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Re: Blades 2 Barnsley 2 - report

May 2 2011 at 12:28 AM
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Huddersfield Blade  (no login)

Response to Blades 2 Barnsley 2 - report

Great report as ever Deadbat. Agree totally regarding the Barnsley fans behaviour. Whilst we all take a certain amount of pleasure in the demise of our rivals - I do not regard them as a rival and hope that our fans would not lower themselves to behave in the way they did. They did not relegate us - we were relegated long before yesterday's game. Sad that they would go to such an effort as to make their own words up to the Greasy Chip Butty song but I do believe that Barnsley fans have a real chip on their shoulders as far as SUFC are concerned. My postman is a Barnsley fan and has taken great delight in our results this season. He loves it when there is a parcel to deliver after we have been defeated so that he can ring the doorbell and then engage me in a conversation about the Blades that usually goes something like this:-

Dingle Postie: "You're going down this season"
Hudds Blade: "Yes I know. We haven't played well and the writing has been on the wall for some time".
Dingle Postie: "well you're not a big club you know. The problem with the two Sheffield clubs is that they think they are a big club and they are not."
Hudds Blade: "I have never believed SUFC to be a big club. In fact I'm not sure how you define big club - Man U, Arsenal possibly fit into that category if there is such a thing."
Dingle Postie: "well you're not a big club and you are going down"
Hudds Blade (trying to change the subject): "Did you enjoy the cricket last week?"
Dingle Postie: "yes. But you're not a big club you know. I hope you go down and that Chris Morgan well he deserves to go down as well cos of what he did. He is not a footballer."
Hudds Blade: "Is that the phone ringing? Got to go now".
Dingle Postie: "Barnsley are a much bigger club than you you know and we will be playing in the champ next season and you won't".
Hudds Blade: "got to go now. See you".

By god I hope there isn't a parcel being delivered to my house on Tuesday. Won't be answering the door anyway.

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