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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Question about extra-ide compilationZack on May 28
 * it goes in the qb64 folderMichael Calkins on May 28
  UmZack on May 29
   Re: UmMichael Calkins on May 29
    OhZack on May 29
     Re: OhMichael Calkins on May 29
srt routine working so far...lisztfr on May 28
 SRTDELAY.BAS workinglisztfr on May 31
  SRTDELAY.BAS optimized, UDT passed to sublisztfr on Jun 1
   EnhancementLisztfr on Mar 2
qbasic to usb printerLeon Schrecengost on May 28
 * Use QB64 to compile the program.Clippy on May 28
delay program for srt ?lisztfr on May 26
 QB45 using 100% cpu cycles on IBM x41lisztfr on May 27
 27 second delay?! I would think your subs would be set up for that!a on May 27
  Ridiculous formatting issues... Maybe this one works?a on May 27
   I think it needs more trimming, left and right :-)lisztfr on May 27
    Agreed.a on May 27
     Problem is dealing with other basis or Radixlisztfr on May 27
      *You're right, but if you could just read in HH:MM:SS,sss format, it'd be a lot easier! :)a on May 27
       Since it's a srt file i must read the srt file..lisztfr on May 28
       Why i get an overflow here ? i set long.... converto to milisecondlisztfr on May 28
        Ok i had to set more LONG variableslisztfr on May 28
Matt, potential problems in your states program.Moneo on May 24
 Extract characters to compareSolitaire on May 24
  * You're right Solitaire, it can get tricky.Moneo on May 25
  re:extract charactersMatt on May 28
 Try using the SOUNDEX function.Clippy on May 25
Capturing full screen imageemf on May 23
 Re: Capturing full screen imageMichael Calkins on May 24
  Re: Capturing full screen imageemf on May 24
 Use Alt-PrintScreen while program is running.Solitaire on May 24
  Re: Use Alt-PrintScreen while program is running.emf on May 24
Leap year DOES effect Ash Wednesday calculationMoneo on May 23
 What brought this outburst on?Clippy on May 23
  * Right, You need to know that leap year existed.Moneo on May 24
 Re: Leap year DOES effect Ash Wednesday calculationemf on May 23
OT <file names>Lisztfr on May 23
 DIR /X can find the long file name on XP or above.Clippy on May 23
Homework HelpMatt on May 19
 Matt: There is text in the above message. Do not use an asterisk.Solitaire on May 19
  RE:MATT on May 19
   * I added more information to the above post. Check it out now.Solitaire on May 19
    reMatt on May 19
     * You can do it! You've got the smarts.Solitaire on May 20
      re:you can do itMatt on May 20
       Something like this:Solitaire on May 20
        AWESOME!MATT on May 20
         oopsMatt on May 20
          Default tab settingsSolitaire on May 20
           RE:default tabMATT on May 20
            Your arrays and the IF block need fixing.Solitaire on May 20
             re:your arrays are..Matt on May 22
              Re: CorrectionMATT on May 22
              Sub can call other subs.Solitaire on May 22
               re: Sub can call..Matt on May 28
             I'm surprised you didn't mention LBOUND and UBOUND.a on May 22
Qbasic 2-dimentional arrayMatt on May 19
 examplestosb on May 19
  Re:ExampleMATT on May 19
SMTP acquisitionZack on May 16
 * Are you just asking if you can resolve domain names?Michael Calkins on May 16
  UmZack on May 17
   A few notes for you to considera on May 17
    HmmZack on May 17
     how far away are you trying to send it?stosb on May 18
     Re: HmmMichael Calkins on May 24
     Re: Hmmgeorge on May 24
change QB64 behavior when minimizedpmarathe on May 16
 Re:stosb on May 16
  * This ISN'T your private PLAYground kids!Clippy on May 16
   *huh?stosb on May 16
  oh I totally missed your subject title... lolstosb on May 16
 * If you don't mind, it might be good to post the code.Michael Calkins on May 16
  Here is the code...pmarathe on May 17
   * QB64 bug reported (URL)Michael Calkins on May 17
 Just put SOUND 0, 0 at the start of the program.Clippy on May 18
  Ok thankspmarathe on May 18
Baron Von Evil's Mansion (3D/text QBasic maze game)Benjamin McLean on May 16
 warning virus detectedstosb on May 16
  warning troll detectedBenjamin McLean on May 16
   *that's not nice... lolstosb on May 16
    *speaking of trolls... who made our text lower case? lolstosb on May 17
     I did...Michael Calkins on May 17
      gosh you're such a trollstosb on May 18
Qbasic for websiteshomewardbound on May 16
 * I have seen it done, but not lately. You would need DOS.Clippy on May 16
 Re: Qbasic for websitesMichael Calkins on May 16
 Re: Qbasic for websitesMercury on May 21
About pixel coordinates in programming languagespmarathe on May 15
 * WINDOW can be used for Cartesian y coordinatesClippy on May 15
 the simplest way (besides using WINDOW)stosb on May 15
  Re: the simplest way (besides using WINDOW)pmarathe on May 15
   *yep, that's all there is to it!stosb on May 15
    a further notestosb on May 15
     * Only problem with your theory is that they STILL do it that way!Clippy on May 16
      *i never said they stopped... lol... programmers are sentimental, right? :)stosb on May 16
       *actually it's to make software backward-compatiblestosb on May 16

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