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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Math problem helpZack on Oct 20
 It can be done on Oct 20
  Hey againZack on Oct 21
   Those are all QBasic functions... on Oct 21
   Here is an example, then on Oct 22
    Thanks, but I have another questionZack on Oct 23
     Look up SELECT CASE on Oct 23
      OkZack on Oct 23
       Yes, but that would be a little weird... on Oct 24
     Share some code! on Oct 25
 You're going to need parenthesis brackets for operation order too. on Oct 20
  Good example using parenthesis, Ted.Moneo on Oct 21
support Hebrew inside QBX 7.1YanR on Oct 15
 You cannot even type ASCII characters into Notepad!Clippy on Oct 15
  no hebrew support in "edit"YanR on Oct 15
 QB does not support Hebrew on Oct 15
  maybe load heb font support in CMDYanR on Oct 16
   Try again on Oct 16
    found a soultion for Hebrew problems under QB45YanR on Jan 27
 As far as I know, no version of QB supports Hebrew. (See PS below.)Solitaire on Oct 16
  Actually on Oct 16
 *The update to QB64 next week supports codepages like Hebrew(CP862) on Oct 19
  *UPDATE: This been implemented and Hebrew can now be used. on Oct 20
  * i thought unicode made codepages obsolete... on Oct 20
   *Sure does. QB64 has an ASCII<->UNICODE mapper for legacy reasons.Galleon on Oct 21
    * LEGACY? Don't do it on my account...:-) on Oct 22
    I'm interested in this on Oct 22
Questions Regarding flags, END IF, and the INPUT command:Negative on Oct 14
 Some more answers:Solitaire on Oct 14
  i modified the first example a bit on Oct 27
 Re: sorry on Oct 15
  Where?Negative on Oct 28
   Re: Where? on Oct 28
Questions Regarding Booleans, commands, functions and statementsNegative on Oct 13
 *rtfw on Oct 13
  *not very welcomingBen on Oct 13
   Re: *not very welcoming on Oct 13
    * Goofball, you are in the wrong thread!Clippy on Oct 13
     Maybe, but next time codeguy, rtfp... on Oct 14
      Re: Maybe, but next time codeguy, rtfp... on Oct 14
 * Qbasic returns -1 when true, 0 false. What you do is your business!Clippy on Oct 13
 Some answers to Negative's questions:Solitaire on Oct 14
  QB can also evaluate NOT 0 as a true statement.Clippy on Oct 14
  Tutorial I wrote a while back re True/False. Hope it helps.Moneo on Oct 14
   *"enclosed in quotes"? I don't see any quotes.A ninny mouse on Oct 16
    Re: *"enclosed in quotes"? I don't see any quotes.Moneo on Oct 24
     * Moneo, he is just ACTING like a NINNY, get it? ninny...:-) on Oct 25
   rule #3 on Oct 20
    Re: rule #3Moneo on Oct 21
     Re: rule #3 on Oct 27
      Re: rule #3 moreMoneo on Oct 29
       Constants add meaning to numbers. on Oct 29
 More latecomer answers on Oct 15
  To expand on Artelius' statement about QB's logical operatorsA ninny mouse on Oct 16
   * That is why I mentioned that ANY value other than 0 could be evaluated as True.Clippy on Oct 16
    But you didn't explain it, at least from a perspective that would help a newbie.A Ninny Mouse on Oct 22
     Then SPLAIN to me why you are called a NINNY! on Oct 22
      *It's a take-off on Anonymous -- get it now?A Ninny Mouse on Oct 29
C++ compilation failed on Oct 13
 * Post the code in the Big Program forum or send to me. NO EXE files! BAS ONLY! on Oct 13
  get him clippy on Oct 13
   I think you should be a bit nicer to newcomers on Oct 16
    I think this was some kind of misundrstanding... on Oct 16
     * Well, you have to admit. At least I always attacked the correct people!Clippy on Oct 16
      Speaking of attacking the right people... on Oct 20
       *LOL on Oct 20
 Re: C++ compilation failed on Oct 13
 * RESOLVED! Qbasic found FOR J = TO variable. He never ran it in QB I guess. on Oct 14
TanLisztfr on Oct 13
 NEVER put program END after GOSUB procedure!Clippy on Oct 13
  *Yeah, an interesting exception -- "RESUME without error" providing the error! on Oct 13
check Angle ?Not me on Oct 7
 * Make up your mind! What ARM? Explain please...Not me neither on Oct 7
  the V in YAnonymous on Oct 7
   *More context needed. Give us some example code? on Oct 7
    I will not spam the forum !Lisztfr on Oct 8
      *If I open source the new forum, will you finish it? on Oct 8
       HmmmmmmmClippy on Oct 8
        archives are read-only here anyway, so just mirror the archive site and start new forumAnonymous on Oct 9
         * Anonymous posters that don't follow rules here will be the first to go!Clippy on Oct 9
        Some responses on Oct 10
         * Left a message there... on Oct 10
       what is left to finish?Anonymous on Oct 9
        See for yourself (*URL) on Oct 10
Quick Sort on Oct 6
  GifLisztfr on Oct 7
  Careful!Moneo on Oct 11
   * Errrrrrrrr.........WHAT are you talking about and to WHO?Clippy on Oct 11
    Re: * Errrrrrrrr.........WHAT are you talking about and to WHO?Moneo on Oct 11
     * Where is your version? Why not post it Moneo? on Oct 12
      Re: * Where is your version? Why not post it Moneo?Moneo on Oct 13
