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  • About saving in QB
    • Jimbox114 (no login)
      Posted Jun 4, 2012 11:03 AM

      I haven't used QB in years and decided to start playing around with it again. When I was in high school I took Apple Basic (all they offered) and learned about half of the language as they only taught the first half of the book.

      Anyways I am looking to make sort of a hybrid Interactive Story/Text Adventure type of game. It is prob going to be closer to an interactive Story but it does offer more than simply "Press 1 to go left, Press 2 to go right". I plan to have items, a score, and a health bar. The health bar will go down if you make a bad choice and items will be required to progress past certain points (think key for door+ type of stuff.

      Anyways one of the things I would like to implement would be a save feature. I have looked at the save examples various people have posted on the net and they don't seem to be what I need. All I need is to save a variable that could be loaded later. I plan to separate the story into 4 chapters. When you finish chapter 1 it sets finish1$ to "1". By doing that it unlocks on the main menu Chapter 2. So all I would see is to write to a file that the variable finish1$ is = "1". I also would like to add some notes that you will find along the course of the game and have a menu unlock where players can go back and read them again. In this case it would just be another set of variables say I put 10 notes in the game it could be note1, note2, note3 all being set to 1 for each note. Again would like to be able to save that information as well. Then when a player loads the game and looks at the main menu they can go to the Notes section and see the notes they have discovered and read them again.

      So basically my question is simply can I just save variables to a file and have them load automatically when the program is run?
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