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How do you deal with LFN ?Lisztfr on Nov 13
 You get the short name firstClippy on Nov 13
  Othre troublesLisztfr on Nov 15
  Now i got the correct pathLisztfr on Nov 15
   * Create a shortcut to QB.EXE too so the system knows where it is. on Nov 15
Viewing text from a file on Nov 9
 *Use LINE INPUT instead on Nov 9
  Oh. Yeah that worked, thanks ;) on Nov 9
   In case somebody wanted to see it working on Nov 13
    Is it just me or is there a PRINT missing? on Nov 13
     Fixed LOCATE on Nov 13
    So sorry, I must have messed up again on Nov 13
     *It's N54 treating your <> symbols as HTML. Easiest solution is to diable formatted text. on Nov 13
* Question at Pete's site: What syntax do I need to use in Nasm with QB? on Nov 9
 Re: * Question at Pete's site: What syntax do I need to use in Nasm with QB?URL on Nov 9
Me = Goofy on Nov 8
 It's a trick of the eye... on Nov 8
  Interesting, thanks! on Nov 8
   *Hey, they interest all of us -- nobody's annoyed! on Nov 8
    You guys are awesome! on Nov 8
   *Read about dither on wikipedia on Nov 8
    I once applied dither graphically... on Nov 8
     *Floyd-Steinberg looks good and is really easy to implement on Nov 8
      *I like the fact that Wikipedia gives you code that can be implemented in QB. on Nov 9
     *I remember that! It was a beautiful scene. on Nov 10
     Where is that program Bob? on Nov 10
      Snowfall... on Nov 10
       You don't need QB64 for that... on Nov 10
        A story goes with the program... on Nov 10
         SIMPLE, instructions for QB64 on Nov 10
          *Where were you 12 years ago! Thanks! on Nov 10
           12 years ago QB couldn't make a REAL EXE file, LOL on Nov 10
            *Actually, I think I heard from somewhere (maybe here?) that it wasn't possible. on Nov 10
         Re: Who wants to tie up their computer for hours just to see a fake snow drift? on Nov 10
          *Good point -- of course, I'm a Canadian, real snow drifts are just out my window. on Nov 10
           Likewise, I live on a horse ranch, so real horses are just outside my window. on Nov 11
Bad Math Day on Nov 7
 Look up MOD in the Help/Index... on Nov 7
  Thank you! on Nov 7
Cardiogram ?Lisztfr on Nov 6
 Re: Cardiogram ?. on Nov 6
  *cardioid, ok clippyLisztfr on Nov 6
 I don't believe the cardioid pattern is a geometrical shape... on Nov 6
  *Oops! on Nov 6
 Re: Cardiogram ? on Nov 6
  * Better than hemroidsClippy on Nov 6
full screen for qb64 on Nov 5
 * Try _FULLSCREEN on Nov 5
  *That's underscoreFULLSCREEN - Clippy's underscore got hidden. on Nov 5
   * Better get them eyes checked Bobert, I can see it fine!Clippy on Nov 6
    *Maybe it's IE, but the post title has a heavy underline that obscures your underline. on Nov 6
   *I can also see it fine in IE and Opera on Nov 6
    *I can too, if I open the post, but there's an asterisk, so... on Nov 6
     Just so I know I'm not going crazy or on Mars... on Nov 7
      Jesus Bob, you didn't have to post that... on Nov 7
       *So I don't have to get my eyes checked -- whew! on Nov 7
       Here is what I see with Chrome IE 8 add-on on Nov 8
        I see it! I see it! ... on Nov 8
         That's why word processors have dem buttons on Nov 8
          Underscores are line continuation characters in BASIC on Nov 8
           Line continuation underscore characters in VB.NETSolitaire on Nov 11
            * What makes the underscores no longer necessary? Did Billy say it was OK?Clippy on Nov 11
          About QB64 adding underscores... on Nov 9
  _FULLSCREEN + on Nov 6
   * After the SCREEN line. on Nov 6
    tried "After the SCREEN line" on Nov 8
     I assume this was in QB64... on Nov 8
