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International campaign for Macedonia

October 5 2010 at 10:51 AM
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akritas  (Login akritas2)
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With this ad we would like to bring to your attention the injustices and violations against the historical and cultural identity that we feel are occurring against the 2.500.000 Greeks of the Greek administrative region of Macedonia, who are ethnologically and linguistically Greek, consider themselves ethnically Greek, and are proud of their Macedonian cultural identity for millennia. Our people recently are attacked by a self-proclaimed Macedonian ethnic identity of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (the FYROM). Being ethnically Greeks from the Greek administrative region of Macedonia, we would like to express grave concern about attempts to appropriate our cultural and historical Macedonian identity in this region, emanating from a newly independent state that occupies only a small part of the ancient geographical region of Macedonia.

Under no circumstances should the international community and the international legal system allow that the principle of self-identification interfere with the cultural and historic identity belonging to another nation for millennia. No one should be allowed to use a term ethnologically that belongs to another nation culturally and historically for centuries. In our case it should be perceived as an obvious attempt to appropriate everything Macedonian.

We will not bring up ancient history (for more information on ancient Macedonia, its integral part in Greek history, and with perspective to FYROMs historical revisionism as a means to establish an identity in the modern world, please see: macedonia-evidence.orghttp://macedonia-evidence.org/obama-letter.html), but it is necessary to mention that since the end of the Roman times, and for well almost over 2,000 years, Macedonia was never identified with specific and constant administrative or geographical borders. By the dawn of the 20th century, the name Macedonia had a geographicalnot an ethnicconnotation. The populations however inhabiting Macedonia during that time were not amorphous masses, but distinct ethnicities existed. There were Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Albanians, Jews, Serbs and Armenians. The 1906 Ottoman census carried out by Himli Pasha for the region of Macedonia does not mention any Macedonian ethnicity.

During the Balkan wars Ottoman territories were distributed among many states in the region. There was no "Macedonian" nation divided as FYROM "human rights" activists constantly attempt to imply both to human rights groups and to the media. Only a small portion of the ancient region of the original kingdom of Macedonia is situated in FYROM.

More than half of this region, which corresponds to a large extent to historic Macedonia, belongs to Greece and forms for years now a separate administrative region designated also by the name Macedonia and inhabited by 2.500.000 inhabitants who, since centuries, identify themselves as Macedonians in the cultural and historical sense.

Since 1993 however, when the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia became independent, its leadership insists on the exclusive use of the name Macedonia for the newly established state which consists mainly of a Slavic population and various minority groups such as Albanians (30%), Roma, Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs and others.

There is no doubt that the exclusive use of the name Macedonia, primarily adopted by the FYROM Slavs and their promotion as ethnic Macedonians is a stimulus for expansionist claims by FYROM and its Diaspora. Claims to their rights to self-identification are unjustified and violate our rights. We therefore strongly object that a Slavic nation, north of Greece, can use the name Macedonian to identify its citizens, a term that forms part of Greeces history and culture for thousands of years. Recognition of a Macedonian ethnicity, clearly and without a doubt, would claim anything Macedonian, including history, culture and even land, destabilizing among others the entire region.




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