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A friendly plea from me, your forum host...

January 17 2010 at 1:53 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
AP Discussion Group

Those of you who have "been around" for awhile hopefully know how much value I place on mutual respect and courtesy.

Even when most others would have dropped the hammer and "banned" those who are rude, or just lurk but never make the (slight) effort to participate, even with something as simple as "nice pictures, thanks!" or whatnot, or share their opinions or thoughts, etc, I have resisted the temptation (and numerous admonitions from those who actually participate and contribute something, "give something back") to restrict access to this forum, for which NO ONE IS REQUIRED TO PAY ANYTHING.

Even though I haven't required forum membership to access the forum up to this point, I've been warning for some time that it would be a good idea to sign up for forum membership

click here

and that certain special features, announcements, etc would only be available to forum members.

REQUIRED information for membership are noted in the linked page, reprinted and emphasized here -


*** 1. valid email address
*** 2. country you are based in
*** 3. your login name (may be a pseudonym)
*** 4. your posting name - may be different from (3) log in name
*** 5. your full real name
*** 6. I opt in and wish to allow my contact information to be forwarded to Audemars Piguet
(you must specifically opt in if you want to be included in periodic contact information releases to AP)


This information will NOT be shared with any outside parties, and if it is ever shared with AP, your information will only be forwarded if you OPT IN for that.

Then why ask for this information? Because over the years, as this resource has grown and today is the leading resource for all things AP, I, as your host, would like to know who I am interacting with.

It is that simple.

So please, if you are not already a member of this AP forum (if you are, you will see that designation under your login name in the upper right hand corner of posts) (re) apply for membership WITH ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION and I would be happy to approve your membership asap. I do not "screen" applicants, but I do require that all information requested be provided.

click here

Thank you.


"A Purist does not believe in gilt by association. Respect, AND disdain, have to be earned..."

"A Purist does not believe in gilt by association. Respect, AND disdain, have to be earned..."

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