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Message TitleAuthor and Date
getting "path not found"old_cobol_app_pgmr on Jul 10
 Never mindold_cobol_app_pgmr on Jul 10
Help with Path AlgorithmZack on Jul 9
 I just did a basic pathfinderSMcNeill on Jul 10
Facial recognitionNSA on Jul 6
 * Black face or white is all I got so far...Clippy on Jul 6
 *NSA wants to use qbasic??lawgin on Jul 6
  Re:NSA on Jul 6
   That's true for sequential structured programmingSolitaire on Jul 6
    Obviously I'm not really NSANSA on Jul 7
     *but it say's NSA ?Garry Ricketson on Jul 8
      *typo :-)NISSAN on Jul 8
How can I evaluate a boolean statment from user input?linuxlalala on Jul 2
 Boolean?Solitaire on Jul 2
  Re: Boolean?linuxlalala on Jul 6
   shunting yard algolawgin on Jul 6
    Re: shunting yard algoBen on Jul 6
 Qbasic returns -1 for true statements, 0 for false onesClippy on Jul 2
  That's trueSolitaire on Jul 2
   I only printed the numerical statements to show the valuesClippy on Jul 2
 An awkward (and probably useless) way to do itlawgin on Jul 2
  Thank you.linuxlalala on Jul 3
   I think I am going to use it on this project.linuxlalala on Jul 3
    If it is ever used, of course.linuxlalala on Jul 3
   Re: Thank you.lawgin on Jul 3
  lawgin: Tried this codeSolitaire on Jul 3
   It shouldn't overwrite the codelawgin on Jul 3
    Untested, since I can't run QBASIC anymore, but I think this would work:Kewbie on Jul 3
     Thanks, it doeslawgin on Jul 3
      It won't work in QB64 because...linuxlalala on Jul 3
       It won't work in FreeBASIC, too.linuxlalala on Jul 3
      Given that I know NOTHING about qb64...Kewbie on Jul 4
       You are absolutely rightlawgin on Jul 4
        File overwrites itself with the user's inputSolitaire on Jul 4
         Re: File overwrites itself with the user's inputlawgin on Jul 4
        Tried it again. File overwrites itselfSolitaire on Jul 5
         *As we tell the newbies, Solitaire, post your code.Kewbie on Jul 5
          *I second thatlawgin on Jul 5
          It's EXACTLY the same code as lawgin posted above.Solitaire on Jul 5
           And that code is in a file called bool.bas, correct?Kewbie on Jul 6
           Ok, I just tested it under QBASIC and it worked just fine for meKewbie on Jul 6
            Not just for boolean expressionslawgin on Jul 6
             Revised codeSolitaire on Jul 6
              Re: Revised codelawgin on Jul 6
            Still having problemsSolitaire on Jul 6
             File wasn't closed.Solitaire on Jul 6
              Re: File wasn't closed.lawgin on Jul 6
               Prompt to saveSolitaire on Jul 6
                It's not normallawgin on Jul 6
                 * She changed the BAS file nameClippy on Jul 6
                  *How do you know?lawgin on Jul 6
                It's working now.Solitaire on Jul 6
       No. This can't be done...linuxlalala on Jul 6
Hi People!Alipha on Jun 19
 *Hey, it's the Programming Kid! Hi!TheBOB on Jun 19
  lol. It's crazy that there's a QB64 nowAlipha on Jun 19
   *It's certainly great for hobby programmers like me - more capability, no learning curve.TheBOB on Jun 19
   Hi Alipha!Solitaire on Jun 19
    I'm goodAlipha on Jun 20
     Congratulations and good luck!Solitaire on Jun 20
      VS 2012 on Windows 8Alipha on Jun 20
       Keep in touchSolitaire on Jun 20
        * lol, I have it. you could have just emailed me ;-)Alipha on Jun 20
 GET OFF MY FORUM!Pete on Jun 19
  * You get off my forum! I was here first! (or was I?)Alipha on Jun 20
   You were here first.Pete on Jun 20
    Pete's Qbasic Site is upgradingClippy on Jun 21
     * The site wasn't made in QBasic? How disappointing ;-)Alipha on Jun 21
      * If you can make one, then this place could use an update.Clippy on Jun 21
   HAHA Aliphagopus on Aug 1
 *Hi Leaf. Nice to hear from you.Kewbie on Jun 21
  * Kewbie! You're still on here too!Alipha on Jun 21
   I'm probably more of a lurker than anything else.Kewbie on Jun 21
    * Well quit lurking off and download QB64!Pete on Jun 21
