them.Clippy on Nov 26
      *Neat! on Nov 26
      So theoretically I could make DTMF telephone dailing tones? on Nov 26
  * Ave Maria, best song ever!... if you don't include Surfing USA, by the Beach Boys. :) on Nov 25
I need help writing a programZack on Nov 23
 Do you know how to do anything? on Nov 23
  Thank youZack on Nov 23
   Can I have some sample code please?Zack on Nov 24
    There are several things required for a button press to work... on Nov 24
 Re: I need help writing a program on Nov 23
 also a begginer on Nov 23
  Save that to a file on Nov 24
Bézier curvesSean Boyd on Nov 22
 *Btw, the extra drawing of the lines between the two points is unecessary when unanimatedSean Boyd on Nov 22
 Why did you add 3?Clippy on Nov 22
  MmmmSean on Nov 23
   Well, the line that is drawn is just the tangent line of the curve.Clippy on Nov 23
 Oh, I thought you meant Brassiere Curves...Pamela Anderson on Nov 23
  *Oh, that SCREEN 0 guy, he's such a character!Sean on Nov 23
   * ZERO HERO! on Nov 23
 Boy, this takes me back on Nov 24
  Takes you back? Are you serious??? on Nov 25
   * LOL :-) on Nov 25
  * Thanks very much!! I'll mess around with this for a while and see what I come up with.Sean on Nov 27
COM1_EX.BAS Query on Nov 17
 COM 1 and 2 on Nov 18
  Com1_EX.bas on Nov 19
   That demo has nothing to do with COM ports. It is for COMMON.Clippy on Nov 19
Want à big challenge ?Lisztfr on Nov 17
 Hint: try solving it row by rowBen on Nov 17
Attention WALMART shopper! That means you Pete!Clippy on Nov 16
 Re: Attention WALMART shopper! That means you Pete! on Nov 16
Where Do I Start? on Nov 16
 Re: Where Do I Start? on Nov 16
 3dangros47 on Nov 17
More Questions Regarding Scrolling, replacing variables, etc.Nightmare on Nov 16
 Re: More Questions Regarding Scrolling, replacing variables, etc. on Nov 16
  Shorter Than Seconds xD on Nov 18
   * MILLISECONDS? IMPOSSIBLE! TIME$ changes once a second!Clippy on Nov 18
    its the empty for loop` on Nov 18
     It works on Nov 18
      * Ever hear of TIMER? You have the problem!Clippy on Nov 19
       Elaborate on Nov 19
        * NOPE, you apparently know TOO MUCH ALREADY!Clippy on Nov 19
         Attitude much? on Nov 19
          * Don't feel bad. I mistook YOU for a programmer, :-OClippy on Nov 19
           It's an easy mistake to make. on Nov 19
            Don't mind Clippy...Pete on Nov 19
             I'm not here to push anybody out ;) on Nov 19
              OK, if you INSIST! on Nov 20
               IC on Nov 20
                SNOOZE does work... on Nov 20
                 Don't mind Pete. He SELLS his code!Clippy on Nov 20
                 I'm running Mac on Nov 20
                 I think it should be pointed out that Minty's concept is valid... on Nov 20
                  Bob, post the code that YOU are using. It doesn't work the way I have it!Clippy on Nov 20
                   I just used Minty's code, except... on Nov 20
                    Try this code Bob. I even get the right loop counts, but no delay.Clippy on Nov 20
                     I assume you're running it in QB64... on Nov 20
                      Alright, I added one line of code -- try this in QB64... on Nov 20
                       It works BETTER in QB64 than Qbasic on my XP.Clippy on Nov 20
                        *Yeah, in QB/DOSBox loops are slo-o-ow, which is why it "sort of" worked there. on Nov 21
                         CPU Speed can be adjusted in DOSBox on Nov 21
                          Well, I never heard of a TIMER that didn't reset at midnite either.Clippy on Nov 21
                           DOSBox is weird that way... on Nov 21
                            Well I have DOSBOX, but I'm not planning on making a habit of it.Clippy on Nov 21
                           It resets to the actual time when I start DOSBox on Nov 21
          I like this guy!!!Unseen Machine on Nov 28
 Some answers on Nov 22
BMPsBen on Nov 16
 * 5.1 does on XPClippy on Nov 16
how to make a triangle in qbasic? on Nov 14
 I'm suprised you figured out how to do it just typing it at N54! on Nov 14
 Triangle on Nov 14
  Very good! Add color to first PSETClippy on Nov 15
   Oops, I forgot that little , c on Nov 15
How do you deal with LFN ?Lisztfr on Nov 13
 You get the short name firstClippy on Nov 13
  Othre troublesLisztfr on Nov 15
  Now i got the correct pathLisztfr on Nov 15
   * Create a shortcut to QB.EXE too so the system knows where it is. on Nov 15
Viewing text from a file on Nov 9
 *Use LINE INPUT instead on Nov 9
  Oh. Yeah that worked, thanks ;) on Nov 9
   In case somebody wanted to see it working on Nov 13
    Is it just me or is there a PRINT missing? on Nov 13
     Fixed LOCATE on Nov 13
    So sorry, I must have messed up again on Nov 13
     *It's N54 treating your <> symbols as HTML. Easiest solution is to diable formatted text. on Nov 13
* Question at Pete's site: What syntax do I need to use in Nasm with QB? on Nov 9
 Re: * Question at Pete's site: What syntax do I need to use in Nasm with QB?URL on Nov 9
Me = Goofy on Nov 8
 It's a trick of the eye... on Nov 8
  Interesting, thanks! on Nov 8
   *Hey, they interest all of us -- nobody's annoyed! on Nov 8
    You guys are awesome! on Nov 8
   *Read about dither on wikipedia on Nov 8
    I once applied dither graphically... on Nov 8
     *Floyd-Steinberg looks good and is really easy to implement on Nov 8
      *I like the fact that Wikipedia gives you code that can be implemented in QB. on Nov 9
     *I remember that! It was a beautiful scene. on Nov 10
     Where is that program Bob? on Nov 10
      Snowfall... on Nov 10
       You don't need QB64 for that... on Nov 10
        A story goes with the program... on Nov 10
         SIMPLE, instructions for QB64 on Nov 10
          *Where were you 12 years ago! Thanks! on Nov 10
           12 years ago QB couldn't make a REAL EXE file, LOL on Nov 10
            *Actually, I think I heard from somewhere (maybe here?) that it wasn't possible. on Nov 10
         Re: Who wants to tie up their computer for hours just to see a fake snow drift? on Nov 10
          *Good point -- of course, I'm a Canadian, real snow drifts are just out my window. on Nov 10
           Likewise, I live on a horse ranch, so real horses are just outside my window. on Nov 11
Bad Math Day on Nov 7
 Look up MOD in the Help/Index... on Nov 7
  Thank you! on Nov 7

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