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E-24 Update

April 20 2010 at 6:32 PM
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Response to Oooooooppppppssssss.......

Hi Fellows;

Thanks for the added info re the Sunkist.

I recall at the time I purchased the boat, Ron Giese had indicated that the Sunkist was built in 1972 or 73 in Ron Jones old shop before he moved to Seattle Washington.(unconfirmed)

Also, rumour was that the Sunkist was a "sister" boat to Stover Hires "Hire Voltage" ?????

The name of Bobby Howard "rings a bell", I don't know if the boat was called Sunkist when he had it or if Ron Giese had renamed her.

The information of the 1978 nationals is correct. Ron and Fred Giese had Marty Niles drive the boat to a national win (if not a record at that time)to only be stripped of the title due to a (I believe rocker arm issue).
Ron was still quite "passionate" about this issue at the time I purchased the boat in 1980 !!!!!!!!!
He was so annoyed re the decision that he "moth balled" the boat and never ran it again in Florida.

I had been actively looking for a number of months for a 280 boat and had heard about the Sunkist in Florida and its reputation.
Sure enough a short time later it was advertised in the APBA magazine and I jumped on the offer.
(It was the best decision I could have made).

I have a number of scanned pics of the boat that I will post on the thread (I just have to figure out how to add them).

Thanks again fellows for your info., anything else comes to mind please don't hesitate to add to the thread.

Randy Curts

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