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Cannot post at QB64.net Forum posting down?... on Aug 30
 hmmZom-B on Aug 30
  Read this first before clearing cookiesZom-B on Aug 30
   Re: Read this first before clearing cookiesdonny on Sep 4
  Yes, that worked... but you don't have to clear all cookies... on Aug 30
    Re: I FORGOT MY PASSWORD AGAINAnonymous on Sep 4
     * I NEVER log out anywhere! I'm always connected. That's how Zip got in! on Sep 7
  * WHO on earth LOGS OFF and WHY would said person do that? on Aug 30
   You get logged off automatically after a set period of time,Solitaire on Aug 31
 How to post on QB64 forum on Aug 4
  * Resolved on Aug 4
what INP do i use to get input from soundcard on Aug 25
 * What kind of values? Analog sounds? on Aug 25
 I'm no expert but on Aug 28
  artelius, you're right on Aug 28
   *Well don't just sit there in the Index, codeguy. Post something and edit it!Pete on Aug 28
   This might be helpfulZom-B on Aug 28
    I thought professional programmers indented their code?Pete on Aug 28
     You once said you dont indent your codeBen on Aug 28
      But I do use asterisks for blank posts... and apostrophes for contractions. on Aug 28
       I thought I had to use a kind of bbcode tag to keep indentation on this forum.Zom-B on Aug 30
        Ahoy matey, you're in the "R" Group. on Aug 30
         *Thanks, but I still can't edit that message because i wasn't logged in when I posted it.Zom-B on Aug 31
         Re: Ahoy matey, you're in the "R" Group.codeguy on Sep 4
        * Indentation also messes up comment alignment. I think I'll start another Crusade. :-P on Aug 30
     Re: I thought professional programmers indented their code?codeguy on Sep 5
   One of these would be way cooler (*URL) on Aug 31
    This is still coolerZom-B on Aug 31
to add to matrixs on Aug 21
 Read the Homework Policy (one of the top-right links) and search....Pete on Aug 21
  need help in calculating matrix on Aug 22
   sorryAnonymous on Aug 22
   Just use a loop like you did earlierqbguy on Aug 22
    *For graphics, animation, and color, there's TheBOB. For everything else, there's qbguy.MasterCard on Aug 22
Phylo - Do you remember where your movable windows program is located?Pete on Aug 19
 PeteBen on Aug 19
  Just put SCREEN 12 before SCREEN 0 to get fullscreen 0Clippy on Aug 19
  Same results as Clippy...Pete on Aug 20
   Point is...Ben on Aug 20
    Windows still has us beat...Pete on Aug 20
     Re: Windows still has us beat...Ben on Aug 20
    I just used Ben's mouse for this (link)Clippy on Aug 20
     Nice, but you might want to go back...Pete on Aug 20
      no need to credit mouse routineBen on Aug 20
       I gave credit, but Zom-B stole it from somebody else too!Clippy on Aug 20
        Don't get me started....Pete on Aug 20
        *It's not my program. Dick made it with an algorithm from Wikipedia and I added mouse.Zom-B on Aug 23
 Here you go on Oct 26
ArrowsBen on Aug 12
 Lots of potential there, Ben... on Aug 13
  * If ONLY life were as pointless! Hey..... it is! on Aug 13
  _mousey is also a factorBen on Aug 13
   *lol -- well, targets are targets, too, not just people. Also they're easier to draw ;-) on Aug 13
 * I surrender!General Custer on Aug 13
Requesting help with homework problem on Aug 9
 Re: Requesting help with homework problemAnonymous on Aug 9
  Thanks!Anonymous on Aug 9
Decent Simple Audio Players on Aug 9
 * Try QB64 forum. It's relatively easy to play WAV files in it. on Aug 13
Python vs Qbasic ?Lisztfr on Aug 9
 I like Python on Aug 13
  *Thanks, looks promisingLisztfr on Aug 16
Favor required from anyone without moderator status... on Aug 7
 I can't either. I think it's a browser/javascript issue. on Aug 7
  * Turn javascript off in Opera to post.Pete on Aug 7
 *I'm not logged on to this computer, so I tried posting and it did work.Solitaire on Aug 8
  I'm not logged on and switched from IE to Firefox:Solitaire on Aug 8
   Tried posting the VB subforum from Firefox and it works, butSolitaire on Aug 8
    *Artelius might be right about the emoticons. on Aug 8
     He is, but again, if javascript is turned off, you can post.Pete on Aug 8
