Fools believe. Almost certainly is exactly how much god there isn't.

by Arthur Dent (no login)

You might have lots of arguments, but all of them are poor, not worth listening to.

I also dont believe there are any gods, yours or any one elses. You have to deny all doubt to believe or else you couldnt.

Yes, there is almost certainly no chance there is a god at all. I’m comfortable with that for reasons explained but which you obviously arent capable of understanding.

Other christians can understand, but disagree, but they understand where we are coming from. You guys have a track proven record of preferring to block out any sense in your lives.

Thanks for these manucripts. I’ll show them to my kids and let them spot your errors, they will find them good for vacinating themselves against your arguments I am sure. Thery arent stupid, do very well at school, and wont fall out like Nucc did due to obvious reasons.

what atheists “believe” is the product not of a bad guess, but by observing what is obvious, and using reason to deduce why things are the way they are, yours is purely just “what do I want, and what arguments can I use to make my conclusion seem not quite so ludicrous”.

What I love is that the most intelligent people see instantly through your excuses, especially when they see them in print like this, and any ambivalence fades away with the realisation that what you guys make up is whats causing the USA’s loss of leadership and affluence.

There is no point in commenting any further on your cut n paste, you probably dont even understand it yourself, but of course you dont need to. You will believe whatever conclusion these guys put you up for.

Scriptures will definately call atheists fools and enemies, we are most certainly not up for even the slightest biblical wisdom. We have much beter and real wisdom than your gods, we have our brains, provably better. Your god cant even be poroved, little own disproved.

your god doesnt even slightly touch the earth, not the slightest influence on it.

Of course, your god might be killing the kiddies, who dun everything ultimately.

Posted on May 29, 2012, 12:33 AM

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