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Questions on Subs, Goto,etc.Negative on Oct 6
 A semicolon creates ? after statement. Use comma if you don't want that. on Oct 6
 Some answers and examplesSolitaire on Oct 6
  * Did I NOT answer these questions or did I just beat you at posting them ?...............Clippy on Oct 6
   You beat me at posting while I was writing the sample programs.Solitaire on Oct 6
    * No problem teacher. Glad somebody besides Litzsfr is here.Clippy on Oct 6
     I too :-)Lisztfr on Oct 7
 A different spin on Oct 7
  It's past your curfew. Your should have been back to the forum weeks ago. on Oct 7
  ...Negative on Oct 10
   It's an input feature... on Oct 10
   Probably historical reasons on Oct 11
Help !Lisztfr on Oct 6
 * WHAT do you think this is? Your own private forum???? on Oct 6
Awaiting programLisztfr on Oct 4
 PerpendicularityLisztfr on Oct 4
  *Yup, all perpendicular -- also looks like some sort of weird, deep ocean fish. on Oct 4
   * This is only the helper program for the next fractal... if any (hard)Lisztfr on Oct 5
 I completely disagree with your condemnation of nested loops.Solitaire on Oct 5
  The cosmic power of recursionLisztfr on Oct 6
   You can get out of nested FOR loops using a one loop DO loop on Oct 6
    * Ctrl + Alt + Sup ? :)Lisztfr on Oct 6
   Trouble of elimitating redundancy ?Lisztfr on Oct 6
 Draw not good for fractalsLisztfr on Oct 6
Scan codes ?Lisztfr on Oct 1
 INP(&H60) on Oct 1
  OKLisztfr on Oct 1
   Why you using DOSBOX, LOL? Use QB64 on Oct 1
    Zaurus C1000Lisztfr on Oct 1
     *Can't you find the codes on your PC? on Oct 1
     HERE, I hope you can use bitmaps on Oct 1
      * That's purddy! :) on Oct 1
       * It's purddy because it is in SCREEN 12 on Oct 1
      Very nice :-)Lisztfr on Oct 2
       Can you use PEEK? You can read the CAPS, SHIFT, ALT, CTRL NUM LOCK etc. on Oct 2
        *Align ? (syntax error)Lisztfr on Oct 2
         i think thats clippys stupid text center routineAnonymous on Oct 2
          STUPID people post anonymously cause they have no guts! on Oct 2
           This is working !Lisztfr on Oct 2
           Looks like you want to run a forum, can I help? on Oct 2
            * I considered that, but I didn't want you to be overwhelmed with posts from Phylo. :-) on Oct 2
             Just checking... on Oct 6
             Are you under the impression that I've posted recently? on Oct 26
 Complete scankey program listed in sub-forum:Solitaire on Oct 1
  *It's official, I need glasses. I swore I read it as: "Complete skanky program..." on Oct 2
Downloading QBasicJohnD on Sep 30
 * Can't you unzip it or what? on Sep 30
 Iff your Vista is 64-bit, don't bother... on Sep 30
Simple DARN recursive circles fractal ! on Sep 28
 Re: Simple DARN recursive circles fractal !Anonymous on Sep 28
  Sorry but this is not the spirit of recursion ;-)Lisztfr on Sep 28
   *Read about the Ackermann function on Oct 1
  Triangle fractal recursiv on Sep 28
   Beautiful! ... on Sep 28
    Colors on Sep 28
     *The colors thing is great, and yes, I should have commented on the code -- very elegant! on Sep 28
      *Thanks, but not running in XP ?Lisztfr on Sep 29
       I have Windows 7... on Sep 29
        Vesa stuff .. ?Lisztfr on Sep 30
         I didn't make the patch. Found it at Phatcode.net. on Sep 30
          Micro$oft's goal is to eventually create operating systems that any idiot can run... on Sep 30
           *I would love to see how many they would sell, if they didn't come bundled with new comps! on Oct 1
on error goto on Sep 27
 on error goto 0 ??Lisztfr on Sep 27
  DeletedAnonymous on Sep 27
   Use those options when compiling with BC.exe on Sep 27
 Open each FOR APPEND before killing them on Sep 27
  Re: Open each FOR APPEND before killing themLenfras on Sep 29
   Unfortunately you gotta OPEN them to check em on Sep 29
 I would change the code a bit, too... on Sep 28
 Correct way to check for file existence:Solitaire on Sep 28
  * ? exists; "" :-)Clippy on Sep 29
access qbasic on Sep 26
 WrongLisztfr on Sep 26
 Don't assume anything.Solitaire on Sep 26
  Orunseen Machine on Sep 26
Random Number HelpBob on Sep 25
 * Read the Homework link above. No code, no help! on Sep 25
 Look upunseenmachine on Sep 25
Some nice fractal on Sep 24
 The Sorcerer's ApprenticeLisztfr on Sep 25
  You've given new meaning to recursion... on Sep 25
   Sierpinsky recursiv on Sep 28
    *That's Sierpiński to you. on Sep 30
     * I did not know that Australians used oomlauts! :-PClippy on Sep 30
     * Tak, rozumiem, miniej więcejLisztfr on Oct 1
     * It is a fractal. Looking like Sierpinki's, very close.Lisztfr on Oct 1
problem with GOTO commmand inside SUBYanR on Sep 23
 GOTOLisztfr on Sep 23
  GOTO inside SUBYanR on Sep 23
   2 cents..Lisztfr on Sep 23
    even better dont use GOTOUnseen Machine on Sep 23
     SureLisztfr on Sep 24
      Nested loops are necessary,Solitaire on Sep 26
      * Another thing to avoid...being French! Nasty people! :-P on Sep 26
Please help with loopingLuke on Sep 22
 * Homework? Post what you have done so far.Clippy on Sep 22
 Loop demoUnseen Machine on Sep 23
Stupid programLisztfr on Sep 22
 "For every recursive algorithm, there is an iterative algorithm." on Sep 23
  Are you sure (*URL)qbguy on Sep 24
   Yes I'm sure on Oct 10
 REAL RECURSIVITY (working example)Lisztfr on Sep 23
  No stack space issue ... ! on Sep 23
  * 3 ^ 4 ? not working...Lisztfr on Sep 23
   How to compute cubics with that method ? on Sep 23
   Fibonacci in a SUB... ! on Sep 23
   Recursive hellLisztfr on Sep 23
    More stuff on Sep 24
Recursion unexpected on Sep 21
 Floating point numbers do not exactly equal the corresponding integer value.Solitaire on Sep 21
  Same thing with integer on Sep 21
   * Try using integer division \Solitaire on Sep 21
  a = 80 : stack overflow on Sep 21
 You have to exit ALL recursionsangros47 on Sep 21
  Function on Sep 21
   *the final command exit current sub, not all subs.angros47 on Sep 21
    findspacce function i wrote some dayLisztfr on Sep 22
    Sum function on Sep 22
     Or you could doC. F. Gauss on Sep 22
      Good example here on Sep 22
       Strange n values on Sep 22
More Questions Regarding operators, data types indenting, etc...Negative on Sep 20
 Some answers --Solitaire on Sep 20

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