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Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on May 22
 Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerSMcNeill on May 24
  Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on Jun 9
 Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerMichael Calkins on May 24
  Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerAndrea on Jun 9
   Re: Adapting .bas files? Question from a beginnerSMcNeill on Jun 9
   You can make a batch file that can run in Open WithClippy on Jun 10
OT : statisticsLisztfr on May 21
 Breaking the fenceLisztfr on May 22
 Approx solutionDavid on May 22
  formula ?Lisztfr on May 22
   ProbabilitiesDavid on May 22
    What is not clear to me his how many time you drawLisztfr on May 22
    Basic programDavid on May 23
   A formulalawgin on May 23
    *Yes but wasn't exactly my problem...Lisztfr on May 23
     "get at least 2 right numbers"...lawgin on May 23
      rememberLisztfr on May 24
 Re: OT : statisticsSMcNeill on May 23
  The problemLisztfr on May 23
   Re: The problemSMcNeill on May 23
Input statementkanga85 on May 10
 Why not use space?Dave on May 10
  Collecting inputkanga85 on May 11
   custom input function?Dave on May 11
    screen for inputkanga85 on May 11
     Re: screen for inputDave on May 12
      Thankskanga85 on May 12
usb port programmingLeon Schrecengsot on May 1
 We have am application that converts QBasic programs to USB devices.Pete on May 2
  usb portsLeon Schrecengost on May 5
   Re: usb portsPete on May 5
 Parallel like LPT? That's not a COM portClippy on May 2
  com portLeon Schrecengost on May 5
Call a Word.doc file from QB64?Kanga85 on Apr 28
 Use SHELLClippy on Apr 29
  Thankskanga85 on Apr 29
drawing programKeith on Apr 26
 Error with ax = (mx 8) * 8 and similar lines...TheBOB on Apr 26
  Re: Error with ax = (mx 8) * 8 and similar lines...Jim on Apr 28
   *Nice work - I love the precision of computer drawings. I'm fine, thanks.TheBOB on Apr 28
 integer division sign is missing everywhereKeith on Apr 26
  Re: integer division sign is missing everywhereMichael Calkins on May 1
Code doesn't return correctly in QB64. Do I have double precision ok?kanga85 on Apr 23
 CVD in GWBasic and QB64kanga85 on Apr 24
  * Try changing CVD to CVDMBF. I don't know if it is implemented.Michael Calkins on Apr 25
   Thanks, but...kanga85 on Apr 25
    * It might not be properly implemented. I'll try it in a day or two.Michael Calkins on Apr 26
     Work aroundkanga85 on Apr 28
      Re: Work aroundMichael Calkins on Apr 30
How many files open at once in QB64kanga85 on Apr 22
 Re: How many files open at once in QB64SMcNeill on Apr 23
  thankskanga85 on Apr 23
Qbasic program to store student data permanently in a file and search itDiwesh Saxena on Apr 22
 Here is what i codedDiwesh Saxena on Apr 22
 File extension and searchingSolitaire on Apr 22
Graphical input routineSteve on Apr 1
 *Do you already have a mouse routine that covers x/y and scrollwheel?TheBOB on Apr 1
2048 gamedeanm on Mar 25
MS-DOS source code now available from MicrosoftBilly G on Mar 25
 CoolMichael Calkins on Mar 26
  We don't need the code. Galleon already did most of that.Clippy on Mar 26
Updated to a new key input routine.Pete on Mar 18
 *Very impressive. Never wrote a text editor, but if I ever do, you da man!TheBOB on Mar 18
 Nice, but I like QB64's INP arrays betterClippy on Mar 20
  I don't see a text use advantage, but...Pete on Mar 20
   Yes I did.Clippy on Mar 20
   *From my testing, _KEYHIT offers the fastest response times.SMcNeill on Mar 20
Needing some helpSzfluffy on Mar 11
 Highest to lowest is accomplished with a bubble sort.Pete on Mar 11
 Get the highest valueSolitaire on Mar 11
My post being suppressedLisztfr on Mar 5
 lost & foundLisztfr on Mar 5
  Re: lost & foundMichael Calkins on Mar 5
   It's replies like this one that make me think...Pete on Mar 5
    :-PMichael Calkins on Mar 6
     My bet is along the same lines...Pete on Mar 6
      * :-)Michael Calkins on Mar 6
       For me qb is very usefulLisztfr on Mar 8
        * qb ****** sucks manJim on Mar 9
         *If you feel that way, then why bother visiting a QB Forum? Troll much?SMcNeill on Mar 9
        Yes, it can be.Michael Calkins on Mar 10
         QBasicPhyloGenesis on Mar 28
          Re: QBasicMichael Calkins on Mar 28
          Hi PG,Pete on Mar 29

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