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Message TitleAuthor and Date
qb64.net seems to be down at the momentCyperium on Sep 25
Flags of the World with simple designsAlGoreIthm on Sep 20
 * Very nice!Solitaire on Sep 20
 *What a neat little program -- and works great, too!TheBOB on Sep 21
  Thank you so much -AlGoreIthm on Sep 21
   Not sure how I could improve it...TheBOB on Sep 21
 Clever use of PRESET actionClippy on Sep 22
  *It's an honor to be included - thank you!AlGoreIthm on Sep 22
   * I liked your boolean logic too! WTG!Clippy on Sep 25
 * Cool!Dav on Sep 28
 since this was so popularAlGoreIthm on Sep 29
  Another novel idea...TheBOB on Sep 29
   Yup ...AlGoreIthm on Sep 29
    Also...TheBOB on Sep 29
     Did you doubt that it would ? ; )AlGoreIthm on Sep 30
      *Not at all - actually I discovered it just by trying different tx$'s :-)TheBOB on Oct 1
       A few improvementsAlGoreIthm on Oct 2
        *Definite improvement -- with the previous version I sometimes had to take the 'long' way.TheBOB on Oct 3
  The forum messed up a couple of code linesClippy on Sep 30
   thanks for the good wordsAlGoreIthm on Sep 30
    * Thank you for the kudosSolitaire on Oct 1
     You might like this USA flagSolitaire on Oct 1
      *That's great Solitaire -- I'd swear you'd switched to my side (graphics mode) :-)TheBOB on Oct 2
       *Very Nice Indeed!!AlGoreIthm on Oct 2
 added 3 FlagsAlGoreIthm on Jan 12
  *URL added in current main forum.TheBOB on Jan 13
Tile Engine HelpSober on Sep 17
 Use RESTORE...TheBOB on Sep 17
  Re: Use RESTORE...Sober on Sep 20
QuickBasic 4.5 to QuickBasic64Ray on Sep 9
 Re: QuickBasic 4.5 to QuickBasic64Michael Calkins on Sep 9
Serial port questionLyle Empson on Sep 9
Lisztfr: More regarding backupsMoneo on Aug 31
POKE & GraphicsJames on Aug 25
 Codeminx on Aug 25
 Re: POKE & GraphicsJames on Aug 25
  In Screen 13, it's quite straightforward.Michael Calkins on Aug 25
SodukoZack on Aug 23
 Re: SodukoZack on Aug 23
I need help with making my antialiasing program more efficientpmarathe on Aug 22
Image with QB64.EXEazekazek on Aug 19
 Tell us moreClippy on Aug 19
  I think he has a mapAnonymous on Aug 19
   * Well I hope that map can tell him how to get back here...:-)Clippy on Aug 21
Today is my landmark birthday.Solitaire on Aug 15
 *Congratulations!!AlGoreIthm on Aug 15
 Hey, congratulations...TheBOB on Aug 15
 Only 25 more years until Willard Scott and the Jelly Jar!Clippy on Aug 16
 Re: Today is my landmark birthday.Moneo on Aug 27
 ...gopus on Sep 10
calculator and graphsBen on Aug 12
 *Looks interesting Ben, but how do you use it -- and for what?TheBOB on Aug 14
  It is a calculator programBill Gates on Aug 15
   * Hit ESC to get back from the graph to the calculatorx on Aug 15
    *Aha! Yeah, works great -- thanks!TheBOB on Aug 15
 Erroneous graphsAnonymous of Hungary on Aug 15
  what would you recommend?Ben on Aug 23
Critical Error: Out of MemoryZack on Aug 11
 Twice that size unless you specify data type...TheBOB on Aug 11
  Re: Twice that size unless you specify data type...Zack on Aug 11
   *There you go!TheBOB on Aug 12
 alsoMichael Calkins on Aug 11
Hey, Remember Me?Jonathan on Aug 10
 * Welcome back.Michael Calkins on Aug 10
 *Yeah, hi again!TheBOB on Aug 10
 HAHA YOURE CRAZY :-pgopus on Sep 10
Rewrit from scratchLisztfr on Aug 10
 I would do one piece at a time....Solitaire on Aug 10
  Good advice, SolitaireMoneo on Sep 21
 consider this:AlGoreIthm on Aug 10

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