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The way I remember it...................

April 22 2010 at 7:43 AM
Murdock  (no login)
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Response to E-24 Sunkist

Supposedly, Bobby wrote Andy a check [a big one]. Andy ordered the boat from Ron with certain little changes he did [and liked] to Andy's "Wildcat". IT was delivered to Andy's by tractor trailer. Andy found some damage on the boat , and sent it back accross country for repairs [it was something small]. IT was delivered with the yellow paint scheme. The original name was "Sunkist".
I know the boat was run at the 1971 Nat.[I think it was the 1st time], cause I was there. HE decided to run the outside. 10 boats went into the first turn side by side. HE got scraped off [ran right up on the beach] exiting the corner.
OK, I have to stop trying to remember stuff now. Smoke is starting to come out of my ears. The tubes must be getting HOT.....

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