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Attention Debs!

September 5 2011 at 3:35 PM

Professor Manto 


After strolling the grounds today (for lack of anything better to do) I made a few discoveries:

The hot tubs have not been shined and polished in over a year. A YEAR!

The M&M's haven't been sorted in . . . . I don't know how long.

AND - I personally just harvested 10 pounds of grapes that seriously need peeling.

Just because Chancellor BT was called to duty on Olympus is NO REASON to let Deb U slide into the underground.

So I need all Debs front and center. NO ONE gets out of grape peeling, hot tub cleaning or M&M sorting.

And when everyone is done here, the swamps need mucking out.


[linked image]

Grandmother of Kendyll, Quinn & Owen (daughter #3) Amerlyn & Zander (daughter #1), & Jaxon (daughter #2)

~Queen of the Bushes~
Lady Patience
Goddess of Lust and Childbirth
Nibbler Extraordinaire
Leatherette, SIS
Prophet to the Gods
Your #1 Graduate of Deb U
Care Package Member
Fun loving, Greedy Amazon
DD Chief of Distractions/Diversions
DD Instructor of Devious Deeds
BC of TBLP "HAND"ler Grab-E
President, KCAC
Knighted Jello Archer
Proud Occupant of Row 40
#13 poster on the old HerK forum
#6 poster on the Deb U forum
Reply Button Booster #20
Official Washer of HerK's balls
HerK's Hiney Handler
1/2 of the Deb U CPR team
Pimperella of The Lady Chatterley's
FIRE.ESN.SI (Ensign/Special Intelligence)
(angelically demonic fairy)

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  1. aww not theSWAMPS! - Shoshana on Sep 5, 11:02 PM
    1. Boom? - Profesor Manto on Sep 6, 12:15 PM
      1. <EWG> - Shoshana on Sep 7, 2:49 PM
        1. 'shana, are you ok? - Kendaa on Sep 7, 4:33 PM
          1. {{{{Kendaa}}} - Shoshana on Sep 9, 10:15 AM
            1. I'm so glad - Kendaa on Sep 9, 11:55 PM
              1. thank you! - Shoshana on Sep 10, 7:26 PM
            2. I have this... - Aquillea on Sep 24, 5:52 AM
              1. yup - Shoshana on Sep 29, 9:49 PM
                1. hey! - Manto on Oct 1, 5:46 PM
                  1. lol - Shoshana on Oct 4, 1:08 PM
  2. Might I suggest... - Aquillea on Sep 24, 5:49 AM
    1. Hmmmm - Manto on Oct 1, 5:50 PM
      1. Indeed - Aquillea on Oct 9, 8:14 PM
  3. guess... - FaithAyn on Mar 27, 10:42 PM
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