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Hello and well met!Mark Manning on Jan 14
 Executables reside in the QB64 directory because...TheBOB on Jan 15
  Just out of curiosity, since I'm not a QB64 enthusiast,Kewbie on Jan 15
   Re: Just out of curiosity, since I'm not a QB64 enthusiast,Michael Calkins on Jan 15
    RE: Executables in main folder and dependent filesGalleon on Jan 18
Qb vs turbo CLisztfr on Jan 14
 Re: Qb vs turbo CMichael Calkins on Jan 14
  Why Turbo C ?Lisztfr on Jan 14
   Interesting...Michael Calkins on Jan 14
Subscript out of rangeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 12
 Save the program to a text file using Notepad.Solitaire on Jan 12
 Save the program in QB4.5 as text readable in Save AsClippy on Jan 12
  posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 13
   *Make sure you've copied it, then just click Edit/Paste with the cursor in 'Message Text'.TheBOB on Jan 13
    Posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 14
     Strange...TheBOB on Jan 14
      posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 14
       You've DIM'd it as zone2$(), but are accessing it as z2$() ...(more)...TheBOB on Jan 14
        Good catch, Bob.Kewbie on Jan 14
         Not that I've heard of, Q...TheBOB on Jan 15
          Sorry, Bob, I can't agree with you aboutKewbie on Jan 15
           Spelling mistakes notwithstanding...TheBOB on Jan 15
            I know I'm probably belaboring this to the point of tedium, but...Kewbie on Jan 15
             *Hey, I hear you (and better understand your misspelling example).TheBOB on Jan 16
        out rangeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
         No Leon...TheBOB on Jan 15
          Not sureLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
           *Try this: DIM z2$(20, 1) - Maybe it'll be clearer what's happening.TheBOB on Jan 15
            New CodeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
             Of course...TheBOB on Jan 15
              Thank YouLeon Schrecengost on Jan 17
               LOL@"I don't even know why I did what I did"...TheBOB on Jan 17
                printerLeon on Jan 17
                 *Hey, that's great to know (will check out DOS print). Thanks!TheBOB on Jan 17
                Show TimeSolitaire on Jan 17
                 *Great job -- and a good example of the programming practices I attributed to you.TheBOB on Jan 17
                 Similar program using TIME$Solitaire on Jan 17
                  Nice one...TheBOB on Jan 17
                 I wrote a Visual Basic version of the ShowTime program.Solitaire on Jan 18
                  Looks good...TheBOB on Jan 18
     Re: Posting codeMichael Calkins on Jan 14
Immediate WindowNha Nguyen on Jan 12
 There is no immediate windowClippy on Jan 12
 no Immediate page?Richard on Feb 12
  For a workaround Immediate window, you can always open a second QB64 window...TheBOB on Feb 12
If elseportaljon on Jan 10
 *IF NOT (a OR b) THEN do somethingTheBOB on Jan 10
  encapsulate...portaljon on Jan 12
 *QBASIC has ELSEIFMichael Calkins on Jan 10
  Not alwaysportaljon on Jan 12
   Re: Not alwaysMichael Calkins on Jan 12
   ELSE without IF...TheBOB on Jan 12
 strangeAlGoreIthm on Jan 12
 Re: If elsePete on Jan 12
 IF THEN blocksSolitaire on Jan 13
Thanks Everyone: I'm taking a brief hiatusWill on Jan 9
 *good luck!mn64 on Jan 9
 Yes, good luck...TheBOB on Jan 10
  Memory sticksDavid on Jan 10
RPLLisztfr on Jan 5
 * happy new year ! (i forgot and, don't abuse QB64)Lisztfr on Jan 5
  *wth are you talking about?mn64 on Jan 6
   *my hardware doesn't like qb64 so much ! screen 2, 8b cpu, 32 MhzLisztfr on Jan 7
 The last comment made me laugh:Solitaire on Jan 5
Any way to speed up this code?pmarathe on Jan 3
 you could try using PCOPY... or...mn64 on Jan 3
  Re: you could try using PCOPY... or...pmarathe on Jan 3
Happy New YearGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
My GrandDaughterGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
 She's a real cutie!Pete on Jan 1
