Rifle Accurizing, smallbore style

by Hans

Ok, got me a new smallbore rifle. Supposedly a decent, but uninspiring gun with a poor trigger. I want more accuracy from it, and I enjoy projects.

Thinking of adding a second receiver mounting lug, so that I can remove the front barrel band and free-float the barrel.

Glass Bedding. I keep hearing the term, but never see a definition.

Considering getting a second stock to attempt adding an adjustable cheek piece and buttstock. Oh, and a palm rest too.

The sights are fine for now, good Lyman front sight and a decent Mossberg S133 adjustable peep sight. But I do want to add a smaller apeture to it, possibly an adjustable iris.

Supposedly the barrel is a very good lead-lapped barrel. Err, what does lead-lapped mean? Would it pay to try out the Tubb barrel conditioning ammo?

So, what do you folks think?


Posted on Sep 15, 2004, 4:06 PM

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