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old is new, from ten years ago

March 26 2017 at 10:51 AM

Steve Backus  (Login flashbackus)


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whats a pro?
August 24 2007 at 6:38 PM
steve backus (Login flashbackus)
CCSG Board
is a pro still a a pro if they carve in a "pro only" contest? do they have the luxury of going backwards after they do this deed? if they are trying to win their way up the food chain, but go to a "pro only show" just because the pro only show wants to tout its, "sorry just us upper end folks attitude"what if there are those who might have full time jobs, or no "bidniz" license! or live with their mom, or run a motel, or just started??
the dictionary says a professional is one who engages in a learned vocation, one who engages in a sport for pay, the position of a professional,as distingished from an amateur.
and who makes the call anyway, each contest will I reckon, but it sure will be easy to have an all pro show! just call everyone pro and thats the way it is! just like it was when we first started haveing contests,the show telling us to sit or stand and we smile and wonder if we will return, because carvers in the end vote with their feet, and if a show makes it, its because its good! three years is the life cycle in my veiw if it makes it three years it might make it ten or better
well that felt good my crusty carving comrades been thinking on this matter,wondering,thinking,mulling,pondering and chuckleing about it, and I havent been around an electric box in a while so my finger starting tapping and now I am done................bybe bye now..................

and remember carve or starve...

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Author Reply

Jack and Amy McEntire
(Login JackNAmy)
CCSG Board
Semi Pro?
August 25 2007, 11:45 AM

Steve, do you mean: Is a semi-pro still a semi-pro if they carve in a pro only contest?

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steve backus
(Login flashbackus)
CCSG Board
August 27 2007, 1:45 PM

whos to say at this point? but would it seem fair to jump into a pro match, then go bacwards if its conveinet to a carver who wants to win even if its semi pro, and the carvers who stay at semi pro to try and work their way up have to reckon with a "PRO' who jumps back and forth just to build a petigree, in this bold new world of chainsaw carverland compititions where the limelight is desired like a drug for the ego! gimme a fix doc Im feening bad......gotta have a win doc......please..........let me beat up on the semi pros........I didnt mean to go pro.......its to tough ....I gotta go back doc.......gotta step away.............aaagggggghhhhhh......what did I do??

and remember carve or starve...

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(no login)
August 27 2007, 7:20 PM

I remember when it was a compitition and we were in one group no semi this or that or old farts devision..

wouldnt it be fun to just get 10 15 carvers together everyone throw in 1000.00 and winner take all.

heck lets even give the winner a title like the world champion (because anyone who has a 1000.00 can enter.

no discrimnating here money is money.

so you do the math and see how many semi pros show up.

put your money were your mouth is compition.

think your the best prove it !!!!

hey Steve why dont you put it together ..... I am sure 10 carvers would show up at least .

really I am just running my mouth ...I think two divisions is enough and you can only go one way and that is up . No going down from pro. once you join you just need to carve better study study

And I am glad to see the Guild going strong again and I hope it gets stronger .


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Pam Strub
(no login)
Re: whats a pro?
August 31 2007, 11:02 AM

Interesting question. It seems one could be viewed as a bit undecisive if they are a "Pro" in one contest and a "Semi-Pro" in another. But who should set the standard?

Should the carver decide? OR:

If all contests and it's rules are made by the promoter of the event, then they decide if a carver fits "their" rules. Is their rule they just want carvers whose "quick carves" sell for the most $'s at other events, is that what qualifies them as a "Pro"?

But on the other hand, if people are competing for a "spot", on say for example, "The Echo Carving Series" shouldn't those contests at least have the same standards so everyone is on the same playing field.

Another question would be who in the world would track who is Pro and who is Semi-Pro on a national and/or international level in order to compete?

Would the carving world have to get extremely organized and set up something like the PBR or NASCAR and have lots of rules and regulations or would it continue to be "to each it's own"?

Interesting questions Steve but is anyone really ready to "answer" them or just argue about them?

Love Ya,


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steve backus
(Login flashbackus)
CCSG Board
love you to pammy
August 31 2007, 12:07 PM

I like jamies idea, throw your dough in the kitty and winner takes all,of course the judgeing would be quite a feat, to prevent the tears of shame................

and remember carve or starve...

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(no login)
A Pro on the AMA-Tour
October 9 2007, 9:30 PM

I have to respond to this subject.
When I stumbled into carving I didn't even know there were people doing it outside the festival arena. I liked it origionally because it gave me an opportunity to power-create. Then a friend gave me a copy of chip-chat's. Then I was introduced to forums where I find there are several of us independent sorts doing this thing. Then I find that human nature demands that even among us there is a selfish desire to be titled. Well, the way I look at it is this, although I refrain from competition or public performances, I almost exclusively make my living off of chainsaw carvings. Therefore I am a professional. No matter how talented a person is, there is always someone elso out there who's talent will embarrass you. I just hope that this thing doesn't grow to be anything more than a supportive, selfless and edifying group. Remember, we are always learning. Thanks

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Jamie Doeren
(no login)
the best of the best
October 10 2007, 8:52 PM

You bring up some good points !!!

one being that people needing to have a title ..
I think that is part of what actually creates the competition factor along with the need to eat comes Money.

now keep in mind allot of us just like to do it for the fun of it and have a good time and people we meet.

But there is becoming an increase for the need of some type of organization that can take the competition to the next level ....say the NASCAR or "PRO" level.

I made an attempt with the start of the Guild but some people dont believe we need the things the guild was originally intended to do.
and this is my fault because at the time me ,Bill Jim stated it they worked harder then I did and I just sat back and watched it grow and fall from a hospital.
with the lack of a Mission statement at the beginning at has grown into what it is now.
used to welcome carvers into the world of chainsaw carving .....

small and far from its intent.

but I still hope the possibility of a "pro" organized Guild or what ever can get it together so the carvers that want to compete can compete for the type of money people are racing cars for . and we see one carving and no reason to have a quick-carve other then entertainment.

think about it right now a title means little havent seen alot of world champion carvers on any Taco Bell comercials???

or Stihl or Husky comercials???

chainsaw carving is growing and if we just all sit here and watch some guy who nows nothing about it and has some money is going to start something Like the PGA and make us all were some funky

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and remember carve or starve...

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