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Footprint Deadline August 1st

July 13 2012 at 12:52 PM

Another 2 months have rolled bye and we're approaching a new issue of the club newsletter. The Footprint needs your input!!!!

The deadline for submitting ARTICLES, PHOTOS, INFORMATION, ERRATA, whatever - for the Sept/Oct issue of the Footprint is August 1 (19 days from now).

Articles/Photos - send to:

Footnotes (congratulations, thank-yous, get-wells,condolences, thoughts and prayers, etc) - send to:

I'm new at this job, and with your help, I might not screw it up.


dennis novak

Footprint Submission Guidelines and Suggestions:

Thank you very much for considering contributing an article to the Footprint. The Footprint is a newsletter that highlights the personal stories of our club and its members. The entire extended RAW Family has a special appreciation for this publication and as such it is more than a simple newsletter. Every article in the Footprint is a contribution from a RAW Member and without these compositions, our Footprint cannot really tell the story of our club. The following is a set of guidelines and suggestions for preparing an article for the Footprint.

Submission Guidelines:
1. SUBMISSIONS: All submissions must be from current RAW Members. PLEASE send your Articles, Information and Photos to:

2. LENGTH: Please limit submission length to 500 - 750 words (max). Please submit your article in Microsoft Word format and please run a spelling/grammar check prior to submitting. Staying within the submission length guidelines allows us sufficient space to publish everyone's contribution. If you mention people in the article, please include both their First and Last names.

3. PHOTO: Please include a picture (optional) if you want. Please submit the picture in .jpg format, do not embed it in the Word document. If you submit a picture, please include the 4W's, Who is in it (First and Last Names) What it is, Event Name if applicable, When and Where it was, etc.

4. DEADLINE AND PUBLICATION: The deadline for submissions is the 1st of the month prior to publication.
Deadline .. Publication
Dec 1 ..... January
Feb 1 ..... March
Apr 1 ..... May
Jun 1 ..... July
Aug 1 ..... September
Oct 1 ..... November

5. All submissions to the Footprint become the property of the Footprint for publication and subsequent reproduction and distribution; and are subject to editorial review and corrections for content, length, and grammar prior to publication.

Article Submission Suggestions:
Try and make the submission as personal as you can. Some questions that can be answered are: why you decided to choose this event, what milestones you hit in training for it, how you felt during the race, what specific points had emotional impact for you during the run, and what the finish meant to you. Capture the feeling of any exotic locale (Oklahoma City??) Try to resist the urge to present a mile-by-mile description and focus instead on what made this race special for you; this is what RAW Members love to read.

Instead of tossing out your old FOOTPRINT, Please recycle by bringing it to the clubhouse so new people can take a look or take one home. Thanks!

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