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Matilda aerial and pennant

December 25 2010 at 5:01 PM
Stefano Sogni  (Login dottoreaiuto)
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Almost built my Matilda 4, depicting a thank form 32nd Army Brigade 4th RTR. I found the pennants were two and blue: anyone that can tell me.
1) how tall was the aerial
2) size of the pennants
3) how spaced each other and position

Also: any picture on how the aerial was wired to the inside?

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Chuck Rothman
(Login AMPSChuck)
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Re: Matilda aerial and pennant

January 5 2011, 10:56 AM 

I don't know much about the pennants, except that they were only attached to tanks that had a No. 9 or No. 11 w/t (up to mid-1942), The tank would have had one aerial with a big rubber boot at the base (looks like an inverted cup about 6" in diameter), mounted on a spring loaded, hinged shelf that could be rotated to make the aerial horizontal. The aerials for these radios were usually 6 foot types known as "Antenna Rods D" (7/8 inches in diameter) which fitted together with coarse threaded ends (so the aerial would be either 6' or 12' in length).

The mounting base was equipped with a rope that led into the turret, so that the aerial could be lowered without having to leave the vehicle. There was also a wire that ran from beneath the rubber boot into the tank through the same hole.

If you are building a later Matilda with a No. 19 w/t (I think some at Gazala and El Alamein had No. 19 w/t), it wouldn't have any pennants, as the aerials were too thin. It would have two aerials, one with a conical shaped mount and one with a cylindrical shaped mount that had a circular wire frame around it. The aerials were of the "Antenna Rods F" type, which fit together as sets in 3 different diameters of 4 foot lengths, tapered from the base to the tip, making 12 or even 16 foot whip antennas.

A good reference on British radios ishttp://www.wftw.nl/wftw/compendium1uk.html

Chuck Rothman
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Now just a regular AMPS member

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Chris Meddings
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Ariel Mount

January 6 2011, 2:39 PM 

Hi Stefano,

Just to add to the info provided by Chuck, here is a shot of the number 9/11 mount on the Matilda at Saumur



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