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Clippy you got email on Dec 17
 LOLUnseen Machine on Dec 17
  * He was right! I did...Clippy on Dec 17
Help PleaseZack on Dec 16
 Some answers on Dec 17
  ThanksZack on Dec 17
 Rounding upSolitaire on Dec 17
  * I think I hear Moneo coming! :-) on Dec 17
   *Thanks for the warning on Dec 18
   I give upMoneo on Dec 18
    Well Moneo, like I always say... If you can't beat 'em... on Dec 18
     Re: Well Moneo, like I always say... If you can't beat 'em...moneo on Dec 19
How to get numbers out of QBASIC on Dec 16
 * Try a file.Clippy on Dec 16
  *I think he wants to send it out on serial/parallel port on Dec 16
   * I thought the same. on Dec 16
   yes, I want to HEAR it (for example on phones) on Dec 16
 * What port and what OS? Look for LPT or COM component settings.Clippy on Dec 16
  Re: * What port and what OS? Look for LPT or COM component settings. on Dec 16
   What do YOU want to use?Clippy on Dec 17
    Re: What do YOU want to use?john on Dec 18
     What's between you and Bill Gates for crying out loud! on Dec 19
      Not sure about all that... on Dec 19
       Voltages on Dec 19
        I DID provide a link to a related program... on Dec 20
       This reminds me of a jokeqbguy on Dec 21
        Not true! To the Cloud to respond with my Windows Live.... on Dec 21
      Re: What's between you and Bill Gates for crying out loud!john on Dec 19
       Bill retired, but M$ is still pulling in the reins... on Dec 19
        Re: Bill retired, but M$ is still pulling in the reins...john on Dec 19
         Are you putting the files in the QB64 folder? on Dec 19
 Use QB64? on Dec 17
  Re: Use QB64? on Dec 18
   You can get QB64 from here... on Dec 18
    Getting QB64 - there is a typo on Dec 18
     *I'm confused as to what the problem is. Did you go to the link I provided? on Dec 19
      Re: *I'm confused as to what the problem is. Did you go to the link I provided?john on Dec 19
       Re: *I'm confused as to what the problem is. Did you go to the link I provided?john on Dec 19
        *Which site is that on? on Dec 19
         non wkg downloadjohn on Dec 19
    So Please please say more!!!john on Dec 18
     More on Dec 30
      Let me guess, your top-secret project is... on Dec 30
      More meaning for EVERYTHINGjohn on Dec 31
    trying to use qb64john on Dec 28
     Tell your friend to try downloading 7-Zip on Dec 28
      * Maybe he should just post the Example download separately from the QB64 one. on Dec 28
       * Exactly on Dec 28
       *Clippy Clause? You must work in some cat grooming place :o) on Dec 28
      BILL GATES STOPS HIMJohn on Dec 31
  Re: Use QB64?john on Dec 19
   You can use the mouse to modify the tones on Dec 19
    Re: You can use the mouse to modify the tonesjohn on Dec 19
     It shows the principle... on Dec 20
      continuous variable .wav soundjohn on Dec 29
       Re: continuous variable .wav soundjohn on Dec 31
        *Messages you've read are purple, those you haven't are blue. That's all. on Dec 31
Some advise needed with making a search tool.. on Dec 15
 * Read the data, fix, then put it in a TEMP file. After closing it NAME AS old name. on Dec 15
Hey guys, Im back with more questions =PZack on Dec 13
 Sound handles are created by _SNDOPENClippy on Dec 13
  Ok, butZack on Dec 14
   The & is a type identifier... on Dec 14
    ThanksZack on Dec 16
   * Could the h& be a formatting code for hexadecimal?Solitaire on Dec 14
    *No -- the "h" just stands for "handle" -- an example long-integer variable name on Dec 14
 VIEW PRINT to freeze part of the screen.Solitaire on Dec 13
  * I take it you use SLEEP 1 to reduce CPU usage. on Dec 13
   No, it's just to slow things down so you can see each line.Solitaire on Dec 14
    Apparently in QB 4.5, SLEEP doesn't decrease CPU usage. on Dec 14
        * You are NOT fooling me! You copied and pasted that Link! :-PClippy on Dec 14
         Interesting about UC... on Dec 14
