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NATO Finally Admits: No Mass Killings in Kosovo

September 15 2002 at 7:27 PM
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NATO Finally Admits

Yugoslavs Carried Out No Mass Killings in Kosovo

The propaganda - NATO implications: 500,000 ... then 250,000 ... then 100,000 ... and now ... "at most, 3,000 people were killled."

By John Catalinotto
via http://www.reagan.com

On August 17, NATO officials privately conceded that the figures they released in 1999, allegedly a count of the people killed by Yugoslav forces in Kosovo and repeated in headlines all over the Western world, were much higher than the actual number of people killed there.

Independent findings by forensic teams of many nationalities working for

ICTY, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, have forced NATO's admission. The ICTY say that a total of fewer than 3,000 bodies were exhumed and all have been examined.

While they have not yet officially released their report, spokespeople for ICTY said that "at most, 3,000 people were killed". They also said that there was no evidence of mutilations, that not all the dead can be proved to be victims of murder or execution and that many among them were Serbs or other non-Albanians.

Last year NATO charged that Yugoslav forces had massacred at least 10,000 people, but only after NATO spokespeople first tried to imply that 500,000, then 250,000, then 100,000 supposedly "missing" people had also been killed.

They used such claims to try to justify NATO bombings, that had in fact no basis under United Nations treaty laws, or, indeed, NATO's own charter.

NATO has now been forced to admit, in effect, that it waged a lying war of deliberate propaganda via the Western media, to win support for its own illegal intervention that is known to have killed over 3,000 Yugoslavian citizens, about one-third of them children.

Washington and NATO have not produced the slightest hard evidence that Yugoslav forces carried out even a small-scale massacre of civilians, let alone anything like the "genocide" which they were repeatedly charged with in the Western press and on TV news bulletins.

The ICTY - itself created and funded by the NATO powers - has now been forced to expose NATO's "Big Lie".

According to a report in the August 18 British Guardian, Mark Laity, the new acting NATO spokesperson, said: "NATO never said the missing were all dead. The figure we stood by was 10,000." Laity even protested, desperately trying to pretend that NATO's intervention had probably stopped further killing.

The truth is that NATO's bombing killed thousands of people, and drove many thousands more - Albanians as well as Serbs - from their homes. And, that only since NATO occupied Kosovo, right-wing Albanian forces have killed some 1,000 people, mostly Serb and Romany, while pushing those of all 23 other non-Albanian ethnic groups - (not one of which had any complaints when ruled from Belgrade ! - for almost a century !) - right out of the region.


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Vanja Vlahovic
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NATO's list of death and blunders

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September 15 2002, 7:29 PM 

during the months of April and May during the bombing:

- April 5: A 250-kilo NATO bomb aimed at Yugoslav army barracks in Aleksinac in southern Serbia misses its target and lands in a residential area. Death toll is 17.

- April 9: NATO hits homes near a telephone exchange in the Kosovo capital, Pristina. NATO said civilian casualties were possible.

- April 12: A NATO pilot fires two missiles into a train crossing a bridge at Grdelicka Klisura in southern Serbia, killing 55 people. NATO insists the bridge, a key supply line for Yugoslav forces in Kosovo, was the target and that the pilot saw the train too late.

- April 14: NATO bombs refugee convoys in the Djakovica region of south-east Kosovo, leaving 75 dead. NATO, without confirming the civilian toll, said it was targetting military vehicles but admitted hitting two convoys.

- April 28: NATO, aiming for an army barracks in the Serb village of Surdulica (250 kms south of Belgrade), bombs a residential area, leaving at least 20 civilians dead.

- May 1: NATO bombs a bridge at Luzane near Pristina, killing 47 people aboard a bus which was travelling along it. NATO, without confirming the figure, admitted the following day having targetted the bridge without the intention of causing civilian casualties.

- May 7: A NATO air raid hits central Nis in southeast Serbia, leaving at least 15 dead and 70 injured. NATO said its planes were aiming for a landing strip and a radio transmitter but that a cluster bomb had missed its mark.

- May 8: NATO mistakenly attacks the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three journalists. The United States and NATO said the intended target was a Yugoslav building with military use, but US maps used in the planning of the operation were old and marked the embassy at a previous address.

- May 13: NATO bombs the village of Korisa, leaving 87 civilians dead. The allies claim that the civilians were being used a "human shields" and that Korisa was a legitimate military target.

- May 20: A Belgrade hospital is hit by a missile at around 1.00 a.m., killing three patients. NATO attributes the accident to a missile which went astray during an attack on a nearby military barracks.

- May 21: NATO bombs Istok prison in north-west Kosovo. Alliance officials insist the prison was being used as an assembly point for Serb forces in the province. At least 100 inmates and a prison officer were killed.

- May 22: NATO admits bombing by mistake positions of the Kosovo Liberation Army at Kosare, near the border with Albania. Sources close to the KLA say seven guerillas were killed and 15 injured.

