The deposit from hell—

by Don (no login)

The deposit from hell—

I lie not, I’m a rich SOB, and an atheist, and I write from time to time about my real life experiences.

My long term secretary (she is a natural blond and blue eyed female, as I only hire whites) is having her third child by her husband, not a problem with me save this; she manages my office, my cash flow, bank accounts, makes deposits, and answers any questions I have as to large amounts of cash on hand; she can answerer any question as to my real estate organization and she manages my office with some restraints.

NO better right hand business person for this white man can have than this white smart female, and she had to go and get pregnant with a third child.

And I never touched her, you evil minded slugs.

Oh well, so it is left up me to do what I hate; collect rents, open the mail, and fill out a by weekly deposit of over 270 grand. I had much rather run a back-hoe cutting in a pit for a new house, being deep in real mud on the job sight than be stuck in an office crunching numbers, even to my own bank account.

But none the less, I filled out all the paper work, stamped all the checks, and I went to the bank to make a deposit; I (Don) filling in for my pregnant secretary that I never had a personal eye for.

So here I am at the bank making a common deposit and something is not right.

The bank said, “Who are you!”

“I’M Don, the owner, and I’m here to make a deposit, who the hell are you!” I responded.

Then the bank armed security, a ******, came over and challenged me, and said, “Where is Mable (my secretary), what have you done with her!”

“Get out of my face you black retard, I’m here to make a deposit in my own bank account.” I responded.

He pulled his gun, and I pulled out my attitude. It is MY funken money that I’m depositing. What kind of cow crap is this?

Here this ****** is pointing his gun at me, and he asked me for my ID—I do not think so.

“Where did you get that money?” the black demanded.

And I said, “Out of your of your welfare check you black animal.”

I continued and I said, “SHOOT any time your black hide demands, until then, I’M HERE TO MAKE A DEPOSIT! SCREW You!” only the devil knows what goes threw a black mind.

I raised my hands, unarmed, I greatly protested in a loud voice my treatment of making a deposit of 270 grand as is my right and my duty, as civil contracts allows. And who are these pieces of crap to confront me, AS I’M here TO PUT INTO MY own bank account.

Then the manager came out and he said, “Where is Mable, what have you done with her?”

This is nothing but cow excrement, so I said, “I will close down your bank in suit, I WILL take out ALL my millions out of your institution, CONVERIT TO GOLD OR SILVER, AS I DO NOT NEED THIS CRAP.”

Then three more cops showed up, armed and guns drawn, confronting a person wanting to make a 270 grand deposit into his own account.

“Where is Mable?” they demanded, “What have you done with her!?”

And here is the sad part, I do not even need the money, what the hell am I doing here making a deposit into my own personal account?

“Mable is home making a white baby, so that is why you are point your guns at me?” I continued and said, “Fire away as you see fitting, but this money in my hand you will not get!”

What kind of crap is this in the USA---and I was told the rich in the USA are a dying breed. NOW I can see why.

I walked bold faced out of the bank, with guns pointed at me, I got in my beat up old truck and I drove off, and I doing nothing but kicking the dirt off my shoes against them retards, and a deposit of over 270 grand NOT made.

Funk these butt heads, who needs them? NOT I for sure. I take my money and I walk, and I’m told the young rich do not stand chance. Bet ME!!


Posted on Jul 31, 2012, 6:22 AM

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