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Re: Jayne Mansfield Crash Site Location

January 10 2012 at 9:09 AM
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Response to Jayne Mansfield Crash Site Location

Though you have done some careful investigation, I think your "suppositions" don't hold much water of validity. Let's take them one at a time:

*The Coroner is probably not stupid or he wouldn't be a Coroner. He has to know all the facts - not just guessing, as his career would have been on the line, especially in such a high profile investigation.*
Coroners from the time are VERY well known to make mistakes and incorrect conjectures during their investigations. Just look at the Natalie Wood case for instance. Forensic work, even for the stars, was much less careful back then as it is now.

*you will see that the terain all around the car looks like it's all "Sandy and very Tundra-like soil" beyond the shoulder of the highway. Not at all like green grass or a forest of trees in the distance at a sharp curve in the road.*
This was 45 years ago. Trees have grown and died several times over since then. It should not be expected that the terrain look ANYTHING like it does now.

*there is a "Firetruck" probably parked in it's usual spot, right in front of this "Marina" right by a hydro post, facing East. This may even be the same fire truck as the one in the crash picture, as it looks exactly the same size*
Definitely not the same truck. But even it were, there's no reason it wouldn't have been called in to attend the accident even 5 or 6 or 10 or 15 miles down the road. The direction it's facing is irrelevant.

*I doubt that they would be wasting this "Expensive Fogging" in an area where there are no people around, like 5-6 miles down the road in the middle of nowhere in the forrested areas*
Fogging isn't expensive (even back then) and when they fog, they will do it for miles and miles and miles. Wouldn't be surprised if they fogged all the way from the Rigolets bridge into New Orleans. Especially with how cheap it was to do so.

*The area way down the road to the West (where the monument is) is in my veiw, the wrong location and there is obviously no street lamps there as in the picture! *
Judging location by the presence of street lights is a red herring. These photos are 40 years old. A lot in the area has changed in those 40 years, especially the street lamps.

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