- May 30: NATO bombs a highway bridge at Varvarin in a daytime raid in central Serbia. 11 people died while attempting to cross the bridge in their cars. NATO has not confirmed whether there were cars on the bridge and insists the bridge was a legitimate military garget.

- May 31: Missiles strike a sanatorium at Surdulica, southern Serbia, killing at least 20 people. NATO says it successfully attacked a military barracks in the town but refuses to confirm, or categorically deny, hitting the hospital.

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Petros Houhoulis
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September 15 2002, 7:30 PM 

Unfortunately, NATO is not a reliable source of information. I really wonder who is the worst liar in their ranks. Do they hold an annual competition for the title?

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Like i said, time to start suing everyone in sight

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September 15 2002, 7:31 PM 

me, i got 2 reasons to sue: they illegally attacked & destabilized the region of my birth, and they lied & manipulated me as a canadian citizen.

like i said, we need to organize some sept 11-victim like lawsuits

so far, they've been able to maybe link one serious incident to the serbs - that truck with about 80 bodies - which, btw/ got heavy play in the western media

but what about the nato bombs that hit the passenger trains - there were at least 2 hit?

and what about the depleted uranium?

i smell some serious lawsuits in nato countries' futures

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September 15 2002, 7:34 PM 

After all thats happened, hes showing the EU and the US their ugly side. No evidence, no proof - just a guy protecting his countrymen from bandits and terrorists, who refused to live by the common law.

US sanctions killed millions of Iraqi children. Who gives a flying f..k about September 11. We here about so much, because they control the world media. Thats how they spread their evil propoganda.

Did everyone that a modern Euorpean city was bombed by the US for 78 days and nights, just three years ago. Hitler was doing that kind of stuff, only American propoganda put its ''moral spin'' into over drive.

That show trial in the hague, is bul.lshi.t. US soldiers want to be excempt from its rules which they created.

The Albanians are lyers, they fake and stage their suffering like animals [or worse], and their is absolutely no evidence of ''mass graves'' committed by the Serbs. Thats propoganda.

You know that and I know that, and millions of others do too. ONe thing Slobo did was expose the lies and hypocracy of the West; that is why they stopped filming the ''show trial''. Slobo was showing photos of dead people, caused by US bombing.

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The SERB!!!
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September 15 2002, 7:35 PM 

Slobo is ending up MORE Popular now than before.
Because he's at a low point, and he has not backed down... instead, he fights on... and he is proving the idiots in the West wrong!!! And making them look foolish.

The trial is slowly fading. No one cares anymore. And I think now, MOST of the leaders of the world hope he gets off... because if he doesn't, it will be setting the stage for many indictments in the future INTERNATIONAL COURT!



All going away to prison. Slobo has to get off because if he ends up being guilty, it will make all the leaders of the world ask: MAYBE WE'RE NEXT!

So this trial is a joke.

He is only making himself look better. The idiots dont realize this. That DE PONTE has made him a legend among many people now. ha ha ha

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September 15 2002, 7:36 PM 

The Council of Europe has no legal right to interfere with internal matters of Serbia and Montenegro, especially not the matters of police or Yugoslav citizens.

The war crimes, as we know, are nothing but Nato propaganda, manufactured in order to justify the illegal aggression of Yugoslavia.

The current leaders of Serbia are nothing but traitors, and their eagerness to join EU or NATO is nothing but a proof that they are western lackeys.

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I guess they do not need the lies now

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September 15 2002, 7:40 PM 

Since the murder and carnage is already done with and there is nothing that can be done. Yugoslavia is dead, they have won. Now, Iraq.

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September 16 2002, 1:32 AM 

all of you must be mistaken .. we all know the Albs are the victims

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September 16 2002, 1:33 AM 

So why did we go stop Milosovich then?

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September 16 2002, 1:35 AM 

"So why did we go stop Milosovich then?"

Because we are led by Liberal idiots!.

This is a surprisingly well researched article written in a BNP publication.......


The conflict in Macedonia

by Lee Barnes

The roots of the crisis in Macedonia can be traced directly back to the post-war rape of Europe by the Soviet Union that created the multi-cultural polygot Yugoslavian Communist state. Under the dictatorship of Marshall Tito (1892-1980), the various different peoples and cultures of the Balkans were forced into an uneasy amalgamation under the aegis of the Soviet Union.

Only by suffocating all cultural and national freedoms beneath the death mask of Communism could the ancient embers of ethnic identity within Yugoslavia be extinguished. But the time bomb of ancient roots had never stopped ticking.

When Tito died in 1980 his passing unleashed a wave of nationalism that simmered peacefully until 1991 when Croatia and Slovenia declared independence from the Yugosl-avian Republic, leading to the Bosnian war. Albania had meanwhile in 1992 overthrown its Communist Party leaders and elected its first democratic government.