     *I don't have space for it on my HD.Kewbie on Jun 21
      Well tell Barb to give up a spa day. so you can buy a new computer!Pete on Jun 22
       Yeah take it out on the womanClippy on Jun 22
        *Agree on that :)Garry Ricketson on Jun 22
       *I didn't say I didn't have space on my HD.Kewbie on Jun 22
 GreetingsPhyloGenesis on Jun 27
  * Oh, I remember you PhyloGenesis. And yes, it does definitely spoil people :-)Alipha on Jun 30
 * Well, hello there, Alipha. ;)ComputerGhost on Jul 3
Prog wantedLisztfr on Jun 12
 Re: Prog wantedlawgin on Jun 12
  scale issueLisztfr on Jun 12
nested loopsLisztfr on Jun 12
QBasic Load and Go InterpreterRichard Neu on Jun 6
 Re: QBasic Load and Go InterpreterPete on Jun 6
  QBasic Load and Go InterpreterRichard Neu on Jun 6
   You need to unzip that folder.Pete on Jun 6
    Here is one link for itGarry Ricketson on Jun 7
   Wondering how it worked outGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
    Re: Wondering how it worked outRich N on Jun 9
     Try thisGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
      Re: Try thisRich N on Jun 9
       What dose Sleep do ?Garry Ricketson on Jun 12
        SLEEP commandSolitaire on Jun 12
         Another SLEEP exampleSolitaire on Jun 12
          InterestingGarry Ricketson on Jun 12
          Sleep + INKEY$ also keeps track of a keypress.Pete on Jun 12
          SLEEP key presses can end up in INPUTClippy on Jun 13
           hadn't thought about thatGarry Ricketson on Jun 13
            Here's a trick:SMcNeill on Jun 17
             You can't Wait 3.2 because SLEEP uses integersClippy on Jun 18
              Good catchSMcNeill on Jun 18
               Of course, I don't play for the PiratesClippy on Jun 18
       * Yes, QB64 for Windows does work with .bat files.Pete on Jun 12
     * Don't use STOP. That exits program before you can see it.Clippy on Jun 9
      Re: * Don't use STOP. That exits program before you can see it.Rich N on Jun 9
       QB64 is not an interpreter like QBasic.Pete on Jun 9
 Needs to be unzipped firstGarry Ricketson on Jun 6
Pete, Clippy, Garry, Michael (QBG links)...TheBOB on Jun 4
 * Thanks for all your hard work Bob. Already changed the Download page.Pete on Jun 4
  *Thanks. In appreciation, I'll send you my snowshoes (##)=== (##)===TheBOB on Jun 4
   * Great, now I can get past that ice hole in the forum!Pete on Jun 4
    Ice hole? Don't you mean...Clippy on Jun 5
 *THANKSGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
 Downloaded both and it works greatClippy on Jun 5
  Thanks, Clipster...TheBOB on Jun 5
   * I've owed you for a long time Bob, get used to itClippy on Jun 5
  Downloaded fineGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
   Sorry about that, Garry...TheBOB on Jun 5
    I'll help... here you go.Pete on Jun 5
     That's the stuff...TheBOB on Jun 5
      Sure, like this...Pete on Jun 5
       Of course, just concatenate, however...TheBOB on Jun 5
        Just looked it up in QBasic Help...TheBOB on Jun 5
    good ideaGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
  Now I have it runningGarry Ricketson on Jun 5
   Good news! As for the remaining 1% ...TheBOB on Jun 5
    * Yes, and like I always say. It's just rocket science, it's not Linux.Pete on Jun 5
    Garry, here's the utility (couldn't help myself)...TheBOB on Jun 5
     PERFECTGarry Ricketson on Jun 6
      *yw!TheBOB on Jun 6
Playing music files?Brian on Jun 4
 I think so, butGarry Ricketson on Jun 8
 In QBasic, you pretty much have to shell out to the wave file.Pete on Jun 8
  That would workGarry Ricketson on Jun 9
My fireGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
 Looks good...TheBOB on Jun 4
  TYPE Rectangle is just the start and end coordinates of the image.Clippy on Jun 4
saving as an 8-bit bmp in paint.netBrian on Jun 4
 There should be an option...TheBOB on Jun 4
  Re: There should be an option...Brian on Jun 4
 I have Paint.net, and I can save png or bmp files as 8-bit.Pete on Jun 4
