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simple program, id like to hear what you thinkshiva on Jul 7
 *What's happening is very clear, diagramatically. Works great - nice job! on Jul 7
 * Neato! It actually counts the pixels too. on Jul 7
 Never mind that. How did he get the code to indent and the <> signs to show up properly? on Jul 8
  Out of sight! on Jul 8
 Very nice. Overflow error detected. Instructions added...Solitaire on Jul 8
  You better try again teach! What a mess and still error... :-( on Jul 9
   It seemed to work ok when I tried it on my laptop.Solitaire on Jul 9
    Don't press I more than once! on Jul 9
     I fixed the Instructions SubSolitaire on Jul 9
      *Hey thanks man :)shiva on Jul 10
       You're welcome. Now can you fix the overflow errorSolitaire on Jul 10
 Spent a while trying to simplify the calculations on Jul 10
  It looks easier to understand for me too ;)shiva on Jul 14
started commonly getting Path File Access errors when opening files on Jul 5
 * Can I actually use a variable in place of a file number? on Jul 5
  * never mind, just chucked another close in front of it, redundancy is fun on Jul 5
  Yes you can and there's a function called FREEFILE on Jul 5
   Freefile thanks! Never closed? Nope. on Jul 5
    *Interesting, would be nice if you could come up with a minimal example on Jul 5
     * I'll see what I can do, was up til 5.30am programming so a bit groggy at the moment! on Jul 5
 Try FREEFILE using variables to store the numbers on Jul 5
Oh not some weird pot is happening ... some file names saving with small case! on Jul 5
 I wonder if using UCASE$ with COPY would do the trick...Pete on Jul 5
  thanks, I'll do some playing around and try to work out what's causing it on Jul 5
   Check it out! on Jul 5
    What the? on Jul 5
     What the!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jul 5
      * The <> synbols are seen as tags with the way Network54 has the forum set up.Pete on Jul 5
full screen with qb64 on windows 7 on Jul 2
 What problems you having? Ask here....QB64 (LINK) on Jul 2
 * Alt + Enter keyboard combination doesn't work?Ben on Jul 2
 Full screen is NOT supported by Vista or Windows 7.Solitaire on Jul 2
  * QB 64 supports blinking text and full screen text and graphics windows in XP to 7. on Jul 3
 Two ways... on Jul 2
  I will add this for problem situations... on Jul 3
   The program should check the _FULLSCREEN function on Jul 3
Odd question perhaps, but it is Forum itself managed by QBasic code? on Jul 1
 * sorry, "is this forum", not "it is forum" on Jul 1
 * Naw Pete is still stuck in SCREEN 0! on Jul 1
 * This is a commonly used Network54.com forum format. They ain't/aint fancy. on Jul 1
  * ahh ok, thanks! i'm not afraid to try old things on Jul 1
  *I believe it's either, "Them isn't fancy", or "Them aren't not fancy". on Jul 2
 *What an interesting idea... on Jul 1
  It's been done already... on Jul 2
   * Well Pete, nobody has done a page in SCREEN 0. Give it a shot... on Jul 2
   PHP actually (*URL) on Jul 2
    QB64 TCP/IP would make it more doable... on Jul 2
     Security? on Jul 2
      Yeah, you make that sound easy, but it's not. on Jul 3
       *Well now you're just tempting me on Jul 4
        * Well the word for the day is... pot stirring. :) on Jul 4
Vista and the first character of a SHELL "DIR report on Jun 30
 64-bit Vista SUCKS... but a 32-bit Vista OS will run QB.... on Jun 30
  Thanks Pete ... I just remembered where I'd seen it before ... on Jun 30
   Re: Thanks Pete ... I just remembered where I'd seen it before ... on Jun 30
    Thanks again, I'm gonna start compiling some demographics from the guinea pigs on Jun 30
     Re: QB64 doesn't like my program much... on Jul 1
      * About two or three months ago on Jul 1
       *QB64 has been 99.99% QB compatible since January of this year. Might work now. on Jul 1
        * Thanks, I'll give it another burl! on Jul 1
        Nah same deal on Jul 1
  32-bit Vista yay ... cmd /c fixed everything! on Jul 1
   * You're/your weclome. Happy coding. on Jul 1
    * "You're welcome" is correct.Solitaire on Jul 1
     * Yes, I know/no. on Jul 1
      *"You're" is correct, "weclome" is a know-no. on Jul 1
   Determining when an OS requires CMD /C . on Jul 1
    There's some stuff I'd never seen before! on Jul 1
     There are 2 ways to read settings. on Jul 1
      Or you could use interrupt 21 like normal peopleBen on Jul 1
       Thanks Ben ... yikes though ... on Jul 1
       * That has NOTHING to do with our discussion moron! on Jul 1
        * Sorry, seemed relevant to me! on Jul 1
        *Clippy, stop calling people names. It's not very nice. You should apologize.Solitaire on Jul 2
         *Hear hear. Ben should be more observant of netiquette but that doesn't make him a moron on Jul 2
          to be honest, I think it was Ben's inferring I was "abnormaL" that prompted the post on Jul 2
           * You meant pot stirring. At this forum, we refer to the container, not the contents. on Jul 3
            * "pot stirring" ... haha, did you just make that up? on Jul 3
     * One of my guinea pigs has finally responded on Jul 5
 QB on Vista will only work in text mode inside a window.Solitaire on Jun 30
  Or to sum up what you're/your stating, Vista SUCKS! on Jun 30
