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  • hey its Ben
    • Ben (no login)
      Posted Dec 19, 2010 9:31 PM

      its gonna be very difficult to make one faster than pset in pure QB. And LINE is fast and so is GET & PUT compared to what can be achieved using POKE and QB. BTW, I keep hearing a low man's voice repeating all my thoughts like he is mocking me, and I can't stop it. Pretty strange huh.

      DECLARE SUB plot (x%, y%, c%)
      DEFINT A-Z
      SCREEN 12

      FOR i = 0 TO 640
      plot i, 100 + 100 * SIN(i / 20), 12

      SUB plot (x, y, c)
      DEF SEG = &HA000
      o& = y * 80 + x \ 8
      mask = 2 ^ (7 - (x AND 7))
      OUT &H3CE, &H0
      OUT &H3CF, c
      OUT &H3CE, &H8
      OUT &H3CF, mask
      OUT &H3C4, &H2
      OUT &H3C5, c XOR 15
      POKE o&, PEEK(o&) AND (mask XOR 255)
      OUT &H3C4, &H2
      OUT &H3C5, c
      POKE o&, PEEK(o&) OR mask
      DEF SEG
      END SUB
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