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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Music help? urgent, I'm 11.Luan on Jun 11
 Depends on what version of QBASIC you are usingqbguy on Jun 11
  System beep?Michael Calkins on Jun 11
 Are you using QB64?Clippy on Jun 11
 No answer?Luan on Jun 11
  You can't change the volume of the internal PC speaker.ChronoKitsune on Jun 11
   Kk.Luan on Jun 11
    *Qb64 uses the same old keywords and has new features you don't have to use.Clippy on Jun 11
    Hi Luan! Try using PLAY "v50cde" in QB64, "v50" means 50% volumeGalleon on Jun 12
  Laptops can use the sound card but you can't change the volume.Clippy on Jun 12
   *in that case, plug speakers into the headphone jack, and use the control on the speakers.Michael Calkins on Jun 12
RGB on HTMLMarineDon on Jun 9
 Convert to hex and put a octothrope at the frontqbguy on Jun 9
  *Yes, Don, and don't forget to multiply your QB RGB values * 4 (0 - 255).TheBOB on Jun 9
 QB64 WIKIClippy on Jun 9
  ThanksMarineDon on Jun 9
using qb64 to make .cpp files from .bas filesAndy Robertson on Jun 5
 Re: using qb64 to make .cpp files from .bas filesMichael Calkins on Jun 6
 C programmers should already know how to convert themClippy on Jun 6
Fully tabbed file manager for DOSBen on Jun 5
 Took me three hoursBen on Jun 5
  Graphics card utility...Michael Calkins on Jun 6
 it looks like a good startMichael Calkins on Jun 6
  it's fully tabbedBen on Jun 6
   *cool.Michael Calkins on Jun 6
   *I've partially implemented such file selectionBen on Jun 11
Problem with Global IP address in QB64 fixed!Clippy on May 31
Help with Prog Rammingmrpotatoehead on May 31
 * O sorry the 2nd fibonacci # is 1 not 2mrpotatoehead on May 31
  * SOOOOOOOOO. DO IT! You got it all figured outClippy on May 31
 I couldn't resist.Michael Calkins on May 31
  There is a better (worse) way...qbguy on May 31
   okay, qbguy...Michael Calkins on Jun 1
 Binet's Formulalawgin on Jun 1
  *LOL! I love it!Solitaire on Jun 1
 nth...Michael Calkins on Jun 1
  In .NET everything is zero-based, so the first position is the zeroth index.Solitaire on Jun 1
   Re: In .NET everything is zero-based, so the first position is the zeroth index.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
    * Why 0? Because the first register bit is Binary 1 = 2 ^ 0Clippy on Jun 2
     Well, that's one reason.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
    Also...Michael Calkins on Jun 2
     Yeah, lots of confusion there...TheBOB on Jun 2
      * I think that the Japanese start with 1 year old when they are born...Clippy on Jun 2
       I believe that Chinese babies are age 1 at birth.Solitaire on Jun 2
      *I've been in favor of January becoming month #0.Michael Calkins on Jun 2
       * OPTION CALENDAR BASE 0 :-PClippy on Jun 2
       *You'd swear this was a programmer's forum!TheBOB on Jun 3
        * Yeah, a lot of lonely programmers...Clippy on Jun 3
    "first" can be relative...Michael Calkins on Jun 2
 * What's a Prog?Clippy on Jun 4
  I don't know but I think it is a small animalqbguy on Jun 4
   Re: I don't know but I think it is a small animalClippy on Jun 5
    Attention Mods: Get that jackass off the forum!Pete on Jun 5
     Don't you mean tea potty?Clippy on Jun 5
     I assume you're joking.Michael Calkins on Jun 6
      * Did you see the potty "praying"? :-PClippy on Jun 6
       I saw it. I'm not sure what to make of it... (url)Michael Calkins on Jun 6
        Go Sarah!Pete on Jun 6
         * You can tell that her hair isn't quite right... :-)Clippy on Jun 6
          * And now back to our regularly scheduled QB discussion topics.Announcer on Jun 6
 like most things we've done it alreadydavid on Jun 12
  * Because they are THAT LAZY! :-)Clippy on Jun 12
Attention All Personnel... Good posts latelyRadar on May 27
 * You are welcome! And Thanks to you too! :-)Clippy on May 27
 *Great news! Thanks, Pete!TheBOB on May 27
 *Thank you Pete. Great job.Solitaire on May 28
