Re: He must be a better man than me then Sandy,

by Sandy (Login AmConvinced)

I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist too. Although I try to look at both sides. Meaning maybe, and maybe not.

For example, in the beginning I believed what Alex Jones said about 9/11, until I had a check about it that was not unreasonable at all either. As Jones brought scientific fact in proving that those building could not have fallen down as a result of the planes running into them. Therefore, accused the government of blowing them up to bring them down. Which is probably true, they could not have come down without someone being involved with bringing them down other than the planes. But does that mean our government had to be the one involved?

That was the check about that issue I began to think about.

Meaning I don't know if it was my government that did it or not.

And therefore, I began to say, while someone did, it does not mean my government was involved at all.

And that made me see that possibly other issues that some believe are true as well, may or may not be true at all too.

Meaning a conspiracy theory is just that. A theory someone has that has not been proven at all yet. And therefore to say it is, without a shadow of a doubt is not right either.

Meaning I don't know everything about all of it to say Alex Jones was correct. Although at the same time, I am not so naive as to say absolutely not either if you get what I mean.

But for a while, I believed every word that Jones was dishing out on this CD which I still have today. That is until this thought came to me from somewhere, my believing it was God, saying hold on thar little lady. Telling me it could have been anybody that brought those buildings down period. You can call it coming from wherever you want to of course. All I know it did happen to stop me from assuming what might not be true at all.

Some use scripture whenever it serves to prove what they have chosen to believe. But then reject or ignore others whenever it doesn't, but instead is contradictory to what they have chosen to believe. Instead of finding out why some do contradict others dealing with the same subjects.
Love in Christ,

Posted on Sep 20, 2011, 2:29 PM

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