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SELECT EVERY CASEHerman Cain on Jan 2
 * Dammit Herman. 9-9-9 means Nein! Nein! Nein!Female German Godfather's Pizza Worker. on Jan 2
 * Try it with SELECT EVERY WOMAN HermanMitt on Jan 2
 EXIT SELECT would be rather usefulBen on Jan 2
 Problem there is...TheBOB on Jan 2
  NO problem, just tell me what you want and I'll say it!...Mitt on Jan 2
  Hey Bob, I'm sorry you can't get olives on your pizza but...Popeye the Coderman on Jan 2
   * But I will gladly pay you Thursday for a hamburger today!Wimpy on Jan 3
 Actually that code wouldn't work!Galleon on Jan 3
  Galleon did you see the post about EXIT SELECT?Clippy on Jan 3
Message to Mr. Obama on this Jan 1st., 2012...G.O.P. on Jan 1
 * Hmmm...I shooda knowed when I saw Iorr logged on...Pete :-PClippy on Jan 1
 The numbers are expressed in scientific notationClippy on Jan 1
   Some numerical values do not need to be as accurate as othersClippy on Jan 1
    In other words....Solitaire on Jan 1
 Type SINGLE is limited to 7 places after the decimal point.Solitaire on Jan 1
Program QBasic as 32 bit codeRufus on Jan 1
 QB64 can run on 64 bit Windows, Mac OSX and Linus...Clippy on Jan 1
HAPPY NEW YEAR!Pete on Dec 31
 *Howdy, Pete.Michael Calkins on Dec 31
 *Hi, Pete - Happy New Year to you too!TheBOB on Jan 1
 How is basketball going?Clippy on Jan 1
 Happy New Year to all! Revisited Times Square program:Solitaire on Jan 1
  *Thank-you Solitaire! Now I can officially begin 2012. All the best for the new year!TheBOB on Jan 2
   * Thanks, Bob. All the best to you!Solitaire on Jan 2
Reading a single byte or less from a file...acehi on Dec 31
 Yes, use a character...TheBOB on Dec 31
  * Also, DIM b AS STRING * 1Michael Calkins on Dec 31
  Thanks to the both of you...acehi on Dec 31
   *yw. LOL @ don't party too hard. I wasn't planning on partying at all... :-)Michael Calkins on Dec 31
What is the difference between END and SYSTEM?AlGoreIthm on Dec 30
 Re: What is the difference between END and SYSTEM?Michael Calkins on Dec 30
  So you are sayingAlGoreIthm on Dec 30
   *yes.Michael Calkins on Dec 31
   In Qbasic SYSTEM allows a program to be run just like a compiled EXE program.Clippy on Dec 31
Kaleidoscopelawgin on Dec 30
 *Wow! That's beautiful -- and with so little code! Nice job!TheBOB on Dec 30
 *very cool.Michael Calkins on Dec 30
 * slow on XP, but unbelievable :)Lisztfr on Dec 31
Videoport still dysfunction !Lisztfr on Dec 30
 *Better after restart. Now we see how long it holds..Lisztfr on Dec 30
  *XP repaired it self over night while in stand by...Lisztfr on Dec 31
QBASIC CodeTom Raymond on Dec 30
 Re: QBASIC CodeMichael Calkins on Dec 30
 QB64 will run your code, and in the latest Windows platforms, too...TheBOB on Dec 30
look at my freebasic projectBen on Dec 26
 *I watched the video -- seems to work extremely well. Nice job.TheBOB on Dec 27
 *cool.Michael Calkins on Dec 27
major problems printing please helpriaan on Dec 24
 More info requiredGalleon on Dec 25
  Merry Christmas GalleonG Stewart on Dec 25
Christmas Q&AGalleon on Dec 24
 A: Being a father and coach, I expect...TheBOB on Dec 24
  Merry Christmas Bob!Galleon on Dec 25
   *Thanks -- not carving so much these days as recording music, but I'll get back to it :-)TheBOB on Dec 25
Windows XPLisztfr on Dec 20
 * Yeah, but they are gonna sell it anyhow!Clippy on Dec 20
wow look at thisBen on Dec 18
 *Pretty neat! If you inverted it, it would look like a balloon on a string.TheBOB on Dec 18

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