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.... your post reminds me of a certain paster we know, always C&P-ing someone else's words to do the talking for him, implying he hasn't got that much to say himself, much less voice it in his own words.


---> why the biblical god doesn't exist

- - How To Rebut


propositions that imply their own negation are necessarily false whereas propositions implied by their own negation are necessarily true

rejected and denied by many, accepted and embraced by few : falsifiability
- it is not what we (think we) know that matters, it is what we can show true that does
as the maxim demands; truth is demonstrably fact and fact is demonstrably true
everything else ... mere BS -

New!! Improved!! Now With CDEH-Formula!!
[linked image]

CD: short for inevitability

Posted on May 28, 2012, 6:10 PM

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