  Thanks, and this leads too ..Garry Ricketson on Jan 1
   *Adorable! I'm surprised you could post that lo-o-o-o-o-ong string here!TheBOB on Jan 1
    *That surprised me tooGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
    * Long string capability is one of the few N54 posting perks we have.Pete on Jan 1
     *His string is definitely longer than mine...Clippy on Jan 6
Bright White Background Color in QuickBASIC?Clueless in Seattle on Jan 1
 palette in screen 0mn64 on Jan 1
  and to get white on bright white...mn64 on Jan 1
   sorry, copy didnt copy, heremn64 on Jan 1
    Also...TheBOB on Jan 1
     Hey! That worked! (Sort of)Clueless in Seattle on Jan 1
      For alternating background colors...TheBOB on Jan 1
      You want stripes? Here are stripes...Solitaire on Jan 1
       LSD FlashbacksClueless_in_Seattle on Jan 6
      i've got that tutorial, it's aimed at newbies and will take you farmn64 on Jan 2
       Thanks, menn!Clueless in Seattle on Jan 4
  What does palette 7, 63 do?Clueless in Seattle on Jan 1
   you have to sacrifice an attribute. it doesn't have to be 7.mn64 on Jan 3
    Thanks, menn! That did the trick!Clueless_in_Seattle on Jan 6
     *you're very welcomemn64 on Jan 6
  Speaking of palettes, menno, did you ever...Kewbie on Jan 3
    *Cool! I don't suppose you kept the code for the heart?Kewbie on Jan 4
     i thought you'd get the reference... it was obscure though :)mn64 on Jan 5
 You can only get it in SCREEN 9Solitaire on Jan 1
  you can do it in screen 12, but remember he sometimes uses actual DOSmn64 on Jan 3
   It depends on which version of XP...TheBOB on Jan 3
    *plus there is dosbox, though as ted says it might be "inferior" to qb64mn64 on Jan 5
     Ted's right...TheBOB on Jan 6
      honestly, i've never had a problemmn64 on Jan 6
       DosBoxQB,LinuxGarry Ricketson on Jan 6
        qb64 is a windows programmn64 on Jan 6
* Happy New Year!Pete on Jan 1
 Note to Garry...Pete on Jan 1
  Thank youGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
 Hey, Pete and everyone, yes, Happy New Year...TheBOB on Jan 1
  * lolMichael Calkins on Jan 1
  Us old dudesGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
  Us old dudes, reduxClueless in Seattle on Jan 1
   Happy New Year one and all!Solitaire on Jan 1
    *Just paste the link to your Photobucket pics in the message box.Pete on Jan 1
     Where do I get the link?Solitaire on Jan 1
      Screen ShotGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
       Photo of myselfSolitaire on Jan 1
        *Looks like you got images figured outGarry Ricketson on Jan 1
         Solitaire is dyslexic...Pete on Jan 1
          *You've got that backwards, Dorian (nice to meet you, Solitaire - very nice picture).TheBOB on Jan 1
         Can you help me figure out how to insert images?Clueless in Seattle on Jan 5
          *i think you just post the urlmn64 on Jan 5
          login account, posting imagesGarry on Jan 5
           login account, posting imagesGarry on Jan 5
            Posting photos,Now I am logged inGarry Ricketson on Jan 5
             My work stationClueless_in_Seattle on Jan 6
              If at first you don't succeed....Clueless_in_Seattle on Jan 6
               Finally!Clueless_in_Seattle on Jan 6
                nice setupmn64 on Jan 6
               CongratulationsGarry Ricketson on Jan 6
   *My pleasure, CIS! Lots of smiles around here :-)TheBOB on Jan 1
  happy new year, thebob... have a quick demomn64 on Jan 1
*whoa... sorry about the front page. michael or solitaire, if you can fix the url theremn64 on Dec 27
Praeludium B-dur (Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Teil 1)J.S. Bach on Dec 27
 *coolMichael Calkins on Dec 28
Merry Christmas - Christmas comes just once a year...Pete on Dec 25
 *and if win8 leaves you maligned, at least free bootloaders are signedmn64 on Dec 25
 Michael, go home!Pete on Dec 25
  *Thanks. (I am home, btw...)Michael Calkins on Dec 25
 ...gopus on Dec 28

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