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Re: i don't get it......................yet

August 19 2010 at 6:23 PM
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Response to Re: i don't get it......................yet


There are plenty of people on all sites who have 'insider information' and you are just another one...of many.
Your information carries no more weight than any other, in fact it carries less weight than some seemingly genuine 'insiders'.
Nevertheless, you are at liberty to say what you want of course. Generally your posts are littered with know what they are, and they are all angled at the 'life is rosy', 'don't worry' side of football life.
Now, when I told McCabe face to face that he couldn't pick a football manager to save his life he responded much the same as you do, and furthermore without a shred of evidence that things would get see what I's corporate babble intended to make the receiver confident that things will be alright.
I don't do faith, I do evidence and in recent days I happen to think that McCabe has made a very good last. But that does not mean that I am going to believe everything he says in the future. I will judge on actions not words.
I hope now that I can face the future on the football field with rather more optimism than for a long time.
It's the way I am....and I can handle it as long as United themselves are doing positive things , ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD.
End of rant.

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