       * Sure, show us what he added too.Clippy on Oct 13
        Ok Ted, here's Ethan Winer's version of QuicksortMoneo on Oct 14
         Thanks! I had a problem, but it was something I did.Clippy on Oct 14
          Re: Thanks! I had a problem, but it was something I did.Moneo on Oct 14
           * You know me Moneo. I NEVER follow the rules! That's no fun..:-)Clippy on Oct 14
          Determine EGA/VGA using InterruptMoneo on Oct 18
           * He didn't ignore me. He answered my email about it. NO BIGGIE!Clippy on Oct 18
         He should use First and Last as values from user or LBOUND and UBOUND to do it.Clippy on Oct 15
          Re: He should use First and Last as values from user or LBOUND and UBOUND to do it.Moneo on Oct 18
     getting confused with quick sort on Oct 12
      YOUR CONFUSED? Where ya been for 6 days? Trying to find us again?Clippy on Oct 13
 QuickSort SUB on Oct 7
  Re: QuickSort SUBcodeguy on Oct 13
Questions on Subs, Goto,etc.Negative on Oct 6
 A semicolon creates ? after statement. Use comma if you don't want that. on Oct 6
 Some answers and examplesSolitaire on Oct 6
  * Did I NOT answer these questions or did I just beat you at posting them ?...............Clippy on Oct 6
   You beat me at posting while I was writing the sample programs.Solitaire on Oct 6
    * No problem teacher. Glad somebody besides Litzsfr is here.Clippy on Oct 6
     I too :-)Lisztfr on Oct 7
 A different spin on Oct 7
  It's past your curfew. Your should have been back to the forum weeks ago. on Oct 7
  ...Negative on Oct 10
   It's an input feature... on Oct 10
   Probably historical reasons on Oct 11
Help !Lisztfr on Oct 6
 * WHAT do you think this is? Your own private forum???? on Oct 6
Awaiting programLisztfr on Oct 4
 PerpendicularityLisztfr on Oct 4
  *Yup, all perpendicular -- also looks like some sort of weird, deep ocean fish. on Oct 4
   * This is only the helper program for the next fractal... if any (hard)Lisztfr on Oct 5
 I completely disagree with your condemnation of nested loops.Solitaire on Oct 5
  The cosmic power of recursionLisztfr on Oct 6
   You can get out of nested FOR loops using a one loop DO loop on Oct 6
    * Ctrl + Alt + Sup ? :)Lisztfr on Oct 6
   Trouble of elimitating redundancy ?Lisztfr on Oct 6
 Draw not good for fractalsLisztfr on Oct 6
Scan codes ?Lisztfr on Oct 1
 INP(&H60) on Oct 1
  OKLisztfr on Oct 1
   Why you using DOSBOX, LOL? Use QB64 on Oct 1
    Zaurus C1000Lisztfr on Oct 1
     *Can't you find the codes on your PC? on Oct 1
     HERE, I hope you can use bitmaps on Oct 1
      * That's purddy! :) on Oct 1
       * It's purddy because it is in SCREEN 12 on Oct 1
      Very nice :-)Lisztfr on Oct 2
       Can you use PEEK? You can read the CAPS, SHIFT, ALT, CTRL NUM LOCK etc. on Oct 2
        *Align ? (syntax error)Lisztfr on Oct 2
         i think thats clippys stupid text center routineAnonymous on Oct 2
          STUPID people post anonymously cause they have no guts! on Oct 2
           This is working !Lisztfr on Oct 2
           Looks like you want to run a forum, can I help? on Oct 2
            * I considered that, but I didn't want you to be overwhelmed with posts from Phylo. :-) on Oct 2
             Just checking... on Oct 6
             Are you under the impression that I've posted recently? on Oct 26
 Complete scankey program listed in sub-forum:Solitaire on Oct 1
  *It's official, I need glasses. I swore I read it as: "Complete skanky program..." on Oct 2
Downloading QBasicJohnD on Sep 30
 * Can't you unzip it or what? on Sep 30
 Iff your Vista is 64-bit, don't bother... on Sep 30
Simple DARN recursive circles fractal ! on Sep 28
 Re: Simple DARN recursive circles fractal !Anonymous on Sep 28
  Sorry but this is not the spirit of recursion ;-)Lisztfr on Sep 28
   *Read about the Ackermann function on Oct 1
  Triangle fractal recursiv on Sep 28
   Beautiful! ... on Sep 28
    Colors on Sep 28
     *The colors thing is great, and yes, I should have commented on the code -- very elegant! on Sep 28
      *Thanks, but not running in XP ?Lisztfr on Sep 29
       I have Windows 7... on Sep 29
        Vesa stuff .. ?Lisztfr on Sep 30
         I didn't make the patch. Found it at Phatcode.net. on Sep 30
          Micro$oft's goal is to eventually create operating systems that any idiot can run... on Sep 30
           *I would love to see how many they would sell, if they didn't come bundled with new comps! on Oct 1
on error goto on Sep 27
 on error goto 0 ??Lisztfr on Sep 27
  DeletedAnonymous on Sep 27
   Use those options when compiling with BC.exe on Sep 27
 Open each FOR APPEND before killing them on Sep 27
  Re: Open each FOR APPEND before killing themLenfras on Sep 29
   Unfortunately you gotta OPEN them to check em on Sep 29
 I would change the code a bit, too... on Sep 28
 Correct way to check for file existence:Solitaire on Sep 28
  * ? exists; "" :-)Clippy on Sep 29

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