  ...but does it have a "system" option...TheBOB on Jun 4
   Photo Studio 6Brian on Jun 4
    I think the writing is on the wall...TheBOB on Jun 4
   No. Not that I am aware of.Pete on Jun 4
    * Isn't fireworks like an animation creator?Brian on Jun 4
     It does just about anything, if you have time to learn it, and about a grand to buy it.Pete on Jun 4
 If you are using 24 bit bitmaps you will always lose colors in an 8 bit paletteClippy on Jun 4
 Image Magick software provides command line tools for converting anything to anything imagBen on Jun 4
Pete: Update on QBG in QB64...TheBOB on Jun 4
 N54 I think has a 2MB limit for Premire AccountsPete on Jun 4
  *...and that's what he did. THE END. (see my post to Ted just below).TheBOB on Jun 4
   I think that works out the best.Pete on Jun 4
    *Will send you the link soon. BTW, my shoes might be a bit warm for California (mukluks).TheBOB on Jun 4
     * Mcklucks? I was hoping for tennis rackets!Pete on Jun 4
 Drop Box is a good solutionGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
 The DLL files add a lot to the download too. I'll invite you to Drop BoxClippy on Jun 4
  Thanks for the invite, Ted...TheBOB on Jun 4
   Refer people and you too can have 5.8 Gigabytes like I haveClippy on Jun 4
    I should have sent him a invitation,...Garry Ricketson on Jun 4
     * You got beat out by that evil greedy Liberal, Clippy!Pete on Jun 4
      *Somehow, all of this reminds me of Storage WarsKewbie on Jun 6
    *5.8 Gigabytes and growing? Clippy, are you sure you're not a closet Republican??TheBOB on Jun 4
 3 things that you can do to make it smaller.Michael Calkins on Jun 4
  Bob will probably ignore your advertisement...Pete on Jun 4
   *lol, I was lost until I reread his titlePhyloGenesis on Jun 4
  *Thanks, Michael. You're right, libstdc++-6.dll is huge! Never noticed.TheBOB on Jun 4
   For Garry, regarding the above...TheBOB on Jun 4
    ok thanksGarry Ricketson on Jun 4
     * You might be able to consult DSMan about stripping the Linux executable.Michael Calkins on Jun 4
MSDN FunctionsZack on Jun 2
 Pointers need to be _OFFSETClippy on Jun 2
 Re: MSDN FunctionsMichael Calkins on Jun 2
  That appears to work, but why is MOUSEINPUT commented out?Clippy on Jun 3
   * he isn't using mouse input, only keyboard input.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
    So you can just comment it out?Clippy on Jun 3
     Sure you can comment it out.Pete on Jun 3
      I know how commenting worksClippy on Jun 3
       Dammit!Pete on Jun 3
       It uses a union.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
        ROFL - See once agin proof we are better off without unions!Pete on Jun 3
         * I would come to the opposite conclusion.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
         You forgot the star there Anti-Union guyClippy on Jun 3
          Well, anti government unions, that's for sure.Pete on Jun 3
           * LOL, I did not think that courtesy was your strong point...Clippy on Jun 3
            * No problem. You're excused for not thinking.Pete on Jun 3
        LSETMichael Calkins on Jun 3
        * In other words, the members of a union overlap in memory.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
reading key input from portdavid on Jun 2
 You mean with INP?Clippy on Jun 2
  yes inp(&h60)david on Jun 3
   What you just described is why I gave up on INP.Pete on Jun 3
    way to getter better speed with inkey$?david on Jun 3
     You can post all or part of the code.Pete on Jun 3
      There it isDavid on Jun 3
       You're repeating _DISPLAY when you don't need to...Pete on Jun 3
        makes sense...david on Jun 3
         You only need to update _DISPLAY when a change happens,Pete on Jun 3
          gotcha, i will implement thatdavid on Jun 3
     In QB64, INP is emulated.Michael Calkins on Jun 3
      QB64 fixed the problems with INP ikeyboard reads. Use an arrayClippy on Jun 3
       thanks clippy great infodavid on Jun 4

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