   *For full screen while coding, hold Alt and press Enter. on Nov 6
Miniature violin carving URL... on Nov 5
 Mini Violin on Nov 5
 * Great work as usual Bob! The music was almost as good as the violin! on Nov 5
 Love it!Solitaire on Nov 5
  * Yeah, who takes the pictures or do you have a head cam? on Nov 5
   I use a tripod... on Nov 5
  For the other videos, Solitaire... on Nov 5
   Bob, you have the hands of an angel.Solitaire on Nov 5
    *Wow! Thank-you so much! :-) on Nov 5
    Bob does very realistic ice sculptures, too... on Nov 5
     *Ha! Actually, my first ice sculpture was a golden arch -- McDonalds owes me!! on Nov 5
 Pachelbel is following me!! (*URL) on Nov 5
  Great stuff! ... on Nov 5
  ViolinesLisztfr on Nov 6
 That's almost unbelievable !Lisztfr on Nov 6
  Not sure if you're pulling my leg, but... on Nov 6
 Re: Miniature violin carving URL... on Nov 6
 Beautiful work!Dav on Nov 7
  * Darn it Dav, you beat me to the punchline. on Nov 7
  Thanks... on Nov 7
Help on Nov 4
 You mean "not equal to"? on Nov 4
  thanks on Nov 4
Black Jack Game on Nov 3
 * When you allocate the array values use loops instead of defining each one. on Nov 3
 Lose the INPUT on Nov 3
  ...Nightmare on Nov 5
   Here's why... on Nov 5
    TYNightmare on Nov 5
     *Your exit method would work fine, too -- two ways of accomplishing the same thing ;-) on Nov 5
     *Actually the way you exit your loop is better style than mine, stick with it. on Nov 6
 Tips on shortening the code on Nov 6
 Version 2 & questions on Nov 8
  Arrays on Nov 8
   What will be the point of having (1 TO 100) for example..Nightmare_I on Nov 12
    To better define the array so that YOU rememberClippy on Nov 12
  Stuff clippy missed on Nov 9
I can edit again! I even got Photobucket back on Nov 2
 *That's great, Clipster! Oh, btw, don't fall into your desktop. on Nov 2
  Thanks Bob, I almost didClippy on Nov 2
   Yeah, I've been carving a miniature antique violin... on Nov 2
    * OK Bob, post the link when you are done.Clippy on Nov 2
    Cool.Dav on Nov 2
    Bob, I absolutely adored the first video you posted on YouTube.Solitaire on Nov 2
     *Thanks, everyone -- I certainly will post the link. on Nov 2
Trying to get IE Tab working in Chrome on Nov 1
 Keep getting an Error asking me to Debug web page on Nov 1
  If you cannot post in Chrome, get the IE Tab Add-onClippy on Nov 1
 * Download Opera. on Nov 1
  If your so smart, how come my 98 says PROMPT =[Win 98]Clippy on Nov 1
   PROOF on Nov 3
   Like I stated at QB64.net... Mine is a superior Windows 98 SE... on Nov 3
    Pete I found your machine's prompt! on Nov 3
     * And you wonder why Galleon doesn't allow pic posting at QB64.net. Hehe. on Nov 3
      * I don't wonder, I just come here to post them :-O on Nov 3
* UghClippy on Nov 1
 What you mean Ugh paleface? on Nov 1
  * Chief Pete juss don't sound right... on Nov 2
My QB64 gameNorman on Oct 30
 Excellant workUnseen Machine on Oct 31
  * It doesn't need DATA. Just use small RND swerve intervals on Oct 31
  its so u can make your own trackNorman on Oct 31
   RE: qb64 dont sync with the mouse so i couldnt make proper controls to be quik enoughGalleon on Nov 1
  *At this forum we demand excellent spelling! on Oct 31
 *Great stuff -- sorry you're not going to finish it. on Oct 31
can't insert a delayLisztfr on Oct 30
 Re: can't insert a delay on Oct 30
 *Have you defined all variables as integer (DEFINT)? on Oct 30
  I try to slow down this program to see the flooding ...Lisztfr on Oct 30
   *No way...Lisztfr on Oct 30
   Like BOB stated, remove DEFINT A-Z on Oct 30
    * 32767! The CHROME debauchle continues...Clippy on Oct 30
    Ok thanksLisztfr on Nov 1

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