    Well Chrome won't let me use the Pi symbol here either! on Aug 9
     * ROFL @ I ♥ CHR$(227) There is always more than one way in programming.Pete on Aug 9
 *Thanks, everyone. I'm not sure which browser PhyloGenesis was using, but IE seems OK. on Aug 8
  *PhyloGenesis was using Firefox version 3.6.11 on Oct 26
Sorting QBASIC Line Numbers? on Aug 5
 Re: Sorting QBASIC Line Numbers? on Aug 5
  Re: Sorting QBASIC Line Numbers? on Aug 5
   * You're welcome. It only took 5-minutes to code, but 15-minutes to post. on Aug 5
    *Nice job, Pete! Plus, you must share your lesser/greater than posting skills with us. on Aug 6
     downloas the exe ? on Aug 7
      For QB64 on Aug 7
Math expert needed for permutation (?) problemSolitaire on Jul 31
 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 on Jul 31
  huh?Ben on Jul 31
   some copy 'n paste resultBen on Jul 31
 Algorithm suggested by Wikipedia on Aug 1
  I tried it but it hung up and kept repeating the first string.Solitaire on Aug 1
   * Probably didn't know the rest of the song. I do that...I ♥ π on Aug 2
   It works fine for me on Aug 2
    Who was badmouthing Clippy? on Aug 2
    * QB. Tried it again. This time it worked.Solitaire on Aug 3
 Well you could do it the hard wayDavid on Aug 2
  Sure, any excuse to use GOTO and line numbers. on Aug 2
   We've had that challenge beforeDavid on Aug 2
    Re: We've had that challenge before on Aug 2
  Re: Well you could do it the hard waycodeguy on Sep 5
 Program to compute PermutationsMoneo on Aug 3
  * Moneo: Subscript out of range error in your code -- please correct.Solitaire on Aug 3
   I'll do it for him... on Aug 3
    Pete, thanks for fixing the permutations code.Moneo on Aug 4
     You're welcome. We young people have to stick together. on Aug 4
      Re: You're welcome. We young people have to stick together.codeguy on Sep 4
Want a script written for photoshop on Jul 31
 *Yeah, it's called the Zoom tool. on Jul 31
 * What does this have to do with QBasic?Solitaire on Jul 31
  Well plenty, as soon as I write my Photoshop clone in QB... on Jul 31
 There's a Microsoft mouse that does that... on Jul 31
What if on Jul 29
 Galleon said he not going to support 'cause it go against the BASIC natureBen on Jul 29
  ++ and -- on Jul 29
   Re: ++ and -- on Jul 30
   Not even VB.NET supports ++ or - -Solitaire on Jul 30
   What If on Aug 3
 But what if... on Jul 29
  *Considering you can embed ASM, that's not really an unreasonable suggestion. on Jul 29
 *In FreeBasic, it can be done: so, if you want it, you can use FreeBasicAnonymous on Jul 30
 My thoughts on this... on Jul 31
  The speed argument is bogus! on Jul 31
   I don't see ANY advantage to coding like that!I LOVE π on Jul 31
    *Was that an answer to my post or to Phylo's question?? on Aug 1
     * Phylo of course! He must dream up stuff like this to occupy his little mind.I ♥ π on Aug 1
      *---------------- I ♣ paper clips on Aug 1
  Re: My thoughts on this... on Jul 31
   *I'm sure your driver's licence photo doesn't do you justice, Doc. on Jul 31
    Look at me new photo Bob on Aug 2
     * Sorry to say we've gone paperless and you've just been replaced by the video-clip. on Aug 2
     *Very nice, Clipster -- you look both handsome and helpful. on Aug 4
Please Help ME! on Jul 28
 Please see our homework link.Pete on Jul 28
  Thanks for your response.... on Jul 28
  * I'd do it if he gave more detailsBen on Jul 29
 Found the homework site..chonte on Jul 28
  A lot depends on the description of the assignment, too... on Jul 28
   * You can DROP the paperclip routines sonny! Clippy got addicted to π and is no longerI LOVE π on Jul 29
 Brazilian Tourist on Jul 29
  Thank you..Chonte on Jul 29
  Jose, it is against our policy to do the homework assignment for someone else.Solitaire on Jul 30
  Excuse me on Jul 31
   Thanks for your response. on Jul 31
Very cool and amazingly short 3D-bouncing balls simulation at QB64 Forum. URL* on Jul 27
 *Inside the back of a Sunkist van going over a bumpy road. Great stuff! on Jul 27
  *What you do in the back of a van with a bunch of fruits is none of our business. :) on Jul 27

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