The Final Solution, already????

by Mr. Sapien (Login Application11)

So -- you "run" off into the "sunset" with a final goodbye message of "I finally beat you, I WON, HAHAHA you suck, see ya" but when you actually stop and think about what you just said, you would realize how silly you sound. What exactly, did you win; in your mind, that is? Because right now when I picture you, this is the image that comes to mind:

[linked image]

Do you really not realize how silly it is to think that you won or lost something? To think like that, is it not just as pathetic as being mad over something that happened 6 - 10 years ago? Because people that operate on that lower vibration, are the ones that are consumed with losing and winning. But once you slow down in life and start to take in the lessons and start to treat them as such, encounters are not so much about having to 'lose or win' as it is with what we get out of it. What it is that you may realize about yourself, and life. I look at our encounter and see what it is that I can learn or test myself about and grow from that, you take it as a win or a loss because that is all you know to do. Missing totally, whatever it is the Universe/God may be showing you.

And you know what these kinds of people that are always consumed with 'winning' or having to beat someone, remind me of? (and no, it's not the Charlie Sheen 'winning' fans) It's like when you go to the mountains, and instead of enjoying the beauty and scenery of the landscape, drivers are rushing at 100 miles an hour to get to their destination. They have to win -- they have to get 'there' as fast as possible like it's a race. And all these people see, is a road.

You mentioned some pictures of snow around a house that you saw -- here are two pictures I have taken on one of my trips: (which you may not find as exciting as those snow/house pictures of yours)

[linked image]

[linked image]

Sometimes, the lessons of the Universe cuts both ways. Maybe the next time you're speeding through the wilderness or the mountains and getting mad at the slow driver in front of you where all you want to do is beat them and "win" (pass them) it might be God/Universe/life/whatever telling you to slow down and realize how beautiful life is and the power of nature and how grateful we should be to have won the cosmic lottery and to be alive, right here, right now. Take it all in. Because those two pictures I took, were only a mere 5 minute turn-off drive from the highway (hidden in both pics between the treeline and the mountains) and people miss stuff like this because they are too busy 'winning' on the road.

You're consumed with all the wrong stuff in life. Attitude is everything, and yours speaks volumes. And somehow, your own heart is reaching out to your soul because I imagine that being a bitter online cowardly troll that is consumed with 'beating someone' on an online forum, isn't the most fulfilling thing in life. I imagine that when you wake up tomorrow, you will still feel like your same old bitter, cowardly, pathetic self and not feeling like much of a winner.

And, you'll still be trolling here tomorrow under a new name, trying to get another one of those "wins" of yours to make yourself feel better. What a loser. [linked image]

Posted on Apr 5, 2012, 8:27 PM

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