       Please don't refer to other people who try to help as stupid, because relatively speaking on Dec 14
Attention all Personnel... Network54 account on Dec 12
 *Same to you, Radar -- and Happy Holidays to your puppet master Pete, too. on Dec 12
  One day I hope to be a real boy... on Dec 12
How can I run VBScript files with a BAS file?Clippy on Dec 12
 Try thislawgin on Dec 12
  DAM, I just tried it again and it worked!Clippy on Dec 12
   *Uh-huh!lawgin on Dec 12
Setting System Environment VariablesDavid P. on Dec 10
 SHELL to DOS commandsSolitaire on Dec 10
 Why you wanna do that? on Dec 10
 *Command-line arguments should be available as COMMAND$ on Dec 10
 Because...David P on Dec 12
  hello, david p on Jan 19
A RND alternative?lawgin on Dec 7
 * SO WHAT? The ONLY thing RANDOM is the time between key presses!Clippy on Dec 7
  You're wrong -- try it without keypresses...lawgin on Dec 7
   Not quite random... on Dec 7
    Funny... on Dec 7
     *Apparently his teeth weren't really wood, so you may be right about his undies :-| on Dec 8
    Quite a revelationlawgin on Dec 8
 *it repeats every 431 iterationsDavid on Dec 8
  linear feedback shift registerdavid on Dec 8
   *period is 21845lawgin on Dec 8
  Re: *it repeats every 431 iterationslawgin on Dec 8
One of my programsBen on Dec 7
 Re: One of my programslawgin on Dec 7
  Run the executableBen on Dec 7
   * LOL, sure we TRUST YOU...Clippy on Dec 7
    why notBen on Dec 10
     *Because a good reputation is hard to get and easy to lose... on Dec 10
      * Well I got that beat! I NEVER had a good reputation anyhow...:-PClippy on Dec 10
  * My evil plan has succeeded! on Dec 8
   Not so fast, Zero! I emailed you a virus that adds SCREEN 12 to all your programs... on Dec 8
    * Drat, foiled again! on Dec 8
 Impressive but unpolished on Dec 10
 This program is niceAnonymus of Hungary on Dec 10
download qbasic on Dec 6
 QB64unseen machine on Dec 6
  Except me on Dec 6
   * What WIKI? QB64 has NEVER supported MAC YET, but it will...Clippy on Dec 6
   *Are you a Tiger or a Snow Leopard?Galleon on Dec 7
    Snow Leopard on Dec 7
     Jack Ass on Dec 8
      * HEY! You is infringing on my copyrights of that thar image! ♂Clippy on Dec 8
      I'd write a SCREEN 12 program in which your Jackass gets blown up... on Dec 10
Eh... I need helpZack on Dec 2
 You need to use a counter variableSolitaire on Dec 2
  Thank youZack on Dec 2
   HeyZack on Dec 3
    * Post your code.Solitaire on Dec 3
    EOF in a loopClippy on Dec 3
    EOF sample:Solitaire on Dec 3
     OkZack on Dec 3
 counting on Dec 6
  OKUnseenMachine on Dec 6
   Interesting thing about integers in QB64... on Dec 6
    Me too Bob, it just don't feel right AND...Clippy on Dec 6
    I think it's a good featureBen on Dec 6
    I've mentioned this to Galleon on Dec 6
Hey TheBOBZack on Dec 1
 Maybe this will helpUnseen Machine on Dec 1
  ThanksZack on Dec 1
   Use MID$unseen machine on Dec 1
   Yeah, in that case you want a two-dimensional string array... on Dec 1
    *BTW, be sure to check out Unseens "MID$" response -- probably a better method than mine. on Dec 1
 Sample of a scrolling screenSolitaire on Dec 2
  Variation of scrolling sampleSolitaire on Dec 2
  *You can type &lt; and &gt; for < and > on Dec 3
How to make a scroll barZack on Nov 29
 lol - you certainly are ambitious for a beginner... on Nov 29
  ...and btw, I totally understand... on Nov 30
   I didn't spend good money on a sewing machine so that I could stop carrying Kleenex... on Nov 30
    *Sure -- you learned how spines go together, a sewing machine should be a snap. on Nov 30
     * No, a spine is a "snap." A sewing machine requires tools. on Nov 30
   yesBen on Nov 30
  HiZack on Nov 30
 Use SUB on Nov 30
Just a thoughLisztfr on Nov 29
 *lol -- there's always the REFLECT command, which takes considerable time. on Nov 29
 *Well isn't that special. Who started this thread? Could it be... SATAN! on Nov 29

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