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TODOROVIC Aleksandar, born on April, 10th 1929 in Belgrade

September 6 2011 at 1:55 PM
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celtia  (Login celtia)

I ask your help in the search for my father TODOROVIC Aleksandar, born on April, 10th 1929 in Belgrade for my family too.
My personal story is not trivial and has become very important in recent days, you will discover it below.
Ii was abandoned by my mother in 1960 in Paris when i was only a few days old. I was a pupil of the French Nation until 1978, when I was 18 years old.
As part of an administrative process, I need a birth certificate with full French descent.
On June 21, 2011, I went to the town hall of Paris to obtain the full administrative documents. To my surprise, I discovered that there was an act of recognition of my father a few days after (August 6, 1960) and that my birth name, Miodrag Alexandre TODOROVIC had been modified in 1976 by Michel ROVIC (name I have always had since childhood).
I was born on July, 23td 1960 in Paris 75012.
The services of the Welfare for Children (French Nation) had always said that I had been completely abandoned a few days after my birth.
Without much hope, I went to rue de Sedaine in Paris 11 where my father lived in 1960, but the building (hotel) does not exist anymore.
Fortunately I found a couple of seniors who has known my father in august 1960.
As i have noticed before, my mother left me to the French public assistance and that she disappeared. But my father has done everything he could for 2 years to find me.
These 2 old persons told me that for a few months many people were mobilized to find me without any success.
They remember very well the impact, this searching for a baby, had on the Yugoslav community.
The services of the Welfare of children, told me recently that he was perfectly normal at that time- not to be able to find a baby abandoned-.
Last Month, i called more than 150 TODOROVIC in France in search of information.
I had another surprise, talking to other people rue Sedaine. These persons assured me that my father continued his research in 1962 but without any result.
According to many witness, it the years 1960-1970, many Serbs left their country to immigrate to US, to Canada, to Germany a.s.o.
On 2011-07-03: I was received by Mrs. RADOJEVIC Mimica, head of the Consulate of Serbia in Paris [ She Promised to help me]
On 2011-07-2011: Access to all of my file (Welfare for children)
On 2011-07-03: Several telephone conversations with Father SLAVISA, Priest of the Serbian community. He is helping me: o.slavisa@gmail.com
On 2011-07-08 : On the advice of someone Serbian, linking with the production NRJ 12 France is preparing a program which could be very interesting for my research : caro.coteprod@gmail.com
On 2011-06-30: phone + email + documents to the Embassy of France in Belgrade [no response till-to-day]
On 2011-07-08: A French journalist relayed my search to two Serbian Journalists (Serbian section of the Association of European Journalists) miloje.popovic@gmail.com and nebosjabristic@gmail.com [no response till-to-day]
On 2011-07-12: letter to Jean-Claude Marin, Public Prosecutor of Paris [no response]
On 2011-07-12 : letter to Alain Juppé, Foreign Minister [no response]
2011-07-21: letters in French + all administrative documents to :
- Boris TADIC, President of the Republic of Serbia
- Dragan DILAS, Mayor of Belgrade
- Bishop Irenee Of Nis, Serbian Patriarch
I called more than 150 TODOROVIC in France, but no relation with my father. Another witness said : my father has raised a lot of energy to meet me for a very long period.
Since 3 weeks, people from ORLOVI (Franco-Serbia forum) www.orlovi.com are trying to help me.

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Branko Coebergh
(Login sartre1958)

Outside Chance

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October 25 2011, 11:48 PM 

Hi, I happened by utter chance on this post today and was struck by some similarities (likely coincidental) with my own biological father. In 1958 I was born in a refuge camp in Aversa, Italy. My mother and biological father had earlier escaped Yugoslavian communism but he did not greet news of my conception well and according to my mother gave her an ultimatum - either abort me or lose him. She wanted nothing to do with him after that and his name had been left off my birth certificate. My mother subsequently immigrated to Australia and remarried when I was not yet 2 years old. I had a good relationship with my stepfather and never had much curiosity about my biological one, not least because my mother never wanted to talk about him. Towards the very end of her life I asked her questions about him and discovered that his name was Aleksandar Todorovic and he was born in 1929. She said that he had gone to work in Lyon sometime after they separated. However, although they met in Belgrade my biological father was according to my mother born in Prague. His father was Serb and his mother came from a Jewish family (Carl) that had arrived in Prague after being bankers in Germany. My mother also said that he had a younger brother called Branko - after whom I was named. By all accounts he was politically active in the resistance to communism and actually spent some time before I was born in a Hungarian jail as a result.

I made some enquiries over the internet to track down what had happened to Aleksandar without any luck. Not helped by my inability to speak Serbo-Croatian and Czech, together with the passage of time. There are some curious connections between your scant details about your biological father and my own. It is likely a blind alley, but you are obviously welcome to draw on anything I have said here. Our family moved to New Zealand when I was nine years old and here I still reside. There is still a possible pathway of enquiry for me to use to possibly gain more information about him but work and family demands have seen me put it on the back-burner.

Hope something here proves helpful.

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