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Message TitleAuthor and Date
QB full screenBernard on Aug 28
 Any SCREEN mode but 0(or no screen mode at all) will be a full screen.Clippy on Aug 28
  Got it.Bernard on Aug 29
How do I do this?Zack on Aug 19
 Well...Unseen on Aug 20
 *I'll provide an example tomorrowGalleon on Aug 21
  Here's an example of fading using _SETALPHA (as promised)Galleon on Aug 23
   And here's a much more fun example!Galleon on Aug 23
    And here's my calling card...Galleon on Aug 23
     OK, this is almost spamming but this one is amazing!Galleon on Aug 23
      *Sweet!Unseen on Aug 23
 Re: How do I do this?Clippy on Aug 21
  A different questionZack on Aug 21
   * Nvm I found a way to do this with Command Prompt :)Zack on Aug 21
Help with inverted colorsZack on Aug 18
 Try...Unseen Machine on Aug 18
  Re: Try...Michael Calkins on Aug 18
  * Thanks that worked :)Zack on Aug 18
 Sounds to me like XOR...TheBOB on Aug 18
  _RGB values must be LONG or DOUBLEClippy on Aug 18
   It shouldn't matter...Michael Calkins on Aug 18
    You're right of course, however in most cases integer arrays are used for graphical GET...TheBOB on Aug 19
    * It DOES MATTER in QB64! You don't have _RGB values in Qbasic with Alpha eitherClippy on Aug 19
     You can store GET/PUT data in STRINGs tooGalleon on Aug 21
 I'm just trying to understand everything in the code...Michael Calkins on Aug 18
  If I remember correctlyZack on Aug 18
   * That's what comments are for!Solitaire on Aug 18
   *okay.Michael Calkins on Aug 18
For those not QB64'ing...Unseen Machine on Aug 15
 Don't turn formatted text off when posting links!Clippy on Aug 18
  *I don't get the option to enable/disable it! :(Unseen on Aug 19
   * Perhaps you should sign in. You can do that quarterly you know.Clippy on Aug 19
Automatic benchmark programPharoah on Aug 3
 The previous message without the HTML tagsPharoah on Aug 3
Got program to run it but then I get an error messageJustin on Aug 3
 response.Michael Calkins on Aug 3
Help with a few problemsAndy Gable on Aug 3
 REClippy on Aug 3
  *pi?Michael Calkins on Aug 3
   * I LOVE PI :-)Clippy on Aug 3
 sceen saver after delayMichael Calkins on Aug 4
  I just want my old yahoo basic backBarbara Cosgrove on Aug 4
   *what is yahoo basic?Michael Calkins on Aug 4
    * Would that be the same as Voodoo Basic? (just joking)Solitaire on Aug 11
  *DOS TSR screen saver example (URL)Michael Calkins on Aug 17
 flickeringangros47 on Aug 15
  Yes, angros47's second method is the best solution...TheBOB on Aug 15
   *that is demonstrated in my screen saver example, although i failed to highlight it.Michael Calkins on Aug 15
    *Sorry, Michael -- I saw your post but didn't note that specific section of code.TheBOB on Aug 15
     no problem.Michael Calkins on Aug 16
      *Good luck!TheBOB on Aug 16
       *thanksMichael Calkins on Aug 16
Opening desktop programs with qbasic?DGA on Aug 2
 You can use SHELL to run NotepadClippy on Aug 2
 *you're not talking about something like OLE, are you?Michael Calkins on Aug 3
A game I wroteScott Merryfield on Aug 2
 Re: A game I wroteMichael Calkins on Aug 2
Turning off overflow checkingPharoah on Jul 31
 You could create your own add functionqbguy on Jul 31
 i guess you're using qbasicMichael Calkins on Aug 1
Help with INKEY$ lagZack on Jul 26
 Re: Help with INKEY$ lagMichael Calkins on Jul 27
  ThanksZack on Jul 27
   yw.Michael Calkins on Jul 28
Menu HelpJustin on Jul 23
 Re: Menu Helplawgin on Jul 23
  Re: Menu HelpJustin on Jul 23
   Re: Menu Helplawgin on Jul 23
   a demo of a more flexible approachMichael Calkins on Jul 23
  ThanksJustin on Jul 23
 Very simple menu programSolitaire on Jul 24
.bas to Java..?Lars Bech Nygaard on Jul 17
 I removed the * that was placed in the above title post, which included textSolitaire on Jul 17
 Why Java?Michael Calkins on Jul 17
  RE: Why Java?Lars Bech Nygaard on Jul 18
   RE: Why Java?Lars Bech Nygaard on Jul 18
    If you're familiar with Basic, then you can try using Visual Basic.NETSolitaire on Jul 18
   It sounds like you could use a server side application.Michael Calkins on Jul 18
    *2 more links(URL)Michael Calkins on Jul 18
   Java is the wrong choice for this, IMHOPharoah on Jul 21
    I'm still not exactly sure what he is trying to do.Michael Calkins on Jul 21
     I agree that server side would be the best choice for thisPharoah on Jul 21
pic datacarl on Jul 16
 It wouldn't be necessary to actually "hide" the text...TheBOB on Jul 16
 a couple of ideas.Michael Calkins on Jul 16
 You could put the message in the Palette infoClippy on Jul 16
  You could also hide another image in the imagePharoah on Jul 17
New To QBasic, Need Help WIth ProgramJustin on Jul 2
 Hello, Justin.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
  also (Size, Num, Hours, Revenue, NamSave$, and NamSav$))Michael Calkins on Jul 2
  so appreciatedJustin on Jul 2
   you're welcome.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
    Changes MadeJustin on Jul 2
     Post your adjusted codeSolitaire on Jul 2
     what he emailed...Michael Calkins on Jul 3
      a little better....Michael Calkins on Jul 3
     *Justin, have you gotten it working yet?Michael Calkins on Jul 7
      Sorry, ThanksJustin on Jul 9
       It adds the value to itself.Solitaire on Jul 9
       Re: Sorry, ThanksMichael Calkins on Jul 9

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