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As someone used mainly to .177 cal

May 6 2011 at 1:16 AM

Garvin  (Premier Login Garvin2)

Response to Diana/LZ type T-bar in .25 cal...

I always marvel at the sheer enormity of the .25 cal bore on airguns - and never more so than on Gems. I've probably mentioned it somewhere on this forum already but many years ago I used to own a big smoothbore .25 cal Gem and I had fun watching the big pellet soar away (or, more accurately, slope off) on its loopy trajectory, at such a slow pace that I never lost sight of it from muzzle to impact. Once I got the chance to try some long-range (ie. 30-yard) shooting with it and found I had to aim roughly at the top of a distant fence, way, way above the target, in order to get it hit the tin can target. But when it did connect, it gave that can a fair old wallop!


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