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Physics simulationpmarathe on Feb 2
 Re: Physics simulationlawgin on Feb 2
  I did that and it works but...pmarathe on Feb 2
   Looks smoothlawgin on Feb 3
  Re: Physics simulationBig George on Feb 3
   *Thats what i was hoping to get at sooner or laterpmarathe on Feb 3
    What's going on?pmarathe on Feb 3
     For one thing...lawgin on Feb 3
      i made 'u' negative so...pmarathe on Feb 3
       Here's what i have so far...pmarathe on Feb 4
        Your ball needs more bouncelawgin on Feb 4
         *you have to change the resolution according to your monitorpmarathe on Feb 4
          Use _SCREENIMAGE with _WIDTH and _HEIGHT to get the present resolution.Clippy on Feb 4
           *Okay, I'll add thatpmarathe on Feb 4
    look at thisBig George on Feb 3
     That looks pretty good!Clippy on Feb 3
      how?Big George on Feb 3
       Here's one waylawgin on Feb 4
Does closing COM1 automatically clear the rx buffer?Lou on Feb 1
 Clear the buffer first in a loop.Clippy on Feb 1
How can I make my "AI" smarter?pmarathe on Feb 1
 It's been years since I've used QB, but I can comment on the algorithm(s).ComputerGhost on Feb 1
  *Thanks...I'll look into thatpmarathe on Feb 2
  *Turing test (URL)Michael Calkins on Feb 6
qb64 RUN keywordlawgin on Feb 1
 RUN was a command line word in QbasicClippy on Feb 1
  OKlawgin on Feb 1
   RUN is listed in Help after the QB64 keywords.Clippy on Feb 1
   *there's a qb64help file?Ben on Feb 1
    Re: *there's a qb64help file?lawgin on Feb 2
   Re: OKMichael Calkins on Feb 1
QuickBasic dos to YouTube video.Gary on Jan 30
 You might try screen capture software...TheBOB on Jan 31
 Compile it with QB64 and use ANY Windows screen capturing software.Clippy on Jan 31
 *Try "atube catcher"pmarathe on Feb 1
RANDOMIZE questionlawgin on Jan 30
 Because the next 3 numbers are a continuation of the sequenceClippy on Jan 30
  Good tip, thankslawgin on Jan 30
Need help with text encoding programpmarathe25 on Jan 28
 Looks like a mistypelawgin on Jan 28
  *Thanks.. i would've never caught that.. lolpmarathe25 on Jan 28
   You can shorten those CASE statementsBig George on Jan 28
    *How?pmarathe25 on Jan 29
     I think he meant you can put them on one line...TheBOB on Jan 29
     Or don't use SELECT CASE at all...lawgin on Jan 29
      *Thanks, I'll try thatpmarathe on Jan 29
     for exampleBig George on Jan 29
      Exactly George...Pete on Jan 29
 Using ASCII values to reverse or shift encryptionSolitaire on Jan 29
  *Thanks.. what does LTRIM$ do?pmarathe on Jan 29
   LTRIM$() removes the spaces to the left of the string.Solitaire on Jan 29
    I revised the code in the above post. It now uses a hex key.Solitaire on Jan 29
    *oh...Ok...Thankspmarathe on Jan 30
splitting a screen verticallytonyf on Jan 26
 Is this what you meant?Michael Calkins on Jan 26
 qb64codeguy on Jan 26
 thankstonyf on Jan 28
  *yw.Michael Calkins on Feb 6
Retrieving QB64 code from an exe?Zack on Jan 24
 Were you just working on the source code?Galleon on Jan 24
  Some more info...Galleon on Jan 24
   OkZack on Jan 25
    Re: OkMichael Calkins on Jan 25
How do you make an enemy move?Rick4551 on Jan 21
 Before a sprite moves, check for the wallClippy on Jan 21
 Re: How do you make an enemy move?Rick4551 on Jan 21
  Here's a little program that explains it...TheBOB on Jan 21
  Tell the enemy where you areClippy on Jan 21
   it could get trappedBen on Jan 21
 Going towards a different approachRick4551 on Jan 22
  Re: Going towards a different approachRick4551 on Jan 23
Move It -- Just for funSolitaire on Jan 17
 Cute!Clippy on Jan 17
 Solitaire, I love your programsAlGoreIthm on Jan 17
  Interesting revisionSolitaire on Jan 18
 *LOL - I get "moves faster than I can". My back went out recently, lasted two weeks.TheBOB on Jan 17
Colors and Patterns -- with link to a subforum for the codeSolitaire on Jan 7
 *Nice work -- lots of fun exploring the myriad combinations.TheBOB on Jan 8
 (edited)Michael Calkins on Jan 8
  Is it really needed?Solitaire on Jan 8
   Re: Is it really needed?Michael Calkins on Jan 9
    Solitaire, Would you Consider -AlGoreIthm on Jan 9
    OK. I fixed it.Solitaire on Jan 9
context menusBen on Jan 7
 Re: context menusMichael Calkins on Jan 8
  Re: context menusBen on Jan 8
   Re: context menusMichael Calkins on Jan 8
Patterns in color - (but need info on the symbol display)Solitaire on Jan 5
 * Doesn't un-checking the Formatted text box help?Clippy on Jan 5
 I have found, Solitaire...TheBOB on Jan 5
  Don't have that box.Solitaire on Jan 5
   * ODD, what browser?Clippy on Jan 5
    * IE8Solitaire on Jan 5
     *Odd -- I have IE9, but all my previous versions showed the box (???).TheBOB on Jan 5
     * ARRGH, you have to log in to get the box!Clippy on Jan 5
      It doesn't matter whether or not I'm logged in.Solitaire on Jan 5
       Re: It doesn't matter whether or not I'm logged in.Michael Calkins on Jan 6
        Use Chrome! Michael you must always uncheck the box!Clippy on Jan 6
       I just downloaded Firefox.Solitaire on Jan 6
        That's oddMichael Calkins on Jan 6
         Michael: I don't have that line in FirefoxSolitaire on Jan 7
          Why not just post in in Proud Of Forum and post link here?Clippy on Jan 7
          I'm going out on a limb.Michael Calkins on Jan 7
           Partial follow-up infoSolitaire on Jan 7
            Re: Partial follow-up infoMichael Calkins on Jan 7
*ROFL - Type a variable named as "local = 10" in the QB IDE... then press F1 for help.Pete on Jan 4
 To add injury to insult...TheBOB on Jan 5
  * At least it isn't reserved in QB64...yet...Clippy on Jan 5
   *And never will be. Same with 'SIGNAL'Galleon on Jan 5

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