 I've got a funny feeling about me too...Galleon on May 28
Help with Host IP problemZack on May 26
 Lease times...Unseen Machine on May 26
  What about something like this?Zack on May 26
   ErrrUnseen on May 27
    Well...Zack on May 27
     Drop Box is a FREE service that allows you to SHARE your program downloadsClippy on May 27
      A questionZack on May 27
       No, you could just supply the Drop Box link to anybody or have the program go get it.Clippy on May 27
        Good luckUnseen on May 27
         * Hey, I thought you said that you would SHOW him?Clippy on May 27
          Oh ok, just for you Clippy...Unseen on May 27
           What am I doing wrong?Zack on May 27
            Where is the GET request by the client?Clippy on May 27
             OhZack on May 27
              There are two bits to my code...Unseen on May 28
               Im not sure what is wrongZack on May 28
                DELAY!Unseen on May 28
                 * and make sure client is on port 80Unseen on May 28
                  Almost... :)Zack on May 28
                   I think...Unseen on May 28
                    Good ideaZack on May 28
                     *Dunno, try it then report back if it odnt work still....Unseen on May 28
                      NopeZack on May 29
                       *Ask Galleon, try QB64 forum, it will get more people on itUnseen on May 29
                        I think I might have itZack on May 29
                         *It says the file does not exist, check the dropboxlink again...Unseen on May 29
                          ButZack on May 29
               I ran it FIVE TIMES! Still nothingClippy on May 28
                I dunno,Unseen on May 28
   If you have a PHP enabled website, here's an option..Dav on May 27
    OkZack on May 27
   dynamic dnsMichael Calkins on May 27
    I need some help with thisZack on May 27
     Re: I need some help with thisMichael Calkins on May 27
     ZackMichael Calkins on May 29
      passive versionMichael Calkins on May 29
       Why is /calkins/ in there?Clippy on May 29
        becauseMichael Calkins on May 29
         What is the correct location?Clippy on May 29
          do you have wget?Michael Calkins on May 30
           * Yep, I needed it! Thank you! :-)Clippy on May 30
programming of qbasicIbiyemi Joshua on May 24
 * linkClippy on May 24
 Re: programming of qbasicMichael Calkins on May 24
  At least tell him how to get Pi properly!Unseen on May 24
   *Yes, but the specification said "Take 3.142 for II". I'd say follow the spec.Michael Calkins on May 24
   *A fair approximation of Pi: 355/113Kewbie on May 25
    that's only 7 digitsunclejed613 on Jun 22
     * You don't need to guess! ... PI# = 4 * ATN(1#)Clippy on Jun 22
      and the reason...Michael Calkins on Jun 23
       Unfortunately Qbasic won't allow it to define a CONSTantClippy on Jun 23
        * I don't see why not... C and C++ both allow it...ChronoKitsune on Jun 23
         Because Galleon seems to LIKE ERRORS!Clippy on Jun 23
        Re: Unfortunately Qbasic won't allow it to define a CONSTantMichael Calkins on Jun 23
         I tried to get a Constant PI value for QB64Clippy on Jun 23
          Don't really see the point of CONSTDavid on Jun 24
           * Um... Avogardo's number is 6.022e23 not 6.626e23...qbguy on Jun 24
            So that's why I get the wrong answerDavid on Jun 24
             * THATS THE REASON! You CAN FORGET THEM silly!Clippy on Jun 24
           Re: Don't really see the point of CONSTMichael Calkins on Jun 24
            a quick disclaimerMichael Calkins on Jun 24
             Yes I think you're correctDavid on Jun 24
          _pi, perhaps...Michael Calkins on Jun 24
     *welcome to the forum, unclejed.Michael Calkins on Jun 23
 Here's some help with step 1...Galleon on May 25
  programming of qbasicIbiyemi Joshua on May 25
   Copy text from QB to an outside source.Solitaire on May 25
    Huh?Clippy on May 25
    Re: Copy text from QB to an outside source.Michael Calkins on May 25
