so which commands are the most important for beginners? (reason for q enclosed)

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i know a person who is trying to make a version of basic with localized keywords. i told him the pros and cons of doing this--

you generally DONT want to localize a large programming language; the costs outweigh the benefits. but for a small educational language, its more common (and probably fine.)

basic is not a small educational language anymore-- im setting the mark at 200-250 keywords are more for the size of language that shouldnt have localized keywords.

librelogo and figueira are two examples of small educational languages with localized keywords.

but to make a stripped down, local version of basic, you would probably need to prioritize the 200-250 commands that matter most. where would you start? (i dont know if i will get a good answer here or not, but sometimes i ask anyway.)

Posted on Aug 22, 2017, 5:59 PM

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Interesting question...TheBOB on Aug 22
 thanks bobeasylangs on Aug 22
  * mat zer con idn trn inv are the matrix commands in the original dartmouth basiceasylangs on Aug 22
Re: so which commands are the most important for beginners? (1ps)Michael Calkins on Aug 22
 thanks very mucheasylangs on Aug 22
  sort of correction to what i said--easylangs on Aug 22
 *I forgot some nonverbal operators. added a PS. not really a translation issueMichael Calkins on Aug 22
 revised list (4PS)Michael Calkins on Aug 22
  thanks againeasylangs on Aug 22
   *you mean link to it? sure. (I've added 2PS so far.)Michael Calkins on Aug 22
    you think i could just copy it?easylangs on Aug 22
     *okMichael Calkins on Aug 22
  core language vs standard library (2PS)Michael Calkins on Aug 22
   the entire purpose would just be a smaller, more limited version of qb64easylangs on Aug 23
QB64 would translate easily to another languageSMcNeill on Aug 23
 * So to sum up... you're telling him to take it and stevit?Pete on Aug 23
 you really wouldnt want to do that though...easylangs on Aug 23
  I don't see why not.SMcNeill on Aug 24
   i get it now-- another pass for the localized versioneasylangs on Aug 24
    Re: i get it now-- another pass for the localized versionSMcNeill on Aug 27

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