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Getting color 6 to look right in Windows text modePharoah on Jul 20
 Windows imposes its will there on Jul 20
  *That's a start at least... I never noticed that you could edit the colors.Pharoah on Jul 20
 Try playing with this... on Jul 20
Path/File Access Error again ... and I reckon I know what's causing it on Jul 19
 *Can you give more details on how you are "copying" the file? on Jul 19
  SHELL "copy filename.ext newname.ext" on Jul 19
   Try Name "myfile.tmp" AS "newfile.txt" instead.: on Jul 19
    Three ideas, two of them yours :) on Jul 21
     Don't promise them anything... on Jul 21
      Thanks for the heads up! on Jul 21
 Here's the clearest example so far on Jul 22
  Your code works OK on my XP, but I'm running a slightly older version of QB64. on Jul 22
Small Basic by Microsoft beta softwareSolitaire on Jul 18
 Re: Small Basic by Microsoft beta software on Jul 18
  educational gapBen on Jul 18
   Well i thinkUnseen Machine on Jul 19
Getting the current colorPharoah on Jul 18
 This information should work, but it doesn'tPharoah on Jul 18
 Did you use... on Jul 18
  Thanks, I think your workaround will solve my problemPharoah on Jul 19
   * You're Welcome on Jul 19
   It's not Windows' fault at all on Jul 19
 OMG don't tell me I'm actually able to help! on Jul 19
  * Ok, it wasn't relevant, Latest set foreground colour, not colour of something on screen. on Jul 19
   * Kevin, you're fired! on Jul 19
    *That's the second one in a month! on Jul 20
 Would you mind using an extra library or OBJ file? on Jul 19
 I cant see the practical applicationBen on Jul 19
  Two reasonsPharoah on Jul 20
Mode XBen on Jul 15
 Hardware ScrollingBen on Jul 18
Trying to switch to screen 12Ben on Jul 14
 Not even I know that, but... on Jul 14
Qbasic 4.5 compilingBen on Jul 14
 * Go ahead, then delete QB.EXE and DOSBOX while yer at it. on Jul 14
 Probably. on Jul 14
 You don't need itangros47 on Jul 16
  More or less on Jul 16
Enable cursorBen on Jul 14
 * Doesn't work with INPUT$. How 2 disable? on Jul 14
  watch the cursorBen on Jul 15
13 files down, 24 to go :-) on Jul 12
 * 18 down, 19 to go :-) on Jul 13
  *lol -- I assume you're using QB64 (unless your pasta is really short). on Jul 13
   * He's trying to convert like we did. How long is his pasta? Ah let's not go there. on Jul 13
    * Its not how long, with pasta, but how knotty ;-) on Jul 13
     Time for you to stop being "knotty" and make some decent progress. on Jul 13
      It wasn't me! on Jul 13
       *Nice analogy -- I've been down a few of those (btw, the word is asphalt or tar) on Jul 13
   * heh, no I'm using QB, sans 64, attempting to melt it down BEFORE QB64ing it ! on Jul 13
Anyone here to the point yet where they think one QB/QB64 would be better than two? on Jul 11
 I think your phrase "...let's see what becomes of it", says it best... on Jul 11
  You have to be kidding me... on Jul 11
 QB64 is not yet ready to be mainstreamed.Solitaire on Jul 11
  Well...Unseen Machine on Jul 11
   * YOU AGAIN! Leave Pete alone! WHEN IS THE LAST SUPPER?Clippy on Jul 12
    OOPS! There's stuff in that post and I can't edit it. Waaaaaa on Jul 12
   I specialize in business logic and structure, not graphics.Solitaire on Jul 12
    Solitaire, your/you're use of "don't: ain't right... on Jul 12
     This is very ambiguous.Solitaire on Jul 12
    Re: I specialize in business logic and structure, not graphics.Moneo on Jul 19
     Hi my friend. Your anology doesn't quite make sense to me... on Jul 19
      VbUnseen Machine on Jul 19
       * Oh go animate your balls! on Jul 19
      Re: Hi my friend. Your anology doesn't quite make sense to me...Moneo on Jul 20
       Re: Hi my friend. Your anology doesn't quite make sense to me... on Jul 20
        * Ok Pete. Now I get it.Moneo on Jul 21
    There's one more argument for downloading QB64 on Jul 20
 I loathe to say this but on Jul 22
  * After REPEATEDLY claiming I was ruining the forum, you want that? LOL fool! on Jul 22
   You're antics on Jul 27
Working With H-U-G-E Numbers? on Jul 10
 HUGH.BAS on Jul 10
  *Totally irrelevant on Jul 10
 Please explain more about your problem. on Jul 10
  Why didn't you mention QB64? It can handle BIG numbers the BASIC way! LINK on Jul 10
   I wasn't aware of _FLOAT on Jul 10
 *Link: http://www.math.umbc.edu/~campbell/NumbThy/Class/Programming/QBASIC/G on Jul 11
Just wondering what the size limits are to Subs and main module on Jul 10
 I try to keep subs under 900 line of code. Modules, 37-75 KB... on Jul 10
  Thanks Pete, just on what you've responded .. on Jul 10
  Ugh, now I think I know what you're talking about :( on Jul 15
   * Just saw some reference to 160kb being the limit for a .BAS file on Jul 15
    You could break your program up into modules.... on Jul 15
     hold on ... that sounds a LOT like undoing everything I've just been attempting? on Jul 15
      Bummer, but yes I am... on Jul 15
       Its not so bad on Jul 15
simple program, id like to hear what you thinkshiva on Jul 7
 *What's happening is very clear, diagramatically. Works great - nice job! on Jul 7
 * Neato! It actually counts the pixels too. on Jul 7
 Never mind that. How did he get the code to indent and the <> signs to show up properly? on Jul 8
  Out of sight! on Jul 8
 Very nice. Overflow error detected. Instructions added...Solitaire on Jul 8
  You better try again teach! What a mess and still error... :-( on Jul 9
   It seemed to work ok when I tried it on my laptop.Solitaire on Jul 9
    Don't press I more than once! on Jul 9
     I fixed the Instructions SubSolitaire on Jul 9
      *Hey thanks man :)shiva on Jul 10
       You're welcome. Now can you fix the overflow errorSolitaire on Jul 10
 Spent a while trying to simplify the calculations on Jul 10
  It looks easier to understand for me too ;)shiva on Jul 14
started commonly getting Path File Access errors when opening files on Jul 5
 * Can I actually use a variable in place of a file number? on Jul 5
  * never mind, just chucked another close in front of it, redundancy is fun on Jul 5
  Yes you can and there's a function called FREEFILE on Jul 5
   Freefile thanks! Never closed? Nope. on Jul 5
    *Interesting, would be nice if you could come up with a minimal example on Jul 5
     * I'll see what I can do, was up til 5.30am programming so a bit groggy at the moment! on Jul 5
 Try FREEFILE using variables to store the numbers on Jul 5
Oh not some weird pot is happening ... some file names saving with small case! on Jul 5
 I wonder if using UCASE$ with COPY would do the trick...Pete on Jul 5
  thanks, I'll do some playing around and try to work out what's causing it on Jul 5
   Check it out! on Jul 5
    What the? on Jul 5
     What the!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jul 5
      * The <> synbols are seen as tags with the way Network54 has the forum set up.Pete on Jul 5

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