Unlike Serbia, which is primarily a Slavic, Christian country, the Albanian people are mainly the Moslem descendants of the Turks that held power in Albania for four hundred years until 1912 when a Communist controlled assembly was formed and led from 1946 until 1985 by Enver Hoxha (1908-85).

The death of Enver Hoxha unleashed a wave of Albanian nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism that took any opportunity to start fermenting ethnic and religious violence amongst the Albanian minority groups in the newly declared Balkan nations.

Beneath the hollow cry for 'Albanian minority rights' lay the unheard snarl of Islamic Albanian and religious hatred for their Slavic Christian neighbours and a planned programme of territorial expansion through terrorism.

Decades of Marxist social engineering designed to extinguish all national, cultural, religious and ethnic differences between the people of the Balkans had failed to wipe away the past. Even after fifty years of Communism the Soviet Union had failed to destroy the 'false' consciousness of natural national, ethnic and cultural group identities. Once the jackboot of Communism had been lifted from the throat of the people the cry for freedom went up.

Almost immediately the old flags were being unfurled and new nations along ancient borders were reborn. In a predictably short period of time the fragile 'hope bubble' of multi-culturalism had been burst. The Bosnian war so traumatised the liberal ‘elite’ of the West that a moral crusade under the aegis of the 'new humanitarianism' to stop the so called ‘Serbian ethnic cleansing’ of Albanians in Kosovo was almost predictable. Like some militant vicar on moral viagra Tony Blair sent out British planes to bomb Serbian cities and kill innocent civilians in order to spread the same old Soviet Gospel of ethno-pluralism and multi-culturalism through terror.

On the 4th August 1999 on the Public Broadcasting System in America, Sergio Vieria De Mello, the ex United-Nations Administrator for Kosovo said "I repeat, ethnic purity is basically a nazi concept. This is what the allied powers fought against during the Second World War.

That's what the United Nations was established to fight against over the decades. That is what NATO fought against in fact in Kosovo. And that's why the Security Council requested us to establish such a strong presence in Kosovo, precisely to prevent ethnic purity..."

Only when the democratic ethnic utopia promised for Kosovo descended into the ethnically cleansed Terror State of the Kosovan Liberation Army did NATO realise that they had been self-deluded in ascribing noble motives to Albanian terrorists supposedly solely dedicated to fighting for 'Human Rights'. The Albanian terrorists fighting in Macedonia are sustained with European Union funds and armed with weapons paid for by the Americans.

They intend a base for Islamic Fundamental-ism to be formed in the Balkans under the guise of a Greater Albania whilst parroting the lie of protecting Albanian ‘minority rights’ to appease their American and NATO sponsors. In an article in the Washington Post, March 20th 2001, General Wesley Clarke demanded that NATO should immediately embark upon another military crusade in order to ensure a "…prompt Western response in order to maintain the integrity of a multi-ethnic Macedonia".

The Albanian rebels are backing up their insurrection with claims that they are discriminated against, and want major changes to the Macedonian constitution, which would make them a "founder ethnic group".

Macedonian politicians oppose this because, they state, if they were to recognise the existence of two different ethnic groups within Macedonia then the country would become, de facto two different states - one Albanian, one Slav!

However, a secret economic agenda seems to be at work in the Balkans. The US, British and Macedonian companies planning the Baku-Ceyhan Trans-Balkan pipeline that would ship Caspian oil to Western Europe and America have invested billions in the Balkans. As the economy of America goes into a free fall the possibility of an Oil Crisis due to war in the Middle East, and the thought of riots and profit reductions terrifies the New World Order. The only thing stopping a military strike by the Israelis against the Palestinian people is the fact that the Arabs control the oil that powers the American economy. If an alternative source of oil can be found the Americans can bypass the Arab nations, then Israel is free to wage war.

A Greater Albanian state under the control of America extending deep into Serbia, all the way down to the South and a good chunk of Macedonia that is allied to American controlled Turkey completes the New Ottoman Empire that will ensure the oil reaches the West.

Macedonia is also the operational supply base for NATO in the Balkans. If Macedonia goes to war, the Balkans cannot be 'policed' by UN troops. This means the entire American and European Union investment in the Balkans is lost. In the town of Totova, in Macedonia, the Albanian mayor and his city council not only recently flew the Albanian flag but also the Turkish flag, heralding the birth of the New Ottoman Empire - and a victory for the New World Order being built on the caupses of innocent individuals and independent states alike



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What an idiot

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September 16 2002, 1:36 AM 

Noninterventionist_uk do you think Albanians are descendants of Turks? The article you posted was a load of ****. In Yugoslavia no language was banned, no identity repressed.

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September 16 2002, 1:41 AM 

so THAT'S the problem with what this historically informed person calls Macedonia? It is that simple eh? Pitty noone else had understood it!

Of course communism and suppressed ethnicism IS a factor but it would be So nice if that was all!
Oh and I love the part where he says that the U.S. believed that the Albanians had pure motives etc! HA! Only if they were totally stupid , brain-dead!

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