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A couple of questions (Clippy, Pete) regarding QBG in QB64...TheBOB on May 30
 First of all, it's Pete, Clippy...Pete on May 30
  lol - Usually Clippy is first to respond, sorry...TheBOB on May 30
   QB64-GLPete on May 30
    *Thanks! (Sorry Clipster - the early bird... well, you know, is usually a Republican.).TheBOB on May 30
     Oh Clippy was here first...Pete on May 30
      WoooowBrian on May 30
       No, I'm an imposter.Pete on May 30
        Re: No, I'm an imposter.Brian on May 30
         *I never kid about my good looks.And that's the Stoned Age, circa 1970sPete on May 30
          * Handsome QUACK!Clippy on May 30
       Straight answer Brian: no, our Pete is not the Pete from petesqbsite...TheBOB on May 30
        * Screw you... Bruce!Superman on May 30
         *Wow! Not THE Superman!?TheBOB on May 30
          *Nope, it wasn't me. Must be an imposter as I'm the only Superman here...SMcNeill on Jun 2
           Superman gets his butt kicked all the time...Perry the Platypus on Jun 2
    GL may not be ready for it. Here's the DLL ZIP file linkClippy on May 30
Any way to load a BMP and save it to a BSV? (@TheBOB) v2Brian on May 29
 In that case, there's no problem...TheBOB on May 29
  QBG2.EXE runs fine on my XPClippy on May 29
   You must have XP 32-bit...TheBOB on May 29
  YupBrian on May 29
   Sounds good...TheBOB on May 29
    * Drink less and code more...Clippy on May 29
     I'm pretty proud of Clippy for being able to stop drinking.Pete on May 29
   You will need to use QB64. Windows 64 bit has no DOS.Clippy on May 29
    ThanksBrian on May 29
     Use the code any way you wantClippy on May 29
      Simple BLOADer doesn't work with your files?Brian on May 29
       Image is the GET and PUT arrayClippy on May 29
        Re: Image is the GET and PUT arrayBrian on May 29
         Add thisClippy on May 29
          Subscript out of range?Brian on May 29
           DIM SHARED Image(0 TO 26000) AS INTEGERClippy on May 29
            * Dimmit! You beat me to it!Pete on May 29
             LOLClippy on May 29
            Another errorBrian on May 29
             Try thisClippy on May 29
              AwesomeBrian on May 29
               The files can be located anywhere, but...Pete on May 29
               I would not reference them on an external driveClippy on May 29
                Thank you allBrian on May 29
                 Yes, PUT with AND can make white clearClippy on May 29
                  Re: Yes, PUT with AND can make white clearBrian on May 30
  24bit BMPs on QBasicBen on May 29
   Ildurest made a 24 bit simulator that gave some of the colorsClippy on May 30
Any way to load a BMP and save it to a BSV? (@TheBOB)Brian on May 28
 Look in the downloads sectionClippy on May 28
  He did. He's asking Bob here because...Pete on May 28
   Well he can't load 24 bit bitmaps in Qbasic. Need QB64 to do that.Clippy on May 28
 Sorry you can't run the tutorials...TheBOB on May 29
  Bob. Ever thought about re-compiling tuts into QB64?Pete on May 29
   As a matter of fact...TheBOB on May 29
    Better stock up! You will need to fix the mouse.Clippy on May 29
     Yeah...TheBOB on May 29
      Or you could switch it to call interrupt.Pete on May 29
       Possible, but sooner or later I have to get used to QB64's mouse routines...TheBOB on May 29
        You turned 30, I remember that day...Pete on May 29
       * In QB64, Interrupt and Absolute only work up to function 3Clippy on May 29
        * I'd know that, if only we had a WIKI on this site!Pete on May 29
    That sure would be niceGarry Ricketson on May 29
How to Send Display to Text File?Clueless in Seattle on May 25
 Experiment with these....Pete on May 25
 SHELL "cmd /c start notepad /p file.txt" to use USB printerClippy on May 25
How to run .BAS file from DOS command lilneClueless in Seattle on May 24
 QB/RUN File.basGarry Ricketson on May 24
 Are you using QB64?Michael Calkins on May 24
