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Flood Fill Flow ChartDustinian on Jan 17
 Flood fill, my favourite on Jan 18
  SpeedLisztfr on Jan 22
   Some tricks... on Jan 22
    Re: Some tricks...Dustinian on Jan 22
AB AC AD BC BD CD on Jan 13
 Try an array on Jan 13
  Why don't you use TWO Arrays? on Jan 13
 I think what you are asking is "How do I sort?" on Jan 14
  * I don't think that is the sort of thing he was looking for. :) on Jan 14
   *He did say "from favorite to least preferred" on Jan 15
    Ah, but you have to walk before you can run.... on Jan 15
    * You can't sort one till ya know what it is...Clippy Sort on Jan 15
     Now wonderingif if Dan's last name is Phool? on Jan 15
      * It's nothing personal Dan....:-P on Jan 15
       My bit and Clippy's comment is from an American commercial...URL* on Jan 16
        *Very funny -- now my mnemonic device for you is re-Pete. on Jan 16
         * Well that's just way too Bobvious. on Jan 16
     *You were the one suggesting TWO of them :P on Jan 15
  heavy-duty non-recursive quicksort on Jan 18
   *What a curious sense of humour you have :P on Jan 19
    * What is so funny Art?Clippy on Jan 19
    * yeah, this is SORT of funny, i mean the heavy-duty part on Jan 19
QB64 is now available for MAC OSX.........LINK for download on Jan 11
A little help pleaseZack on Jan 10
print a qbasic program on Jan 8
 What do you want to do, print or copy and paste? on Jan 8
 Use Notepad to print out the code.Solitaire on Jan 8
Seperate COMMAND$ into argsDavid P on Jan 6
 I'll trade ya. Show me how you create the string command on Jan 6
 Try thisUnseen Machine on Jan 6
 Here's QB45's CMD_EX.BAS on Jan 7
  * I forgot TAB. Thanks for reminding me, but what if they use TWO spaces? on Jan 7
   Not a problem on Jan 8
    * Yeah, but MINE doesn't LOL :-P on Jan 8
Arrr why doesnt this work?Zack on Jan 4
 INKEY$ has to be assigned to a variable to work properly... on Jan 4
 Ya don't put CHR$(25) inside of QUOTES! IT IS A KEYWORD! on Jan 5
  Err, i might be wrongunseen Machine on Jan 5
   * Err DO THOSE ARROWS PRINT? ASCII characters genius :-PClippy on Jan 5
    *He's not trying to print them!!!unseen machine on Jan 5
     Urine IDIOT!Clippy on Jan 5
      My badUnseenMachine on Jan 5
      Silly Clippy, it's "You're an idiot!" not "Your an IDIOT!" on Jan 5
      what did i miss on Jan 10
       * LOL, welcome to our forum. Are you NEW here?Clippy on Jan 10
   Re: Err, i might be wrong on Jan 10
WAV filesNorman on Dec 31
 Try QB64 on Dec 31
  Yes, timing problemsNorman on Dec 31
   Was the goal of learning QB to do things the hard way? on Dec 31
    flying west will make you to be a better manNorman on Jan 1
    learn javaBen on Jan 1
     Speaking of SPEED, did you get your driver's license yet? :-PClippy on Jan 1
   In a sense, I agree on Dec 31
    No, you don't get a say... on Dec 31
     * Oh look! A SHINY paperclip! :-OClippy Clause on Jan 1
      Re Oh look! A SHINY paperclip! :-O on Jan 1
      Is it ta ta true a shiny paper clip can't be ta ta rusted? on Jan 1
* Happy New Year to all my friends at QBasic FormMoneo on Dec 31
 *Same to you, Moneo -- and to all the others (of course, I'll celebrate 2011 before Pete)! on Dec 31
 Happy New Year.! on Dec 31
getting QB64 to workjohn on Dec 31
 Gates got his own Karma back on him... on Dec 31
  Re: Gates got his own Karma back on him...john on Dec 31
 7 HOURS?Clippy on Dec 31
  Re: 7 HOURS?John on Dec 31
   QB64 doesn't use DOS. Windows 7 should run it fine!Clippy on Dec 31
   Email address removed on Dec 31
    Not to worry... on Dec 31
     Funny one I got recently on Dec 31
 Stop whingeing and be clear about the problem on Dec 31
  All he got out of that was... on Dec 31
In need of helpZack on Dec 30
 You can use ON KEY to GOSUB to an exit procedure.Clippy on Dec 30
  I think you misunderstood meZack on Jan 2
 Re: In need of help on Dec 30
  *i barely remember writing that. i should have made it so you could drag it with the mouse on Jan 10
 Some answers on Dec 31
  Ok... ButZack on Jan 1
   Scrollbar theory on Jan 1
    Ok...Zack on Jan 2
     What exactly is the problem? on Jan 2
      UhZack on Jan 2
       You could use a string text array on Jan 2
        ThanksZack on Jan 3
        Uh, one more questionZack on Jan 3
         _MOUSEWHEEL resets to 0 after you read it on Jan 3
Opening videosZack on Dec 29
 NopeUnseen Machine on Dec 29
 I've only been able by using .FLI & Audio files.Dav on Dec 29
  ThanksZack on Dec 29
*Merry Christmas to everyone! o<}} :o) }}}}} (Santa CLASCII). on Dec 25
 Re: *Merry Christmas to everyone! o<}} :o) }}}}} (Santa CLASCII).Norman on Dec 25
  *Gorgeous! on Dec 25
   * Thanks Bob, my secret is jojoba oil... oops, wrong response. on Dec 26
    My secret to staying young and beautiful is to stay out of the sun... on Dec 27
     LOL - But then Canada has a proctive barrier against UV radiation from the sun... on Dec 27
      Actually, no.Solitaire on Dec 27
       *Ah, but not when you're are under it! Unless you are 10'+ tall, then, excuse the reply. on Dec 27
        Actually, I've never been particularly frightened of the sun... on Dec 27
         That theory is unsound... on Dec 27
 * Merry Christmas back at ya Bob, and everyone or two others here. on Dec 25
Network 54's strange idiosyncracies on Dec 24
 Re: Network 54's strange idiosyncracies on Dec 24
 *Thanks, Don (and Pete) -- seems to work great. Merry Christmas to you, too. on Dec 25
Indirect addressing not working on Dec 20
 What are you using brackets for? on Dec 20
 Re: Indirect addressing not working on Jan 10

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