     RE: The QB window Edit menu; Screen image.Solitaire on May 25
      Yeah, but that also copies the Menu and side barsClippy on May 25
      Re: RE: The QB window Edit menu; Screen image.Michael Calkins on May 26
       *Thank you. Right-clicking works. Left-clicking only works on the icon.Solitaire on May 26
  Your program gives wrong results...qbguy on May 26
   Setup to fail...Galleon on May 27
    * That teacher probablt spent a month on LET... :-)Clippy on May 27
    Re: Setup to fail...Michael Calkins on May 27
     This is the correct way to do it, right?qbguy on May 27
      * :-PMichael Calkins on May 27
    * Change c = c + 3.142 / (4 * ATN(1)) to c = c + 1 + ATN(1/radius) for more accuracyqbguy on May 27
  programming of qbasicIbiyemi Joshua on May 31
   What part of this don't you understand? linkClippy on May 31
   As Solitaire told you: ALT+ENTERMichael Calkins on May 31
Input Past End reading sequential fileGaryD45 on May 23
 Re: Input Past End reading sequential fileMichael Calkins on May 23
  Re: Input Past End reading sequential fileGaryD45 on May 23
   *Open the file for binary accessKewbie on May 23
    EOF characterDavid on May 24
     I don't recall observing this.Michael Calkins on May 24
   Try shortening the text by one character.Solitaire on May 24
   three things...Michael Calkins on May 24
    One thing ....Clippy on May 24
     *Except that I am only reading LOF(1) number of bytes.Michael Calkins on May 24
      LOL, ya never know when CHR$(26) might show upClippy on May 24
 CHR$(26) causes a termination of a sequential file.Pete on May 24
  Binary file I/O: do until eof()...Michael Calkins on May 24
   I've noticed that too, but it is seldom a problem.Pete on May 24
Password Protect or Storage File TypeZack on May 22
 do the contents need to be secret, or just tamper resistant?Michael Calkins on May 22
  But is there...Zack on May 22
   yesMichael Calkins on May 22
    simple archive extraction example.Michael Calkins on May 22
     A few questionsZack on May 23
      You can do that in BINARY using GET and PUT tooClippy on May 23
       I tried thisZack on May 23
        * DAT or TMP won't open with a Windows program. EXE won't open with Edit.Clippy on May 23
      Re: A few questionsMichael Calkins on May 23
       more...Michael Calkins on May 23
     Reminds me of my QB zip programPete on May 23
Help with connecting TCP/IPZach on May 21
 I had the same problem...Unseen Machine on May 21
  Why?Zack on May 22
   * You should be able to answer both questions on your own, but yes...Clippy on May 22
    * Ok, ThanksZack on May 22
download qbasicbill on May 21
 * Visitt www.QB64.net for a download that will run full screen and print.Pete on May 21
 Newer PC's won't let you LPRINT! Try QB64Clippy on May 21
Diamonds problemLisztfr on May 14
 Seems to me...TheBOB on May 14
  * Box? Where did you get the box? :-PClippy on May 14
 Is there a solution?Michael Calkins on May 14
  One Solution. on May 14
   I think that's it...TheBOB on May 14
    Re: I think that's it...Pete on May 14
   I screwed up.Michael Calkins on May 14
    *Aha! Good one, Michael -- first one gave me a stream of HUGE numbers!TheBOB on May 14
     *that was just for tracking the current number.Michael Calkins on May 14
    You could do with some GOTOsDavid on May 16
     Are you joking?Solitaire on May 16
      Just to save us all some time... URL*Pete on May 16
      Ok it can easily be done without G*T*David on May 16
       Oops I didn't mean to put * at the endDavid on May 16
      No Gotos, much betterqbguy on May 16
       Oops it should beqbguy on May 16
        *now *that* has to be a joke... :-PMichael Calkins on May 16
   one more solutionlawgin on May 16
Help! problems working with loopsrommel on May 13
 *In QBasic, DO loops are ended with the word LOOP, not ENDDO. The rest seems OK.TheBOB on May 13
  thanksrommel on May 14
 Also,Michael Calkins on May 14
  thanksrommel on May 14
   *okay.Michael Calkins on May 14

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