  Oops!Clueless in Seattle on May 25
   Add a pause before the endSolitaire on May 25
   Re: Oops!Michael Calkins on May 25
 Can you edit your source code?Pete on May 25
  Adding "Help" Screen to QB 4.5 Programs.Clueless in Seattle on May 25
greetings everyone. long time no see to some of you.bomberpunk (bp) on May 24
 * High bp, nice to see you back.Pete on May 24
 * Welcome back, and congratulations. If it works in Vista, it probably works in 7.Michael Calkins on May 24
  *yep, it works in windows 7 as well.bomberpunk (bp) on Jun 4
Posting ProblemClueless in Seattle on May 24
 Re: Posting ProblemMichael Calkins on May 24
network54 account passwords compromised.Michael Calkins on May 19
 Network54 was off-line for about an hour Saturday.Pete on May 19
  Welcome to the CloudClippy on May 20
   LOL - Yes, the forecast for last Saturday was...Pete on May 20
 Thank you Michael!PhyloGenesis on May 23
 It might be time to relocate this forum to a new provider...G on May 23
  That was you?Michael Calkins on May 23
   *Sorry, that was me testing for vunerabilities. Won't happen again.G on May 24
    Re: *Sorry, that was me testing for vunerabilities. Won't happen again.Michael Calkins on May 24
Regular polygon drawerlawgin on May 19
 * Doesn't work too well with zero...Clippy on May 19
  *What does a polygon with 0 sides look like?lawgin on May 19
   nothing thereGarry Ricketson on May 19
    Or maybe it's a pointlawgin on May 19
     1 pixelGarry Ricketson on May 19
     nice explanationJim on May 19
      Infinite perimeter?lawgin on May 22
       Spoken like a true mathematician.Kewbie on May 23
        LOL--here's another onelawgin on May 23
       'the flea' analogy is example of convergenceJim on May 23
        Convergence and divergencelawgin on May 23
 the polygon gets raised up the screen with more sidesJake on May 19
haven't been here in years...a nonny mouse on May 19
 PeteGarry Ricketson on May 19
  *thanks for your help! now i'm REALLY backbomberpunk on May 24
qb64.netd on May 18
 *You need to send an Email to GalleonG on May 18
 * Have you gotten your account yet?Michael Calkins on May 23
VB.NET codejohn on May 17
 Post your code here: (url)Solitaire on May 17
 VB.NETPiero on May 23
.bas filejohn on May 16
 It depends what BASIC language it was coded in...Pete on May 16
  GWBASIC uses a .BAS extensionSolitaire on May 17
 .basjohn on May 17
  it might be VB.NETJames on May 17
   is this .bas is in vb.netjohn on May 17
    * No. VB.NET does not use a .bas extension.Solitaire on May 17
Help! slowing down bullet speedd on May 16
 bullets(i).x = bullets(i).x + 2edvard on May 16
 I'm not sure I see the need for 20 for next loopsPete on May 16
  Likely for having multiple bullets & enemies on the screenedvard on May 16
   edvard. I think you're right...Pete on May 16
 op saysd on May 17
  possible solutionBen on May 17
   OP says thanks!d on May 17
    for that you need to check for bullets(i).aliveBen on May 17
   kk variable isn't needed.Pete on May 17
  ExamplePete on May 17
   little complicatedd on May 17
  Setting a fire ratePhyloGenesis on May 17
   great idead on May 17
    We use TIMER delays for a lot of programs...Pete on May 17
     In this case, I'd prefer to time things in terms of frames, then set a framerateBen on May 17
      _LIMIT really slowed that program down too much.Pete on May 17
       _display also limits framerateJim on May 17
        _DISPLAY doesn't limit the frame rate.Clippy on May 18
         what output do you get with thisJim on May 18
 Fixed!d on May 18
Session times out when posting at qb64.netCyperium on May 14
 * I was able to post just now.Michael Calkins on May 14
  * Really, where?Pete on May 14
   * At the main qb64.net subforum. Obviously either you or Galleon deleted it.Michael Calkins on May 14
    * Ain't I a stinker!Bugs Bunny on May 14
  * Yes, I can post now too, I couldn't post for a few days though.Cyperium on May 15

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