In Mort's Defense

by memcup-12

In Mort's defense the helmet came off in the defensive end. Had his helmet came off in the neutral zone or in the offensive zone and he touches the puck, that is a stupid penalty.

In this case his helmet came off, he hesitated ands then played/touched the puck, I think he knew it was wrong but what was the alternative, leave the zone and have teh American's go on a 5 on 4? Same difference, he should have actually taken the puck, slapped it down the ice or cleared it hard, and then taken the penalty.

Everyone has heard "that was a good penalty" or "that was a bad penalty", in this case the league rule handcuffs a kid for making either a bad decision to play the puck or a bad decision for leaving his defensive zone.

Say it is a 5-3 hockey game a forward beats the D wide he dives to hit the puck, misses, hits his skate, player gets penalized. Good penalty? One can argue the player is getting a breakaway either way either with teh trip or with a penalty shot awarded? This situation is a catch-22.

I think teh bigger issue again is the short-handed goals against, this team must be leading the league in goals against on the PP.

2 last night, 1 the game before, really??? It's February 12th. I can tolerate those types of errors in the preseason and the occasional blip now and then but we are consistent in this area.

I believe the PP is obviosly either too high risk or the wrong players are on for these situations.

If our PP was 1st in the league and we lead in short handed goals against then who cares, however that is not the case, our PP was excellent at the start of the year and has slowly diminished over the course of the year.

In a few games if we do not give up shorties then we have probably 4??? more wins, 8 points, that would be huge right now. If our PP only slightly diminishes in effectiveness in goals scored we probably win another 4 games, there is another 8 points. 16 additional points right now it is a whole different season.

Say what you want about a dropped helmet, our PP has effectively cost us a minimum of 16 poits in teh standings and that is being very nice, it could actually be more.

I do agree however that a 19 year old D should not make as many mistakes as a 16 or 17 year old D. If a 19year old plays like a 16 year old, play the 16 year olds as perhaps they may be coachable or smarter?

The goaltending has been fine of late, Engle is now being pushed by Williams, that is the way it should be. At least we have comfort in knowing who ever is in the back up is more than capable. Guys are going to have off nights, that's the naturs of teh position but in teh end the goaltending is 100% better than it was before Xmas.

Posted on Feb 12, 2012, 11:18 AM

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