To Nucc, I write to you on an open board.

by Don (no login)

To Nucc, I write to you on an open board.

Over the last 3 weeks many things have happened, and not all good. But no matter, I have turn things around to guarantee my employees their well-earned check.

Governments are after me, as my honest made cash on hand has surfaced, ( as in this large amount I knew it would) the state wants to tromp on my lands with no right to do so. I swear by the greatest accountants known in NW all my taxes are paid, every law of the land is kept, every morality of “never hurt others” is up held—and where are my rights? OH YEAH, jotted down on some back pages that the police are refrained from learning, nor to talk about.

I stood face to face Nucc, with police wanting to trespass on my residence without an warrant or cause; they with guns (ready to shoot, and I with the law on my back as to what is right) —and the police backed down after a 3 hour stand-off. What a difference it makes when by a cell phone call by me, my attorneys showed up, and for pay my attorneys protected my “Rights” and the cops backed down.

What can I say Nucc, I love money, and in a FREE land I can do as I please with some limits. Never at any time hurt others, and as the bible says, give to Cesar his due and live in peace.

You know Nucc in these hard times, though my great wealth is on the increase, I stand by fundamental human rights as spelled out in the bible. It makes no difference if I believe in a God or not, what is right is still right for all ages.

It is nice to know I have all of human history behind me for rights and wrongs, and the king pin is Christ for rights as spelled out in the bible.

In these legal and physical hard times I lean on my learning, I think I understand the bible in much greater depth, as backed up by my personal experience.

As long as my white adopted children are cared for (all over this world) , they are brought to adult hood in good Christian training and the best education that money can buy—I’m a happy camper. As for this old man, I have suffered plenty, and I get no rest, as I’m either evil or a good God looks out for me either way, I get no rest.

I stand strong Nucc, I hurt NO one, I stand for my rights as spelled out in the USA constitution in particular the 4th amendment. I do not waver, I do not quit, and I do not fail. Accordingly the demons of hell can kiss my white butt.


Posted on Jul 1, 2012, 12:35 AM

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