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new user to qbasic - random questionTJ on Feb 2
 RandomizeSolitaire on Feb 2
  Solitaire, with all due respect...Kewbie on Feb 6
   * NotedSolitaire on Feb 7
   Re: Solitaire, with all due respect...Michael Calkins on Feb 18
 Re: new user to qbasic - random questionTuLithu on Feb 3
qbasic downloadrich on Feb 1
 Re: qbasic downloadMichael Calkins on Feb 1
 OR ...OPRESION on Feb 3
I need adviceHolie Mykel on Feb 1
 Re: I need advice (4 edits.)Michael Calkins on Feb 1
 Programming credentialsSolitaire on Feb 1
How?Mykel on Feb 1
Displaying Array dataLeon Schrecengost on Jan 31
 Re: Displaying Array dataPete on Jan 31
  problem codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 31
   *******...Ben on Jan 31
    not helpfulLeon Schrecengost on Jan 31
     Re: not helpfulMichael Calkins on Jan 31
      * the program can be greatly simplified. I'm working on it...Michael Calkins on Jan 31
   *There's some hardware I/O in there. Is that for LPT3? What's it for?Michael Calkins on Jan 31
    hardwareLeon Schrecengost on Jan 31
    ClarifyLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
     Re: ClarifyMichael Calkins on Feb 1
   Suggestions:Solitaire on Jan 31
   I might have gotten a bit overzealous... (5 edits)Michael Calkins on Jan 31
    fixed a bugMichael Calkins on Jan 31
     Moving PgmLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
      *Save it an ASCII text file - that's all you need. Text files will be compatible anywhere.TheBOB on Feb 1
      Why Word?Michael Calkins on Feb 1
       Tried to runLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
        Re: Tried to run (3 edits)Michael Calkins on Feb 1
    maxDisplayMichael Calkins on Feb 1
     slow learnerLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
      your original program... (added P.S.)Michael Calkins on Feb 1
       ThanksLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
        *you're welcome.Michael Calkins on Feb 1
      Re: slow learnerMichael Calkins on Feb 1
       LOLLeon Schrecengost on Feb 1
        :-)Michael Calkins on Feb 1
         MC, what a novel idea. I wish I'd thought of it... no, really.Kewbie on Feb 1
          It's not perfect.Michael Calkins on Feb 1
           *Even better would be to add something like 'OPTION EXPLICIT' or '#DIM ALL'Kewbie on Feb 6
   *What exactly are you trying to do with this program?AlGoreIthm on Feb 8
Trapping User Input - but continue program if none enetered for nn seconds?B.Worth on Jan 30
 A simple QB code...Pete on Jan 30
  Re: A simple QB code...B.Worth on Jan 31
   Re: A simple QB code...Pete on Jan 31
    Re: A simple QB code...Michael Calkins on Jan 31
   Re: A simple QB code...Michael Calkins on Jan 31
QBASIC circa1981-1991Bill Momeno on Jan 27
 Printing has changed in the past 10 years...Pete on Jan 27
 Your interesting backlog of old QBAS progsMr Why on Feb 21
*Who maintains the Forum Community page at http://www.network54.com/Index/10167 ?Kewbie on Jan 26
 *I'm guessing it's forum-owner Pete -- is it in need of maintainance?TheBOB on Jan 26
 * Pete.Michael Calkins on Jan 26
 I'd like to have...Kewbie on Jan 26
  Re: I'd like to have...Michael Calkins on Jan 26
   * Loot?Clippy on Jan 29
    * I meant "look"... :-PMichael Calkins on Jan 29
    I caught that, too...Pete on Jan 30
 ChatroomPete on Jan 26
  *Thanks Pete. That should work just fine.Kewbie on Jan 26
  * You were in there...Clippy on Jan 29
Hello and well met!Mark Manning on Jan 14
 Executables reside in the QB64 directory because...TheBOB on Jan 15
  Just out of curiosity, since I'm not a QB64 enthusiast,Kewbie on Jan 15
   Re: Just out of curiosity, since I'm not a QB64 enthusiast,Michael Calkins on Jan 15
    RE: Executables in main folder and dependent filesGalleon on Jan 18
Qb vs turbo CLisztfr on Jan 14
 Re: Qb vs turbo CMichael Calkins on Jan 14
  Why Turbo C ?Lisztfr on Jan 14
   Interesting...Michael Calkins on Jan 14
Subscript out of rangeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 12
 Save the program to a text file using Notepad.Solitaire on Jan 12
 Save the program in QB4.5 as text readable in Save AsClippy on Jan 12
  posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 13
   *Make sure you've copied it, then just click Edit/Paste with the cursor in 'Message Text'.TheBOB on Jan 13
    Posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 14
     Strange...TheBOB on Jan 14
      posting codeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 14
       You've DIM'd it as zone2$(), but are accessing it as z2$() ...(more)...TheBOB on Jan 14
        Good catch, Bob.Kewbie on Jan 14
         Not that I've heard of, Q...TheBOB on Jan 15
          Sorry, Bob, I can't agree with you aboutKewbie on Jan 15
           Spelling mistakes notwithstanding...TheBOB on Jan 15
            I know I'm probably belaboring this to the point of tedium, but...Kewbie on Jan 15
             *Hey, I hear you (and better understand your misspelling example).TheBOB on Jan 16
        out rangeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
         No Leon...TheBOB on Jan 15
          Not sureLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
           *Try this: DIM z2$(20, 1) - Maybe it'll be clearer what's happening.TheBOB on Jan 15
            New CodeLeon Schrecengost on Jan 15
             Of course...TheBOB on Jan 15
              Thank YouLeon Schrecengost on Jan 17
               LOL@"I don't even know why I did what I did"...TheBOB on Jan 17
                printerLeon on Jan 17
                 *Hey, that's great to know (will check out DOS print). Thanks!TheBOB on Jan 17
                Show TimeSolitaire on Jan 17
                 *Great job -- and a good example of the programming practices I attributed to you.TheBOB on Jan 17
                 Similar program using TIME$Solitaire on Jan 17
                  Nice one...TheBOB on Jan 17
                 I wrote a Visual Basic version of the ShowTime program.Solitaire on Jan 18
                  Looks good...TheBOB on Jan 18
     Re: Posting codeMichael Calkins on Jan 14
Immediate WindowNha Nguyen on Jan 12
 There is no immediate windowClippy on Jan 12
 no Immediate page?Richard on Feb 12
  For a workaround Immediate window, you can always open a second QB64 window...TheBOB on Feb 12
If elseportaljon on Jan 10
 *IF NOT (a OR b) THEN do somethingTheBOB on Jan 10
  encapsulate...portaljon on Jan 12
 *QBASIC has ELSEIFMichael Calkins on Jan 10
  Not alwaysportaljon on Jan 12
   Re: Not alwaysMichael Calkins on Jan 12
   ELSE without IF...TheBOB on Jan 12
 strangeAlGoreIthm on Jan 12
 Re: If elsePete on Jan 12
 IF THEN blocksSolitaire on Jan 13
Thanks Everyone: I'm taking a brief hiatusWill on Jan 9
 *good luck!mn64 on Jan 9
 Yes, good luck...TheBOB on Jan 10
  Memory sticksDavid on Jan 10
RPLLisztfr on Jan 5
 * happy new year ! (i forgot and, don't abuse QB64)Lisztfr on Jan 5
  *wth are you talking about?mn64 on Jan 6
   *my hardware doesn't like qb64 so much ! screen 2, 8b cpu, 32 MhzLisztfr on Jan 7
 The last comment made me laugh:Solitaire on Jan 5

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