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Capturing full screen imageemf on May 23
 Re: Capturing full screen imageMichael Calkins on May 24
  Re: Capturing full screen imageemf on May 24
 Use Alt-PrintScreen while program is running.Solitaire on May 24
  Re: Use Alt-PrintScreen while program is running.emf on May 24
Leap year DOES effect Ash Wednesday calculationMoneo on May 23
 What brought this outburst on?Clippy on May 23
  * Right, You need to know that leap year existed.Moneo on May 24
 Re: Leap year DOES effect Ash Wednesday calculationemf on May 23
OT <file names>Lisztfr on May 23
 DIR /X can find the long file name on XP or above.Clippy on May 23
Homework HelpMatt on May 19
 Matt: There is text in the above message. Do not use an asterisk.Solitaire on May 19
  RE:MATT on May 19
   * I added more information to the above post. Check it out now.Solitaire on May 19
    reMatt on May 19
     * You can do it! You've got the smarts.Solitaire on May 20
      re:you can do itMatt on May 20
       Something like this:Solitaire on May 20
        AWESOME!MATT on May 20
         oopsMatt on May 20
          Default tab settingsSolitaire on May 20
           RE:default tabMATT on May 20
            Your arrays and the IF block need fixing.Solitaire on May 20
             re:your arrays are..Matt on May 22
              Re: CorrectionMATT on May 22
              Sub can call other subs.Solitaire on May 22
               re: Sub can call..Matt on May 28
             I'm surprised you didn't mention LBOUND and UBOUND.a on May 22
Qbasic 2-dimentional arrayMatt on May 19
 examplestosb on May 19
  Re:ExampleMATT on May 19
SMTP acquisitionZack on May 16
 * Are you just asking if you can resolve domain names?Michael Calkins on May 16
  UmZack on May 17
   A few notes for you to considera on May 17
    HmmZack on May 17
     how far away are you trying to send it?stosb on May 18
     Re: HmmMichael Calkins on May 24
     Re: Hmmgeorge on May 24
change QB64 behavior when minimizedpmarathe on May 16
 Re:stosb on May 16
  * This ISN'T your private PLAYground kids!Clippy on May 16
   *huh?stosb on May 16
  oh I totally missed your subject title... lolstosb on May 16
 * If you don't mind, it might be good to post the code.Michael Calkins on May 16
  Here is the code...pmarathe on May 17
   * QB64 bug reported (URL)Michael Calkins on May 17
 Just put SOUND 0, 0 at the start of the program.Clippy on May 18
  Ok thankspmarathe on May 18
Baron Von Evil's Mansion (3D/text QBasic maze game)Benjamin McLean on May 16
 warning virus detectedstosb on May 16
  warning troll detectedBenjamin McLean on May 16
   *that's not nice... lolstosb on May 16
    *speaking of trolls... who made our text lower case? lolstosb on May 17
     I did...Michael Calkins on May 17
      gosh you're such a trollstosb on May 18
Qbasic for websiteshomewardbound on May 16
 * I have seen it done, but not lately. You would need DOS.Clippy on May 16
 Re: Qbasic for websitesMichael Calkins on May 16
 Re: Qbasic for websitesMercury on May 21
About pixel coordinates in programming languagespmarathe on May 15
 * WINDOW can be used for Cartesian y coordinatesClippy on May 15
 the simplest way (besides using WINDOW)stosb on May 15
  Re: the simplest way (besides using WINDOW)pmarathe on May 15
   *yep, that's all there is to it!stosb on May 15
    a further notestosb on May 15
     * Only problem with your theory is that they STILL do it that way!Clippy on May 16
      *i never said they stopped... lol... programmers are sentimental, right? :)stosb on May 16
       *actually it's to make software backward-compatiblestosb on May 16
Updated AssignmentMatt on May 13
 Re: Updated AssignmentMichael Calkins on May 13
My QB site is back up.ComputerGhost on May 12
 why is your site hosted on a lawyer's server?stosb on May 12
  It's a family account on GoDaddy.ComputerGhost on May 13
   lol okstosb on May 13
  * I changed it. After the DNS records update, it's nathanbelue.comComputerGhost on May 13
CASEMATT on May 12
 scratch thatMatt on May 12
 Re: CASE (added some more info) (fixed a few typos in the pseudo code)Michael Calkins on May 12
  REMATT on May 12
   * I edited my previous post...Michael Calkins on May 12
    ThanksMatt on May 12
     * yw.Michael Calkins on May 12
  re: case updatedMATT on May 12
   I see 2 main problemsMichael Calkins on May 12
    RE: two main problemsMatt on May 13
     I see some other potential problems in your program.Moneo on May 24
 Example using a boolean variable with a loopSolitaire on May 12
  Re: Example using a boolean variable with a loopMichael Calkins on May 12
   Good shortcut. Another example using duplicate data:Solitaire on May 13
    going a bit off topic...Michael Calkins on May 13
     Yes, in VB.NET:Solitaire on May 13
just downloaded qb64stosb on May 12
 Re: just downloaded qb64Michael Calkins on May 12
  that's too badstosb on May 12
   Re: that's too badDocfxit on May 13
    I've not heard of itstosb on May 13
while wendmatt on May 12
 type conversionstosb on May 12
  REMATT on May 12
   yesstosb on May 12
    REMATT on May 12
   Re: REMichael Calkins on May 12
    RE:REMATT on May 12
     Re: RE:REMichael Calkins on May 12
 to expand on what stosb said...Michael Calkins on May 12
  thanksmatt on May 12
   Re: thanksMichael Calkins on May 12
  It should be noted that comparing against -1 for truth is a bad idea.John Q. Boolean on May 12
   ...matt on May 12
   Re: It should be noted that comparing against -1 for truth is a bad idea.Michael Calkins on May 12

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