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aww not theSWAMPS!

September 5 2011 at 11:02 PM


Response to Attention Debs!


Seein how I'm here first I'll go sort some m&ms.


Are you sure nothin needs the BOOM treatment???

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Thank you Kel, Bt and Mai for all your dollz and gifs.

"If the pen is mightier than the sword and a picture is worth a thousand words, is a camera a weapon of mass destruction? "

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  1. Boom? - Profesor Manto on Sep 6, 12:15 PM
    1. <EWG> - Shoshana on Sep 7, 2:49 PM
      1. 'shana, are you ok? - Kendaa on Sep 7, 4:33 PM
        1. {{{{Kendaa}}} - Shoshana on Sep 9, 10:15 AM
          1. I'm so glad - Kendaa on Sep 9, 11:55 PM
            1. thank you! - Shoshana on Sep 10, 7:26 PM
          2. I have this... - Aquillea on Sep 24, 5:52 AM
            1. yup - Shoshana on Sep 29, 9:49 PM
              1. hey! - Manto on Oct 1, 5:46 PM
                1. lol - Shoshana on Oct 4, 1:08 PM
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