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Memory conflict? on Apr 17
 Re: Memory conflict? on Apr 17
 Does Windows 98 run OK? on Apr 17
Help with TCP/IP problemZack on Apr 13
 Re: Help with TCP/IP problem on Apr 13
  Thanks :DZack on Apr 14
Win Millennium Edition on Apr 8
 Re: Win Millennium Edition on Apr 11
 * Use Photobucket. You can even sign in on most ot the forums here. on Apr 11
 Re: Win Millennium EditionPete on Apr 11
  Worked for me... on Apr 12
Active ProgramPete Arbuti on Apr 6
 Re: Active ProgramPete on Apr 6
 getmyname on Apr 6
  Re: getmynamePete on Apr 7
   yep (added brief PS) on Apr 7
 brackets usually mean that something is optional on Apr 7
  Re: brackets usually mean that something is optionalPete on Apr 7
   Re: brackets usually mean that something is optional on Apr 7
    Re: brackets usually mean that something is optional on Apr 7
Delete File with INT 21h F41h ( Dos services ) on Mar 31
 Use KILL instead. No reason to use Interrupt for that! on Mar 31
  Hello Clippy on Mar 31
   Deleting a file which is currently open may lead to filesystem corruption. on Mar 31
 asciiz means null terminated on Apr 2
  I don't think that NTVDM will let you delete a file in XP or newer on Apr 3
   If your in 64Unseen Machine on Apr 3
   Well, KILL works, doesn't it? on Apr 3
    The Absolute code worked. Never seen SEG used like that??? on Apr 3
     *SEG forces the parameter to be passed as a far pointer, instead of as a near pointer. on Apr 3
      * I'd like to use your demo in the QB64 WIKI if that is OK with you Michael. on Apr 7
       Yes on Apr 7
        I just wanted to document it in case it ever does on Apr 7
         SEGDICK on Apr 7
          turbo basicDICK on Apr 7
          Thanks for the explanation! on Apr 7
          *I forgot about LDS... (I've read about it, but I don't think I've used it yet.) on Apr 8
         *I have 4 posts here(URL) on Apr 8
  Gabriel emailed me. on Apr 3
Show .bmp file in the screen. on Mar 30
 You can load BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and others directly with QB64 on Mar 30
 It's possible in QBasic to load bitmaps, but... on Mar 31
check out this program im working onBen on Mar 29
 *Doesn't run as posted, Ben -- sub program missing :-( on Mar 29
  It needs Interrupt or (knowing Ben) Absolute Bob... on Mar 30
   *Yeah, also the setdta sub program. Ben can repost. on Mar 30
 its work in progressBen on Apr 5
  screenshotBen on Apr 5
   Well... on Apr 5
c++ screensaver on Mar 27
 Try using QB64. It is a C++ QBASIC compiler for newer PC's on Mar 27
 This is the one you're thinking of -- runs in QBasic (or QB64)... on Mar 28
  it didnt workcainen on Mar 28
   Which compiler? ... on Mar 28
    just basiccainen on Mar 29
     Try Quickbasic 4.5 here on Mar 29
      should put that link on the top of this siteBen on Mar 29
     That explains it... on Mar 29
Condensing Numbers on Mar 27
 Concatenate string digitsSolitaire on Mar 27
  Concatenate does do the job on Apr 4
 Re: Condensing Numbersqbguy on Apr 1
  Very clever, qbguy, but there are some problems.Solitaire on Apr 3
   Number 9 Game Modification Error on Apr 4
    It's a problem with the Network54 Forum display!!!!Solitaire on Apr 4
     Are you unchecking the "enable formatted text" checkbox? on Apr 4
      * I believe I did.Solitaire on Apr 4
       I've been stung by that too. on Apr 5
     Posting > and < when formatting is enabled on Apr 4
    * if x < ln then on Apr 6
 addnumerals& on Apr 4
  integer division instead of using a string on Apr 6
TAB() Not Working Properly!? on Mar 15
 Re: TAB() Not Working Properly!? on Mar 15
  How the TAB function works on Mar 15
 TAB is not the same as SPCSolitaire on Mar 15
  * TAB was an AWFUL name for that! It SHOULD have been POS(column%)! on Mar 18
   Understandable though... on Mar 18
need full clean copy of qb45Ben on Mar 13
 managed to install itBen on Mar 13
  Have one here... on Mar 14
   why are QB ide menu items missing??Ben on Mar 15
    To get rid of the Welcome Screen and get full Menu go to the Options on Mar 15
Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 9
 WIDTH 80,50WIDTH statement on Mar 10
  *In SCREEN 12, you can do WIDTH 80,60 tooWIDTH statement on Mar 10
  * That's only for SCREEN 0, the default... on Mar 10
 You can use several screens to display your data.Solitaire on Mar 10
 Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 10
  Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenAlGoreIthm on Mar 10
   Re: Too much to Fit on the ScreenJester on Mar 14
    The "structure" is established by the program, not the file... on Mar 15
     * "(dot)" to "." in his URL. on Apr 3
    Re: Too much to Fit on the Screen on Apr 3
RND questionFmr on Mar 5
 RND example on Mar 5
  rnd is good for when you must make your program roll dice and stuffBen on Mar 6
 Re: RND question on Mar 22
Printing via a usb port on Feb 28
 Visit this site...(URL)Pete on Feb 28
  please write a program for an enrolement into a baptima class on Mar 3
   Sure - Anything else??AlGoreIthm on Mar 3
    * Anything else, you bet... he forgot to order fries with that!Pete on Mar 3
    * What the hell is a "batima"? Is that what Obama reportedly went to?... on Mar 5
     *He said "baptima", a "batima" is a high colonic courtesy of the caped crusader. on Mar 5
      * I'll have to take your word on that great one! :-) on Mar 6
Someone posted a solution to the LESS THAN display problemSolitaire on Feb 26
 Here Tis on Feb 26
  Thank you, Don.Solitaire on Feb 26
   Unfortunately, N54's HTML filter doesn't handle the less-than character very well at all on Feb 26
    Why on Feb 26
     * One possible reason is that it already has a easy-to-use forum system set up. on Feb 27

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