   Full screen needed in text mode (SCREEN 0) even if you don't program graphics.Solitaire on Jul 2
    full screen with qb64 on Jul 2
  Yeah, though that's all irrelevant to me on Jun 30
   Same here. I'm just a SCREEN ZERO Hero at heart. (Left brains rule!) on Jul 1
    *Right. on Jul 1
     * Oops, apparently I "left" you an opening. on Jul 1
There's this internet book on VGA and optimizing and stuffBen on Jun 29
INP and OUT on Jun 29
 QB64 emulates the ports, it doesn't directly access any hardware with OUTBen on Jun 29
 Some ports are blocked nowadays. on Jun 29
 It's simple enough, but overcomplicated on Jul 2
  *That was very informative, and will help a lot, thank you! on Jul 22
qbasic homework on Jun 29
 Re: qbasic homeworkBen on Jun 29
   OMG - I really should ban Ben for using the dirty word "Stamps" on Jun 30
   I didn't delete Ben's posts because:Solitaire on Jun 30
    Makes good sense to me... on Jun 30
     * They do seem to have an unatural "affinity" for each other. :-}> (my goatee) on Jun 30
      * More like a natural "infinity" but when it comes to infinity, who's counting? :) on Jun 30
     My reasoning matched yours pretty much. on Jun 30
      * He meant yours/your'res. :) on Jun 30
       *huh? on Jun 30
        It's/its one of those you had to be there thingies... URL* on Jul 1
       * Note: Phylo used "yours" correctly.Solitaire on Jul 1
        * I'm OK with him using "mine" correctly, provided he gives/give's it back. on Jul 3
   Pete should make YOU moderatorBen on Jun 30
 Did you read the homework policy?Solitaire on Jun 29
what?gopus on Jun 25
 Okay I offer my services...gopus on Jun 25
  * PLUS your a jerk! LOL on Jun 25
  *Ah, you remind me so much of Zip! on Jun 25
  Who are you?Unseen Machine on Jun 29
   well...gopus on Jul 15
Pete, can you update my download link? on Jun 24
 I'm sorry, that work is not part of the Obama Stimulus Program. on Jun 25
  * Thanks, you Republicans ain't so bad. on Jun 25
  *Thanks, Pete! (just read this for the first time). on Jun 26
  OK Clippy, your new link is up. Also Bob... on Jun 27
   Thanks again, Pete -- also for the quake... on Jun 27
    protestsBen on Jun 28
    Sounds like the motels I stay at... on Jun 28
     * I didn't reduce the debt! I gave it all to my buddies like ENRON and BP teehee... on Jun 28
     Hey, not a bad idea about the carrier... on Jun 29
   * Thanks, I'll give you one Obama joke for that... on Jun 28
    * No thanks, over half of the American voters took care of that for you. :( on Jun 28
What is the LOF maximum return? on Jun 22
 That suggests that the file didn't exist. LOF should be able to handle files up to 2GB on Jun 22
  "LOF should be able to handle files up to 2GB"?... try 9223372036GB on Jun 23
   * Good to know! Will adjust WIKI accordingly. on Jun 23
   *Clippy had problems in QBasic, not QB64, as far as I understand on Jun 23
    *You're right Artelius (PS. All hail Julia Gillard...rofl) on Jun 25
     *Yes, congratulations to all down under on your new female prime minister! on Jun 25
      *P.S. We Canadians had one, but only briefly (Kim Campbell). on Jun 25
      So what you're stating Bob is that (you're/your) in favor of having a female down under? on Jun 25
       My proposal on the your/you're debate... on Jun 26
        The trouble is, when it comes to being P.C., I'm a M.A.C. on Jun 26
     *Julia Gillard, Australia's new alpha male. Bleh. on Jun 25
      * Couldn't posibly be any worse than America's fairly new alpha mule. on Jun 25
 * Arrrgh! Qbasic was looking in the other folder, LOL! Thanks anyhow... on Jun 22
Rs232 Signal levelsTom on Jun 20
 Try looking at my demo. It shows how to work with Serial ports. LINK on Jun 20
 Thx for help good demo :) doesnt explain my inverted singals thoutom on Jun 21
  Re: Thx for help good demo :) doesnt explain my inverted singals thou on Jun 22
   Thxtom on Jun 24
    Use the web........LINK on Jun 24
     parallel portBen on Jun 24
      hmm.. on Jun 26
       no not like thisBen on Jun 26
        Two approaches on Jun 26
  Voltages on Jun 22
Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation alert: "your" vs. "you're"English Syntax Police on Jun 20
 * Your RIGHT teacher! TELL EM OFF! BAN THEM! Grrrrrr! on Jun 20
  * You're left. I'm right.Teacher on Jun 20
 Pet Peeve on Jun 20
  * What I hate is GRUMPY OLD MEN! So count me alot in on that! on Jun 20
   *Hey, Clippy, allowance should be made for Grumpy Old Men on Jun 20
  I agree alot - its a big problem. Their all important rules. Watch you're grammer. on Jun 20
 RE: As a schoolteacher myself, I find it very annoying when... on Jun 21
 yea my english is bad especialy when im typingtom on Jun 21
 * would of on Jul 1
Look into the center for about a minuteBen on Jun 19
 * OMG I'm bbbbbbbllllliiiiiinnnd %#@! on Jun 19
  *And after your done with what caused the blindness, have a look at Ben's program! :) on Jun 19
  * OMG %#@! YOU $%^@#!!!Ben on Mar 31
 *Hah I love it on Jun 20
 Great effect, but a problem (maybe only on my computer)... on Jun 20
  Are you using qb64?Ben on Jun 20
   *Good call, Ben. It runs perfectly in QBasic (using DOSBox). on Jun 20
    Should use windows ntvdmBen on Jun 21
     *No biggie - it ran fast in QB64, only with a graphical flaw - even QB was pretty good. on Jun 21

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