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Mystery solved!

July 4 2011 at 2:10 AM

Garvin  (Premier Login Garvin2)

When I first received the Diana 17P featured on this thread I was mystified as to what were the "crossed sticks"
portrayed on the MGR logo stamped on the breech block.

This logo appears to have been adopted after the simple MG over R in a circle logo that is seen on other
pre-WW1 Diana air rifles, and overlaps with the Diana Luft-Gewehr stamp on top of the barrel seen on
post-WW1 Diana rifles.

Confused, I consulted Frank (Frakor) and fortunately it rang a distant bell for him. After a while he came
up with the illustration of the rubber sucker-tipped darts fired by Diana's "Eureka" brand toy rifles,
which match the MGR logo perfectly!

The concentric circles/darts MGR logo appears in the 1911 Alfa catalogue. John Walter makes a reference
to it in his first article on M&G (see articles in Resources section) but neglects to mention that it had
crossed darts. There's also a Diana Dolphin with this logo in the Gallery (see last pic below).

Here's some illustrations (with thanks to Frank):

A close up of the logo on the 17P

[linked image]

The Eureka ad (note shape of dart top right):

[linked image]

The John Walter reference:

[linked image]

The 1911 Alfa catalogue (see page bottom left):

[linked image]

The same logo on a Diana Dolphin (see Gallery here

[linked image]


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