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Message TitleAuthor and Date
.bas filejohn on May 16
 It depends what BASIC language it was coded in...Pete on May 16
  GWBASIC uses a .BAS extensionSolitaire on May 17
 .basjohn on May 17
  it might be VB.NETJames on May 17
   is this .bas is in vb.netjohn on May 17
    * No. VB.NET does not use a .bas extension.Solitaire on May 17
Help! slowing down bullet speedd on May 16
 bullets(i).x = bullets(i).x + 2edvard on May 16
 I'm not sure I see the need for 20 for next loopsPete on May 16
  Likely for having multiple bullets & enemies on the screenedvard on May 16
   edvard. I think you're right...Pete on May 16
 op saysd on May 17
  possible solutionBen on May 17
   OP says thanks!d on May 17
    for that you need to check for bullets(i).aliveBen on May 17
   kk variable isn't needed.Pete on May 17
  ExamplePete on May 17
   little complicatedd on May 17
  Setting a fire ratePhyloGenesis on May 17
   great idead on May 17
    We use TIMER delays for a lot of programs...Pete on May 17
     In this case, I'd prefer to time things in terms of frames, then set a framerateBen on May 17
      _LIMIT really slowed that program down too much.Pete on May 17
       _display also limits framerateJim on May 17
        _DISPLAY doesn't limit the frame rate.Clippy on May 18
         what output do you get with thisJim on May 18
 Fixed!d on May 18
Session times out when posting at qb64.netCyperium on May 14
 * I was able to post just now.Michael Calkins on May 14
  * Really, where?Pete on May 14
   * At the main qb64.net subforum. Obviously either you or Galleon deleted it.Michael Calkins on May 14
    * Ain't I a stinker!Bugs Bunny on May 14
  * Yes, I can post now too, I couldn't post for a few days though.Cyperium on May 15
Reading BitsZack on May 13
 * You can use AND with powers of 2.Michael Calkins on May 13
  * Could you explain what you mean?Zack on May 17
  Re: * You can use AND with powers of 2.Zack on May 17
   demoMichael Calkins on May 17
    EhZack on May 20
     That should work. (2 edits)Michael Calkins on May 20
     PrecedenceMichael Calkins on May 20
     * Operator Precedence in QBasic (URL)Michael Calkins on May 20
   * Both QB64 and C++ have direct support for bit arrays, but I'm not experienced with them.Michael Calkins on May 17
    * Thank you MichaelZack on May 20
     * yw.Michael Calkins on May 20
Extracting pixel data from bmpsAlexh110 on May 13
 Not sure about header size...TheBOB on May 13
  Solved!Alexh110 on May 15
   The palette is stored as 4 bytesClippy on May 15
    MKL$Alexh110 on May 16
     Re: MKL$Michael Calkins on May 16
Koch fractal ?Lisztfr on May 7
 recursiveBen on May 7
  Re: recursiveBen on May 7
   Yes...Lisztfr on May 8
  '#lang "fblite"? It woks in Qbasic and QB64Clippy on May 8
   it was convertedBen on May 8
  if you uncomment the first set of 3 lines...Ben on May 8
   ...Lisztfr on May 9
    infinite perimeterJim on May 9
Parsing csv stringsLisztfr on May 7
 sorry, my bug...Lisztfr on May 7
help with a programJoeLewis on May 6
 Negativ weight can be useful for solving center of mass problems.Lisztfr on May 6
  what wouldJoeLewis on May 6
   Joe,Kewbie on May 6
    Thank youJoeLewis on May 8
     If you get more complex assignments...Pete on May 8
 Some hints on how to proceedSolitaire on May 6
 * If we do your homework, your teacher will know.Clippy on May 6
 Come on Joe, you don't have to weigh fish...Pete on May 8
Attention all PersonnelRadar O'Reilly on May 5
 Sorry, it was my fault mentioning him...Clippy on May 5
  * Next time put an asterisk in your post, ferret-face.Hawkeye on May 5
   *It wasn't empty. Didn't you see the blinking eye face?Solitaire on May 5
    * Those don't count, major.Trapper John on May 5
     Major who?Clippy on May 5
      Not who, who-lihan!Col Potter on May 6
EXIT SUB is nice.Lisztfr on May 5
Page flipping in QB64Edvard on May 5
 Re: Page flipping in QB64Michael Calkins on May 5
  ThanksEdvard on May 5
   you're welcome.Michael Calkins on May 5
No biggie, but just learned something about integer division...TheBOB on May 3
 Yep, QB does that to coordinate and color values tooClippy on May 3
  I didn't forget...TheBOB on May 3
 Yes, interestinglawgin on May 3
 You have no business doing business programs!Mr. Business on May 3
 Integer divisionSolitaire on May 4
  5.9 \ 6.2 = 1 That's just absurd, no matter how it's rationalized...TheBOB on May 4
   Here's a common use for integer division and MODlawgin on May 4
    Sure...TheBOB on May 4
     Re: Sure...lawgin on May 4
      *Of course -- the point is, my method also works with integers. Anyway, no biggie.TheBOB on May 4
    How to insure no matter what method you use you have zero donuts leftover...Pete on May 4
     What do you get from eating too many jelly donuts?lawgin on May 4
     Lawgin, I didn't open your post, but I'm going to bet it's...Pete on May 4
      *Close, but it's a rhyme, not a punlawgin on May 4
  Tried same code in VB.NETSolitaire on May 4
   *Interesting - thanks.TheBOB on May 4
   There is no integer division symbol in CSolitaire on May 4
   C++ allows some implicit type conversions.Michael Calkins on May 5
  Re: Integer division (Edited. changed CINT to CLNG)Michael Calkins on May 5
   CINT and CLNG, rounding modeMoneo on May 18
    Yes.Michael Calkins on May 18
     Re: Yes.Moneo on May 19
  Integer Division, rounding modeMoneo on May 18
Sprites in QB45Brian on May 2
 It is possible to load BMP files in QB45Jim on May 2
  DEFINT A-ZJim on May 2
  didnt work in qb64 but might in qb45Brian on May 2
   * It works with DEFINT and W/O SYSTEM to see itClippy on May 2
 What you need is BSAVE/BLOAD for maximum speed in QuickBASIC...TheBOB on May 3
Screen 13 Color list?Brian on May 1
 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/VGA_palette_with_black_borders.svg. on May 1
 Use SCREEN 13 and roll your own chartClippy on May 2
  -Brian on May 2
   For the numberslkt153 on Jun 2
    II'll send you a combo compiler / blowgun for x-mas.Pete on Jun 2
Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64TimV on May 1
 Re: Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64Pete on May 1
 you can use windows API with declare libraryGeorge on May 1
  What about an OS independent wayTimV on May 1
   At present, I don't believe so.Pete on May 1
   If you can, try asking at the other placeMichael Calkins on May 1
    I made a utility to read files from the screeen once, but...Pete on May 1
    I'll try, currently I'm still awaiting admin approval.TimV on May 1
     I'll post a message on QB64.net for you.Pete on May 1
 Re: Preferred way to traverse filesystem in QB64Michael Calkins on May 1
  * I posted before seeing the other responses.Michael Calkins on May 1
 QB64.netBrian on May 1

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