Oh you stupid bull frog.--my responce from another board

by Don (no login)

Oh you stupid frog.

So now you come to this board to puke your liberal, half-baked garbage, how nice of you. Have you thought about checking your-self in to the funny farm? I hear there are many brain dead druggers you could agree with in the funny farm. Have at it and make yourself crazy for all I care.

About 4 years ago, in the last presidential election, I voted for a local retired real estate broker (she made millions in real estate), I thought she would be a good president for the USA, at least she is honest in all her life’s work---and she is white, blond, and blue eyed to boot. How nice.

Too bad she did not win, as she would have up held “land lord rights” and forced you to pay your rent on time. You would have never voted for her, since when have you been responsible, you liberal trash.

Now you want to trash Romney, fine have at it. See if I care.

I have read your indun history; when your aged, and disabled, became a burden you killed them, and you still did not improve your lineage nor your genetic “dead end” lot as you are all in-bread I guess. You walk and talk but not a brain cell to be found. SURE, you are a shining light to the world as you do not know good morality from bad, much less how to make a dollar outside of standing in the “food stamp” line from government hand-outs.

Right, Romney is bad--- but he is a hell of a lot better than your black from Kenya. What a great State we live in. You are forced to vote for the lessor of two evils or not vote at all, and we call this election freedom when at least 49.99% of the people are disenfranchised; you must be as crazy as the slugs that made up this system. This sounds like a lop sided Union vote to me where the ballot box is stacked way before the votes are cast.

But no matter Frog, I will work hard, I making the big dollars, and care for my own as long as I can for as much as I can with all my energy, might, and strength. And to hell with your politicians, to hell with policy turned into law, and no matter how much you tax me, accordingly your rent is going up just the same--- you idiot.

You think I’m bad; not hardly I’m cheese cake; just think until your government gets a hold of you, and you will be lined up in lots of 4 and shot dead with one bullet, to save money; the liberal way to do things.

As for me and my white kind, you should hope we propagate, as it is on the white man that the “Good” future is created; as blacks, and injuns, do not have a clue.


Posted on Jun 30, 2012, 10:49 PM

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