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Message TitleAuthor and Date
The offline wikiLuke on Jun 6
 Slight amendmentLuke on Jun 6
  Somebody ought to be able to edit it for youClippy on Jun 6
Are QB events truly asynchronous?Luke on Jun 2
 * yesClippy on Jun 2
 *I would guess that it first processes the command that it is at (up to a colon that is)Cyperium on Jun 2
AllBasic forum gone?angros47 on Jun 1
*QB64.net down for everyone, or just me?SMcNeill on May 30
 * Down for everyone.Pete on May 30
  Down forever! *Clippy on May 31
   Down, but I doubt foreverSMcNeill on May 31
    Er, you don't have his email address?Clippy on May 31
     Message sentLuke on Jun 1
     Global warming is why QB64.net is down?SMcNeill on Jun 1
      Silly Steve, it went down due to underpaid workers.Pete on Jun 1
       No wonder, you never Moderated anything!Clippy on Jun 1
        Don't worry, I'm moderating it now!gopus on Jun 2
         Do you know what happened?waltersmind on Jun 4
          Gopus is Supog spelled backwards...Pete on Jun 4
           *I think it's a word-play for "bogus" where p is a up and down bCyperium on Jun 5
           I know Galleongopus on Jun 6
   Google cannot find itAngros47 on Jun 1
    But why? What happened?Cyperium on Jun 2
    My hunch Rob doesn;t know it has been down.Pete on Jun 2
     Well Google was quick at pronouncing it deadCyperium on Jun 2
     Re: My hunch Rob doesn;t know it has been down.SMcNeill on Jun 2
      Does anybody have his cell phone number?Dark Star on Jun 3
       Well, the first two digits are 04.Luke on Jun 3
        Good luck with that.Pete on Jun 3
       I agree with you Dark Star!waltersmind on Jun 4
        *Welcome aboard Walter &Dark. Nice to see people coming together here while QB64 is down.SMcNeill on Jun 4
         Thank you Steve and hello to you!waltersmind on Jun 4
         It's an unusual setup.Dark Star on Jun 4
          Sorry, can't help.Pete on Jun 4
 What happens when you ping the IP address directly?Dark Star on Jun 4
  IP Address: on Jun 4
   Google has a cached copy.Dark Star on Jun 4
    Well archive.org has it archivedCyperium on Jun 5
     Forum articles are not archivedangros47 on Jun 5
      When you get to the page where it says that it can't find it...Cyperium on Jun 5
   Well at least he didn't forget to renew the domain name.Pete on Jun 5
    Do they also host the site or is it another ISP?Dark Star on Jun 5
     *It was taken off GoDaddy server, but I didn't notice what new service it was placed on.Pete on Jun 5
      traceroute shows as the last stop before www.qb64.netDark Star on Jun 5
       I did a traceroute --resolve-hostnames and this is the info I got...Dark Star on Jun 5
        A google search led me to this:Dark Star on Jun 5
Data... ReadLisztfr on May 26
 READ / DATADonald Foster on Jul 16
Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on May 22
 Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerSMcNeill on May 24
  Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on Jun 9
 Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerMichael Calkins on May 24
  Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on Jun 9
   Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerSMcNeill on Jun 9
   You can make a batch file that can run in Open WithClippy on Jun 10
OT : statisticsLisztfr on May 21
 Breaking the fenceLisztfr on May 22
 Approx solutionDavid on May 22
  formula ?Lisztfr on May 22
   ProbabilitiesDavid on May 22
    What is not clear to me his how many time you drawLisztfr on May 22
    Basic programDavid on May 23
   A formulalawgin on May 23
    *Yes but wasn't exactly my problem...Lisztfr on May 23
     "get at least 2 right numbers"...lawgin on May 23
      rememberLisztfr on May 24
 Re: OT : statisticsSMcNeill on May 23
  The problemLisztfr on May 23
   Re: The problemSMcNeill on May 23
Input statementkanga85 on May 10
 Why not use space?Dave on May 10
  Collecting inputkanga85 on May 11
   custom input function?Dave on May 11
    screen for inputkanga85 on May 11
     Re: screen for inputDave on May 12
      Thankskanga85 on May 12
usb port programmingLeon Schrecengsot on May 1
 We have am application that converts QBasic programs to USB devices.Pete on May 2
  usb portsLeon Schrecengost on May 5
   Re: usb portsPete on May 5
 Parallel like LPT? That's not a COM portClippy on May 2
  com portLeon Schrecengost on May 5
Call a Word.doc file from QB64?Kanga85 on Apr 28
 Use SHELLClippy on Apr 29
  Thankskanga85 on Apr 29
drawing programKeith on Apr 26
 Error with ax = (mx 8) * 8 and similar lines...TheBOB on Apr 26
  Re: Error with ax = (mx 8) * 8 and similar lines...Jim on Apr 28
   *Nice work - I love the precision of computer drawings. I'm fine, thanks.TheBOB on Apr 28
 integer division sign is missing everywhereKeith on Apr 26
  Re: integer division sign is missing everywhereMichael Calkins on May 1
Code doesn't return correctly in QB64. Do I have double precision ok?kanga85 on Apr 23
 CVD in GWBasic and QB64kanga85 on Apr 24
  * Try changing CVD to CVDMBF. I don't know if it is implemented.Michael Calkins on Apr 25
   Thanks, but...kanga85 on Apr 25
    * It might not be properly implemented. I'll try it in a day or two.Michael Calkins on Apr 26
     Work aroundkanga85 on Apr 28
      Re: Work aroundMichael Calkins on Apr 30
How many files open at once in QB64kanga85 on Apr 22
 Re: How many files open at once in QB64SMcNeill on Apr 23
  thankskanga85 on Apr 23
Qbasic program to store student data permanently in a file and search itDiwesh Saxena on Apr 22
 Here is what i codedDiwesh Saxena on Apr 22
 File extension and searchingSolitaire on Apr 22
Graphical input routineSteve on Apr 1
 *Do you already have a mouse routine that covers x/y and scrollwheel?TheBOB on Apr 1

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